Front-end Developer | Angular / React / Node

Kyiv, Berlin, Amsterdam, USA, Canada, EU · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

A highly experienced and Hard-working web developer with a flair for creating elegant solutions in the least amount of time. Leverage technical, analytical and problem-solving skills to create dynamic, high-speed websites, apps and platforms fueling competitive advantage and revenue growth. Development experience: 4.5 years Experience in projects: - Development and further Support of Successful commercial project based on trust management and crypto trading. Stack is Angular 6 | Firebase Firestore | Node.js Cloud Functions | Google Cloud Functions based on Go lang runtime. (1 year experience in specific stack) - React,Redux + snap.svg front end for "neural network playground" project - Angular 2+ SPA's, management systems, Dashboards - Node.js architecture integrated with After Effects (aerender) for rendering video templates on the fly CORE SKILLS Angular 2+, React + Redux, Firebase, Node.js, ES6, Typescript, Docker, Express.js, RXJS Also experienced with: React native, Ionic 3, Electron.js, jQuery, angularjs, ext.js, Swift, GO lang, AWS, webpack, gulp, wordpress, Laravel, Nest.js, GCP, Python, MongoDB, P, PostgreSQL

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, HTML5, Node.js, MongoDB, Jira, Angular, NPM, es6, Git, ReactJS, PostgreSQL, Linux, Design Patterns, Angular 2+, Docker, Express.js, Nestjs, CSS3, webpack

- Bachelor's degree in IT (5 years of studying) - Passed a multi-level competition for a courses at the "Beetroot Academy" when I was 17 years old - Have developed a lot of commercial and non-commercial projects in different programming languages - Was a part of the world's largest open source project over 500 contributors for digital workplace technology - Led a team of 10 developers in commercial project - Successfully helped other teams to finish projects when deadline missed - I'm pretty interested in music writing, composition and sound designing. Mastered piano, electric guitar and "Ableton push 2" controller. As my personal bonus

Interested to be a part of a team. Building a high-performance scalable architectures. Creating reusable components, classes services using different design patterns and methodologies. Most preferred framework as for me it is React.js with Redux, TypeScript, RxJS and other "Facebook" like ecosystem. It gives advantages to build more flexible and modular structure of the client side against Angular 2+ applications.


Javascript Developer 

Kharkiv · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

fullstack js development 1.5 year

es6, ES7, JavaScript, Babel, React, webpack, Express, Gulp, lodash, MongoDB, MySQL, Redux, Redux Saga , SASS, SCSS, Stylus, AJAX, AWS, flow.js, Linux, Mongoose, Sequalize, WebSockets, GraphQL, Microservices, Next.js, Serverless, Vue.js, Vuex, React / Redux / Saga, ReactJS, Jest, Unit Testing, Ramda, JavaScript/NodeJS, Git, JSON, OOP, HTML, NodeJS, REST API, CSS, SASS/SCSS, Express.js, Node.js, React Hooks

professional web development skills

интересные проекты, освоение новых технологий


Full-stack web developer

Kyiv · $2000 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Projects: • MACS, IDC (.NET, MSSQL) • T&T (ASP.NET, JS, MSSQL) • HRS (Vue, Loopback) Worked with: • Vue/Vuex • Node.js • Loopback • MongoDB • .NET • MSSQL • Devexpress Knowledge of: • Linux/macOS • Figma • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator • Matlab (automatic control systems, fuzzy logic)

JavaScript, HTML5, Git, CSS, Vue.js, Node.js, AJAX, Loopback, MongoDB

- Developed Telegram BOT using NodeJS and mongoDB - Created automated louver control system on Raspberry Pi - Developed a system of accounting candidates for employment for internal use of the company - Take part in B2G projects - Experience working with a remote team Interested in UI/UX psychology (customer-oriented) Open for new technologies, follow the development trends

JavaScript, Vue, NodeJS, creative projects, code review, scalable applications, macOS dev environment


Javascript Developer

$3500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Skills: Angular2+ React, Vue, HTML5, CSS3 JavaScript (ES 5, 6, 7) Node.js MongoDB, NoSQL Worked from scratch on API builder that gives you possibility to build API Form Based Design and conversions between popular formats like Swagger, RAML and Blueprint. Used technologies: Polymer, Vue, NodeJs, mongoDB UI for managing drivers and vehicles based on traffilog data. UI where user can track vehicles that registred in his company, see theirs history. Can compare one driver with another. Can build their tracked ways on map and display their speed, fuel consumption and vehicle errors. Used technologies: Angular4, WebSockets and PrimeNG. International marketplace for the CNC Industry Used technologies: React, NodeJS mongoDB Hybrid application (iOs/Android/Web) for sales manager to create remotely contracts for customers. Used technologies: Ionic UI for 3D tour generator where user can upload spheres and connect them one with another to create virtual tour. Used technologies: Backbone, Marionette and Krpano Internal meal order system. System where employees can order lunch from local canteen. Used technologies: WEB - Angular Mobile - Ionic BackEnd - NodeJS, mongoDB Popular local news portal Used technologies: Zurb Foundation. And more interesting projects.

