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Kyiv · $1800 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Overall 4+ years in Project Management (crossing with Game-Design). Product and outsourcing working experience. Below is information only about my responsibilities at the current workplace: (In case, if you need more detailed information, feel free to contact me) As IT Project Manager ( - present) - Responsibility for Scrum ceremonies - Managing up to 4 projects simultaneously - Working with foreign and geographically distributed customers in different time zones - Gathering, processing and analyzing all kind of project data, - Active involvement and influence on a project as a consequence - Reporting on all activities related to staff (status, finance, etc.) - Creating reports based on external and internal stakeholder`s requirements - Working with geographically distributed teams - Working with customers and teams to ensure the project being executed according to the developed strategy, in a timely manner and within the confirmed budget - Resource management - Project planning and timesheets preparation

Scrum, Agile, Kanban, Project Management, Risk management, Motivation and engagement, Gamification, Negotiation, People Managenent

0. Was able to build a stable dev environment in a company, working as a solo pm. 1. Thanks to a synergy of my coworkers, our football games regularly hit the top ratings. 2. Our first VR game development attempt took the 1st place in a contest at Game Gathering 18

Looking for a stable environment, where I can dedicate myself, face new challenges and opportunities to serve Agile teams. Do not want to work on cryptocurrency projects.


Project Manager

Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, USA · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have been working as a project manager and a business development manager/coordinator for the past two years. My main duties include(d): 1. Managing marketing and development projects (web development) 2. Project managers' team leadership 3. Account management and client upsale 4. Pre-sale process establishment and management 5. Creating service proposals and project estimates 6. Adjusting service agreements according to project details 7. Corporate marketing coordination and strategic planning 8. Conducting or participating in sales meetings 9. Creating company service presentations together with designers, managing corporate website design and development 10. Arranging participation in conferences - conducting conference preparations, creating marketing vision for the event, marketing materials prep together with a desinger, and assisting CEO during conferences (lead processing) 11. Coordinating internal cooperation between sales, marketing and HR, decision-making Types of projects managed: - Magento development - WordPress Development - Drupal Development - Web design and video animation projects - Digital marketing projects (SEO, SMM, PR) - Data entry projects (Mostly long-term project, almost all of them are still active) Managing up to 6 different projects at a time, teams size up to 10 people. Main tools and methodologies: Jira, Trello, Zoho CRM, Invoicing tools, MS Office, Scrum, Kanban, Agile, Waterfall. I'm looking for opportunities to continue my further development as a projectanager, as well as for skilled mentorship.

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Team management, Product management, project planning, Requirements analysis, People management, Resource management, Jira, English, Confluence, trello, Marketing, Communication, Risk management, Kanban, Waterfall

Growing an account from 2 people doung digital marketing for the client to establishing a dedicated development team and dedicated customer support department.

Flexible schedule, opportunities to grow, mentorship.


Project Manager

Kyiv · $3000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Sphere - finance technologies and cryptocurrency market My current position is - Project coordinator My objectives - team management and team coordination What does it mean - I manage the development process of back end and clients teams to deliver the new features to production and support current features. Also, I manage all feature requests and improvements raised by founders and other departments. Correcting the road map due to the business value of each feature or request for improvement.

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Jira, Team management, Kanban, Product management, project planning, Risk management, Confluence

interesting project friendly team


IT Project Manager

Kyiv · $2200 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am a well-organized and active person with excellent communication skills and a good understanding of the software development process. I started my career as a web designer almost 6 years ago but last years I only worked as a project manager. And currently I'm working as Project manager at the large fintech company.

Agile, Project Management, Jira, Scrum, PMBOK, Kanban, People management, project planning, Communication, Agile principles, Confluence, trello, Waterfall

I constantly improve my skills and regularly attend trainings and PM conferences in order to keep abreast of modern management methodologies and practices such as feedback (AID, BOFF), management styles depending on employee maturity, situational leadership, etc.


