Cherkasy · $900 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

-Active search of candidates; -Recruitment personnel categories TOP / Middle management; -External search for candidates through the company's website, social networks (Linkedin, Facebook) and advertising sites, specialized sites; -Direct search for candidates; -Interviewing and assessing candidates; -Development of vacancies for client request; -Interviews of candidates by the developed methods; -Cooperation with customers; -Screening the market for matching vacancies and salaries; •Screening the market for specialists - Manage company staff, including coordination and support of the recruitment process using corporate CRM; - On-board newcomers to the company; - Assist with the performance management and review process; - Develop clear policies and ensure policy awareness; - Create clear and concise reports; - Handle workplace disciplinary and termination procedures; - Organize corporate meetings and events; - Carry out necessary administrative duties.

HR, Recruiting, Human Resources, IT Recruitment, Research, CV Screening, Interviewing, Communication, Building HR process, Motivation & retention, adaptation, Team Building

Work in the successful and stable company; Friendly team; Stable and timely payment; Work schedule can be discussed;



Kyiv · $600 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

I’m currently working as HR manager. But I’m looking for a new position, where I could evolve my professional skills. I have 1 year of experience in IT sphere. My responsibilities were: - Planning / management of budget; - Maintaining employee files both manual and electronic form; - Drafting employment contracts and documents for onboarding and leavers; - Onboarding and adaptation; - Identify employees needs and issues, and help to solve them; - Work with the employee, identifying and anticipating conflicts, resolving difficult situations, maintaining positive atmosphere in the company; - Develop and maintain strong working relationships and partnership with employees; - Working with current employees and provide HR solutions; - Coordinate and participate in staff evaluation programs; - Risk prevention and work on their mitigation; - Organize company events, team-buildings, birthday celebrations, thematic parties, educational seminars; - Develop a corporate culture; - General office administration

Strong communication skills, Business Planing, Human Resources, HR, Team Building, Communication Skills, Employee Relations, HR Assistant, Communication, Onboarding, Linkedin, English, adaptation, One-to-one

My achievement is that I implemented a new documentation system. It saved a lot of time for our team.

Looking for a job in a highly dynamic company that will allow me to grow both as a professional and as a human, and also to put into practice my job experience.


IT Recruiter

Kharkiv · $500 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

1+year working as IT-recruiter; Sourcing through professional networks, databases, jobsites etc; IT market review and analysis; Creating and posting job descriptions; Experience with recruiting tools (LinkedIn, Djinni, X-Ray/Boolean search,GitHub,TurboHiring); Telegram chat bots creation; Maintaining HR procedures (adaptation, employee satisfaction surveys,one to one meetings); Recruiting of the following specialists: iOS, Android, JS, Python(Django), PHP( Laravel/Symfony), QA, Sales manager, Lead Generation manager, Recruiter, Marketing manager, Copywriter, PM, Delivery manager, UI/UX Designer

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Communication, Research, CV Screening, Boolean Search, Sourcing, X-Ray, Headhanting, IT Recruiting, Talents Acquisition, Talent acquisition, LinkedIn Search, Interviewing, headhunting, Executive Search

Build the Lead Generation Managers team, mentoring them; Created telegram chat bots for HR process automation

Friendly team and opportunity to apply my creativity in work


IT Recruiter/ HR

Odesa · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Today I pass courses «Recruitment GUIDance: video edition». I have experience in sales management, recruitment and mentoring for about 1.5 years. My skills: - staff recruitment; - conducting interviews; - training and certification of personnel (built a sales department with "0"); - management of the sales department; - developed a system of adaptation and motivation for managers.

IT Recruitment, HR, Recruiting, recruitment, Sourcing, adaptation, Interviewing, CV Screening, IT Recruitment, Research

Helped the owner to create a team from scratch

Ideally I would like to have an opportunity to work with different programming languages in search; to have clear career path; to be inspired by the company and professionals I work with. It will be great if position includes communication with foreigners.


