Trainee/Junior Front-end Developer

Kharkiv · $200 · Intermediate

Знаю HTML и CSS. Есть опыт работы с Adobe Photoshop, Git, GitHub, SСSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, базовые знания JavaScript, продолжаю изучать. Проходила курсы по верстке и JS, есть опыт самостоятельной верстки с подключением плагинов JQuery, могу дописать, исправиль JS код при подключении дополнительных библиотек.

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, CSS3, CSS, SASS, HTML, Bootstrap, Gulp

Проходила курсы по верстке и JS, есть опыт самостоятельной верстки с подключением плагинов JQuery, могу дописать, исправиль JS код при подключении дополнительных библиотек.

Работать в дружной комманде профессионалов, развиваться, изучать новые технологии и совершенствовать свои навыки


Software Developer

Evropa, Ukraine · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

HTML5, BEM, PUG(Jade), CSS3, Sass(Scss), Less, Slylus, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, WordPress(wooCommerce plugins dev), Jekyll, C++, C#, Java, General knowledge of network protocols and networking (training courses Cisco, Panduit), SQL. Design / Interface (psychological features of working with applications, rules of perception, building rules), Game Design (game development, level building, plotting, balance) (Unity, Android, PC). General information about: design patterns, development methodologies (Agile & Waterfall). Some experience in the role of Project Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master - during educational projects within the educational system. Rapid adaptation to robot tasks and conditions.

Agile, Full stack, HTML, OOP, Photoshop, Project Management, React Native, Scrum, .NET, Bootstrap, CSS, CSS3, es6, Firebug, Frontend, game design, Git, HTML5, JavaScript, Product management, UML, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), AJAX, Angular, C#, Cisco, English, GUI, IntelliJ IDEA, Jade/Pug, Java, Jekyll, jQuery, Linux, MongoDB, MSSQL, MVC, nunjucks, Patterns, PHP, React, Redux, SASS, SCSS, SEO, SQL, Stylus, Ubuntu, Waterfall, Wordpress, WPF, C++, E-commerce, Gulp, LESS, MEAN, MySQL, Node.js, REST API, RUP, TypeScript, Visual Studio, WinForms, XML, AWS, bash, Jira, JSON, webpack, Jade, firebase, Adobe Photoshop, ES6+, React.js, React / Redux, SASS/SCSS, ES7, JIRA

Prize places at Olympiads and various IT competitions *. President of the scientific society in the university. * - ACM-ICPC, Hackathon, IT-Universe, regional Olympiads of almost all levels. ← my CV I do not want to work on projects alone! I long for communication, exchange of experience and joint work on projects, other options for me are less attractive. With pleasure I will learn new technologies. I like continuous development and progress, both for myself and my team and for projects. I do not want a monotonous routine work without growth, justification like as the line can be drawn in twenty different ways is not interested. Well: Interesting projects, teamwork, flexible methodology (primary), non-standard solution, new technologies, continuous development. Internal evolution of the company. Friendly team, coffee with milk and cookies! :)


Frontend Developer

Kyiv, London, USA, Canada, Berlin, Amsterdam, EU · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

i am a front end developer with 1+ years experience. i have built responsive web designs for schools and hospital. I have also worked as a freelance web developer on projects.i am currently building my portfolio using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

HTML5, JavaScript, Git, React, CSS, HTML, REST API, Bootstrap, Web Development, Adobe Photoshop, CSS3, WordPress, GitHub, MySQL

B.eng Computer Engineering from Covenant university (2018). Responsive web design certification from Freecodecamp(2019).

i am looking for IT/tech organizations where i can put my skills to use as well as learn from the top employees. i am also open to internship roles as i want to continue learning and get better everyday.


Разработчик Golang

$3000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Go, gRPC, MongoDB, ES Search, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, Bash, Laravel4.x-5.x, Silex, jQuery, ReactJS, AngularJS1.x, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, PHPUnit, Jest, Mocha, Git, Subversion, Jenkins, Docker, AWS Services (EC2, S3, Lambda (Golang, nodeJS)), Linux, OSX, Windows

Git, HTML, Jest, mocha, MySQL, PHP, PHPUnit, Silex, Subversion, Windows, AWS, Bootstrap, CSS, Docker, JavaScript, Jenkins, jQuery, Laravel, Linux, MacOS, PostgreSQL, Angular.js, Node.js, Golang, gRPC, ES Search, MongoDB, Docker/Docker Compose


Frontend Developer

Kyiv · $3700 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have been working in the field of front-end development for more than 3 years. Now actively using React framework, in addition particularly working with Node.js (Hapi framework) and AngularJS. Currently, this is my main stack i'm working with: - JavaScript, React, Redux, Node.js, CSS, HTML, webpack, git.

JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Redux, BEM, Axios, Ramda, Lodash, Magento, jQuery, Webpack, Backbone, REST API, OOP, XML, Gulp, Git, AJAX, SCSS, SASS, Node.js, React.js, React / Redux, Express.js, Hapi.js, Jira, MongoDB, Bootstrap

Not interested in remote vacancies. Only full-time in office. Thanks.


