Senior Java Developer 

Kyiv only · $7000 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Java 8, hbase, kafka, hive, oozie & other hadoop related words 8+ years java commercial experience. 9+ years overall software engineer commercial experience. Onsite work in USA for 1 year. Currently in USA.

Java, MongoDB, BDD, Gradle, Hadoop, Kafka, Multithreading, Oracle, SoapUI, Test driven development (TDD), Tomcat, JavaScript, Python, Spring, Embedded C, PostgreSQL

architectural & designing role want Big Data oriented tech stack, Real-Time Analytics with Spark possible IoT don't want full stack dev role


Java Developer 

Kyiv · $3000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Java Core, Spring(Data, MVC, WebFlux), Hibernate, MySQL, JUnit, Maven, Git, Linux, Jira, Design Patterns

Java Core, Git, Maven, Hibernate, Spring, SQL, Linux, JUnit, Spring Data

Looking for an interesting foreign project that will make me grow as a professional, friendly team, good management.


Software Engineer

$2500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Higher education "Software engeneering", Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. - Experienced in IT for banks: Central Bank reporting via payment card processing system (SQL, PL/SQL); extension of remote banking system (Angular,ASP.NET,Oracle,SQL,PL/SQL) etc. - Open source development (Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML 5. Project examples are available on GitHub).

Jira, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, Java Core, JavaScript, PL/SQL, SQL

More than 10 years experience in IT, including 4 years in software development.

Interesting challenging project with friendly team.


Android Developer

Dnipro · $2500 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Android architecture and REST APIs knowledge; Strong knowledge of Java, Kotlin and Android SDK; Understanding of the MVC principles, Clean Architecture, SOLID, OOP, MVP, MVVM Rertrofit, Picasso/Glide, ARCore/Viro, JUnit, RxJava, DataBinding, Room, Navigation Component, Dagger2, Koin, Kotlin Coroutines Android Studio, Intellij Idea, Base knowledge of JavaScript Ability work in team as well as independently Oracle certified associate Java 8 (OCA)

Java, OOP, OOP/OOD, Android, Retrofit2, Design Patterns, Multithreading, KotIin, RXJava 2, Kotlin Coroutine, Data Binding, Android SDK, Dagger 2, MVVM, MVP, Navigation Architecture Component, Koin, Custom Views, Espresso, JUnit, LiveData

I have over 2 year experience in development and support of Android applications. Experience with Android components, different libraries, support different Android versions. Developed projects from scratch, supported legacy code. Have experience in process planning, estimation.


Full-stack web developer

Gomel · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

JSE, JEE, SQL, HTML/css, JS, Spring, etc.

Java, Java Core, Java SE, jQuery, JSON, JSP, MVC, OOP, REST, Spring MVC, SQL, AJAX, can.js, Design Patterns, HTML, JavaScript, Maven, Spring, XML, CSS, Java EE, PL/SQL, C/C++, Hibernate, Python, Scala

Able to solve almost any problem.

Adequate team. SOLID principals into development. Clean Code direction. Quality first.


Java Developer

Kharkiv · $3800 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Software Engineer with 4 years of experience in IT. Experienced in: - Planning, estimation - Requirements analysis - Development and maintenance Roles: - Java Developer Responsibilities: - Requirements analyses and clarification of requirements - Developing and maintaining - Testing: manual, system, integration - Communication with team's members and customers Strengths: - Quick learner - Good communication and problem solving skills - Ability to work in unfamiliar areas - Responsible Skills: - Agile: Software Development Methodologies: SCRUM - Languages: Java. - Frameworks: Spring Boot/Spring Cloud, RabbitMQ, LiquiBase, Akka, SQLAlchemy, etc. - Web Environment: AWS, Azure, Tomcat, Windows Server 2008 - Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle DB, Dynamodb - Testing: JUnit, TestNG, Mockito - OS: Windows XP, 7, 10, Linux - Other: APEX 5.0, SQL/Pl SQL, bash scripts, HTML, CSS, XML, UML, etc. - Computer Science: analysis of SQL queries

MySQL, PL/SQL, Java, JavaScript, JUnit, Multithreading, Lombok, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring, Maven, Git, REST API, SQL, OOP, JPA, Design Patterns, Jira, Docker, REST, Feign, Amazon S3, Bitbucket, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Mockito, Oracle, Jenkins

Creation and maintenance of processes on projects. More than ten projects, one hundred percent of which were released without delays. Work with a wide technology profile. Several certificates confirming the level of professionalism. - Integration with cloud services. - Creating DB architecture. - Writing server logic. - Unit and integration tests. - Work with project documentation etc.