IT Recruiter, HR manager

Lviv · $500 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

У мене 3 роки досвіду у рекрутингу, із них 2 роки в ІТ на фрілансі. Закривала позиції різних рівнів: від junior до senior. Працювала із вакансіями .NET, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Big Data, IOS, Android, UI/UX. Для пошуку та залучення кандидатів використовую LinkedIn, Djinni, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Behance, Dribbble, Boolean and X-ray search.

IT Recruitment, Interviews, Linkedin, Research, IT Recruiting, Communication Skills, X-Ray, HR, Boolean Search

Я ваш кандидат, якщо: - ви поважаєте людей, так як я; - у вашій команді немає пліткарства та брехні; - ви любити структурованість та порядок у всьому: фідбеках, столі, на кухні).

Я люблю рекрутинг, люблю людей. Моя мотивація - мій професійний розвиток та результат, тому я завжди вчусь новому та слідкую за тенденціями у галузі. Мене не лякають нові технології та важкі вакансії. Цікаво було б спробувати себе у HR, так як я знаходжу мову із кожним, а також маю певні знання в аналітиці, онбордингу та адаптації. P.S. Якщо у вас є ну дуже гарячі позиції і ви готові віддати їх на фріланс - пишіть, з радістю допоможу!).


HR Manager /IT Recruiter

Kyiv · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

• Full-cycle IT Recruitment (both agency and in-house); • HR processes implementation from scratch; • New employees onboarding and adaptation; • Ensuring semi-annual performance review process; • Upper-intermediate English.

HR, IT Recruitment, HR interviews, CV Screening, Performance Management, Employee adaptation/onboarding, Sourcing, Confluence, English

Developed and successfully implemented Performance review process; Implemented recruiting process from scratch.

Good management, friendly team, professional growth, clear goals



Kyiv · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hi there :) My general experience in IT Recruitment is almost 4 years. I have experience in both product and outsourcing/outstaffing companies. Worked in a team and independently; I was closing strictly technical and artistic positions (in marketing and creative agency). I always try to understand better concepts of modern technologies and monitor tech trends and instruments of searching.

Interviewing, Research, CV Screening, IT Recruitment, Onboarding

I was handling all hiring processes in the holding which consists of three growing companies which operate in different spheres of IT business. I had been working as a recruitment account lead for one and a half years. The position implied close cooperation with the sales representative in the US, weekly calls, researches of IT labor market, escalation of difficulties which appeared in recruitment to the top management of the company.

Ideally, I would like to have an opportunity: - to search for developers with different tech stacks; - to have a clear career path in the company; - to be inspired by the company and professionals I work with. Also, it will be great if the position includes communication with foreigners.


HR Manager

Kyiv · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- Establishing and developing HR process, procedures, & policies - An expert level of knowledge in all full life-cycle recruiting components - Experience of closing managerial and Top managerial position - Establishing and developing on-boarding, off-boarding, adaptation processes - Developing, implementing and coordinating T&D Policy - Corporate Events organization - Consultation and advisory services to management and employees - Staff problem issues solving - Coordinating the modelling and implementation of Business Processes - Internal Communication - Conducting Employee Engagement Evaluation and 360-Degree Assessment - Analyzing HR best practices implementing them in the company - Coordinating office and working environment issues

Analytical Skills, Effective Relationships & Networking, Internal communication, Onboarding, Training & Development, Conflict Management, Managing projects, Presentation skills

- Established and developed all major HR functions in the company from scratch - Successfully recruited for 3-6 specialists per month (middle/senior/Top level positions) - Implemented a highly effective and transparent performance assessment and training&development policies that contributed to employees' proffessional growth

To find the workplace where I'll be able to fulfill my potential, adding value to the business. I measure my success based on whether I'm doing work that I love, with colleagues I respect, and having meaningful impact for society.


