Team lead / Product manager / Project manager / Antifraud director

Kyiv · $3000 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Последнее место работы крупная CPA сеть : - Создание отдела "с нуля" - Построение карт процессов (подробная схема трудового процесса подразделения) - Обучение новых сотрудников - Управление командой 7+ человек - Автоматизация процесса выявления и реагирования на нарушения - Разработка логики ПО для мониторинга контекстной рекламы (в СРА) - Управление процессами разработки ПО - Управление отделом исполнителей(обслуживание СРА сети в разрезе антифрод защиты) - Построение процессов взаимодействия с подрядчиками - Представление интересов компании на международных конференциях

Project Management, Product management, Team management, Anti-Fraud, Fraud Protect, Digital marketing, Scrum, Kanban, Communication

Достижения: - Снизил показатели фрода в международной СРА сети в 4 раза - Создал продукт под продажи (решение для сохранения рекламных бюджетов в СРА) - Обучил 10 новых сотрудников - Публичные выступления на аудиторию 500+ человек, более 10-ти - Проведение конфликтных переговоров - Вывел механику продукта на топовый уровень в отросли

Разработка проектов "с нуля", прием текущих проектов. Качественная поддержка компании. Оплата "разруливания стрессовых" ситуаций.


Product Owner/ Business Analyst

Kyiv · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hard Skills: Methodology: Scram, Waterflall Platforms: Windows7,10, IOS, Android Languages: C,C++ Database: MS SQL. MS Excel Systems: Confluence,JIRA Others programms: MS Visio, Axure Other knowlage: Product Backlog, MVP, User story, Acceptance criteria, UML, UX design, Use Cases * Approval of project documentation (BRD,SRS,User Stories) * Preparation documentation in Confluence * Administration JIRA * Optimization of existing processes * Formation of requirements to the developed system * Modelling and description of business processes * Integration of interactions between systems * Test systems * System Administration Soft Skills * Analytical mind * Communications skills * Ability to express thoughts clearly and clearly * The ability to model * The ability to cover the entire task

User Story, Confluence, MS Visio, Scrum, SDLC, User Experience (UX), XML, Axure, Integration, Jira, UML, Use Case, Product Backlog management, MVP

My achivment is that I implemented system documentations in Conluence for team. Its saved a lot of time for our team. I had cooperationing with team for creating best solutions for mobile application. I had projects with Integration system and projects with chnged laws in NBU. I created and improved flow process in JIRA. I created User Stories and Tasks in JIRA.

Get a position product manager, business analytic in it-company, where I can use my experience in integration systems, optimization business process, build new process with defferent methodology.


Product Owner / Project Manager / Scrum Master 

Kyiv, remote, relocate · $3000 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

9 years in IT, mostly at the complex international projects with distributed teams. Managed teams up to 10 people. Certified Scrum Master. Degree in business administration. I am rather a servant leader than an old-style authoritarian boss. Keen on organization, optimization, and improvement of everything around me: processes, workflows, spaces, relationships etc. Structured and result-oriented, but not a perfectionist. All right with multi-tasking. Efficient at collecting and writing software requirements. English: advanced (IELTS 8 of 9). Spanish: intermediate. Sitecore Certified (Web Experience, Context Marketing).

Agile, Confluence, English, Jira, Project Management, Scrum, trello, Waterfall, Kanban, SEO

1. Joined a team which had constant problems with releasing the right product by the strict deadlines but with my help, they delivered the good product in time, mainly because of high-quality requirements and my organizational skills. My customer was happy with my work, as well as my colleagues. 2. My QA team (led by me) was the smallest by tester/developer ratio among the linked projects, but we always did everything in time or ahead of schedule. 3. At my pet project, I quickly learned the new technologies from scratch. 4. Transformed a team with no spirit to a friendly and performing team, set up the really working Scrum process and the predictable delivery. 5. Round-the-world trip (19 months, 26 countries)

Looking for a challenging project a cool product with complex business logic where I can help the team of professionals to reach success. Dreaming about a friendly professional team with an adequate management, and a comfortable quiet office with a lot of fresh air. I do not like monkey tasks, much noise, virtual machines, and overtimes. Possible relocation, but NOT to Ukraine, Poland, Baltics. Not interested in software developer positions. I am from QA/BA/SEO side.


