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19 мая 2018

Business analyst

Киев · $1000 · 8 лет опыта · Intermediate

Post Finance TM FORPOST, Kyiv, Ukraine Business processes technologist - Development of rules and procedures; - Development of plans for implementation of projects in the network of branches; - Participation in working groups on project implementation; - Monitoring of pilot projects and network scaling projects, analysis of project results; - Providing proposals for optimizing projects and processes; - Maintenance of current projects; - Development and updating of regulatory documents of the company; - Business processes modeling; - Software testing Feb 2005 – Aug 2017 ProCredit Bank, Kyiv, Ukraine, Senior Business Support Specialist: - Project management - Development of regulations and procedures - BPMN - Retail banking products and services efficiency analysis - Organization of technical-skills trainings for retail staff - Organization of claim work with fraud transactions (Fraud-hunting) - SQL querying - Development and documentation of requirements, - Discussion of requirements with the customer, - Transfer requirements to developers, - Collection of data for testing, - Analysis of the data obtained during testing, - Identifying the inconsistencies of the data obtained, - Preparation with the team of the final version of the product, - Configuring Interface Settings

Fast Lane Ukraine 20461d querying Microsoft sql server 2014 v4 Personal skills: Eager to learn, analytical thinking, attentive to details, able to examine the problem from different ways, responsible, punctual, able to get new concepts quickly, good work in a team or independently.

Профессиональный рост. Неформальная обстановка.

19 мая 2018

Business analyst

Харьков · $200 · Upper Intermediate

Студентка технического вуза Знаю теорию по бизнес анализу( читаю литературу, специализированные сайты, посещаю тематические вебинары) Могу выполнять сбор требований, составление документации. Имеются знания по SQL, UML, основы программирования(C#,C++,Java, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS), Scrum. Быстро обучаюсь, могу делать любую работу, но на первых порах необходима помощь во избежание ошибок. На данный момент работаю копирайтером.

Получение знаний и опыта, раскрытие своего потенциала. Хочется работать с дружелюбными людьми, которых объединяет одна цель и которые хотят улучшать свои навыки. Предпочтительна стажировка и гибкий график.

16 мая 2018

Business analyst /Manual QA /Digital marketing

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1500 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

- Experience in planning development and testing processes; - Work on project requirements, user stories and user interactions, technical documentation, creating test cases and technical reports; - Collaboration with Front-End development team; - Experience working with digital optimisation campaigns delivery: A/B, Multivariate and Personalization campaigns, behavioural targeting and web analytics using Maxymiser, VWO, Optimizely platforms; - Basic knowledge of SQL/MySQL, web technologies (HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript); - Experience working with CMS (Wordpress with WooCommerce); - Knowledge of project management and development methodologies; - Wireframing, work on low-fidelity mockups and prototypes with Sketch and Balsamiq; - Worked with reports and web analytics platforms (Google Analytics, TagManger, AdobeAnalytics); - Experience in the client-facing role; - Knowledge JIRA, Confluence, Zendesk.

Worked in cross-functional teams, have the experience in the client-facing role, meetings, requirements gathering process, workshops. Have provided the solutions for online conversion challenges and increased conversion rate based on improvements from web design, marketing, UX perspectives.

I'm looking for the projects where my skills and background are relevant. The opportunities to grow are highly desirable. Interested in remote work only.

18 мая 2018

Product Analyst / Manager / Owner

San Francisco, San Diego, New York, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich · $6000 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I worked in many IT roles: - as a support engineer and system administrator (3 years) - as a mobile and backend software development (2 years) - as a product manager/owner/analyst (3 years) Now I work at the intersection of product management and analytics. My specialization is mobile platforms. I involved at every stage of the mobile product development process; from understanding problems, the evaluation of concepts and right through to the monitoring of products post-launch. Responsibilities: • Help set goals, define OKR's and validate hypotheses • Align the mobile product team’s goals with other product teams and customer-facing departments. • Users' quantitative data analysis: breakdown behavior patterns, cohort analysis. • Assistance with qualitative studies: selecting and inviting participants, define central questions, result analyze. • Support Product Management, UX, and Engineering teams with data in their work. • Develop tracking specifications and build dashboards/reports. I used to work in an IT department in a large outsourcing company (2k+ employee), I ran small groups of engineers (2-3 people) and helped them to achieve both personal and corporate goals.

Three years ago I founded my own robotics startup and recently sold it. During this time, I passed two startup accelerators (Generation S, iDealMachine), and learned the basics in many fields. I helped pass the PCI DSS 2.0 exam for a large outsourcing company. I was responsible for topics related to software development.

