Project Manager

Харьков · $1300 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

- 10 months of coordination and project management; - 16 months of the customer support representative experience in IT company - domains, hosting, apps, DNS. Leading small and medium marketing and development projects as a project manager and a vision owner. Creation of flow charts, setting up processes. Writing documentation: functional requirements, business requirements, procedures, informational content. Coordinating requests to the team of 8 people, distributed throughout the world. Technical background. Providing exceptional friendly customer support to customers from all over the world.

Confluence, English, Jira, Kanban, Problem Solving, Product management, Project Management, Scrum, trello, Waterfall

Created an organised system in the disorganized team, which provides visibility of a workload on the team members and allows defining accurate deadlines for requests.

Challenging projects; Friendly team-members; Office in downtown Kharkiv. Don't want to be a part of a company [with a defined but not working (or working incorrectly) processes], which is not willing to change them.


Project Manager

Киев · $1700 · 2,5 года опыта · Intermediate

Work experience as a Project Manager, Technical background (experience as an QA engineer), Coordination multiple projects (4 projects), Agile / Scrum experience, SDLC, Work with the development team (Developers, Game Designers, QA, 2D artist, 3D artist, UI, Community; more than 20 team members), Weekly build updates, Development of detailed project plan, Prioritization of tasks, Able to identify and manage risks, Adherence to deadlines, Regular communication with customers, Result-oriented, Track KPI, Provide a new indicators, Organize the work of the email channel and send push notifications; Interviewing new team members, Work with bug tracking system (Jira, Redmine).


Work in a professional team, Competitive salary, Warm and friendly working environment.


Project Manager

Одесса · $1000 · Advanced/Fluent

Experienced project manager in non-IT area. Expertise in  Coordinating workflow of the department, operational control and monitoring.  Liaising with clients and suppliers from more than 20 countries in all time zones.  Successful preventing and managing emergency situations.  Preparing documentation in accordance with internal policies and management system.  Experience in planning and smooth implementation of new projects.  Creation of personal development plans and regular performance review for subordinates.  Mentoring for new employees and interns.  Cost controlling.

Communication, English, Project Management, Scrum, Team management

With the help of my optimization and time management expertise, our team was able to process double amount of workload during a 3 month period of a long-term project.

I have will to succeed and desire to learn and improve. Would love to evolve with a team. Product is more preferable, but I'm open for any propositions.


Product manager

Киев · $2500 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Более 8 лет опыта на управленческих должностях с вертикалями в веб разработке, маркетинге и управлении продуктом и фичами от концепта и до вывода на рынок. Последние три места работы: Компания в сфере "Медицинского туризма" – Директор по развитию (CBDO) / Владелец продукта (2 года 9 мес) Ключевые обязанности: внедрение изменений, которые повысят прибыль компании и обеспечат ее рост. За 3 года компания поддерживала 3-х кратный ежегодный рост прибыли; развил IT инфраструктуру и процессы, внедрил культуру и систему управление знаниями; компания выросла с 16 до 130+ человек. Компания-владелец информационных сайтов – Менеджер по связям с общественностью (7 мес) Ключевые обязанности: увеличение узнаваемости брендов компании, привлечение целевого брендового и реферального трафика на продукты компании (под NDA). Компания-международный поставщик промышленного и лаб оборудования (B2B, B2C) – Маркетолог (4 года) Ключевые обязанности: увеличение прибыли компании через маркетинговые активности и оптимизацию сайта. Создал с нуля отделы “Контент и SEO”, “Реклама”, “СРА-отдел”, “Отдел по работе с маркетплейсами”. Рост компании - с 6 до 100+ человек.

Business Analysis, Business development, CRM, Digital marketing, Google Analytics, Marketing, Product management, Product research, Project Management, Prototype, Scrum, Team management, User Experience, User Interface

- Генералист с очень широким кругозором и знаниями во многих областях - Certified Scrum Product Owner - На последнем месте работы стали ТОП-1 по трафику в нише - Знаю языки программирования (JS, PHP, Android Java) и языки не программирования (HTML5, CSS, SQL) и могу писать интересные небольшие фичи и, главное, понимаю возможности и ограничения - Создал много новых отделов и процессов в компаниях, обучил и менторил большое кол-во людей :) - Понимаю людей. Действительно. И активно использую это в жизни и работе ;) Расскажу об этом подробнее при встрече - Мастер Спорта по Пауэрлифтингу

Ищу продуктовую компанию с серьезным знАчимым продуктом и большими амбициями :) Точно не хочу работать в эссе, геймблинге, финтехе и прочих странных серых нишах, в которых создают скорее вредные, чем полезные продукты.


Product manager

Киев · $3000 · 2,5 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

A creative and driven Product Manager who has more than two years of experience in defining and leading the development of software and services. Have experience working in startup from idea validation stage to launch and further constant development. Experience: Development and execution of product strategy
; Conduct market and competitor analysis
; Work closely with cross-functional stakeholders to define main goals and prioritize product backlog
; Defining and characterizing new requirements based on product strategy and customers needs
; Ownership across features lifecycle (concept, launch, and managing ongoing analysis and optimization)
; Lead the team (development, marketing, design)

Agile, backlog management, Design & Prototyping, English, Google Analytics, Jira, Kanban, Lean Product Management, Marketing, Mindmap, Product lifecycle management, Product management, Product research, Project Management, Prototype, Scrum, Team management, User Experience, User Interface

Successful launch of products in short time with fast growing user base.

