Senior iOS Software Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Key points: * 8 years of commercial iOS software development experience, with 5 years of Swift experience. * Experience of working in outsource companies as well as companies with own products. * Experience of supporting third-party projects of different scale. * 8 years of Linux System Engineering / DevOps experience. * Backend development experience with Python and Ruby on Rails. * Not willing to develop banking or dating apps.

Jira, JSON, OOP, Git, REST, Agile, Design Patterns, SQLite, SVN, Scrum, XML, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, REST API, Multithreading, MVVM, CocoaPods, MVC, Auto Layout, OOP/OOD, MySQL, Gitlab CI, Gitlab CI/CD, JIRA, Jenkins, Travis CI, Pivotal Tracker , Gentoo, Bash, MacOS, Networking, Ubuntu, DNS, Apache, Zabbix, Ansible, Unix, SQL, TCP/IP, Objective-C, Swift, CoreData, Xcode, UIKit, iOS, CoreLocation, Cocoa Touch, GCD, MapKit, Autolayout, Foundation, Alamofire, Objective C,, Google Analitics, SwiftyJSON, KVC, KVO, Core Animation, Core Graphics, XCTest, OCMock, AppStore connect, AppStore submission, Apple developer account, In-App Purchase, OpenCV, OperationQueue, Push Notifications, Firebase, Core Data, Mobile app architecture, AVFoundation

I had developed and supported a lot of iOS apps during 8 years.

Full-time remote software development contract with open-minded company.


iOS developer

Europe, USA · $4000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Programming for iOS (2012 - now) (C / C ++, Windows, QNX 4.25) (2010-2012)

CoreData, CoreLocation, Design Patterns, Git, iOS, Jira, JSON, Multithreading, Objective-C, OOP, REST, SVN, TFS, Xcode, xctest, Swift, C++, Windows, UIKit, REST API, MVC, CocoaPods, Cocoa Touch, Foundation, Objective C, firebase, MapKit, OOP/OOD, SQLite, GCD, Memory Management, Autolayout, iOS SDK, Networking, realm, Firebase, InAppPurchase, Realm, Push Notifications, Cocoa, Alamofire, MVVM, Mobile app architecture, Core Graphics, Agile, Scrum, SOLID, TestFlight, Unit Testing, Facebook API, User Interface, Cocoa Pods

Do You need awesome apps? You must hire me

A new experience from new projects. New hard challenges. Development new cool apps for all


Senior iOS Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Bachelor degree in Computer Science; 10+ years experience developing native applications for the iOS platform; strong knowledge Swift/Objective-C; excellent understanding of object-oriented software design patterns; deep understanding of architecture paradigms (MVVM, Clean Architecture, RIBs, etc); extensive mobile UI development experience (UIKit, constraints, Storyboard and AutoLayout); experience with reactive programming (RxSwift); experience with databases (CoreData/Realm); strong knowledge of multithreading and networking (AFNetworking, Alamofire); experience with Push Notifications, In-App Purchases, DeepLinking and Universal Links; experience with CoreLocation, MapKit, GoogleMaps SDK; experience with CoreBluetooth; experience with dependency managers (CocoaPods, Carthage); excellent Git knowledge; experience with performance and memory tuning; understanding of Apple’s design principles and interface guidelines; 10+ application published to the App Store.

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, MVVM, Clean Architecture, RxSwift, CocoaPods, Dependency Injection, REST API, CoreData, UIKit, Objective-C, MVC, JSON, OOP, Multithreading, Jira, GCD, Cocoa Touch, Autolayout, Collection

I had made a small code contribution to RxSwift community.

I would like to take part in development of a large complex app being in a big team sharing my knowledges and learning new awesome practices and edge technologies. No old legacy code base, not micromanagement, please.


Senior iOS&Android Engineer, MSc

Lviv, Amsterdam, Kiev, Odessa · $4000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

During my previous roles, I worked on different scopes of projects such as IoT, E-Commerce, Telecommunication and Instant Messaging as a Mobile Developer. In these projects, I developed both iOS and Android applications. I also experienced the Jira and Git tools. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering(2014) and a Masters' Degree in Computer Engineering(2018) with the thesis topic "Mobile UX". Featured Projects: *Turk Telekom Online Islemler (Telecommunication) iOS&Android - 3M+ daily users *Joker Baby (e-commerce) iOS&Android - 100K+ daily users * (Video-conference/chat) iOS&Android - 4K+ daily users **I don't have an employment visa for Ukraine. I need sponsorship to get work permit**

Swift, iOS , Objective-C , Xcode, MVVM , Git , Jira , OOP, Android, Java, Firebase, REST API, JSON, Bitbucket, Realm, Alamofire, watchOS, User Experience , Custom UI, Animation

A creative and hardworking software engineer focused on growing in the field of mobile applications. Motivated to learn, to research and to succeed. An enthusiastic and open mind person. I've touched(!) over 10 big mobile app projects in different areas with different contents such as agriculture, nature, e-commerce, telecommunication, maps, IoT, etc. I started with mobile apps and I am interested to continue my professional career in mobile app development.

