Senior Automation QA Java

Kharkiv · $3200 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Plan daily work for AQA team Provide AQA team strategy and approach Report about Team progress and results to CTO Responsible for AQA team work quality Setup CI process with DevOps Mentoring Customize existing test automation framework Test cases automation Localization of bugs

Selenium WebDriver, Automated Testing, Java, Jenkins, Selenium, Maven, XPath, CSS, TestNG, MySQL, Test Planning & Documentation, QA team lead, Scrum, Git

Участие в международных олимпиадах по программированию (ACM - ICPC) Опыт настройки процессов тестирования и автоматизации


QA Automation Engineer (Java)

Kyiv · $2300 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Implemented and maintained test automation framework. Developed and supported automated tests. Performed automated functional testing. Performed performance testing. Performed manual acceptance testing. Created test reports, team reports, documentation. Wrote automated and manual test cases. Wrote bug reports.

Java SE, Selenium Webdriver, Selenium Grid, Selenide, TestNg, JUnit, REST-assured, Jbehave, Serenity, SQL, JMeter, BDD, TDD, IntelliJ IDEA, Git, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Jira, Xray, Confluence, Functional testing, GUI testing, Performance testing, Test planning, Test cases creation, Bug tracking, Blazemeter, Linux

- Experienced in Web UI and REST API automation testing (Java); - Experienced in continuous testing using Selenium Grid, Jenkins, Docker; - Proficient in QA methodologies, requirement analysis, writing test cases;

Interesting tasks.


middle test automation engineer

Kharkiv · $2000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Having experience in development and maintenance test automation frameworks for testing various applications (UI and APIs) Programming languages: Java and C# Project roles: Software Test Automation Engineer Project: Project for extracting testing functionality to a standalone application that can be used by technical and non-technical stuff inside the organization including teachers, mentors, and managers through other internal tools and systems. Team Size: 1 project manager; 10 developers; 15 software testing engineers Project Role: Tester Project: Vue Cinema Entertainment, Inc. is a UK cinema based in the UK Team Size: .NET Developer Team: 7 members MQA Team: 3 members AQA Team: 2 members 1 BA 1 Project Coordinator Project Role: Software Test Automation Engineer

Automated Testing, Git, Jira, REST API, Java, Selenium WebDriver, Scrum, Selenium, OOP, JSON, SQL, Maven, Test cases creation, Agile, TestNG, JAVA, C#, Selenide, NUnit, API testing, Postman, Design Patterns, Page Object Pattern, Kanban


QA engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $900 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced in building of testing process from beginning for high-loaded web, mobile application projects, good at creation/support of test documentation, have an awesome communication skills. 2017-2019: Manufactory projects; 2018-2019: Crowdfunding marketplace project; 2018-2019: Rental services (cars && apartment);

QA, QA Manual/Automation, QA team lead, QA management, Web Tesing, Mobile App Testing, Desktop Testing, Test documentation writing/maintenance, Test Design, C#, Selemiun WebDriver, Page Object Pattern, Xcode, Android Studio, iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, Functioanl Testing, Not-functionsl testing, Chrome Dev Tools, Azure, Visual Studio, TFS, Regression Testing, Process management, Requirements analysis, AGILE/SCRUM, MySQL, MS SQL Server

Setting testing process from start and successfully maintain to finish, master of communication, have a good "eye", successfully completed projects in different area: - crowdfunding marketplace projects; - e-commerce projects; - project for manufactory; - rental services;

Exiting projects is the most valuable goal.