Looking for a prospect professional growth in customer-focused company. Interested in leading great products with highly motivated team.


Project Manager

Киев · $1600 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Project Management: - Project Planning - Project Estimation - Risk management - Development roadmap and product roadmap - Business requirements management - Backlog prioritization - Release management - Time tracking - Presentation Skills - Public Speaking - Pre-sale activities in collaboration with the sales department Methodologies: - Scrum - Kanban - Waterfall - Prince2 Frontend Development: - HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - ReactJS - jQuery - Bootstrap - Saas - Pug - NPM - Gulp - Github


- Successful cooperation with American, Canadian, Australian and European customers (Great Britain, Eastern Europe); - Cooperation and coordination work with companies IBM and DJI - Successful launch of projects that currently have more than 100,000 users and generate revenue of more than 1 million euros per year.


Project Manager

Киев · $3000 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

-Experience in managing more than 30 software development projects (desktop software, mobile applications, android/ios games, web-applications and complex web projects); -projects estimating; -building SCRUM methodology from the early beginning; -pre-Sale activities; -prototyping; -turn clients ideas into a technical specification;

Estimating, Jira, Microsoft Office, OOP, Product management, Project Management, Prototype, Technical Specification, Joomla, Visual Basic (VB), Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Android, C#, C++, iOS

-Keeping in budget and scope; -Multiple team management (more than 40 people); -Deadlines adherence; -Compilation of accurate estimates; -Strong change request management;

I'm interesting in all about software development: web, desktop, native mobile - Android, iOS, game development, VR.



Киев · $4000 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

• Capital investment management, ensuring targets relative to growth and profitability. • Control of tactical (yearly) and operational (quarterly and monthly) planning of the project’s work (with OKR methodology), as well as consequent budget planning and KPI systems. • Direct communication with the Board of investors, participating and taking the key role in strategic planning of the project’s development. • Accountable for the business model analysis and optimization – economic modelling of the company’s progress and P&L forecasts. • Compiling budgeting for key portfolio products and overseeing general budgeting of the project. • Marketing budget over $1.5M/yearly. • Salary Budget over $500K yearly. • First month 150% ROI. • Full responsibility for the product’s promotion via various channels: Adwords (around $100K monthly), white and black-hat SEO (from content-keyword strategies and technical audits to backlink pumping), SMM, CPA networks. Creatives, email and ad campaigns, website designs and ensuing UI/UX A/B tests. • Consumer and market data researches and analyses, niche benchmarking. I propelled Marketing and Customer Care Depts in establishing marketing, lead generation, sales and retention strategies. • Customer cohort analyses, essential business metrics control and improvement (ROI, CPA, CPL, CAC, retention) • Full active MVP of the key portfolio product built in 6 months, launch on-the-spot. 7-digit $ revenue for the first year after product launch. • Metrix examples (NDA): CAC – from $115 to $54; ARPU from $70 to $108; Retention from 47% to 80%; churn rate from 60% to 35% depending on the season.

Agile, Business Analysis, English, Jira, Managing Profitability, Product management, Project Management, Risk management, Scrum, Team management

Strong operational manager with extraordinary communication and managerial skills, mathematical approach towards all targets and goals, strategical and tactical leader. Decision maker, risk taker. Stress resistant independent unit, able to manage different teams and/or departments under pressure and in crisis situations. Role-model for all subordinates, Kaizen Management implementer. Possessing strong analytical, strategical and managerial expertise.


Project Manager

Харьков · $1800 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Project types: Fixed cost, T&M, Pre-sale: management of estimations and proposals, risk-management, prototyping, delivery plans. Business analyses: gathering requirements, develop a documentation such as SRS, Ineractive UX/UI Product management: - getting clients business needs, transform it into technical solution, proposing product development strategy and prioritizing development order, continuous updates and reviews. Average team size - 5-7 engineers, management of distributive players Average project duration: 4-6 month Up to 3 projects simultaneously Methodologies: Iterative Waterfall, Agile: Kanban, Scrum, mixed Product types: mobile and web apps, complex systems Domains: Social networks, Logistic, Food delivery, Car maintain service, Media, Augmented reality mob apps, SDK for advertisement network, Sports Tools: Jira,Trello, Slack, Google docs,Gannter, Balsamic etc. Technologies: Swift, Objective C, Java, Kotlin, Node JS, React JS, .NET, Angular, Git

Fixed cost project, Jira, Mobile apps, Time and Material, Business Analyses, Product management

Implementation of periodical workshops for engineers on-site. Participation in reconstruction and implementation of the Pre-sale process in the company. Rookies mentoring,democratic style of management Business trips to US and EU for collaborate with customers on site.

I am not interested in the game industry and all that Magento. I would like to work in outsource or product company with customers from US and EU. I'd like to be a part of the serious and stable company, one of the industry leader (or at least with such ambitions), where I could bloom as a professional and improve my skills. Business trips, flexible schedule and medical insurance are appreciated.


Operation Manager/COO/Project manager

Киев · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Director of service departments with Samsung Electronics: -20Y+ Experience Build and maintain processes -Business Project management -Strategic mind, Goal setting and achievement -Drive and coordinate the team -Maintain Customer-centric approach -Managing multiple projects simultaneously -Identifying & Driving continuous improvement -Leadership targeted to effectiveness -Resources facilitation by reasonability Looking for COO/Business manager/Project manager position

Business Analysis, Communication, Project Management, Team management

Best service for consumer electronics in Ukraine

Challenges and involvement, process creation and stabilization - desired.

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