Project/Product Manager

Odesa · $850 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

I have been working in software development as a Project Manager for more than 3 years and have full responsibility of projects which I manage. I have considerable experience in Outsourcing and Product companies. I have successfully delivered more than 50 projects of different size and complexity. Right now I feel I am ready for a next big challenge in my professional way. Knowledge of: Agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban; Waterfall; IT project lifecycle; Jira / Trello; UI/UX fundamentals; HTML/CSS/JS fundamentals. Team motivation; technical requirements development; project planning; customer reporting; people management; conflict management. As a project manager, I am responsible for a wide range of tasks and have the following skills: - planning/ organizing project processes (timeline, work scope, to control project estimates, quality of the project even if it requires to act as a QA) - establishing and developing strong relationship of collaboration with the customer (communication, gathering requirements, writing technical documentation) - solving of complex problems in close cooperation with customer team (if the project needs teamwork between the client’s team and our team) - experience in managing multiple projects at the same time (from 3 to 10 projects of varying complexity and size) - working with Designers, Front-end and Back-end developers, QA, DevOps - strong experience with systems: Planfix, Roadmap, Jira, Confluence, Trello, AmoCRM, RazorSQL, Photoshop etc. - teamwork organization (work with a teams of 7-10 people, supporting them in solving problems): -- regular project meetings (daily meetings, groomings with team) -- project estimation -- description, distribution of tasks and assignment of tasks to developers -- writing technical documentation fixing any changes -- usе of Agile methodologies on real projects (Scrum & Kanban) - basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Bootstrap,Git (it helps me to check changes in the code), MySQL queries using RazorSQL (to get the necessary data from the DB) - have theoretical and practical knowledge of UX/UI design and graphic design (have a little portfolio), SMM

Agile, Confluence, Jira, Kanban, Project Management, Scrum, CSS, HTML, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Adobe Photoshop, Bootstrap, JavaScript, MySQL, LESS

Looking for Project/Product Manager vacancy. My goal is to work in a promising company with large projects/products (web & mobile applications, games, automotive, aviation, healthcare, fintech), applications or other software/hardware and the opportunity for professional growth to Senior Project/Product Manager.


Delivery Manager, Senior Project Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master

Kyiv, Lviv · $4000 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- More than 9 years of experience in IT project management - Technical background - Fluent English - Agile, Scrum, Waterfall - Presale experience - Risk Management - Cost Management - Distributed Team Management

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Product management, Business Analysis, Jira, English, Kanban, Waterfall, Team management, Risk management, Redmine, IT Project Management, trello

Successfully implemented projects from scratch for customers from USA, Europe, Middle East.

Interesting ideas, smart people


Product manager

Kyiv · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced Product and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and self-services industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Product&Project management, Analytical Skills, IOT, Technological Project Launch Skills: - Management of projects(products) from the start-up stage; - Market research and CusDev; - Developing products monetization strategy; - Developing products strategy and roadmap; - Developing MVPs; - Finding and developing key product metrics; - Manage projects execution to ensure adherence to budget, schedule, and scope; - Backlog prioritization; - Design features according to customers and users feedback; - Making and analyzing products` financial statements (Unit economy, P&L, Cash Flow); - Manage product positioning, pricing; - Working closely with development teams to establish the scope and goals of the project. Experience user: Jira, Gannter, MS Project, Visio, Google Drawing, PowerPoint.

Product management, Scrum, Project Management, Team management, Business Analysis, Agile, Product research, Product Development, Confluence, SDLC, CustDev, Problem Solving, Team leading, Market analysis, Prototyping, Software project management, JIRA, UI mockups and wireframes, Software Requirement specification, User Stories, Product roadmapping and maintaining the backlog, product strategy, Product Roadmap

The products/projects that I manage is used by top corporations (78-80% of local market), that maens it bring high value to customers and end users in day-to-day life. Certificates: PSPO, English B2.


Product Analyst/Data Analyst

Kyiv · $2000 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Web/Mobile market research with product team, identify main KPIs and benchmarks, define which data we need to collect, cooperate with tech team on data collecting (in app) or do it’s on my own (in case of web-sites), test accuracy of data, implement dashboards to product team on user activity, for marketing team with efficiency of marketing spends(Tableau), provide AB testing

SQL, Communication Skills, Excel, Product management, Data Analysis, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Mobile App, Financial Reporting, Python


Project Manager

Lviv · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I`m currently working on a product development for more than a year. Worked on creating product specifications and wireframes, created and described tasks for their further assigning to the team members (up to 8 people). Developed project roadmap and recommended improvements to the system from the point of view of its effectiveness. Besides, I was managing other projects of different type simultaneously.

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Jira, Team management, Kanban, Risk management, Communication, project planning, English, Waterfall, SDLC, Requirements analysis, Confluence, Product management, CRM, trello, Web Development, Support clients, Manage a team, Negotiation, Estimation, Tasks Assignment and Delegation, User stories, Resourse managment


Product manager

Kyiv · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I'm working in software development for more than 13 years, mostly on Product Manager and Business Analyst positions. I was working to build a different kind of products: UX, Backend solutions, AI, Data warehouses, Web- and mobile- applications. During this period I've got deep technical expertise, a good understanding of how businesses work and good intuition about the people interaction and processes adaption in software development. All that allows me to bring business ideas to successful products. The favorite part of my job is discovering product opportunities, solving all kinds of business problems to deliver a designed solution. I like data-driven approaches in product design and using product metrics to help me to ensure that we are achieving the product goals.