Business Analyst

$2000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Requirements management. Creating Technical tasks, prototypes. Estimation process, approvement Technical tasks, sprints planning. Monitoring progress, cost-, change-, risk-management, work with road blockers and conflicts. Manual testing, release-, post release-management Elements of HR work Introduction of Agile tools Guiding assistant project managers

Business Analysis, Scrum, Jira, Agile, Project Management, Product management, User stories, English, Requirements management, Requirements analysis, Kanban, Redmine, Prototype, User Interface, WebServices, writing technical specifications

0 (the highest priority, ready to rethink all other requirements) - Work with Big Data, AI, AR/VR, games. 1 - Product: interesting, complicated. High workload, new to me technologies. 2 - People-oriented company with progressive perspective, which intend to grow. Company which welcomes initiative, energy, appreciate its team and loves what it does. Family where i can work 5+ years. 3 - Minimum salary $1000/month, salary review every 6 months


CEO, Producer, BizDev, Product in Gamedev

Odessa, Kyiv, Lviv · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experience: Building startups There Is No Spoon Games. Game Development Studio. Komar Games. Game Development Studio. Komar Art. Art Outsourcing Studio. Mizar Games. Game Development Studio. Play Cute. Game Development Studio. Business development Komar Games. Game Development Studio. Mizar Games. Game Development Studio. Play Cute. Game Development Studio. Marketing & PR Mizar Games. Game Development Studio. Game producing Junkmobile. iOS premium game. The Secrets of Hildegard. Multi-platform premium game. Castle Secrets. Multi-platform F2P game. Ravenhill Asylum. Multi-platform F2P game. Nebula Online. Cross-platform MMORPG. Varenje. Multi-platform premium game. Game Design iDuck Hunt. iOS premium game. Junkmobile. iOS premium game. The Secrets of Hildegard. Multi-platform premium game. Castle Secrets. Multi-platform F2P game. Varenje. Multi-platform premium game. Project Management The Secrets of Hildegard. Multi-platform premium game. Castle Secrets. Multi-platform F2P game. Ravenhill Asylum. Multi-platform F2P game. Nebula Online. Cross-platform MMORPG. Varenje. Multi-platform premium game. UX Castle Secrets. Multi-platform F2P game. Ravenhill Asylum. Multi-platform F2P game. Nebula Online. Cross-platform MMORPG. Programming iDuck Hunt. iOS premium game. Junkmobile. iOS premium game. Parachukids. iOS premium game. The Secrets of Hildegards(Demo). PC premium game. Story writing Castle Secrets. Multi-platform F2P game. Ravenhill Asylum. Multi-platform F2P game.

GameDev, Product management, Project Management, bizdev, producer, 2d game, Casual Games, Computer games, Game Development, analytics, Scrum, Team management, Product research, User Experience, Business development, Marketing, User Research, Business Analysis, Critical thinking

Grew several game startups from zero to hero. Have more than 10 years of experience in the game industry on executive and top management positions. Designed several games that got awards.

I am seeking a fulfilling Game Producer or top management position in the Game Development industry that offers growth opportunities and allows me to utilize my leadership skills and experience. Also, I want to seek challenging assignment and responsibility, with an opportunity for growth and career advancement as successful achievements.


Product manager

Kyiv · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Developing high load AdTech product - Market research and competitors analysis - Strategy & roadmap creation - Product backlog prioritization - Product analytics Leading monetization of large Web and In-app products. Focusing on the maximization of revenue.

