Senior Android Developer

Kharkiv, Remote · $5000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Architect of 2 huge e-commerce Android Applications and worked on plenty of other different projects.

Android, Android SDK, Dagger 2, kotlin, Java, MVVM, Git

After 7 years of development, I'm still hungry for code and tasks. If you ask my teammates about me - they answer that I am a beast. Created AAA projects from scratch, totally refactored AAA projects and I was leading these processes.

Looking for interesting tasks, new challenges. I hope to find something exciting I'm open to a part-time job


Android Developer

Kharkiv · $3900 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I'm an Android specialist with more than 5 years experience in programs writing. I have a clear understanding of mobile development and project architecture as well as basic Agile methodologies. I always search for latest technologies and try to deliver a unique solution for each project. As for my working approach, I like to experiment and implement new ways of architecture building in order to create innovative applications. I always observe the latest researches in the mobile sphere and try to implement those. I'm oriented toward the self-development and final result. During my career, I have created a lot of commercial projects of different complexity level. I consider myself as a technical geek that means that I always want to use the latest solutions.

Android SDK, kotlin, RxJava, CI, Unit tests, Mentoring, Flutter, modularity, MVVM, dynamic features, Android Jetpack frameworks

Have delivered more the 12 mobile projects. Some of them were written from scratch. Have a huge expirrience on how to support big products. Was succeed in team leading. Was succeed in project refactoring.

Improving skills, career opportunities, interesting projects, friendly team, tasty coffee


Senior/Lead Android Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Опыт работы несколько лет в identity management стартапе full time в офисе в Германии. Приложение для водителей. Проекты для IEEE, в начале карьеры опыт работы как QA Engineer

Dagger2, MVP, SCRUM, MVVM, RXJava 2, Kotlin, Android Architecture Components


Senior Android Developer 

Kyiv · $3700 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

4.5 years of professional software development experience with Java and Android SDK, 1.5 years of Kotlin. Participated in development of 15 commercial apps. Seven of them from scratch. Fluent in English. Great at communicating both with the client and the management. Able to work both by myself and with a team. Proactive. Studying every day. Able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

Android SDK, Java, Jira, ButterKnife, Dagger 2, Fabric, Glide/Picasso/Fresco, OOP, Retrofit 2, social network integrations, SQLite, XML, AdMob, Design Patterns, Espresso, Firebase Auth / Realtime Database / Push, Google Play Services , In-app Billing, kotlin, Mockito, RXJava 2, Automated Testing (QA), Gradle, C, Android, Retrofit, Dagger2, JSON, Multithreading, RxJava, REST API, MVP, play services, JUnit, GooglePlayServices, Git, Firebase, Scrum

Managed a team of 4 developers for "Eat the Frog" app & Pillar iOS app - Developed two of my own apps from A to Z and released them to Google Play - One of them - Budget Tracker -

21 July

Android developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Java, Android, REST API, Gradle, JSON, Design Patterns, Retrofit, MVP, MVVM, OOP, kotlin, Git, XML, Multithreading, Google Play Services, AWS, MVC, Google Services, Jira, Scrum, firebase, Gson, Dependency Injection, ButterKnife,, Android SDK, RxJava, Java Core

Адекватный менеджмент. Профессиональный рост. Интересный проект. Неформальная обстановка.

19 July

Senior Android Developer 

Kharkiv · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Java/ Kotlin, Android SDK; - OOP, OOD, Architecture patterns (Clean architecture, MVP, MVVM, MVI), SOLID; - DI (Dagger 2,KOIN, Data Binding, ButterKnife) - Network (Retrofit, Okhttp, GSON); - Multithreading, RxJava 2, Coroutines; - Databases (SQLite, OrmLite, Room); - Android Architecture Components;

Glide, Gson, Java Core, material design, OOP/OOD, Android, GCM, JSON, OkHttp , REST API, Retrofit, SQLite, XML, Google APIs, Dagger, RxJava

19 July

Android developer

Kharkiv · $1300 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Android Developer at Requestum Feb 2018 - Present Time anonymous project1 - Implemented view's custom drag-and-drop behavior anonymous project2 (legacy) refactoring: - Code refactoring - Made changes to the app architecture - Fixed bugs adding new features: - Updated design - In-app purchases and subscriptions via gPay - User activity graphs - Social auth anonymous project3 (legacy) refactoring: - Code refactoring - Made changes to the app architecture - Fixed bugs - Updated libraries to latest versions - Performance improvements adding new features: - Updated design - Map markers filters - Built-in youtube player - Possibility to choose alternative navigation route - Publishing application and it's updates + direct messaging and calls with client anonymous project4 - Sign-up/Sign-in flow anonymous project5 - User profile module - User activity module - Settings module anonymous project6 - Sign-up/Sign-in flow - User profile module - Chat module anonymous project7 - Full demo-version development of medical tablets-oriented app + direct messaging with client + further app support anonymous project8 - App tutorial module - User activity history - Places description and feedback module - Chunked file upload anonymous project9 - Security module - lock/unlock app flow using pin-code or fingerprint anonymous project10 - Payments module - Contact us module Android Developer Freelance & self-improvement Aug 2015 - Jan 2018 Application for purchase management - Barcode scanner - Database - Notebook - Sending e-mail with report Mini-game app (version of Tic-Tac-Toe) What to draw Application for artists that gives ideas of what to draw by combining random words into phrases Application for self-studying and training. Live wallpaper app MyLiveSport.TV Sport events schedule app. Android software engineer at NitraLabs May 2015 - Aug 2015 Two legacy projects for supervisors - support and improvements. Can't tell more because of field capacity restriction.