QA Automation Engineer (Java)

Kyiv · $3200 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

- Knowledge of the process and the levels of testing software - Organisation of the testing process - Working with database, writing sql scripts - Methodologies of software development - Type of tests and test design - Development and organization of autotests - Writing auto tests, api tests - Development and support of the test cases and bug reports - Ability to make test cases, test plans, checklists and user's stories - Bug Tracking system – Jira - Autotesting - Selenium, JUnit, TestNG, Rest Assured (API tests) - Web testing, mobile testing - iOS, Android - SQL (MySQL, PostgreQL) - Jenkins, Docker

Bug Tracking, Agile, Functional testing, Jira, Linux, Regression Testing, Scrum, Windows, HTML, iOS & Android native application testing, Jenkins, SDLC, Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, Test Design, TestNG, Android, iOS, Java, REST API, CSS, SQL, Automated Testing, Git, Maven, Manual Testing , MySQL, Postman, JUnit, Automated Testing , PostgreSQL, API Testing, Docker, Kubernetes, REST Assured, Spring

- Organisation of the testing process - Organisation auto testing, writing auto tests (API, UI) - Code review (also developers code) - Management team of 3 people (QA manual) - Development and support of the test cases and bug reports - Product Quality Control

- QA Automation (mainly API testing) - Organising the testing process


QA Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

• Web/mob and desktop applications testing • Creation/maintenance test documentation, TestRail • Excellent knowledge of testing theory and processes • UI Automated testing: Java, Selenium, Selenide, Maven, JUnit, TestNG, Git, Jenkins • API testing: JMeter, Git, Jenkins, Regexp • CI implementation on the Project • Work in Scrum (a lot of variations) • Performance testing: JMeter • Understanding of HTTP, HTML, CSS • Experience with SQL (PL/SQL, MySQL) • Basic knowledge of Java • Communication with a foreign customer and developers • Leadership experience • Maintenance of product from the very beginning till the support stage • Experience in work as one QA on the Project • Experience in QA Leadership

Agile, Functional testing, Jira, Manual Testing (QA), Mobile testing, Scrum, JMeter, IntelliJ IDEA, Jenkins, REST API, Automated Testing (QA), Git, HTML, JUnit, Maven, MySQL, PL/SQL, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, WebServices, CSS, Java, Protractor, TypeScript, Grafana, JavaScript, Kibana

Projects: 4 Achievements: • from Junior to Lead in 2,5 years. • two products - from the very beginning until the support stage • mentoring of the team members • organizing many events for the development of the QA team, knowledge sharing, workshops, presentations • CI implementation on the project Certificates: • Quality Assurance • Java Start • Performance testing using JMeter • Mobile Testing Attended many QA conferences & meetups: Agile, BAQ, QA Simplicity Day, Mobile testing, etc.

Remote, part-time projects (4-5 hours per day remotely) doing Web automation coverage on Java or JS


QA Lead, QA Team Lead 

Lviv · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

More than 6 years of experience in automation, functional, exploratory and regression testing of desktop, web and mobile application.Experience in creating new automation scripts and support existing tests. Assurance planning, requirements analyzing, quality assurance documents creating, defects tracking and test results analyzing. Always in search of ways to improve as a person. Attentive to the guidance of managers and customers. Java, TestComplete, DelphiScript, Scrum, Manual Testing, TFS, Jira, Cucumber, BDD, Jenkins, WinAppDriver, Testrail.

Automated Testing (QA), Manual Testing (QA), Regression Testing, TestComplete, TFS, Pascal, Automated Testing, Git, Jira, Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, WinAppDriver


Always in search of ways to improve as a person. Interested in QA Lead position.


Automation QA Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $4200 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

4 years of practical experience as QA. Have an experience of manual testing (functional testing, GUI testing, regression testing, exploratory testing, analysis of requirements). Familiar with test design techniques. REST API and SOAP testing experience. API automation. Automation testing UI (Selenium, JavaScript, WebdriverIO + Mocha, Chai, ReportPortal) CI. Also, have experience with automation API load testing InfluxDB + Grafana visualizing. Worked in SCRUM teams Build a testing entire system for a project from scratch: writing test cases, covering it with automation end-to-end and API tests. Built from scratch Jenkins CI + Allure/ReportPortal reporting and notifications. Used docker inside of Jenkins CI. The big role in a desired position will play good team atmosphere and ability to grow

Git, Automated Testing, Selenium WebDriver, Jira, REST API, Jenkins, Scrum, Manual Testing, HTML, Postman, CSS, Regression Testing, Linux, JSON, XPath, JavaScript, OOP, Docker, Node.js, Browserstack, Agile, Allure, ReportPortal, K6, WebDriverIO, Mocha, Chai, Frisby.js, Jasmine, Automation Load API Testing , Automation UI testing, Applitools

- Set up Jenkins from scratch - Shared knowledge within QA team - Published article about UI automation testing on Medium

It's better to work in a team not bigger than 10 people for me because it's important to know what your colleagues do; but it's not a priority.