JavaScript, Git, CSS3, React, HTML, SASS, Bootstrap, Node.js, TypeScript, SCSS, Gulp, Angular, Vue, Redux, MongoDB, Jira, REST API, react/redux, ngrx, primeng, Flexbox, webpack, CSS, NPM, es6, VueX, Grunt, React Native, SASS/SCSS, jQuery, AJAX, Postman, English, Material-UI, Web Development, NoSQL, LESS, React.js, Visual Studio, Vue.js, Angular 2+, Polymer, Ionic 2+, Backbone.js, Marionette.js, WebSockets, Foundation

Looking for part time project with friendly team to work and receive pleaser from it. I would like to work with trended frameworks like Angular, Vue and React. Would be interesting to try new technologies like ReactNative or Native Script.


Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Kyiv · $1500 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

I have 2+ years of experience in development of web applications for e-commerce and business. I'm attentive to details, responsible, hardworking and persevering. I've worked on projects, using React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, jQuery, PHP, SCSS, Bootstrap, AJAX, etc. I've experience in development of project architecture and deploying project code on a server(Docker, Docker Compose, etc.)

JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, React, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Redux-saga, EcmaScript6, Git, REST API, Docker, JSON, Express, AJAX, HTML, Linux, MySQL, CSS3, OOP, MVC, React / Redux / Saga

Own React.js/Node.js/PostgreSQL project

I prefer React.js/Node.js stack. Flexible work hours, dynamic team, product company.


Front-end developer / Full-stack developer

Zaporizhzhya, Dnipro, Odesa, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya, USA, EU · $800 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

-Knowledge and understanding of the main principles of Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming; - Good knowledge of JavaScript, ES6+, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, Sass, Flexbox, Grid; -Basics of NodeJS, Angular, npm, Git;

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, React, Redux, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Node.js, SASS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Node JS, PostgreSQL, Express, Express.js, React / Redux, React Hooks, React.js


Full Stack Web Developer

St. Petersburg, Moscow · $1200 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

В IT 6 лет. Первые три года работал в области системной интеграции. Последние 3 года работаю на должности Full-stack программиста в IT компании. Занимаюсь разработкой MVP и внутренними проектами компании, доработками сервисов клиентов компании, решением проблем на последней линии поддержки. В работе использую большое количество технологий, инструментов и языков программирования. Предпочтение отдаю Javascript стеку: nodeJS, javascript, react, redux, webpack. Из наиболее крупных проектов: - Внутренний сервис по накрутке SEO показателей и автоматизации создания аналитики по сайтам. - Браузер дополнительной реальности - веб-сервис на движке Vuforia. - Сервис автоматизации для 1С-франчайзи(nodeJS) - Автоматизация для пиццерий(более 70 пиццерий, включая Европу). - Native API компоненты для 1С платформ(C++, C#). - Много мелких проектов по доработкам или проектов, которые оказались не перспективными после первой версии MVP или до этого момента. Хочу сменить работу на более узкопрофильную (Full-stack nodeJS), так как развиваться на таком большом стеке технологий как у меня сейчас стало невозможно.

Node.js, JavaScript, React, Redux, Webpack 4, REST API

- Сделал браузер дополнительной реальности - наверное, это самый большой проект на полном стеке из моих. - Сделал за 16 часов подряд проект, который был сделан двумя другими специалистами(nodeJS Full-Stack) за 48 часов(на двоих). Был спор по MVP с директором компании-конкурента. - Просидел 6 дней в новогодние праздники за восстановлением хостинг сервера после его взлома. Восстановил работоспособность 114 сайтов из 127, хотя все утверждали, что это не возможно. - Сделал парсер для пицерий, после того как нам отказали в доступе к API. В проекте было максимум велосипедов и костылей, код был ужасен, но в итоге, задача была выполнена. - Решил проблему в компании Hyundai за 15 минут, после того, как её не смогли решить в течении 2 месяцев. Тут больше не гордость, но на тот момент меня считали там богом, моя самооценка просто зашкаливала.