I want to develop apps for iOS and Android at the same time, if possible:)


Senior/Lead Android Developer

Kyiv · $5800 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Kotlin, Java, Android • Android SDK • OOP/OOD (Clean Architecture, SOLID, Design patterns); • MVP, MVVM • Android JetPack • Structured concurrency (Kotlin coroutines) • Retrofit, OkHttp, RxJava/RxKotlin, Dagger2/Koin & etc • Networking, REST • Complex UI, Custom views, Material design • Test coverage (JUnit, Mockito, Espresso & etc) • Android best practices • CI (Jenkins, TeamCity), code quality (Lint, Sonarqube & etc) • Scrum/Kanban/Waterfall • Experience with iOS (Xcode, Swift)

Android, Kotlin, Java, Java/Kotlin, Room, Retrofit, Gradle, REST API, SQLite, Git, MVVM, JSON, Android Architecture Components, Android JetPack, Dagger2, Koin, Android Material Design, Clean Architecture, Android SDK, RxJava, RxKotlin, CI/CD, Unit tests, Mockito, Espresso

• Leading Experience • Google Certified Associate Android Developer • Java Certification 1Z0-808

Open for new opportunities


iOS Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $9000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Expert Swift iOS developer with 4 years experience developing iOS apps. I develop greatest possible apps with the latest apple technologies.

iOS, Swift, Xcode, Firebase, SwiftUI, Core Location, CoreBluetooth, Combine, Fastlane, CI/CD, URL Session, CoreML, CreateML

I love implementing technical projects with business logic. I would love to implement something ML related. I prefer only flexible hours and remote work. No tracking software to monitor what I do on my computer. Work with a team of experienced and ambitious developers.

25 February

Разработчик PHP

Remote work, Ukraine · $2300 · More than 10 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Создание проектов с нуля на PHP. Настройка серверного ПО. Nginx, Php-fpm, Redis, PostgreSQL (потоковая репликация), ElasticSearch...

PostgreSQL, MySQL, OOP, Yii, Swift, Ubuntu, Redis, Memcached, Git, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, Symfony, Laravel, PHP, AJAX, HTML

25 February

Middle PHP Developer 🔥 

Kyiv · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

Имею с: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, MySQL, OOP, MVC, Patterns, Ajax, jQuery, Smarty, Linux, Nginx, Git, Subversion, Apache, Bash/SH, Laravel, Vue.js Дополнительно присутствуют навыки с Python/Swift(iOS)

JSON, Linux, MVC, MySQL, Nginx, OOP, PHP, SVN, AJAX, Git, HTML, JavaScript, Jenkins, jQuery, Laravel, Redmine, Wordpress, XML, Apache, PostgreSQL, REST, Python, Swift, Zend Framework (ZF), Vue.js, ClickHouse

Интересные задачи, возможность роста

25 February

iOS Developer

Prague, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Köln, München, Dresden · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Five years in iOS development. I started as a Windows desktop developer eight years ago. So far I have been developing iOS apps. I also have experience of developing watchOS apps. As a developer I took part in app architecture design, business logic and UI modules design and development, bugs fixing and projects support. I also had an experience of managing iOS projects and teams as a team lead. As a team player I prefer working in a team to working alone. I believe a team work generates more ideas, provides a new knowledge and improves communications skills. Adaptable, organized, reliable and hardworking, I am interested in the newest technologies and I am ready to enjoy challenges of applying them in practice. As I’m inspired by minimalism and KISS principle, I like designing mobile apps user interfaces in Sketch.

Swift, iOS, Git, UIKit, Xcode, REST API, OOP, MVC, CocoaPods, CoreData, Objective-C, JSON, Autolayout, GCD, Jira, MVVM, SOLID, CoreLocation, Push Notifications, Design Patterns, Foundation, Firebase, MapKit, Cocoa Touch, REST, Scrum, Goole maps, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, watchOS

I am proud of managing projects and teams as a team lead, reviewing and rethinking architecture of in-progress projects and making it simpler and more maintainable, coming up to clients with creative ideas of solving their problems.

I would like to join a new multinational team/company in order to get more experience from people around the world; have an opportunity to share my knowledge with other; learn new technologies and enjoy the challenges of applying them in practice; enhance my communication skills and find new friends.

25 February

Senior iOS Developer, Software engineer, Team lead

Vinnitsia · $4500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Swift, Objective C, Xcode, OS X, iOS, UIKit, Foundation, Alamofire, Git, CocoaPods, SnapKit, JSON, XML, Animation, Core Graphics, AutoLayout, Storyboard, SQLite, Realm DB, Google analytics, Firebase, Fabric(Crashlytics), Zeplin, Project Management, Trello, Push Notification, English(intermediate), …

JSON, Foundation, Git, iOS, Multithreading, Objective C, Objective-C, OOP/OOD, SOLID, Swift, TDD, Test driven development (TDD), UIKit, Xcode, XML, firebase

Написание с 0 и поддержка 4-x приложений с посещаемостью более 100 000 уникальных пользователей в день.

Ищу позицию Синьйор/Лид iOS-разработчика в крутой компании/продукте с амбициозными бизнес-планами и щедрыми инвесторами. Хочу иметь возможность в полной мере применять мой опыт полученный в ходе запуска и 5 лет успешного развития самых крупных приложений-классифайдов в Украине. А также приобрести новый опыт принося пользу заказчику и команде.

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