Ruby developer/ Frontend (React) developer

Lviv · $3500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Full-stack web developer with 4 years of experience. Ruby on Rails and React are my primary development tools. Last few projects built from scratch. My main responsibilities were to designing & implementing project architecture, developing new functionalities, both back-end, and front-end, maintenance of Swagger documentation. Technologies I was working with: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, React, Rspec, MongoDB, Sidekiq.

JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, React, PostgreSQL, Git, MongoDB, Linux, JIRA, webpack, Redux, JQuery, CSS, HTML, HAML, ElasticSearch, RSpec, Bootstrap

Full time or part-time remote work. I'd like to work in a highly skilled team where I can grow as a professional.


Front-end developer (React/Extjs)

Kyiv, udalennaja rabota · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Разработка веб-(приложений/порталов): архитектура/внедрение новых фич/багфикс/оптимизация/рефакторинг/PR+code ревью

Git, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, NPM, vuejs, Jenkins, Jira, ES6+, REST API, JSON, SASS, Axios, webpack, SCSS, LESS, OOP, Yarn, HTML, MySQL, SPA, lodash, React / Redux, Mobx, Oracle, AJAX, PostgreSQL, Node.js, React Hooks, WebSockets, Node JS, ExtJS, Trello, Bootstrap, Zeplin, Photoshop | Figma, Bitbucket, SVN, GitLab

- Maintenance project based on React; - Support for existing projects, development of new functionality; - UI implementation according to approved layouts, cutting layouts in photoshop / figma/zeplin ; - Adaptation to all screens (mobile first). - Configure application routing / storage; - Building requests to API, processing received data; - Use in the development of react components, customization for current goals and logic; - Solving application performance issues, delivering versions to the customer / installation; - Special military web resources; - News websites; - Administrator’s page for controlling database of clients; - Statistics report system && etc.

Interesting and long-term projects, experience, remote/part-remote/office.


Fullstack (PHP/JS) Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $5000 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

It's become a pretty hard task to remember everything I've been working with since 2011, but the key point is - I'm constantly and eagerly learning new stuff. I'm working as an individual contractor since 2019, with my previous employee and with new clients from all over the world. My current stack includes Symfony 4, React, Next.js and Meteor/Node, and this is the direction where I would like to develop my skills further. Most interesting part of my working life was a year of 2016 when I'd been working on a startup prototype with Meteor framework, and the following 6 months or so, when I switched to React/Redux stack. Also, as a part of my additional responsibilities in a company, I was involved in the infrastructure development - trying different deployment practices with Jenkins, Docker, Ansible etc. Before that I had over 2 years of experience with Symfony2 stack (which continued in 2018 with Symfony3/4), ElasticSearch and RabbitMQ on a big high-loaded project. I use Linux and MacOS in my everyday working- and server-life (Debian and Ubuntu), and git of course. Earlier I worked with Zend Framework 1.12 (for 1 year) and CodeIgniter (2 years), using Liquibase, Redis, php-resque scheduler and RequeBoard; also coding some js tracking code and testing it with Jasmine. Prior to that I worked with CodeIgniter and some custom frameworks, and did HTML/CSS freelancing since 2009 or so. Trying to contribute in opensource projects on github when I have time.

HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Symfony, MongoDB, Python, Docker, React, Node.js

Studied 2 semesters at Bonn University, then found a job in a startup in Munich and worked for a year there. Since November 2014 working remotely for a company in Berlin, coding client projects and startups of our own. Since April 2017 started a small company branch in Sumy. Contractor since 2019, building great products solo and with my teammates.

After several years of attempts to build an own product inside my current company, I'd like to join a team that already has one. I would like not only code, but participate in product development at full scale (e.g. be involved in some decision making or have some things to decide on free will). Only remote jobs please.


Team/Tech Lead, Solution Architect, Senior Software Engineer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $7000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I'm a technical lead with more than 11 years of experience in web development, 5 years of which I managed teams of 3-7 people. I like Open Source, reading books, writing tech articles and skating, hate laziness and uncontrolled chaos. Have a dog.

