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16 июля 2018

Business trainer

Киев · $1500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Training, Coaching, E-learning, Staff Development

Accomplishments - Developed and implemented T&D systems; - Developed selling, coaching, training, management, recruiting, nogotiation skills training courses; - Developed and implemented the internal learning evaluation model and increasing of trainers working quality system; - Developed more than 50 different training programs; - Taught more then 2000 training students; - Developed and implemented more then 30 e-learning courses; - Learned tens of successful trainers and managers in L&D.

Opportunities to build efficient L&D systems, learning courses, develop my skills. Rather in a company with strong agile, scrum, modern management practicies.

19 июля 2018

HR, IT Recruiter

Удаленная работа, Украина · $500 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

2 года опыт работы на позиции HR Manager, IT Recruiter; Полный цикл найма сотрудников; Организация мероприятий, в том числе конференций; Бухгалтерские курсы; Курсы PM manager.

Закрытие вакансий, организация больших мероприятий.

Работа с гибки графиком (удаленно либо офис)

19 июля 2018

HR Manager

Киев, Львов · $1600 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

- Establishing and developing HR process, procedures, & policies - An expert level of knowledge in all full life-cycle recruiting components - Experience of closing managerial and Top managerial position - Establishing and developing on-boarding, off-boarding, adaptation processes - Developing, implementing and coordinating T&D Policy - Corporate Events organization - Consultation and advisory services to management and employees - Staff problem issues solving - Coordinating the modelling and implementation of Business Processes - Internal Communication - Conducting Employee Engagement Evaluation and 360-Degree Assessment - Analyzing HR best practices implementing them in the company - Coordinating office and working environment issues

- Established and developed all major HR functions in the company from scratch - Successfully recruited for 50+ middle/senior/Top level positions within the PR industry for the last year (3-6 per month) - Implemented a highly effective and transparent performance assessment and training&development policies that contributed to employees' proffessional growth

To find the workplace where I'll be able to fulfill my potential, adding value to the business. I measure my success based on whether I'm doing work that I love, with colleagues I respect, and having meaningful impact for society.

15 июля 2018

HR Manager

Киев · $1000 · 2,5 года опыта · Intermediate

• 2+ years of experience in HR in International financial and legal company with staff over 80 people • 1000+ hours of successful business and life-coaching experience • 10+ years of experience in Lecturer in HR management at University, PhD • Excellent communicator with great presentation skills and result-oriented attitude; • Good knowledge of different recruitment tools; • Experience in development and implementation of HR processes; • Ability to handle collegues relations management and work efficiently as part of a large team; • Ability to prioritize and work well in a challenging environment; • Strong written communication skills; • Author of more than 50 scientific publications; • Good sense of humor, tact and diplomacy; • Leadership skills; • Inspire others; • Сharisma Work experience Recruitment: • Prepare job descriptions and post it in internet recruiting sources; • Fаind junior employees to work in the office; • Coordinating and conducting interviews and tests, writing feedback, communication with decision makers HR management: • Develop an adaptation program for employees; • Adaptation for new candidates (support to prepare work place, create welcome accessories, organize adaptation meeting, enter information in the corporate application); • Identify the needs and problems of employees and solve them;Make a welcome training; • Coordinate organization of training in the company (Corporate University); • Provide individual coaching; • Create Personal Development Plans for Employees; • Supporting timetable for English lessons; • Assessment and quin the companyestioning of employees; • Coordinate organization of cultural events in the company; • Create new traditions; • Promote company values across all offices; • Participation in the brainstorm (events, new strategy and approaches); • Create and implement of HR strategy and HR plan in the company; • Create positive and trustful working relationships with Employees and Managers and maintain certain atmosphere in the company.

18 июля 2018

Recruting Lead/IT Recruiter/HR Generalist

Киев · $2100 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

IT recruitment, Head Hunting Executive Search Interviews Опыт лидинга рекрутинг команды в размере от 4 до 6 человек Хороший опыт закрытия и свой нетворк в сфере блокчейн от миддл разработчиков до TL и CTO. Умею быстро и качественно закрывать вакансии (Pyhton,Go,JS, Node, Vue, React, JS, Xamarin, Unity 3D/С#, PHP, Magento, Android/iOS Dev, UI/UX Designer, 2D Artist etc) Уровень специалистов от junior до TL/PM. Давно дружу с X-Ray, Boolean Search,Terbohiring, GitHub, Stackoverflow, Cleverstaff, Linkedin, Behance и т д Я тот Recruiter/HR Generalist кто не разучился еще давать правильные фидбэки всем кандидатам:)

В лучшие месяцы закрывала от 12 вакансий и больше. Набрала в короткие сроки персонал для представительства продуктовой IT компании в Киеве (gamedev). Закрываю не меньше 5-7 вакансий в месяц, уровень преимущественно Senior developer/TL Клиенты с которыми я работаю, становятся постоянными, с кандидатами поддерживаю всегда общение.

