Project Manager

kharkiv, Ukraine · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

My responsibilities in the current company: - working on several projects at the same time (Android, IOS, Web); - maintain documentation (specifications, business requirements, estimation documents, meeting notes); - communication with client; - communication with developers, team leads, qa; - define business needs and provide solutions; - provide clients with results; - manage projects in Jira (epics, stories, tasks, bugs and sprints); - create wireframes and prototyping them in Sketch; - smoke testing.

Project Management, Jira, Agile, Team management, Communication, Confluence, Slack, HTML/CSS, Scrum

Certificate of Completion HTML and CSS courses (EasyCode IT School - 2018).


Бизнес аналитик, Lead Business Analyst, Compliance officer 

l'vіv · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• Delivering sustainable results fast • Ensuring total customer satisfaction • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. • Deep excellence experience in analysis techniques • Business Turnaround and Crisis Management • Proven Planning and Time Management • Knowledge of Business analysis tools and techniques • Experience in Business analysis practices • Experience in Business Process Management and Data Modeling • Experience in dealing with geographically-dispersed and trans-national teams • Organized and effective time management skills • Excellent communication, negotiation, facilitation and presentation skills. • Advanced level of English • Valid USA visa

Agile, Waterfall, Confluence, Jira, TFS, Balzamiq, Bizagi, UML, MS Visio, Visual Studio, Healthcare, Compliance, Automative, Scrum, Proactivity, PhraseApp, Zeplin

Improvement of operational and business efficiencies for manufacturing, engineering, healthcare and development applications with over 15-years experience in different business environments. A highly experienced senior business analyst with practical engineering and academic background with passion for, not only helping companies to improve their business processes and efficiencies but also leading them to achieve strategic business goals. A proven track record within a number of healthcare, engineering and operational industries in a wide range of international locations covering various business applications and solutions.

Available for interviews until May 31st, 2019. Available to start job since August 18th, 2019



kyiv, Ukraine · $1400 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Опыт работы: 2018-… ТОВ «АРС» Компания «EDIN» • Продакт менеджер • управление проектом (приоритезация задач, проверка статусов по задачам, контроль сроков выполнения, решение проблем по задачам); • координация команд; • Работа по методологий управления проектами и разработки Agile\Scrum • Декомпозиция содержания проекта, ведение backlog, планирование спринтов; • Контроль прогресса проекта и выполнения задач командой проекта; • Отправка отчета о статусе проекта; • Написание проектной технической документации; • Проведение demo для отдела продаж и технической поддержки 2014-2018 ПАТ «Укртелеком» Продакт менеджер • Анализ потребностей существующих и потенциальных пользователей телефонных услуг, конкурентной среды, технологий телефонной связи; • Управление жизненным циклом продуктов на основе контроля ключевых показателей продуктов; • Разработка, обоснование, внедрение тарифов на продукты; • Обеспечение и контроля и соблюдения запланированных сроков реализации, бюджетов, ресурсов, средств в проектах внедрения новых и изменения существующих продуктов; • Подготовка проектной и согласование всей проектной документации: ◦ планов по внедрению и модификации продуктов; ◦ бизнес требований технологической реализации продуктов ; ◦ бизнес требований к процессам продаж и предоставления продуктов; ◦ брифов на проведение маркетинговых коммуникаций

Business Analysis, Scrum, Agile, BPMN, English, User stories, Project Management

провел проект по внедрению модуля по маркетингу на BPM CRM

Работа в команде по крупным проектам.


Support engineer L1/L2

kyiv, Ukraine · $1400 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hard skills: HTML,CSS, SQL, JS(basic), REST API/ JSON Software knowledge: Slack, Zendesk, Jira, MS Office(Word/Excel), SQLyog, Gdocs, Kibana Soft Skill: Problem-solving, stress resilience, multitasking, responsibility, attentiveness. active listening, customer oriented approach. for step by step configuration, email templates HTML editing, REST API/ JSON configuration Position: Technical support Engineer (2nd/3rd) Main duties: troubleshooting of trading platform/CRM issues, preparing and submitting bugs/tasks into Jira system, communication with front-end/back-end developer/Devops and success team, remote connection, preparing SQL queries for report needs. Assisting users with advanced CRM setup. Providing clear guidance Nextiva Position: Technical support agent (1st/2nd) Main duties: Assisting new customers with initial setup of their phone system accounts, Configuring phones for personal and business needs, Remote connection for VoIP settings installation, communication with network providers and admins, escalating long-standing issues to 3 and 4 line. Position: Customer support team lead Main duties: team performance tracking and metrics reporting, setting KPI goals and team motivation, providing coaching regarding efficient customer support approaches and KPI's improvement, investigating and solving customers' problems that are complex or longstanding, identify system and workflow improvements for enhancing team efficiency, communication with CEO and IT team regarding customer service performance and quality. Key Accomplishments: Analyzed individual performance of each team member and motivated them to perform better. Determined the duties and responsibilities of the team. Efficient reports to CEO manager regarding improvements and team efficiency

MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, Jira, Confluence, TCP/IP, Customer Support, CSS, Scrum, Agile


Business Systems Analyst

$1000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Business Systems analyst in automotive industry domain. Developing solutions based on Oracle Apex. Solid marketing background. Ability to create project requirements documentation. Ability to manage multiple stakeholders. Knowledge of SQL, UML, BPMN2. Excellent communication skills in face-to-face and virtual settings. Analytical and critical thinking; ability to deconstruct and analyze complex structures, and approach them in a clear, rational, and open-minded manner. Team player with self-driven personality. Good English, written and verbal.

