Разработчик PHP Laravel + Vue.js

odessa, Ukraine · $900 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Я НЕ РАБОТАЮ УДАЛЕННО !!! Навыки работы Графические пакеты: Adobe Photoshop Corel Draw Adobe Premiere AfterEffect Web разметка: Html5 Css3 Less разметка в Gulp Использую для адаптации Bootstrap3, Flex Клиентский Скрипт: JavaScript (Jquery) , Vue.js Серверный Скрипт: Php5-7 База данных: Mysqli CMS WordPress , Joomla Php фреймворк - Laravel 5* Контроль версий Я НЕ РАБОТАЮ УДАЛЕННО !!!

jQuery, Adobe Photoshop, AJAX, Bootstrap, CSS3, Flex, Git, HTML, Joomla, LESS, PHP, Wordpress, JavaScript, Laravel, MySQL, vue js

Я НЕ РАБОТАЮ УДАЛЕННО !!! Принимал участие в разработке и доработке Из личных проектов (на хард диске) : Магазин изотерических товаров - рукописный Сайт - Парсер музыкального направления, переработка инфо, и демонстрация медиа в реальном времени (WordPress)

Я НЕ РАБОТАЮ УДАЛЕННО !!! Выполняю работу по четкому тех. заданию (макет psd, план требований). Время выполнения зависит от поставленных задач, сложности реализации. Могу работать не нормировано.


Front End developer

kyiv, Ukraine · $2300 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

- JavaScript (ES6+); - TypeScript; - React, Redux; - Angular v2/4; - jQuery; - HTML, CSS; - SASS/SCSS, LESS; - Bootstrap v3/4; - Webpack, Gulp. Have experience with Antd and Material UI libraries for React.

JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Magento 1.9x, React, Redux, TypeScript, Angular 2, webpack

- Architecture design and development frontend parts for online stores that are built on Magento 1.9 eCommerce platform using native JavaScript (ES8) and Webpack; - Developed React-Redux application from scratch; - Problem solving with the speed of loading the site and work optimization; - Support existing projects or development from stratch; - The list of skills isn't full filled and I'm open to exploring new technologies; - I'm neat in work, prefer DRY, KISS and YAGNI principles and have a good taste; - Higher education (IT).

- Competentive salary; - Competent management; - Growth opportunities; - Collegues which love their job and try to be positive. Will be a plus: - Flexible working time; - Free english courses; - Comfortable working space.



l'vіv · $600 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

I am skilled in sourcing for candidates, conducting interviews and HR functions.

IT Recruitment, Human Resources, HR, Interviewing, Recruiting, Onboarding, X-Ray, Sourcing, Screening, Executive Search

I have experience in HR strategy development from scratch.

Looking for position with relocation to Uzhorod or remote job.


Разработчик PHP

Remote work, Belarus · $200 · 1 year of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Имеется опыт работы с symfony менее года, laravel самостоятельная разработка сайта, wordpress доработка существующих плагинов и тем

MySQL, Git, CSS, HTML, XML, JavaScript, OOP, Jira, PHP, REST API

Имеется опыт работы с symfony менее годя, laravel самостоятельная разработка сайта, wordpress доработка существующих плагинов и тем



Remote work, Ukraine · $400 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Technical Support Representative & Customer Support 4+ years Now I am HR/Recruiter less than half a year Want to improve my skills

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Interviewing, Human Resources, Onboarding, English, Research, Communication, headhunting, Interviews, Linkedin, HR, Screening Resumes, Executive Search, CV Screening, Employee Relations, Communication Skills, LinkedIn Search

Work & travel participation: spent 4 month in the native American environment;cultural experience; have improved my English. As a sales representative: sold hundreds or company’s package service to help customers to solve their problems. As customer support representative: supported people all around the world 24\7 in any technical issue, helped to solve any kind of technical problem; supported 4 clients, 750 units in total.


Software QA Engineer

donetsk · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

02/2019 – 04/2019, Software QA Engineer, Energy Telecom project. - Tested web-based application created for collecting data about contact information and telecommunication/energy services needs of a person (household). - Validated and verified a technical documentation for contradictions, ambiguities and incompleteness. - Developed test cases for functional testing of the application (black box). - Validated application’s GUI for compliance with Usability guidelines published by US Department of Health and Human Services. - Researched software anomalies and defects to minimize number of steps to reproduce the problem. - Wrote easy-to-reproduce bug reports and reported them via Jira. - Researched the saving of user data in the emailed sales lead. Made cross-browser (MSIE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome) testing. 11/2018 – 01/2019, Software QA Engineer, Resume Builder project. -Performed manual black box testing from Beta-version to the final release. -Performed validation and verification of the specification. - Wrote high-quality test cases based on technical documentation. - Executed test cases and reported found bugs via Jira. - Tested software in different environment using a Virtual Machine. - Validated application’s GUI for compliance with Usability guidelines published by Microsoft. - Participated in cross-platform (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP) testing. - Executed ad hoc and exploratory test procedures at all the stages of SDLC. - Provided installation and configuration of Operating Systems, Virtual Machines, Drivers, etc.