Project Manager

Kyiv · $2500 · 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Опыт работы в создании сложных продуктов и управление ими. Разрабатываю проекты с "0" или занимаюсь оптимизацией уже существующего (опыт более 10 лет, строю архитектуру). Управляю командами - разработчики (более 7 лет), маркетологи (более 10 лет), аккаунты (более 6 лет). Основной вид деятельности - аудит, оптимизация, возврат инвестиций через БЦ. Управление командами и т п - способ. Эффективно завершены проекты направления медицина, фармацевтика, логистика, продающие площадки, электронный документооборот, найм заграницу, обучающие программы престижных заграничных ВУЗов и т д Имею 3 высших образования (финансы, менеджмент, международные отношения). Глубокое понимание БЦ, провожу аудиты и оптимизацию. Сильные аналитические навыки. Для управления персоналом и проведения переговоров проходила специальное обучение и продолжаю совершенствоваться. Английский - достаточный уровень для ведения бизнеса, продолжаю совершенствоваться. Французский - изучаю. Китайский и корейский - базовый, продолжаю изучение. Много времени уделяла изучению и пониманию азиатских партнеров, их стилю работы и эффективности методик. Ориентируюсь на прогрессивность данных рынков и планирую продолжать работать с ними. Создание дизайнов интернет-продуктов и офф-лайн - как хобби. Инновации и их эффективность для бизнеса - вот на что ориентируюсь. Никогда не сижу на месте. Молниеносно адаптируюсь под инновационные решения и ищу способы их эффективно применить. Решения принимаю быстро, но взвешенно. В креативе гибка, ловлю спрос ЦА и ищу как здесь заработать :).

Project Management, Jira, Team management, Product management, Risk management, project planning, People management, Business Processes Optimization, personal trainings, Agile, Scrum, English, Communication, MS Project, Support Management, SEO, People/processes coordination, Adobe Illustrator, People Managenent, Work with requirements, CRM, Business Analysis, User Experience , Project Management Meetings, Product Management Knowledge:, Distributed Team Management, trello, Microsoft Office, Coaching, Google Docs

Грамотными стратегиями и конечно же продуктами - они сложны в создании и работе. Работой с людьми. Все команды работают четко и слажено - это залог минимизации рисков инвестиций. Все заказы выполнены успешно, бизнесы удачно проданы или выстрелили и удержались во время жесткой конкурентности.

Должно быть интересно и хотелось бы поле для развития с достойным уровнем оплаты. Идеально - компания ориентированная на Азию.


HR People Partner

Kyiv · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

2018-2019 - practicing certified coach, author of the method and relevant book about the search of vocation on Amazon; author of courses and master classes on the realization of creative potential 2017-2018 - Project Manager at Master Coach Ukraine corporate training and team buildings organization; conducting open training, clubs 2014-2017 - Sales & Support Director at Gridinsoft LLC recruitment, adaptation, grading, performance review, and creating employee development plans for marketing and support departments 2008-2014 - being a student, I managed to work in several publishing houses as a proofreader and editor, experienced network marketing, distributing leaflets, selling sausages, tutoring schoolchildren and much more

HR, Human Resources, Communication Skills, Coaching, Building HR process, Onbording, Team Leadership, Employee Relations, Building HR activities, Organisation skills, adaptation, Personal management

5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE ME :) 1. I have already worked in an IT company and have an idea of how they work. I created marketing and support departments myself, taking on all the HR processes. 2. I organized and participated in a variety of corporate training, team buildings from super coaches, and I know the typical problems of managing teams and how to solve them. 3. I personally conducted many face-to-face coaching sessions (about 800 hours) with the owners and employees of companies in the areas of IT, training business, freelancers of creative specialties. 4. I am armed with specific techniques, methods, questionnaires for diagnosing the loyalty of employees, their evaluation and the development of their professional and psychological maturity; establishing communications and resolving conflicts in the work team. 5. During my working life, I have been in the status of a subordinate, manager and owner of my small business, so that I can understand all these people. I love people, I believe that my ikigai is discovering their potential and contributing to their development and growth! :)

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