DevOps engineer

Odesa · $3700 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Python; Jinja2; Unix Shell (bash, zsh, csh, tcsh, ash, sh); PowerShell; AWS; Vagrant; Ansible; Git; VMware vSphere/vCenter; Linux RedHat/CentOS 6/7; Debian; Windows Server 2012/2016; Active Directory; Microsoft Hyper-V; Cisco IOS; FreeBSD, MacOSX, Web Servers (IIS, Apache, Nginx); DNS Servers; DHCP Servers; VPN Servers (OpenVPN, IPSec); Firewalls (Cisco, iptables, pf); RADIUS Servers; MFA; SSO (Okta); Database Servers: PostgreSQL, MySQL, ElasticStack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Linux, bash, AWS, Python, Networking, Terraform, iptables, VPN, DNS, CentOS, Apache, Google Cloud Platform, TCP/IP, Jenkins, Nginx, Git, nexus, DHCP, PostgreSQL, Jinja2, Ubuntu, CI/CD, Cisco, SQL, Monitoring, VirtualBox

• Adapted the Advertising Platform’s AWS infrastructure to a docker-based CI/CD flow (technology stack: AWS [EC2, SSM, ECR, RDS, SQS], Docker, docker-compose, Jenkins, Ansible, Bash, Regexp) • Built Ansible-managed infrastructure by writing custom configuration roles and playbooks. • Created declarative yaml manifests for Kubernetes Engine in GCP and On-Premises for containerized micro-services deployment and orchestration. • Raised up Docker Registry for app containers and Nexus repository for Maven artifacts. • Used Jenkins and Shell scripting for automation of application builds and tests. • Built Java micro-services applications Logging and Metrics Monitoring solution. • Created a set of ansible-roles for automated set up and configuration of my favourite features and applications on fresh Development machines (Linux/MacOS). • Created a python tool for security related research, using API for retrieving of the file hashes info from their database and output in the form of dynamic HTML table. • Set up a multi-system virtual routed network environment with VirtualBox and Vagrant. • Encrypted communication between servers using PKI (TLS Certificates). • Implemented an open source email exchange solution including SMTP services, webmail, and central user authentication. • Automated hybrid cloud environment setup in AWS with IPSec VPN using Ansible. • Configured Active Directory and RADIUS authentication integration with Okta SSO (including MFA) for PulseSecure TLS VPN moving the security of a corporate network to a new level. • Presented in RnD Dash Demo and corporate IT Lunch-and-Learn events. • Created the documentation including video tutorials for Corporate Knowledge Base. • Set up AD test environment (Domain Controllers, DNS, DHCP).

I would love to secure a position in a friendly environment, that offers an opportunity for a personal and professional growth. Among the other objectives I would like to have a chance to contribute into the enterprise infrastructure and be the part of something bigger and brighter.



Kyiv · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

A dedicated, self-directed, and team-oriented machine learning and data scientist with more than 15 years of experience in engineering, academia, industry, and consultancy. Contributed to the state of the art in the machine learning research community, excuted a number of data-driven projects in industry, and consulted on and implemented predictive models in a number of industries. Building predictive models (soft sensors) and machine learning algorithms to address various business problems across different business unites in the chemical industry Working with clients across different sectors consulting on advanced analytics, implementing machine learning algorithms, and deploying data driven predictive and prescriptive models to solve various business problems

Python, Flask, HTML, Pandas, Keras, NumPy, Matplotlib, Unity3D, Deep Learning, Data Science

creating a system for finding anomalies on X-rays creating an image encryption system

I will be glad to take part in scientific projects. Most interested in medicine, ocean research, nature conservation, or space exploration. I gladly accept travels and business trips. I do not work with projects of terrorist countries, such as Russia, North Korea, Syria... I will prefer offers with relocation to Europe, China or the USA


Python backend developer 🔥

Kyiv · $3500 · 10 years of experience · Intermediate

- Implemented highload backend for taxi drivers and clients (API and Microservices) - Implemented API for Location-Based Social Network. - Supported platform for manage social media reputation (working with instagram, Facebook and other social networks API). - Implemented platform for children's smartwatches - Implemented platform (API, billing, services) for Pre-order food and Food Delivery - Implemented service for traffic monitoring and billing for ISP. - Implemented service for motion detection for IoT and other IoT things. - Implemented advertising system - Etc. Experience in technologies and stacks: - Python (Flask, Twisted, Tornado, Gevent, Django, Graphene, Falcon, Aiohttp, Sanic, FastAPI) - Golang (revel, graphq, Echo) - Experience in development of large, complex systems with highload - Extensive knowledge in parallel and async programming - Experience with PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, ScyllaDB, Tarantool, MySQL, Elastic - Familiar with Machine Learning - Experience with IoT and VOIP - Basic Knowledge in blockchain technologies - Experience with AWS, Docker, Azure - Development with git (, version control systems - Linux/MacOS Expert :)

Flask, Linux, MongoDB, Python, Redis, REST API, Tornado, WebServices, Golang, MySQL, Cassandra, Django, PostgreSQL, WebSockets, Celery, asyncio, AWS, Docker, Unix, Kubernetes, REST, GraphQL, Amazon AWS, aiohttp, Node.js, FastAPI, Aiohttp, RabbitMQ, Django REST Framework, Git, Microservices, scylladb

Highload services 10k+ rps/60k+ connections

I prefer highload projects.


