Front-end developer 

Odesa · $350 · Pre-Intermediate

В командных проектах не участвовал. Интересует сфера IT в целом, поэтому пробовал разные языки программирования, технологии, платформы и т.д. Более детальная информация указана в CV.

Python, Django, Git, PostgreSQL, Linux, JavaScript, CSS, OOP, JSON, Bootstrap, HTML5, SQLite, HTML, SQL, Java SE, AngularDart, Golang


Golang developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Рік досвіду на Golang, в загальному коло 6-ти років в IT. Присутній досвід з будь-якими базами даних, архітектурами, великим стеком технологій.

Golang, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, GRPC, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Elastic Search

Open source in GraphQL area.

Тільки remote/разова/проектна робота.


Junior Python Developer

Lviv · $800 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hi) I'm looking for an interesting and challenging job. - Ended SoftServe Academy Python course. - Experience on big enterprise project as a trainee. - Backend Developer on ERP/CRM product.

Python, Git, Linux, REST API, Flask, HTML, CSS, Docker, OOP, SQL, Cassandra, Ubuntu, Django, PostgreSQL, JSON, RabbitMQ, Redis, OpenERP/ODOO

- Git tracker on multi-services architecture for tracking progress of contributors and building a heatmap on it. - Contributing in product from very first working day. - Can work both independently and in team.

Challenging projects. Friendly atmosphere in team. Defined goals and expectations. Linux as a development environment. No old technologies, no front-end only.


C++ Developer

Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

I have 5 years of non-IT experience (Civil engineer), last year I decided to switch to software development Since fall 2018 I'm studying at Unit FACTORY school. During this year I had learned C/C++ basics and made a number of study projects such as: Abstract VM (using C++14) - an interpreter of basic pseudo-ASM code Nibbler (using C++14) - simple snake game but with 3 different dynamically linked graphics libraries Corewar (using C) - programming game for 2-4 bots which compete for control of a virtual machine Lem-in (using C) - pathfinder in graph

C++, OOP, Linux, C, Algorithms, С++, Git, C/C++, CMake, Embedded

looking for my first commercial experience in developing C++ software

11 December

Golang Developer

Dnipro, Kiev · $1500 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

1.5+ year experience of Golang developing with microservices architecture. Very active and friendly, ready to learn new, help others, develope myself and try something new. Open to any suggestion and interesting projects - ready to discuss vacantions :)

Golang, GraphQL, Docker, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, OOP, Agile/SCRUM, GitHub, REST, Microservices architecture, Go-Swagger, Go Meta Linter, Go Vendor, Postman, GinGonic, GoMock GinJWT, AWS, Jenkins, C#, Unity, PostgreSQL

11 December

Python/Django Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $3000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Last technologies which used: Python/Django/DRF, Celery, MySQL, JavaScript, ReactJS/Redux, Git, Docker. Linux AWS - EC2, RDS, IAM.

Django, Python, Git, SQL, REST API, Linux, Django REST Framework, AWS, Celery, MySQL

Prefer middle position, also ready to discuss the senior position

10 December

Python Developer

Kyiv · $1000 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Mobile decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. Responsibilities: developed microservices for interaction with different cryptocurrency clients. Protocol implementation for different cryptocurrencies. Technologies used: Flask, aiohttp, Redis, Docker (compose). - Personalized AI chatbot Responsibilities: developed backend with REST API that runs machine learning models. Technologies used: aiohttp, Docker, Elasticsearch. - Blockchain voting system Responsibilities: developed backend with REST API, developed Hyperledger Fabric chaincode to register and validate votes. Technologies used: Golang, Echo, Fabric SDK Go, Docker.

Git, Docker, REST, Jira, AWS, Jenkins, Microservices, Python, Redis, Aiohttp, Flask, Django, docker-compose, Nginx, ElasticSearch Kibana, Kubernetes, CI/CD

Friendly and experienced team, interesting projects, bleeding edge technologies

10 December

Backend developer

Mykolaiv · $3700 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

UDC Software (April 2019 - Preset) Golang Developer. CRM project which provides an ability to aggregate data from other CRMs. Satyross LLC (September 2017 – April 2019) A cross platform application, which allows a user to get a paid consultation of an SME in different spheres or to provide your own professional services in a particular area. A consultation itself means having call or a video chat between users with an ability to exchange files and to provide a rate with feedback to each other. Constructor of Innovations (June 2016 – September 2017) Web application, represented by a social network, which allows user to communicate, review feeds, exchange gifts, make paid video calls, and stream video to others. In dating purposes. Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University (September 2015 – June 2016) University network

Node.js, MongoDB, JavaScript, MySQL, TypeScript, Docker, REST API, Redis, RabbitMQ, Vue.js, SQL, Linux, Express.js, WebRTC, Golang, Golang/Go, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, PHP, WebSocket, GIT, CI / CD, AJAX, JSON, CSS, HTML, Swagger, RESTful API, Sequalize, ES6 +, Promise, Express, NodeJS, Mongoose, es6, Git, OOP, ExpressJs, PostgreSQL, webpack

9 December

Go/PHP Software Engineer 🔥

Kyiv · $3500 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

Programming: PHP Golang DataBases: MySQL PostgreSQL Redshift Memcached Redis RabbitMQ MongoDB DevOps: Vagrant Docker Terraform Kubernetes Cloud AWS Version control: Git Framework: Symfony Slim Gin Other: SOLID Design patterns CI/CD REST API Unit testing

Golang, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Memcached, Redis, RabbitMQ, vagrant, Docker, Docker Compose, Terraform, AWS, Git, Symfony, Nginx, SOLID, GitLab CI, REST API, PHPUnit, Design Patterns, Linux, MVC, JSON, PHP, MySQL, OOP

Author of OpenSource project AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Certificate

9 December

Senior Golang Developer 

Kyiv · $6000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Golang, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Consul, Elasticsearch, Redis, NATS

Golang, MongoDB, docker, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes

Interesting and challenging projects

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