Интересуют прежде всего продуковые компании

20 июля 2018

HR, People partner

Киев · $700 · 2 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Psychologist both by the degree and calling with 3+ years of experience building up processes in a chaotic environment. Outgoing, pro-active and social, proficient in maintaining warm and welcoming atmosphere and neat surrounding. Quite crazy about events and building up the atmosphere which would make you come to work on Monday morning with excitement.

- Systematized documentation, created shared databases - Calculated office budget - Increased employee engagement - Created friendly supportive culture - Implemented communication channels between departments - Organized working processes in short term after 2 companies were combined - Started PR company - Made corporate events twice more popular - Created the tradition of ‘new joiner company gift’ - Opened new office and supplied it within short time

Events, branding, increasing employee engagement, working with data systems, on-boarding and adaptation.

19 июля 2018

IT Recruiter

Киев · $750 · 1,5 года опыта · Beginner/Elementary

Professional skills: Human Resources; Recruting; Executive Search; Headhanting; Recruitment; HR Consulting; Sourcing; Interviewing; Selection of managers; Selection of technical personnel; Recruitment by contract; Human Resource Management; Relations with employees PC skills: Сleverstaff, E-Staff Рекрутер, MS Office, Libre Office, OS Linux (Arch Linux, Manjaro, Debian, Ubuntu, Xubuntu), OS Windows (Windows 98, XP, 7, 10), ABC Office, 1C Бухгалтерия, R-Keeper, Kompass 3D, Splan.

Мастерски управляюсь с linkedin.com Люблю X-Ray как ручной так и машинный Также хорошо владею постингом вакансий. Не забывая старые добрые job-сайты hh.ua , rabota.ua , work.ua Также имею в команде 2 рекрутера и 10 ресечеров всех нашел сам лично, обучил с нуля. Испытываю эйфорию от закрытия вакансий, а особенно если нанятый мною сотрудник проработал больше года.

16 июля 2018


Киев · $1000 · 5 лет опыта · Intermediate

5-летний опыт управления персоналом (работа с командой от 150 до 300 человек) Успешное закрытие вакансий Успешный опыт создания системы адаптации Успешный опыт создания систем мотивации Высокий уровень самоорганизации, способность проводить собеседования и переговоры

В период 2014-2017 годов было нанято 56 новых сотрудников Была построена система мотивации сотрудников (40% сотрудников ежегодно назначаются на более высокие должности) Была создана система адаптации сотрудников, создан институт наставничества Проведены 2 реформы организационной и кадровой базы, в результате чего структура персонала была расширена на 40 единиц Была создана база данных потенциальных кандидатов на работу

16 июля 2018

HR Generalist, Senoir it recruiter

Одесса · $700 · 5 лет опыта · Intermediate

Hello, dear colleagues! Thank you for the interest in my profile. Over 5 years of experience in HR area. Experience in development and implementation HR-procedures such as: •Personal assessment / Performance appraisal /Satisfaction assessment/ •Adaptation and retention. •Development and support of recruiting team. •HR processes / Policy design. •HR policies and procedures. Recruiting, executive search, headhunting. •Change management / Conflict resolution / Crisis management. •Corporate culture / People partnership / Emotional motivation. •Training / Development / Education. •Corporate events.

- Professional growth; - Helping to build / optimise HR processes based on business needs; - People-oriented corporate culture; - Flexible working hours

16 июля 2018

HR, People Partner, HR Business Partner

Киев · $1500 · 5 лет опыта · Intermediate

Experience: more than 2,5 years in IT HR, more than 5 years in general HR. Key responsibilities and achievements : - interaction with the team, understanding the "mood", search for the causes and solutions providing a positive atmosphere in the company - developing a recommendations for: improving the organizational structure, building communication in the company and in departments, interaction between departments, introducing innovations - coordination and support of processes (adaptation, motivation, corporate culture) - advising department heads on team management issues - conducting opinion polls and individual HR interviews - participation in the development of KPI and job descriptions - introduction of the social package - budget planning HR activities and corporate events planning - tasking the office manager in supporting HR activities - creating a job team from «0» and completing - HR branding English - intermidiate. Improve. About me: responsible, results oriented, self-organized, able to analyze and study, creative, team player, ethical

Creating a job team and implementation HR possesses from "0" in 3 companies.

High pay, healthy management (non-toxic, developing their team, payable), friendly team, interesting tasks, comfortable office, training, social package. More HR, min recruiting. P.S: If you haven`t time and money on HR possesses, and the result was needed for yesterday - don`t write to me, we willn`t work together. I respect my time, my knowledge and my team.

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