Скорее всего маленькая команда, ибо тут я смогу максимум проявить свои знания и способности. Возможно, стартап или создание MVP. Наверное, самое главное - это что бы на моих плечах было максимум ответственности и в идеале, что бы теми проектами, над которыми я работаю, пользовались и давали фидбек по ним пользователи. Так же неплохо бы было иметь возможность проявлять разумную инициативу, так как я люблю искать более оптимальные пути решения проблем. Я хочу работать 16 часов в сутки без выходных, я не хочу искать проекты самостоятельно из-за того, что они кончились и клиентов нет или из-за того, что нужно кого-то ждать - это главное. Так же я не хочу объяснять клиентам финансовые аспекты проектов и быть за это ответственным, например, почему нужно в первой версии проекта внедрить минимум фич и запустить его, а не написать список из сотен хотелок и пытаться их сразу внедрять. Я не против общения с клиентом, но я - разработчик, а не финансовый консультант. Так же, я не дизайнер, я могу сверстать всё что угодно, но придумать дизайн я не могу. Для меня красота в дизайне - это зелёные буквы на чёрном фоне.


Javascript Developer 🔥

Kharkiv · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

1) Small application for oil extraction enterprises which helps managers make management decisions. Responsibilities: - collaborating with economists to design and develop application. - planning and developing app-solutions using a variety of frameworks and platform such as: Angular, NestJS, MongoDB. - deploying application using Azure services. Stack of main technologies: Angular 8, NodeJS,NestJS,MongoDB. 2) Development system for internet media portal. This system includes three apps: site, admin site and back-end. Responsibilities: - Collaborating with customer to clarify requirements. - Planning and developing applications - Server configuration to achieve next targets: ability run all three apps on server; good performance on high load. - Deploying applications on configured server. Stack of main technologies: VueJS, NuxtJS, Facebook SDK, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB. 3) Development of admin SPA for dance school with branch network. Responsibilities: - Planning and implementation of the entire application of the fronted part functionality - Сommunication with the customer team to clarify requirements - Proposal of changes in functionality and its coordination with the customer - Participation in weekly meetings with the customer - Participation in the presentation of changes or the entire application Stack of main technologies: React/Redux

JavaScript, React, Redux, Angular, Vue / Vuex, NuxtJs, NodeJS, Nestjs, Express


Full Stack Developer 🔥

Lviv · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

I have more than 2 years of experience in commercial projects. I’m a good team player. Also, I have experience in mentoring front-end developers. My preferred languages are JavaScript, Typescript and I've worked on projects, using React.js, Angular2+, jQuery, Node.js(express.js, koa.js, nest.js), SCSS, Bootstrap, AJAX, etc. I know aspects of developing websites for e-commerce, huge heavy load projects and have experience in developing front-end architecture for scalable projects.

HTML5, AJAX, Bootstrap, CSS3, Foundation, jQuery, SCSS, JavaScript, React-Router, SASS, Git, React, TypeScript, REST API, Node.js, HTML, JSON, MongoDB, es6, TDD, Angular, React.js, OOP, PostgreSQL, Express.js, React / Redux, Jira, Gulp, CSS, JS, Redux, MySQL, ReactJS, Angular 2+, Express, SASS/SCSS, ngrx, Redis, ES6-ES8, Express JS, SQLite, Docker, Jest, SQL, Pug, NPM, Ramda, GraphQL

I looking for a creative, dynamic team. Flexible work hours and office bouses will be a bonus for me.


Full Stack Web Developer 🔥

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

I am full-stack developer. I have 6 years experience of front-end development and more 2 year of back-end. Last 3 year I worked remotely in Japanese company. We used many technologies include Angular, React, Vue, Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, REST API, Canvas, WebAudio API and others. Last time I used React/Redux, React Native, Amplify, GraphQL with AWS (Cognito, Dynamodb, Appsync, RDS, Lambda (Node.js)) services for backend based on serverless framework. I love this stack and I would like to work with something like this. So if you are interested in my experience and skill tell me. I would be happy to discuss the details of your work.

JavaScript, React, Redux, AWS, Serverless, Angular, Vue / Vuex, React Native, GraphQL, REST API, Node JS, Git, HTML5, TypeScript, SASS, CSS3, Bootstrap, MongoDB, Express - it is one of my last projects. It is a mini social network for beauty salons or something like this and workers who find work in beauty segment. For this project I used Vue, Nuxt, GraphQL, Serverless, RDS. It has 4 dashboard for salons, job-seeker, sponsor and administrator. For this project SEO is an important part so I used Nuxt. - it is project lets people drawing on clothes and buy after this. This project using ReactJS/Redux and FabricJS for draw. Also on this project I made server drawing for make print layout using node-canvas. - social network for teachers and students. - (private) email templates manager. - (private) sewing equipment supply manager.

I prefer small companies

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