Senior Python Automation QA Engineer / SDET / Python engineer

Lviv, Lviv · $3700 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Overall 8+ years of experience in IT sphere: 7 years of experience in automation testing, 1,5 years in web development. Frameworks: asyncio, flask API Testing: REST CI tool: Jenkins Web automation: Ruby, Python, Selenium and Poltergeist Webdrivers, Rspec, Capybara, Behave, Gherkin Databases: PostgresSQL, MySQL OS: *nix, Windows, Mac OS Development methodologies: Waterfall, Agile Additionally: Elasticsearch, K8S, AWS, Docker, git, Galing

Git, Automated Testing, Jira, REST API, Jenkins, Selenium, SQL, Linux, BDD, Python, Ruby, Capybara, Behave, ElasticSearch, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Gherkin, Web Development

After 8+ years in QA area, it's time to make some changes. So, I have decided to switch to Python SE position. Since I don't have huge commercial experience as developer (only ~ 1,5 years), but have enough knowledge and pet projects - I'm looking for open positions as Junior-Middle software engineer/ SDET/ Senior Automation QA Engineer. As an option - I can start as QA Automation engineer and then switch to a software developer position. Salary and possibilities/time for switching are pretty much negotiable. Please NOTE: I'm NOT interested in relocation to Poland and Baltic countries. ALSO i'm NOT interested in Java/C/C#/PHP/.NET AQA positions


Strong Junior Automation Engineer (Java)

Lviv · $1200 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Continuum (SoftServe) Project Description: ITSM integration service is responsible for communication between Cherwell ITSM system and the Continuum infrastructure. It provides a set of operations on transfering and manipulating Continuum models into Cherwell. Service communicates through two interfaces: kafka and REST API. Each of them provides different set of operations on different entities. Cherwell solution has general object model called Business Object. One of responsibilities of the integration service is transforming Continuum internal entities into Cherwell Business Objects. Customer: US company Involvement Duration: 8 months Project Role: Test Automation Engineer Responsibilities: Create and maintain automation test scripts and tools; Test back end APIs; Using testing tools (Cucumber); Log defects and tracks them through closure using JIRA. Project Team Size: 10 team members Tools & Technologies: Java, Cucumber, Design Patterns, Postman, Kafka, MS SQL Server, IntelliJ IDEA, TestRail, Jira, Jenkins, Maven Platform for social networking (SoftServe) Project Description: Prestashop is an online store management system. It is PHP-based, using a MySQL database and HTML components. Support is provided for different languages and currencies. It is freely available under the GNU General Public License. Involvement Duration: 3 months Project Role: Test automation Engineer Responsibilities: Create user stories and test cases based on business requirements; Plan, test and report the results of manual testing; Automation testing: search functionalities, log in page, creating products as admin; API testing; Estimation, prioritization and distribution of tasks; Development. Project Team Size: 6 team members Tools & Technologies: Java, Selenium(IDE, WebDriver), HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, XPath, Docker, Jenkins, Postman, Jmeter, GitHub, Jira, PageObjects pattern, SQL/MYSQL, Rest, TestNG, SCRUM

Automated Testing, Selenium WebDriver, Jenkins, REST API, Jira, Git, Manual Testing, Java, Scrum, Selenium, SQL, Postman, HTML, CSS, Regression Testing, XPath, TestNG, Maven, Agile, OOP, Docker, Cucumber, QA Automation, JSON

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