Product manager (Project Manager), CSPO

Kyev · $2500 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Communication with client side based BA/Board of Directors/DevTeam/end users; Eliciting, elaborating and documenting business/functional requirements/ business process description/interface details, etc.; Preparing test cases for the features, doing early acceptance testing, facilitating and coordinating demo to the end users; Administering detailed project plans for all sub-projects and activities in Jira/Confluence, documenting project decisions / keeping minutes of meetings, providing follow-ups on daily support requests and status of project activities. More than 2 years in Product Development of internal and international transfers (including the development of own web-service for internal transfers) and over 3 years in Project Portfolio Management and Assets Product Development (Various PM et. (Waterfall, Scrum); Business Analysis; Assets Product Development).

Business Analysis, Project Management, Waterfull, JIRA, Confluence, Agile/Scrum/Kanban, Team management, Scrum Product Owner, Data Science

1) Certificate of Participant “Data Science and Machine Learning for Business Analysts” - IIBA, 2018, 17091118; 2) Certificate of completion "Business Analysis" - ITEA, 2018, 1620507011; 3) CERTIFIED SCRUM PRODUCT OWNER (CSPO) - Scrum Alliance, 2018, 000839310 4) Certificate of Completion "PMP exam prep" (advanced training in preparation for the exam on the degree of PMP®) - SMART business, 2016

Friendly and professional team, professional and career challenge, adequate management and appropriate salary.


Executive director

Kyiv, Kharkiv · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Высшее образование: Киевский Национальный Университет Культуры и Искусств Год окончания 2011 Режиссер Кино и Телевидения Владение языками: Русский - родной Украинский - родной Английский - Upper- Intermediate Опыт Работы: 2015- 2018 Школа робототехники для детей и взрослых I​ntrobots Должность: Соучредитель и Директор. Штат сотрудников составлял 20 человек Обязанности: Запуск проекта с нуля. - Подбор персонала; - Подбор площадок для занятий; - Партнерские программы для развития школ; - Организация мероприятий для продвижения школ; - Реклама онлайн и оффлайн - Работа с командой инженеров для создания новых авторских курсов и авторских роботов; - Поиск клиентов; - Работа с клиентами (опросы, звонки, вторичные продажи, работа с возражениями и негативом) - участие в тематических мероприятиях - Ведение сайта и соцсетей - запуск и развитие филиалов в других городах (Черниговской,Обухов,Украинка) Июль 2017 - декабрь 2017 ГО «Хай-Тек Офис Украина» Креативный Директор Обязанности: - Организация и проведение мероприятий: ● Форум Digital Ukraine ● Пятый Экономический Форум Корея - Украина ● Круглый стол «Cashless Economy» - Перевод текстов с украинского на английский и с английского на украинский - коммуникация внутри проектных групп - разработка презентационных материалов для проектов и мероприятий декабрь 2017- декабрь 2018 Rinsten Директор по позиционированию Обязанности: - коммуникация с клиентами - ведение социальных сетей - организация склада и отладка процесса отправок заказов (розница и мелкий опт) из Китая и по всему миру - создание и запуск сайта - магазина ( наполнение сайта, подключение платежных систем и т.д.) - коммуникация с партнерами и налаживание отношений с потенциальными партнерами - продажи ( В2С, В2В) - Ведение страницы на Kickstarter - Создание рекламных материалов ( фото, видео, тексты) - Поиск инвестиций - создание необходимой документации для поиска инвесторов (презентации, Бизнес-план, P&L, инвестиционный тизер) - финансовые отчеты

Project Management, Team management, Communication, English, project planning, People management, Marketing, Negotiation skills, analytical mind, Content marketing, Conflict Management, Process Management, Microsoft Office

Запуск собственной школы робототехники со стартовым капиталом $200.

Новые вызовы для меня,как для специалиста, постоянное развитие, возможность креатива, работа на результат,а не имитация бурной деятельности


Project Manager

Kyiv · $2000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

1. Project management of new reporting implementation. 2. Project management of description and business processes optimization. 3. Complete revision and reformatting internal methodological documents in part of retail business of the bank. 4. Management the project on adaptation of Unicredit bank (Austria) methodological documentation (Basel II – Pillar II requirements) according to the National Bank of Ukraine laws and internal Ukrsotsbank rules and methodologies. 5. Project of Flex-Cube (the largest international collaborative IT - system in the Ukrainian banking sector) system implementation; 7. Project management: «Savings Law 262" (SOX prototype).