Looking for a strong product team in fast-growing b2c/b2b startup with good financing where I can learn, grow, and share my knowledge with others. I can work as a PO/PM if necessary. I want to solve customers problems, work on product strategy, and build a data-informed culture in the company. Don't want to develop and support ETL's, tables and other kinds of repeatable sources. It'll be great to work in pair with data engineer who could take this work on himself.

15 мая 2018

Business Analyst

Харьков · $400 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

Management, marketing, sales PHP & MySQL English

Проработал в продажах и маркетинге 10 лет. Занимался переговорами, технической поддержкой абонентов, подбором персонала и развитием клиентской базы. Окончил курсы PHP/MySQL/AJAX в мае 2016г.

Буду рад продолжительно работать в хорошей компании на постоянной основе, под руководством опытного руководителя. Люблю трудиться в настоящей команде, где преобладает взаимовыручка, поддержка и активный отдых. Предложения на проект не рассматриваю.

16 мая 2018

Business Analyst

Киев · $1500 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I am Business Analyst with 10+ years of wide range experience in software development, project management and FMCG. BA skills: •Knowledge of key business analysis activities, requirements management and core techniques (BABOK); •Knowledge of product management and project management; •Understanding of principles and specifics of software development methodologies; •Experience working with Agile methodologies (Scrum); •Use Cases, User Stories, modelling, backlog management. Tech skills: •Experience in UML, BPMN; •Knowledge of SQL. Domains: Retail, FMCG, enterprise software development, B2B, SaaS.

Practical experience as a Business Analyst in IT product company. Successful implementation of Saas solutions for retail, sales, distribution.

14 мая 2018

Business analyst

Львов · $1200 · Меньше года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Experienced Team Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Skilled in Manufacturing, Internal Audit, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), ISO/TS 16949, and Automotive. Looking for business analyst position in IT with possibility to improving. As like this is new sphere, I'm strongly ready to learn new technology.

Impementation of Process FMEA on 4000+ workers production. Managing of Technical changes implementation with international team and Requirements management. Team leading (team up to 12 employees) of new Audi A7 Sportback, A6 Avant, Limosine and All-road projects. Managing of launching of new branch.

18 мая 2018

Business/Data Analyst

Киев · $2600 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I have IT/mathematical education reinforced by 8 years of practical experience in business as Business Consultant (Big4 Company), Business/Data Analyst and Product owner in IT development product company. During these years I have participated and led wide range of projects in different areas and domains, including: - Development of mathematical and financial models and formulation of recommendations on their basis - Transformation of finance function for big manufacturing holding - Development of cost reduction initiatives for banks - Development of management accounting and reporting systems for manufacturing companies - Running project-management activities, such as planning and budgeting, proposal creation, conducting of client meetings (onsite and offsite) - Analysis of client needs and expectations - Working with clients and their requests, translation of requirements into technical tasks and specifications - Working with product and sprint backlog - Writing of documentation: use cases, training materials for clients, user guides, internal system documentation - Experienced in waterfall and agile frameworks Have international professional certification in finance and management accounting.

I am looking for interesting, challenging projects where my skills and knowledge would be useful and value-adding. I like to work on complex, analytical tasks and resolve unstructured issues.

16 мая 2018

Business Analyst

Днепр · $500 · Advanced/Fluent

спецификация требований; коммуникация с заинтересованными сторонами; ведение документации; приоритезация требований; анализ и моделирование бизнес-процессов; ассистирование Project manager в ведении проекта; написание текстов

Опыт научной и преподавательской деятельности позволяет быстро ориентироваться в незнакомой сфере, быть критичной, аналитичной и конструктивной. Имею 3-х летний опыт ведения образовательного проекта, организована и коммуникабельна. Пишу хорошие тексты (украинский, руссуий английский), есть навыки ведения переговоров, деловой переписки. Есть сертификат по IT Essetials, на данном этапе прохожу курс по бизнес-анализу, буду рада предложением с перспективой перехода на должность бизнес-аналитика.

минимум- оплачиваемая стажировка; широкий спектр задач, охватывающий задачи BA и PM; совершенствование технических навыков; не очень хотелось бы заниматься продажами и копирайтом.

20 мая 2018

Business Analyst/Technical presale(consulting)/Sales Engineer; Team Lead; Brand representative

Киев · $3000 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Technical presale International team leader Bussiness Partners in CIS regions Presentation skill Servers Storage Systems TCO/ROI Databases Software solutions Unix Bash

Certificated Specialist (A-brand vendor) International team leader Speaker at IT-conferences for Business Partners in CIS region Implementation of IT-solutions based on business needs research

International market and team Product or consulting IT-company Interesting projects and professional growth Flexible working hours

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