Angular 2+, GraphQL, Ionic Framework 2+, JavaScript, Node.js, protractor.js, REST API, Vue.js, Design Patterns, feathersjs, Git, Leadership, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP, Scrum, Terraform, webpack, AWS, bash, Docker, Fastlane, Jenkins, Redis, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Leaflet, Swift, GitLab, SOLID/YAGNI/KISS/DRY

- author of Open Source CASL.js (popular ACL library) - pull requests to ionic, ionic-native, cordova plugins, protractor.js - was speaker on JSFest Autumn 2019 - conducted Protractor.js training for customer’s team in Israel - 2 of my past mentored team members currently work on leading positions - successfully released product in environment without QA team (everything was automated and tested by developers) - developed an architecture of several SPA and Node.js APIs, including REST and GraphQL - built Continuous Delivery for ionic app based on fastlane tools and Jenkins - learn a new technical thing quite quickly (e.g., new language, library, framework)

I'm looking for friendly environment with people who want to grow and possibility to create the next state of the art application. I'd like to move into Solution Architect role. Don't consider gambling related projects. Preference to remote positions


Middle Front-End Developer (Vue.js)

Kyiv · $1300 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

I am Front-end Developer with 3 years of experience. I have expirience in web-development studio which make different size projects starts from small landing pages to large e-commerce shops and personal cabinets. Have well knowledges Vue.js and still develop in this direction. In addition in free time learning Node.js.

HTML, SASS, REST API, Vue.js, Vuex, Vue-Router, CSS, ES6+, Webpack, Nuxt, Gridsome, Gulp, LESS, Stylus, AJAX, Git, JSON

Good and fast grown team, interesting projects with a good and well-thought-out technology stack. Educational tasks. Ready to conquer new horizons.


Python/Django Developer

Kyiv · $1800 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Створені мною проекти: , З використанням Django, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Celery, Html, jQuery, WebSocket і тд.

Django, PostgreSQL, Python, JavaScript, OOP, Git, Linux, Celery, REST API, CSS, HTML, SQL, JSON, jQuery, Web Development, Django REST Framework

Створені мною проекти: ,

Цікава робота в професіональному колективі.


JavaScript Node.js Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Have more than 5 years experience in software development. Implemented several projects from scratch. Produce "for production" code according to standards and covered with tests. Responsibilities in current project: create new and improve functionality of existing components in microservices architecture; create and improve functionality of UI; code review; fix bugs. Current stack of technologies: javascript; node.js; ExpressJS; WebSockets; AngularJS; Typescript; Postgres; Redis; Elastic-search; CI Jenkins.

JavaScript, Node.js, REST API, WebSockets, TypeScript, Express, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Redis, Docker, SQL

Full stack Javascript development


Frontend Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2200 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

I'm an experienced Frontend developer (3 years of experience) with extensive AngularJS (and Angular) experience and React/Vue preference for side-projects. Also, I had some practice with Node.js and C# backend and raw SQL-queries. I'm comfortable with both Windows and Unix-like environments. About my tech stack: - Libraries and frameworks: AngularJS, Angular (6+ versions), React, VueJS, jQuery. - Style preprocessors: LESS, SASS. - Tools: Git, NPM, WebPack, Gulp, Figma

Angular, JavaScript, SASS/SCSS, SCSS, TypeScript, React, CSS3, HTML5, Redux, webpack, Photoshop | Figma, SASS, Git

Growth opportunity within the company and professional skills improvements.

26 March

Разработчик JavaScript

Lviv · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

-HTML5, -CSS3, -JavaScript, - Bootstrap, -jQuery, -JSON, -AJAX/ FETCH JavaScript Fundamentals - Oktenweb University, Lviv HTML/CSS, MySQL, Java Certificate – Logos, Lviv HTML5 App Development Fundamentals (HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript) Sertificate - SoftServe IT Academy

Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, jQuery, JS, AJAX, Vue.js

Нажаль дотепер досягнення були в сфері, яка не повязана з ІТ. Вирішив досягти не гірших успіхів в програмуванні

Хочу змінити сферу свєї професійної діяльності, тому прагну вирости як фахівцю в обраному напрямку. Оскільки обраний напрямок є цікавий, постійно розвиваючий, прагну навчитись ще багато чого. Сподіваюсь на багато цікавих проектів, що відповідно принесли б моральне і матеріальне задоволення.

26 March

Front-end developer

Ivano-Frankivsk · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

I started my path as a developer in 2013. I was learning HTML, CSS. Then I was learning to program in Java. When I got acquainted with programming I decided to learn JavaScript to become a front-end developer. I finished the Beetroot Front End Developer course in 2017 and Advanced JavaScript course in 2018. In the summer of 2019, I got a job in a local web development company Webmil. Before that, I had some jobs at UpWork, so I am pretty familiar with it. Then, in January 2020 I decided to team up with the developers like me to do the things we love together and made an Upwork agency. During all this path I was combining study at university and job.

JavaScript, Git, React, HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Jira, JSON, OOP, MySQL, ES6+, Vue / Vuex, npm, Vue, Vuex

I got my first job in a company at the age of 17 and started own Upwork web development agency and got earning 20 times greater than the invested budget in the first 3 months.

I would like to get a job in a comfortable and friendly company with interesting projects.

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