Business processes management, Business Processes Optimization, Communication, event/incident management, planning, Product management, Project Management, Coaching, MS Project, personal trainings, PMBOK, UML, MySQL, Agile, Scrum, Risk management

Implementation of the projects: 1. «Savings Law 262" (SOX prototype) 2. Description and business processes optimization in Unicreditbank Ukraine 3. New reports implementation in PrJSC Kyivstar 4. Basel II project implementation in Unicreditbank Ukraine 5. Participated in the big project - Flex-Cube (the largest international collaborative IT - system in the Ukrainian banking sector) system implementation as a project manager of several small sub-projects.

Professional growth


Product manager

Kyiv · $1500 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Over 9 years of experience in business development, research and project management with a core interest in marketing. Managed complex B2C and B2B projects starting from Brand Identity development to mobile and desktop products design versions. Team included 5 UI/UX and 1 Graphics designers. Maintained communication with stakeholders mostly from US, EU regions. 
Obtained MBA degree in Munich and worked as a Business developer in Dusseldorf. 
Co founder of Quest Rooms in Kiev.

Project Management, Scrum, Jira, Agile, English, Kanban, Product management, Team management, Business Analysis, User Experience, Requirements analysis, Scope Management, Regression Testing, Microsoft Office, People Mgmt, Communication, Marketing research, Product research, Marketing, Business development, Prototype

- Closed a deal with the client which generated 60% of the revenue which is still on going; - Successful own business creation; - Simultaneously managed 12 projects. All of them were delivered on time and satisfied clients expectations.

I want to become part of a company that is want to change industries, a company that is results driven and helps its employees to explore their talents.


Marketing Manager, Project Manager

Kyiv · $2800 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- Developed social media marketing strategy, created and managed a social media team or Ukraine International Airlines. The team was responsible for customer care, sales, social media marketing, PR, and subordinate to the Sales Director. In 2018, my team generated over $4 mln income from social media. - Launched a digital marketing agency as a Business Development Director (15 clients within 2,5 years), developed and implemented marketing strategies for the agency’s clients. - Managed various teams up to 14 people. - I have an earlier work experience as a PR manager, journalist and copywriter. - Core expertise: social media marketing, digital marketing, project management (I have a diploma of Project Manager by International Management Academy). - Additional expertise: marketing strategy, digital marketing, PR, customer care management, HR, team development, negotiations, sales, events management, presentation. - Instruments: Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, MS Dynamics CRM, tools for SEO analytics, Amadeus, MailChimp, Brand Embassy, Asana, Basecamp, etc. I want to grow as a marketing specialist, team and project manager. I admire people. My fad is high quality results. I like to cope with difficult tasks and set order in chaos.

Project Management, SMM, Digital marketing, Team management, B2B/B2C, Digital PR

- deep understanding of marketing strategy and analytics; - dozens of successfully implemented projects; - many professionals that I have hired and helped to grow; - languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian - advanced; Czech - basic: Turkish, Italian and French - beginner.

- specific measurable goals and resources to reach the goals. - colleagues that are professionals with high demands to themselves and to the quality of the work. - a certain flaxibility in choosing ways of reaching the goals. - an environment of open-mindedness.


Senior Project Manager/ Product manager

Odessa · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Innovative, performance-driven executive with significant experience in project and product management, tech expertise and strong business process analysis, optimizing and design skills. Proven record of identifying and delivering solutions with large scale complex product to meet business needs. Great communication skills along with 15 year experience in IT industry projects and deeper understanding of business needs allow to conceptualize and deliver platforms, and strategy that harmonize portfolio applications, business processes and distributed teams around high-level objectives.

Agile, BP automatization, FRD/BRD, Product Launch, Product management, Project Management, RND, Team management, Waterfall, startup expertise, Negotiation skills, project planning, Business Analyses

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