Python Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $3200 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- created admin panel backend for call-center - created microservices on WAMP protocol - worked with Google API (Big Query, Translate API) - created API with Django REST and GraphQL - created Facebook bot with using Watson API

Django, Python, Flask, Django REST Framework, PostgreSQL, Git, Celery, GraphQL, REST API, Linux, AsyncIO

Получение опыта, знаний, развитие навыков


Junior Python Developer

Kyiv · $500 · Intermediate

Interop Cтажер IT 02.2020 по сегодняшний день. Тестирование мобильного приложение, API.

Python, Git, Django, MySQL, SQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jira, Scrum/Kanban methodology

Языки: Python (Django) SQL HTML CSS (SASS, SCSS, Bootstrap) Javascript Опыт работы с Jira, Postman GitHub Понимание принципов работы SCRUM, Kanban Понимание основ алгоритмов и структур данных Понимание принципов ООП Среда разработки: PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text.


Python intern / Junior python developer / JS intern / ML engineer

Kyiv · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Earlier worked as an Intern in IT department of "Raiffeisen Bank Aval" One year ago my passion switched to the Machine Learning area — currently I have one year of self-education and noncommercial experience in ML.

Python, Git, JavaScript, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Matplotlib, Pandas, NumPy, Keras

The most difficult task I am proud of is my current work over “How to Simulate a Self-Driving Car". I decided to use Udacity's self driving car simulator as a testbed for training an autonomous car. This expirience made me to comprehend the fundamentals of machine learning, including regression and classification.

I am sure that this job demands some practical expirience and a great bulk of knoledge of the sphere, I have and want to boost which. But I also understand that there will be a wealth of pitfalls during our mission. Thus I believe I’ll become a perfect tool in cooperation and group solvingseeking, as I’m conscious and reliable team player. It is such a great challenge for me, but I feel this responsibility becomes a perfect motivation. If You only give me a chance I won’t let You down!


DevOps Architect

Remote work, Ukraine · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

DevOps, Linux, python, django, flask, jenkins, AWS, ansible, chef, docker, clustering, continuous integration, svn, git, quickbuild, bash, shell, scripting, nfs, moosefs, glusterfs, Hadoop, Cloudera, xen, perforce, openldap, gerrit, elasticsearch, logstash, kibana, grafana, influxdb, kapacitor, chronograf, groovy, cassandra, kubernetes, terraform, helm, skaffold

Ansible, Apache, AWS, bash, Chef, chronograf, Cloudera, Docker, ElasticSearch, Git, GlusterFS, Grafana, Groovy, Hadoop, Jenkins, kapacitor, Kibana, Linux, logstash, Maven, moosefs, MySQL, Nginx, Perforce, Python, RabbitMQ, Shell, Flask, Django, Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS ECS, AWS S3, Helm, Azure, GCP, Google Cloud Platform

Build fully automated environments in the cloud. Build internal data center with bare metal infrastructure. Continuous delivery process automation. Microservices based infrastructure build on Kubernetes and AWS ECS. Blue/Green deployments implementation


Python/Django Developer

Kyiv, Lviv · $900 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Work 4 Django test project and 3 progect Product.Learne in 2019 in SyberBionik Systematics full course Python developer. I used postgreSQL,Git,end...html,css,bootstrap,Flask,Linux,Pandas, web soket,django rest,numpy.

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Git, Linux, OOP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Flask, Pandas, Django REST Framework

I hope people the future work there will be specialist in own busines well or aspiring this goal!Work smart not hard.)


Python Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have three years of experience in software development as a Backend Engineer. I had participated in several projects on different stages of development, including application design from scratch. My primary responsibilities were to work on requirements analysis and functionality implementation, performance analysis, and provide system design solutions. I have a strong knowledge of software architecture design and distributed systems principles. I am experienced in database design with relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. I have substantial experience in using Python and Go. I have extensive knowledge of algorithms design, concurrency models, programming paradigms, and operational systems. I am a self-organized, responsible, and pragmatic person. I like to work in a team and find a common language with others. I spend much time improving my project design, data organizing, and problem-solving skills.

Git, Golang, Python, SQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Nginx, Docker, AWS, Aiohttp, Azure


Python Developer

Lviv · $1700 · Upper Intermediate

I have 10 years experience working in IT first as Manual Tester, then for 7 years Product Implementation (Technical Support Specialist with some BA and QA responsibilities). My responsibilities also include: - Spoken communication with client, phone meetings, explaining functionality of the product by phone and using remote desktop/screen sharing applications. - Configuring software in client's system and resolving issues during software validation and in Production. - Partial automation of software testing in UNIX Shell (ksh, bash, SQL). - Writing manual test cases for new functionaliy or fixed bugs, testing hot fixes before delivering to client. - Coordinating my working activities remotely with other team members, taking team leader responsibilities in case of team leader's vacation/sick leave. - Teaching new team members about product and workflow, assisting them in their first steps in work. - Constantly learning about software product's functionality, sharing my knowledge with teammates and other departments, maintaining to Knowledge Base. Interacting with other departments to extend product and workflow knowledge. I am interested in starting career as developer, as I feel that some of my potential is wasted. I have non-production Python knowledge and I have strong desire to learn more and potentially move to other languages as C, C++ or Go, that give opportunity to implement interesting tasks.

Python, Linux, OOP, NumPy, Git, Trello., Unix, Bash, HL7, ASTM, Neural Networks, UnitTest, TDD, HTML, SQL

Successfully deploying long going projects to Production and seeing them functioning as client expected.

Interesting project to get involved with and learn new things about.

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