Product management, Business Analysis, Team management, Jira, Scrum, Agile, User Experience, Data Science, Product research, Confluence

In my current workplace. I've led the complex Fraud Control system with artificial intelligence and high load from ideation through prototyping, development team structuring, MVP, to successful mass deployment and income. It evaluates how risky the user session is based on numerous dimensions&metrics and can identify users' behavior (like handwriting). This product decreased fraud losses for 21% during 9 months beeing live. My previous job. I've built an international team of proxy product owners (5 analysts) who led all requirements related processes for the big development team (30+ engineers). Thanks to the product we developed: our client - global financial institution met all regulatory requirements in time and avoid penalties. The job before the previous. Designed and led the redevelopment of the search engine for the big e-commerce web-portal (thousands of sellers selling their goods). These changes caused a 27% increase in the percentage of useful actions for search results.

I would like to find a challenging project with the product I like and agile working environment


Product manager

Kyiv · $1800 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

My skills: Project Management, Product Management & Product Owning experience 4+ years, Budgeting of all of parts of project and monitoring project costs in all project stages, Strong ability to generate, develop and lead to project team, Excellent client-facing and internal communication skills, able to liaise with clients and manage relationships, Negotiation with key stakeholders of project, proposal presentation, Superior written and verbal communication skills, Solid analytical and organizational skills, Hard skills in tracking system: JIRA, ASANA, Basecamp, Toggl, Trello, Basic knowledge: Readymag, WordPress, Good skills of WEB-development: HTML, CSS, JS. Strong knowledge in UX, UI. My experience: - Experience of managing 6-8 projects in the same time, - Experience in team development from scratch, - Experience in product development from scratch, - Experience in FinTech projects (web, mobile online banking) 1+ year, - Managing in-house and outsource teams 10+

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Jira, Team management, English, Kanban, Waterfall, Communication, trello, Risk management, Business Analysis, Confluence, Business Process, meetings management, Sprint Planing, Fintech, Product Development, reporting and forecasting, Resourse managment, Решение задач, Problem Solving, Web/Mobile UI/UX

- Launching & support online banking (UX, UI development, management of developers team) - Successful experience of implementation motivation program in team


Product manager / Product owner / Business analyst

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

1. Defining business requirements and translate them into user stories, feature lists, wireframes and acceptance criteria. 2. Analyzing competitors and using product analytics data (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Appsee and others) to generate insights how to improve UX and functionality. 3. Create project roadmap and features delivery prioritization. 4. Project backlog management and sprint planning in JIRA. 5. Creating project documentation and process schemes (according to UML, BPMN), user flows, wireframes. 6. Day-to-day project management and communication with team and with the client. 7. Preparation and participation in product demos and meetings.

User Experience, User Interface, Jira, Project Management, Prototype, Teamwork, User Testing, Adaptability, Agile, Analitics, Kanban, Product management, Scrum, Business Analysis, English, User stories, Product Roadmap, time management, A/B testing, Agile / Scrum / Kanban, UX & Analisys, Team management, Product research, Confluence, Confluence / Jira, C/C++, CRM, Communication, Product Backlog management, Google Analytics, People management, Risk management, Presentation skills, Requirements and backlog management


Product manager

Kyiv · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Трохи про себе: Мені 34 роки на даний час займаю посаду Продакт – менеджера в компанії яка спеціалізується на розробці та впровадженні рішень в сфері енергетики. До цього Я працював в команді впровадження ERP. До цього Я був Продакт – менеджером в українській компанії – провайдері електронного документообігу в якій Я та моя невелика команда розробила сервіс подання звітності в контролюючі органи (Податкова, Держстат України, Пенсійний фонд України), ще раніше Працював Бухгалтером – експертом розробляв та впроваджував електронну звітність. Маю основну мету: зробити світ кащим за допомогою цифрових рішень та нових технологій. Мета локальна: розробити і розкрутити власний сервіс який буде успішний (сотні тисяч користувачів, самоактуалізований, буде приносити прибутки, породжувати похідні сервіси) Досягнення: В карєрі: + Здобуття вищої освіти (ступінь Магістр); + Робота в компанії – флагману звітності до контролюючих органів, досягнення посади Продакт – менеджер. + Розроблений проект по подачі митних декларацій. + Запущений проект "Реєстр податкових накладних". + Запущений проект "Книга доходів для ФОП" + Запущений проект "Адміністрування ПДВ" + Запущений проект ПЗ класу ECRM з оптового продажу електроенергії. В особистому житті: + Маю сім'ю, є дочка та син. +Побудував дім, посадив дерева)))

Product management, Project Management, Business Analysis, Scrum, Startup, Product Management, Product Backlog management

Створив невелику команду з нуля. Створенням сервісу з відправки електронних звітів.


Technical Project/Product Manager

Kyiv · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

15+ years in web development with experience in business-critical solutions development and support (Fintech, CRM). Deep technical background – hands-on experience in software development (PHP, MySQL, Linux stack), business analysis and solutions architecture. Good understanding of a non-technical environment in Product management (Sales, Finance, Legal, Support). Teams management with a focus on clear processes and procedures.

Business Analysis, Confluence, Jira, Project Management, Payment Cards (Visa/MC), PCI DSS, Support, ITIL, MySQL, PHP, System administration, Solution architecture, Process Improvement, Product management, SDLC

- Created commercial Fintech product with clear architecture from undocumented legacy-style custom solution; - Successfully transformed team’s development and support processes from person-based style to a role-based, that led a basis to predictable team growth and improved quality of services; - Run first sales for a new Fintech product and got some B2B contracts worldwide signed.

Looking for a PM position with focus on the technical/product details (Technical PM, Product / Engineering Manager, CTO) in a product company or long-term project. Not interested in pre-sales activities, relocation or business trips.

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