Java 1.8, kotlin (basic knowledge), MVP, build flavors, multidex, glide, picasso, retrofit 2, converter-gson, okhttp3, volley, jsoup,, opentok, chunked file upload, firebase database, sqlite, realm, sugar, dynamic links, deeplinks, facebook, twitter, instagram, zendesk, fabric, crashlytics, instabug, MPAndroidChart, in-app billing and subscriptions, stripe, bluesnap, ecommpay, gpay, paypal, braintreepayments, google maps, google places, mapbox, navigation, PlacesAutoComplete, butterknife, dagger 2 (basic understanding), timber, fingerprints, YouTube player, push-notifications, custom views, GPS, Voice Control(online/offline), SoundPool, Redmine, Asana, Workstation, Jira, Trello, Git

Legacy projects support and improvement (6 projects) Start up projects from scratch experience (16 projects) Published 3 own applications on Google Play Market Experience in full project development lifecycle

Looking for opportunity to relocate to Canada in a couple of years, so English lessons for employees - my only requirement.

19 July

Senior Android Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Developed from scratch 4 commercial projects, along with support for few legacy projects and some freelance tasks. Worked as a team lead in team of 3 Android developers. I have a lot of experience communicating with client, participating in meetings. Worked mostly in Scrum teams. Implemented sophisticated UI with extensive usage of Coordinator Layout/Layout Behavior. Created a bunch of custom views. Created a sophisticated, scalable architecture, using Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture in combination with MVP, Repository pattern, based on Reactive X technology (RxJava).

Android SDK, Android View Framework, Dagger 2, Reactive X, REST API, Scrum, Git, Google Play Services , Gradle, Push Notifications, Socket, Java, KotIin

Graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Science, with a topic "Convolutional Neural networks in Emotion Recognition" Converted business idea into the logistic app along with designer and developers from other platforms. Developed non-trivial app, that works continuously for months, scheduling and managing phone calls.

Looking forward to be a member of mature team. Expecting stable project with usage of new technologies and ability to grow. Don't want to be on a support of a legacy project.

19 July

Middle Android Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $2200 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have 3 years of commercial experience as android developer.Usually, I use Kotlin but I also know Java too.My stack includes MVVM, Dagger2, RxJava, Bluetooth, Custom Views. I have tried a lot of services such as geolocation api, accelerometer, google maps, different advertisements SDKs in my projects. Here is my published app Besides I dabble in Machine learning, python, keras and also can implement backend for any application using php or python. Waiting for your message

Android, Java, kotlin, Git, REST API, MVVM, JSON, Gradle, Retrofit, Dagger2, JUnit, Multithreading, SQLite, realm, OkHttp , Dependency Injection, Dagger 2, XML, Design Patterns, Android development, Custom UI, Android custom UI components, Custom Views, Google Location, Google Maps, OOP, MVP, Android SDK, RxJava, Android Architecture Components, Linux, SQLLite, SQL, Material Design, Algorithms, HTML, Python, C++

I am proud of exhaustive knowledge of IT industry and programming.

19 July

Senior Mobile Software Engineer 🔥 

Kyiv · $4000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Gym mobile platform(Kotlin, Java, Spring, Third-party API(MMS, Google maps, Firebase, Google analytics), RxJava2, Dagger, DataBinding MVVM, JUnit, Room. | Large international project | Custom brand supporting Android module platform, Android developer - Parking Asset Management (Kotlin, Moxy, Dagger2, StorIO, Retrofit2, RxKotlin, Mockito) | USA Outsource small project | Senior Android developer, SQL Architecture - MVP Social Network(Java, SendBird, Node js, Dagger2, Flow, EventBus) - MVP Hiring network(Java, LinkedIn API, Flow, RxJava2) -China products search engine app(Kotlin, RxJava2, Constraint Layout, Retrofit2) -Olympic UA official app(Java, Android SDK, Custom MVP)

Java/Kotlin, Flutter, Spring, SQL, Linux, Agile, Google APIs, Android, Git, Gradle

I am a young geek with over 10 years of IT as main hobby in life. Last 5 years I am enterprise developer in Ukraine outsource business. As Android developer I've started 4,5 years ago and I happy that it my software path, because I very love to deliver my code and my solutions to users.

Difficult and interesting new project challenge with using current best mobile solutions and ability to provide best UI/UX experience with the most flexible code base. Interested in new Flutter project or with native mobile dual platform large team.

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