4 мая 2017

BigData developer

Киев · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Свободный английский

Hands-on non-commercial experience in Hadoop, Spark (Scala and Python dialects), Hive, Flume, Impala , Sqoop Good knowledge in Scala, Kafka, Storm, Solr, ElasticSearch. I'm learning HBase, Cassandra and other Big Data frameworks and technologies. My basic background : more 12 years commercial experience in Java and 7 years experience as senior java developer

My goal is to work with real time big data in financial area. I want to work with big data using Scala, Java, Python or another languages.

5 мая 2017

Automation QA Engineer

Харьков, Киев · $2200 · 4 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

Common development skills Automation QA with Java Client-Server Applications Development Object-oriented programming Software Quality Assurance QA Documentation Mobile-Applications Hardware and operating systems IBM PC and compatible hardware Windows 2000-10 Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - 16.04 Android 4.x - 5.x iOS 8.x – 10.x Programming languages, development tools and technologies JAVA 8 / TestNG / SeleniumWebDriver Intellij IDEA / Git / Jenkins / Maven / Allure JIRA / Redmine / Mantis / TestLink SQL / PostgresSQL / MySQL Scrum

Mentor of Manual QA, Author of QA video course

Профессиональный рост. Достойная зарплата. Дружелюбный коллектив. Сложные задачи. Открыта к командировкам за границу.

8 мая 2017

Java Full Stack Developer

Харьков, Киев, Relocate(USA/Canada/UK/EU) · $3000 · 4 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

Java, Angular 2, TypeScript, Vertx, SQL, MS SQL Server, JavaScript, JSP, Git, Linux, IntelliJ IDEA, Spring MVC, , JUnit, Mockito, TDD

I have been working on code review, code refactoring, code testing, bug fixing, writing new functionality, building architectural solutions. I took a part in projects related to health and bank insureance, building microservices, real-time web application, new internet technologies.

Java 8, Angular 2, TypeScript. I'd like to work with English speaking client to have a practice as frequently as possible.

15 мая 2017

Senior Front-End Developer

Киев · $4000 · 3 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

Javascript (ES6 - 7), React, Redux, Immutable.js, Babel, webpack, HTML5, SASS, LESS, npm, express.

12 мая 2017

Developer C++

Kyiv · $3500 · 6 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

I've been working as developer 6+ years (4 years as C++ Software Engineer; 2 of them as PHP Developer). I have an expert knowledge in C++ and adjacent area. I worked with different compilers (gcc, clang, msvc compiler, bcc), IDE's(Eclipse, MSVS, Qt Creator, Xcode), technologies(networking, multithreading, client-server) and operation systems (Windows, Linux, macOS).

Took part in development of IDE and adjacent area. I was working on contactless payment in Kyiv's subway (server side and client side).

I'd like to work on project where all necessary knowledge already exist. Also, I prefer not very big teams, it provides better communication and understanding between team-members.

19 мая 2017

Senior Java Developer

Киев · $4100 · 6 лет опыта · Свободный английский

Java, Spring, JavaScript

11 мая 2017

Разработчик JavaScript, Разработчик JAVA

Киев · $2200 · 3 года опыта · Средний уровень англ.

AngularJs, Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, Express, NodeJs, HTML5, CSS3, Spring MVC, Redis, JQuery, Ajax, Mockito, Git, Maven, Redmine, BackBone, Mustache, jBehave, Bootstrap

Адекватный менеджмент. Не рутинная работа. Интересный проект. Не финансовое учреждение.

27 марта 2017

Android Developer

Киев, Харьков, Одесса, Львов · $2500 · 5 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

R&D development, Game, Social network, Citizen questionnaire, Dating app, Marketplace.

Just a programmer who likes his job and enjoys the process

I am looking for a good company, professional team and an interesting project. I am interested in everything that is new. I would like to try myself in some specific technologies such as Google VR, Google wear, Google TV etc

26 апреля 2017

Java Team Lead

Киев · $5000 · 6 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, NoSQL, SQL, Docker, Java, Product management, CI, Jenkins, Tomcat, REST API, SOAP, Hibernate, Project Management, Agile, JMS

Руковожу командой из 4 человек. Сформировал команду с нуля, построил Scrum процесс, внедрил continuous integration и continuous deployment. Написание юнит и integration тестов сделал частью Definition of done для команды тем самым повысив качество продукта. Команда улучшила скорость приложение почти на 60%(в среднем, учитывались разные операции с системой) за последние 2 года.

Стартап. Сложные и интересные задачи. Продуктовая компания. НЕ gambling.

21 мая 2017

Java Developer

Киев · $2000 · 9 лет опыта · Свободный английский

● over 8 years of experience in Agile software development for the Java platform ● acquired extensive development experience in using various Java technologies and frameworks ● been involved in startups as well as in development of large scale enterprise projects ● led development team working closely with business and other stakeholders in a geographically distributed team ● played tech lead and architect roles, worked on defining, designing and implementing solutions architecture, doing technical reviews ● developed systems with emphasize on continuous practices (e.g. continuous integration, continuous delivery, refactoring) leveraging the automated testing and TDD ● focused on high development standards, quality and productivity

Took part in Java projects of different complexity, from startups to enterprise, had an experience of working as a team lead and architect. Passionate about delivering high quality in both system design and implementation, adhering CI/CD practices, automated testing.

Looking for: a good Java/Groovy/Scala project to productively work either as an engineer, team/tech lead or as an architect. Remote job offerings would be of my highest preference. Not looking for: legacy and technically hardly manageable projects, ones with lots of technical debt and bureaucracy.

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