HTML, CSS3, Jira, Manual Testing, Regression Testing, Agile, Quality Assurance, Web Testing, Functional testing, CSS, GreyBox testing, Wordpress, Black Box testing, Ad-hock testing, Test documentation writing/maintenance, Smoke Testing, Usability testing, trello, Integration testing

- Hand-on experience in testing of web-based software applications and Windows applications. - Experience in different types of testing: black box, gray box, usability, functional, Ad-hoc, regression, GUI testing, smoke. - Experience in validation and verification of technical documentation. - Excellent skills in test cases writing and bug reporting. - Experience in bug tracking using most popular Bug Tracking Systems. - Excellent understanding the role of the QA Team in Software Development Life Cycle. - Ability to learn new technologies and challenging concepts quickly and implement them. - Ability to handle a great variety of tasks simultaneously. - Excellent problem solving and decision-making skills. - Excellent time management skills, strong work ethic and the ability to take on multiple roles. - Pragmatic. Enjoy working as a part of a result-driven team.


QA Automation Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I am Automation QA Engineer with 3 years of experience in IT industry. I have practical knowledge of software testing using Java program language . Also I have practical experience writing frameworks for testing Web, Desktop and Mobile applications , creating auto reporting, tests parallelization and integration with Jenkins CI. Technology stack : Java SE/TestNG/JUnit/Selenium WebDriver/Selenium Grid/Appium/UiAutomator/Allure/Jenkins At my current project I work with android test framework based on UiAutomator with Allure reporting. We testing devices and applications for car multimedia systems based on Android

Java, Automated Testing, SQL, Jenkins, Maven, TestNG, Android Testing, Appium, UiAutomator, Selenium

I create custom Allure report implementation for android instrumental tests (with working Aspectj even for android 4.3) Also I create java/testng/appium framework which can run same tests for different platforms (Android/IOS)

Remote job with part time


Java Developer

Remote work, Republic of Moldova · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Java Developer for less than 1 year. Project Manager for 3 years of experience in life cycle of a project. Application manager for more than 6 months with a grasp of multi-tasking abilities. Technical support, with good ability to meet deadlines.

Spring, Java, Jira, PostgreSQL, REST, MySQL, JPA, JSON, Linux, React.js

Responsibilities: - Responsible for investigating the issues, defects, determining problem root cause, formulating corrective action recommendations & implementing them; - Writing Unit and Integrations tests for micro-services. - Participated in backlog grooming, sprint planning, retrospective and daily stand-up. - Participated in deploying to different environments (including production) - Fixed bugs; - Developed new features;


QA engineer

dnepr ili udalenno · $1400 · 2.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Over 2.5 years of experience in Game Dev. • Testing experience: manual testing of games on PC (Macintosh, Windows), mobile devices (ios, android) Web platforms (Facebook, OK, VK, Gameroom, Wizq) Steam; • Practical experience in development of test documentation (Test Cases, Check Lists, Bug Reports); • Work experience with Bug-tracking systems: JIRA,Bugzilla; • Good knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and bug life cycle; • Understanding the different types (functional, regression, usability, etc), methods (manual, black box and techniques (equivalence domains, boundary value analysis, pairwise ...) testing; • Methodologies of testing (Agile-Scrum); • Understanding of the basic principles of a programming language Python

Quality Assurance, Jira, Regression Testing, Agile, Manual Testing, Scrum, Re-testing, Charles

-Не Game dev -Профессиональный, отзывчивый, дружный коллектив -Карьерное и профессиональное развитие -Минимум бюрократии


Разработчик JavaScript

kyiv, Ukraine · $1500 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Сейчас работаю в крупной телекомуникационной компании из европы.(больше года на этой позиции)

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, AJAX, REST API, React, Git, JSON, es6

Ожидания от работы...хм. Сложная работа, побольше разных интересных тасок, но что бы с батагом над головой никто не стоял, будет в самый раз. Точно не хочу заниматся поддержкой легаси кода.

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