Product Management, Market researches, Product research, Analysis, Team leading, Team Managment, User Experience, Team management, Product management, Business Analysis, English


Project Manager, Product Manager

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Responcibilities from previous companies: Project Manager (included Product Management role) - Plan and implement projects: Project planning, track progress, manage scope, schedule, other processes - Organizing and motivating a project team of 40 people in 5 countries - Oversee daily operations of the company and the work of executives (IT, Sales, Finance (reports), other responsibilities that needed for the project) - Manage agreements with external partners/vendors - Analyzing and managing project risk - Evaluate performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics - Hiring and mentoring new and existing employees - Cost estimating and developing the budget - Controlling time management - etc ----- Delivered project for Government and private organizations ----- Technologies I worked with on projects: - dapps, blockchain (Etherium, Bitcoin), technologies (Python, Go, C++, Solidity, Node JS, MySQL, SQL) - WEB (Vue.js, react) - IOS (swift, launched, in-store already) - Android (Kotlin, launched, in-store already) - Desktop - Win, OS, Linux (Electron)

Project Management, Agile, English, Product management, Team management, Budget and Timelines Achievement

Successfully delivered complex projects in IOS, Android, WEB, and Desktop. Leading team from 40 people in different countries and timezones. Experience in negotiating with the client. Always working on the improvement of processes, project development, and customer satisfaction branch. Attending international conferences as a speaker and explaining how technologies (I worked with) works. Graduated 2 universities (Master and Bachelors Degree). Worked with clients from USA, Canada, EU, Asia.

I want to work hard and don't like to work on a "support project" that already done. For me, that is better to work hard. I am ready to manage a few projects or a big one. Like to work more on project improvements. Ready to take responsibilities for the project. For me and product and outsource projects are okay. Don't want to work in a web studio. Like to work with people why always wants to know more. Ready to work in Kyiv, Kharkiv or Lviv.


Product Manager

Kyiv · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

A versatile Product Manager is seeking a full-time position. I can fill a gap between founder’s vision and market-fit product delivery for sustainable growth of a digital business. • Six years in IT industry: from Software Engineer to Head of Product • Passionate about building a product that people love • Independent and responsible team leader • Proactive and open to challenges team player • Excellent communication skills, motivating others by example • Fluent in English, German and native in Ukrainian, Russian • Product development experience with acute attention do details • Consulting marketing, sales and support teams • Superior strategic thinking with exceptional organisational skills • Capable identify technical innovations and find the best solution • Data-driven decisions based on strong analytical skills

Business development, Product management, Project Management, Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Sales Management, Business Analysis, Scrum, Agile, Jira, User Experience, Team management, Kanban, Confluence, Prototype, Product research, CRM, English, SaaS, SQL, Product Development, Customer Relations, Digital marketing

I've got 282% MRR annual growth of my recent SaaS product.

I'm looking for an international company which is striving to develop a world-class product where I can further perfect my skills and provide essential environmental or social impact.


Head of Design / Product manager

Kyiv · $3500 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

More than 7 years experience in User Interface Design. Have a lot of ideas about: - Design team formation - Concept development - UX Research and Storytelling - Wireframes and Prototypes development - A/B Testing - UI Guidelines Development - Workflow formation for a design team - Design Quality Control - Task/Time management - Branding and Marketing Design God bless UX

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Android, Axure, Design Patterns, GUI, iOS, Prototype, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Product management, Scrum


Business analyst/Product Manager (Remote Only) 

Kyiv · $4000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Senior IT Product Manager/Business Analyst with 5+ years of work experience and expertise in the next business & tech domains: - eCommerce - Internet of Things (IoT) - Solar Energy - eLearning - IT infrastructure monitoring - Banking & Finance - Traveling - Real Estate - Sport CMS

User Experience, Business Analysis, Confluence, Jira, Product management, Product ownership, Scrum, UML, User - Testing

Solid expertise and work experience in the following areas: Product Ownership/Business analysis: business requirements preparation (BRDs), functional requirements preparation (User-stories with acceptance criteria), product documentation management, competitors analysis, UX wireframing (Balsamiq), working with JIRA/Confluence, Microsoft TFS. Product management: backlog prioritization, business goals identification, competitive analysis, product vision preparation, A/B testing (Optimizely), UX analysis (Google Analytics, AppSee), User-Testing (TryMyUI, ), Data-Decisions Making

I want to build the best products with great people - this drives and motivates me better than all cakes & cookies in the world!

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