Senior Full Stack JavaScript Engineer (flexible hours, project-based)

Remote work, Ukraine · $2100 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Interested in part-time cooperations OR project-based opportunities Senior Full Stack Javascript Developer 4+ years of commercial experience Services: * Full Stack development * Performance improvements * Security research Technologies: * JavaScript (ES5/6+), TypeScript * webpack (plugins development), babel, npm scripts * React, Redux * Node.js, Express * MongoDB, PostgreSQL * React Native * Jest, enzyme * HTML, CSS, SASS, postCSS * Docker, Heroku, AWS, firebase Hourly rate: $25/h Weekly availability is TBD (up to 30h/w)

JavaScript, Node.js, React, webpack, MongoDB, Docker, REST API, Redux, TypeScript, HTML, Electron, CSS, WebSocket, Express.js, Jest, firebase, Next.js



Zaporizhzhya · $800 · Pre-Intermediate

JavaScript, HTML5, React, Redux, CSS3, SCSS, OOP, es6, React / Redux, Git, CSS, REST API

Имеются все необходимые навыки в работе с Git. Знаю ООП. На неплохом уровне владею HTML5, CSS3(адаптивная верстка), Javascript. Использую SCSS и понимаю его удобства. Есть опыт работы с React, React-Redux, PostgreSQL. Знаю принцип работы паттерна MVC. Практикуюсь в работе с Bootstrap, Material UI. Немного работал с Docker; Проходил 3 месячный курс, в котором копировал существующий сайт в роли full-stack разработчика с большим упором на клиент. С этим курсом начал изучать Веб-разработку. Также продолжаю совершенствоваться в знании английского языка. Коммерческого опыта роботы нету, но хотелось бы получить. При неполном соответствии с вашими требованиями готов доучить все необходимое. Готов пройти стажировку, по окончании которой устроится на работу.

Стремлюсь попасть в развивающуюся компанию где приобрету необходимый опыт работы, очень хотелось бы попасть в дружный коллектив, а также надеюсь из досуга будет настольный теннис.



Lviv, Lviv · $800 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced in Online Store testing Experienced in POS-terminal testing Experienced in iOS and Android applications testing Experienced in sales-clerk iOS and Android applications testing Experience in UI/UX testing Experience in development on JavaScript

Manual Testing, Jira, Quality Assurance, Regression Testing, Functional testing, HTML, CSS, Postman, Git, API testing, JavaScript, Web Testing, REST API, Android, iOS, Usability testing, Scrum, Agile, SQL, JSON

Testing of important features for Jewelry Store Experience in Kanban at the real factory Experience in living abroad Working with a big amount of foreign nations onsite and online SoftServe Junior Web UI Certificate

I have worked a lot on a freelance, so now I`m expecting to work closer to my teammates. Not afraid to work on shifted graphic and overtime. Not afraid of working with limited documentation. It will be a plus possibility to reroll to a developer. Or grow to a manager position.


C# developer

Lviv · $700 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

I have 2 years of experience in developing educational and own projects on .NET, .NET Core platform. There are miscellaneous projects I had been doing: desktop projects on WinForms, WPF, UWP; games on Unity; web apps on ASP.NET Core. Front-end experience for 3 years in developing websites and SPA apps on vue.js. 1+ years of back-end experience on PHP, MySQL. Also have experience in such technologies and instruments: webpack, gulp, sass, less, pug, bootstrap.

Unity3D, C#, Game Development, Unity, OOP, .NET, JavaScript, GameDev, Git, C++, MySQL, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, Algorithms, RESTful, Design Patterns, game design, Entity Framework, Visual Studio, Web Development, SQL, LINQ, SOLID, REST API, .NET Core, TypeScript, MVC, OOP / OOD, es6, .Asp.Net Core, ASP.NET WebAPI, HTML/HTML 5, jQuery, XML, Bootstrap, WPF, WinForms, CSS3, XUnit, T-SQL, Vue.js, AJAX, Design Patterns/SOLID, MS SQL, LESS, SASS, Pug

Interesting projects, preferably with using cutting-edge development technologies, frameworks, and instruments.


Front-end JavaScript React developer

Kyiv, USA, Canada, Germany · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

*GoFriends (Oct 2019 - current) Furniture e-commerce online store -React, Redux, Django, Firebase --Refactoring 90% of the code --Logic rewritten by 70% --Speed optimization CRM platform for interaction between sellers and suppliers of the largest Ukrainian marketplaces with the ability to integrate with Prom, Rozetka, Bigl. -React Redux, Django, Firebase, Axios, styled-components, Redux-persist, Redux-Thunk --Code Refactoring --Implementation of navigation in 9000 categories with deep nesting --UI Redesign --Analysis and improvement of UX *Bivuak (Apr 2018 - Sep 2019) An internal CRM system for managing business processes related to production, tracking residual materials, counting the amount of material required to make an order, calculating the cost of production, queue and execution status. -React, Redux, Moment, Firebase --Creating UI / UX --Front-end architect Freelance (Nov 2017 - Feb 2018)

JavaScript, HTML5, webpack, SCSS, HTML/CSS, Git, REST API, CSS, Node.js, SASS, React / Redux, CSS3, ES6+, React.js, ES6/7, JIRA, Gulp, Figma, Sketch, Material UI, Git Flow, styled-components, TypeScript, WebSockets, React, React Hooks, React-Router

Started with 2.5 years of software development courses in 2015. Certified Entry Networking Technician by CISCO. Ability to quick self-learning, strict time management and finding the most optimal ways to solve any problems.

Interesting to work in a product company. Relocate in another country is preferred. Preferred for a job that will give me the opportunity to grow as a full stack developer (NodeJS / React).

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