Spring Boot.


Software Engineer 

Kyiv · $3800 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Брал участие в разработке нескольких проектов на Zend Framework, ZF2, Phalcon 3, Laravel. Есть опыт использования MySQL, SyBase Частично был занят как Front-end разработчик: ExtJS, Dojo Есть небольшой опыт Java 8, Spring

Zend Framework, PHP, Git, MySQL, Phalcon 3, PHPUnit, JavaScript, jQuery, Laravel, Redis, Sybase, ExtJS, Java, Spring, RabbitMQ, Docker/Docker Compose

Повышение стабильности приложений путем внедрения автоматического тестирования. Самостоятельное доведение продукта до релиза в условиях отсутствия слаженного взаимодействия зависимых команд Выполнение обязанностей Tech-Lead

Хороший менеджмент Интересные технологии/задачи Хороший социальный пакет


Android Developer

Odesa · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

I'm an experienced Android developer specializing in the developing apps with Java and Kotlin, using MVP architecture, RxJava and Dagger 2. I'm oriented to write clean and maintainable code using design patterns, good architecture and SOLID principles.

Java/Kotlin, Android SDK, MVP, MVP/MVVM, Design Patterns, Gradle, Dagger2, Gson, Retrofit, RxJava/RxAndroid, AndroidX, Android Architecture Components, Clean Architecture, OOP/SOLID, SQL, Room, Realm, GreenDAO, Jira, Figma, Kanban, Cicerone, JSON, Fabric, Firebase

- Опыт разработки мобильного приложения одного из крупнейших ретейлеров электроники в Украине и e-commerce решений; - Призовые места на международном хакатоне по разработке компьютерных игр Global Game Jam.

Ищу новые возможности для замещения позиции Android Developer. Ожидания: дружная команда профессионалов, интересные проекты, сложные и интересные задачи, современный стек технологий, адекватный менеджмент, возможности как для профессионального так и карьерного роста.


Java Developer

Kyiv · $800 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Well-motivated Person looking for an opportunity to implement my knowledge and practical skills in Java Development. Have been studying and practicing Java for 1 year, and have completed several projects. Have strong knowledge of Java/OOP as well as in popular frameworks. Working knowledge of SQL and databases. Also, I have good analytical and communication skills, attentiveness, code quality, and responsibility.

Java, Maven, Hibernate, Git, SQL, OOP, Linux, JDBC, HTML, CSS, XML, JUnit, JSP, Java Core, Design Patterns, JPA, MySQL, Tomcat, RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Server, MVC, PostgreSQL, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring, REST API, Java EE, HTML/CSS, REST, Spring Security, JSTL, Servlets

Opportunity for growth as a developer, friendly work atmosphere, constructive feedback and modern technologies.


Java Developer

Lagos, Nigeria · $1500 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I am a self taught, well motivated, resilient and vast developer with knowledge of OOP and core knowledge of Java. I am at home with Java technologies and is recently upgrading my knowledge base with advanced web development technologies particularly Node.js. My strength is backend developement. I recently completed a REST API using Spring boot-2, Swagger, Spring Security, Heroku, MySQL and Stripe Payment Integration. You can take a look here. I am working on the Node.js version. You can interact with the API. It is a friendly Swagger Documentation.

Spring Boot, Spring, Java, Hibernate, Git, Maven, REST API, JUnit, OOP, REST, HTML, Docker, Mockito, SQL, JDBC, JPA, JSON, Design Patterns, Jira, Tomcat, Gradle, CSS, JSP, Node.js, express.js , jest, jwt, stripe, MongoDB, ООP, Bootstrap, travis ci, codeclimate, sonarlint, Spring DI, postman, Sonar, English, Glassfish, Spring REST, Agile practices, heroku, NodeJS, MySQL , Spring MVC , JavaScript , PostgreSQL , Spring Data, Oracle , Hamcrest, Sping cloud, Java EE, MySQL, Spring MVC, PostgreSQL, Oracle, XML, JavaScript, Spring Framework, Spring Security, Microservices, Linux

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