Jira, Agile, SQL, Confluence, BPMN, JavaScript, Business Analysis, UML, Business requirement documents

Implementation of new projects based on PL/SQL and Apex technology. Creaitng wiki about sytems.

I would switch current domain to fintech with Java stack.

24 April

Technical writer/Proofreading/Business Analyst

kyiv, lviv, odesa, berlin, amsterdam, london · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Proofreader Editor Native English Speaker. Agile Project management. Scrum qualified. Business Analyst.

customer support, English, English Fluent, Customer care, Ability to learn quickly, Account Management, Support

As a Native English speaker living in Kiev, I can work on any projects writing proofreading editing in English that require the expertise of a native speaking business professional. I can work remotely or in your office. No Job to big or too small.

24 April


moscow, Russia · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Работа с командой, постановка задачи, описание бизнес требований, прохождение ПСИ. Написание простых SQL запросов. Работа в jira. Проведение интервью, ведение деловой переписки. Ведение отчётности по проектам(Project, отчётность по форме заказчика, участие в отчётных совещаниях). Постановка, контроль исполнения, получение результатов задач. Организация проектных работ с привлечением подрядных организаций(совместно с Руководителем проекта). Проведение встреч с заказчиком, подрядчиком, рабочей командой проекта. Ведение, разработка, согласование технической и исполнительной документации. Есть желание и силы попробовать себя в роли бизнес-аналитика в направлении разработки (смежные направления).

Jira, Scrum, Agile, Business Analysis, BPMN, SQL, Project Management, CRM, Microsoft Office, Waterfall, Kanban, Excel, Confluence

Возможность получения опыта и знаний.

24 April

Product owner

kyiv, Ukraine · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

2017 - present time As a Business Analyst I made: • market research • competitors research • market prognosis on the basis of data analysis • work with requirements (business and technical) • communication with clients and development team • perform UX and acceptance testing • prototyping of new tools and features • interaction design • user stories and personas creation 2015-2016 As a Project Manager/Business Analyst I made: • managed multiple projects simultaneously • communicated directly with USA located clients • worked with requirements (business and technical) • did mockuping and prototyping • performed acceptance testing 2014-2015 For big data project (a predictive analytic web application for e-commerce): - created complex formulas for the range of analytic tools - analysis of big datasets - direct management of a 2-person analytic team - UI/UX interaction design mock-ups creation

Business Analysis, Project Management, Requirements analysis, Prototype, Use cases, Jira, Confluence, User stories, Microsoft Office, English, Agile, Requirements management, interaction design, Kanban

Interesting projects, professional growth, good team.

24 April

Project Manager

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Supervising the development of web-services and mobile applications; Formulated the SRS, assigned tasks to the team, supervised the execution; Conducted a business analysis of the project domain; Created business requirements for new features; Planned the work of whole team and departments for up to a year; Planned sprints with a length of 2 weeks (up to 3-4 sprints ahead); Analyzed the status of projects / tasks; Discussed UX projects, technical and business requirements; Developed rules for team work with the project, risk plans for projects. Instruments: • Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall; • Bug trackers: JIRA, YouTrack, Trello; • Communication: Slack, Telegram, Skype; • Work with requirements: Confluence, Google docs / sheets / slides; • Requirements Visualization:, UML (plantuml), NinjaMock.

Agile, Communication, Jira, Kanban, Process optimization, Project Management, Requirements, Business analyst, Planing, Scrum, Product management, Risk analisys, UML, User Experience (UX), Youtrack, Prototype

Managed projects with changing requirements; Developed EHR, EPS, according to HIPPA requirements; Introduced Agile, Scrum to the team; Managing a completely remote team; Mentoring project manager and testers; Assembled and trained a team of testers (5 people); Managed projects with teams from 4 to 35 people. Increased the capacity of the team and the volume of tasks assigned to the release from the planned by 20%.

I'm looking for an interesting job. Maybe it will be a startup or a large company. I like hard challenges and tasks. Ready to learn new technologies, tools, methods.

24 April

SAP Consultant SD/LE

kiev · $1700 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

SAP implementation project • Analyze company business processes requirements in logistic; • Negotiation of project scopes and schedules with IT department; • Transfering business request to IT department; • Development logistics process in SAP; • Technical description of the needed process; • Testing and launching new processes in SAP; • Study business processes and develop cases; • Organize and conduct trainings, SAP key user in Logistic department; • EDI communication project with subcontractor ERP system; • Sales process description and implementation;

Processes changes and optimization in sales and logistics departments. Participation in the roll-out projects.

Professional growth. Friendly staff. Adequate management. Interesting projects.

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