3 августа 2017

Front-End Developer

Киев · $2000 · 2,5 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular.js, React.js , Typescript, Knockout.js, Node.js, SASS, PostCSS, Webpack, Unit testing, Babel, ES2015

Профессиональный рост. Офис возле метро.

31 июля 2017

Software Developer

Киев · $2500 · 3 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

I'm experienced C# / .Net software developer. My current stack of technologies: C# /.Net ASP.NET MVC, WCF, EntityFramework LINQ, SQL The additional stack of technologies I would like to deal with: ES6, TypeScript React, AngularJS, NodeJS MongoDB

My main goal is to find a project with more actual technologies and have a deal not only with .Net stack. I'm ready for something new. Javascript stack is preferable.

17 августа 2017

.NET engeneer, frontend: Angular 4/TypeScript/Webpack

Харьков · $2500 · 7 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

Current project: Backend: .ASP.NET MVC, Web API Frontend: Angular 4.0.3, TypeScript 2.2, JS Build system: Webpack 2.2.1(with HMR) 3D visualization: BabylonJS WebGL engine & Molvwr CSS: bootstrap-webpack, LESS preprocessor

Possibilities for self-development not only in your free time outside the office, not only 100% maintainance/support, modern & perspective tech stack to develop new skills and always keep motivation to evolve and develop. Definitely, it mustn't be 10+ years old project written in architectural style "spaghetti code" on ASP.NET Forms and ONLY JS/jQuery on frontend side. I am interested to getting new, not just supporting old code. Support is possible but it mustn't be all the time.

18 августа 2017

Full Stack Web Developer

Киев · $3000 · 8 лет опыта · Средний уровень англ.

ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Ext.js, RequireJS, MS SQL 2008/2008R2/2012, WCF, ADO.NET, LINQ, MVVM, WinForms, JavaScript, Oracle

20 августа 2017

.NET Developer

Киев · $2000 · 5 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

.NET, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET.MVC, ASP.NET CORE, Angular 2, TypeScript, JavaScript, SQL, Entity Framework, OOP.


26 июня 2017

Senior .Net Developer (full stack)

Львов, Киев, remote job on full time · $2700 · 9 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

C#, ASP.NET/ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET/Entity Framework, WCF/WebAPI, Multithreading, DI/IoC; T-SQL/MS SQL Server/MySQL/MongoDB, SQL database optimization; HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery/JSON/Ajax; Bootstrap/Angular.js/TypeScript/Node.js; Software Architecture Design/N-Tier/Database Design/Reverse Engineering, Design Patterns, TDD; SiteCore/nopCommerce; Jira, TFS/Git, TeamCity; Kanban/Scrum/Agile

I have experience of full stack of web development by using Microsoft technologies and JavaScript frameworks (Angular.js, Node.js, TypeScript). Can realize the application architecture and database structure, introduce continuous integration services in project by using unit tests and automation build. Have practice of web design and business analysis for e-business and I can create complex web portal with using nopCommerce or SiteCore CMS. I have 9+ years of experience in all phases of software development life cycle process. Have strong experience in estimates preparation of effort and duration for development tasks and activities. I am a team player, self-motivated and quickly adapted to new technologies.

I am searching challenging and interesting long-term projects for financial sector, e-business or machine learning while using modern .Net technologies. The ability to have remote job for full day and long term project is very important for me.

19 августа 2017

.NET Developer

Киев · $2500 · 3 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

C# / .Net WCF, ASP.NET MVC LINQ, Entity Framework, MS SQL TFS, Jenkins Agile/Scrum

Challenging projects, Modern technologies Professional development opportunities

7 августа 2017

Senior Software Engineer

Киев · $3500 · 5 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

C#, .NET, Distributed Systems, OOP, OOD, DDD, REST, Actor Model

Real-time analytics systems, business activity systems, back-office services, reactive data feed systems development. Risk data management systems development. Information identification systems development.

Interested in distributed systems development in .NET technology stack. Not interested in ASP.NET Web Forms, Windows Forms, WPF development.

23 июля 2017

.NET Developer (preferably ASP.NET MVC)

Киев · $1000 · 1,5 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery.

I started to work with .NET 1.5 years ago. I have strong technical IT background(software development, hardware, network/computer systems administration) and developed soft-skills. I am passionate about C#, web techs and want to improve my web development skills. Developed commercial apps(C#, WPF, ASP.NET). Apps for automated online registration, site parsers(grabbers), apps for routers configuration. Have experience working with Bitrix, Wordpress. Successfully implemented projects(as PM/Team Lead): -software(web, desktop, mobile) development(include publishing to Google Play, App Store, Windows Store) -creating/driving IT infrastructure for company - design, implementation -accounting/business processes automation(1C, custom software)

Improving professional skills, professional management, flexible schedule, competitive salary.

20 августа 2017

Senior C# Developer

Киев · $3500 · 5 лет опыта · Свободный английский

5 years of commercial experience in both web and desktop development. Extensive experience in .net, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, Entity Framework, Transact SQL, jQuery. Have working experience with numerous third-party technologies and frameworks: Nancy, Dapper, AutoMapper and others. Experience in rewriting and improving legacy code. Can work full stack, have experience in Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, knockout.js, but prefer backend. Have experience being team lead and architect and would like to improve in these fields. Strong advocate of agile. Good command of English.

Developed numerous .net services using WCF, MVC, Nancy. Developed multiple web applications as full stack developer, was an architect for several multi-layered web applications. Rewrote a big old asp.net web site to mvc, significantly improving it's performance and maintainability.

I prefer a remote job OR an office job with possibilities to improve myself as an architect or team lead. Perfect position would be senior developer slash junior architect. Flexible working hours would be a plus.

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