DevOps engineer

Remote work, Kyrgyzstan · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Senior DevOps Engineer - Consultant in InCountry Inc Personal results: • Created Nomad and Consul AMIs for immutable infrastructure • Created CI/CD for immutable infrastructure • Improved CI/CD pipelines. • Ansible inventory refactoring. Technologies: AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Jenkins, Nomad, Consul, Vault, Packer, Ansible, Terraform. DevOps Engineer Akvelon Inc Mar 2018 - Oct 2019 Personal results: • Created CI/CD pipelines from scratch • Developed Data generator for stress and load tests • Created Kubernetes clusters from scratch • Created MacOS templates • Automated Data center migration • Automated Build, promotion and deployment processes • Created Runscope, BuildCanary, Stress and performance tests Technologies: Azure, Hortonworks, Kafka, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, AKS, Kubernetes, Ansible, Azure, VMWare, Docker, MS MacCloud, Packer, C#, Python, PowerShell, Bash. Lead UNIX Engineer Alpha Telecom Jun 2013 - Jan 2018 Personal results: • Installed and configured Elasticsearch fault tolerance cluster • Implemented CI/CD technology • Designed OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure • Performed migration of servers and services to OpenStack cloud Technologies: OpenStack, VMWare, AWS. CentOS, Ubuntu, PowerShell, Elasticsearch, Bash, Nginx, HAProxy, Keepalived, Ansible, Puppet, Git. Senior UNIX Engineer Alpha Telecom Jun 2011 - Jun 2013 Personal results: • Performed Core SAN network migration to new equipment • Design of second Data Center. Preparation of room plans and ventilation schemes. Design of cable placement and equipment location. Installation of new equipment: servers, data storages, network switches. UNIX Engineer Alpha Telecom Nov 2009 - Jun 2011 Personal results: • NETAMS software integration in the Corporative network based on Cisco. • Studied and implementated of open source software and anti-virus solutions. Network Administrator Internet Service Provider "Transfer Group" Jan 2009 - Nov 2006

Linux, Git, Ansible, AWS, bash, Docker, Jenkins, TCP/IP, Networking, CI/CD, Terraform, VMware, SRE, Kubernetes


CTO, Solution Architect, Principal Devops

Kyiv · $8000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Technology manager with a strong development background and entrepreneurial mindset. 18+ years of experience including own startup. Built and managed multi-disciplinary teams. Solution architecture in high load systems. Practice a data-driven approach to product development. Always trying to keep up with emerging technologies.

Agile, DevOps, Proactivity, Software Architecture, Web Development, Mindfulness, Product management

Built architectures and infrastructure management solutions for businesses with 1M+ active users, 10's of developers, 100+ servers. Lead large European online service (800K DAU / 3M MAU) as a product development manager. Built a system of dashboards to show various BI metrics and A/B test results calculated/performed by the big / fast data analytics system developed under my management and processing up to 200M events/day. Lead complete re-engineering of the complex legacy system (>10M accounts, 2 PBytes of customer data, >200K concurrent users, 80% load growth year-by-year). Result: several times reduced infrastructure expenses (cost per account) and new services integration time, increased availability, 10x improvement in request processing speed. Lead new product from idea to 1M users. Built a custom file storage platform for the same product (stores 60M files).

I don’t mind to get my hands dirty and build a prototype or MVP. However, I prefer to build/lead a team and take our business to the next level. Мечтаю об успешном украинском продукте на глобальном рынке.


DevOps engineer 🔥

Kyiv, Lviv, Amsterdam, Canada, USA · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

Linux, bash, Python, MySQL, SQL, AWS, Git, Ansible, Docker, Amazon EC2, Jenkins, Zabbix, Nginx, Ubuntu

Впровадження технологій та практик devops в компанії з нуля

Цікаві проекти. Подорожі, симінари


Head of IT Department / Sysadmin

Bud'-jakij · $2500 · 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

3 years of experience in the CTO 5 years experience in the System Administrator 9 years of experience in IT

VMware, TCP/IP, SQL, LDAP, DHCP, Windows, Networking, Linux

HP / DELL Data Store,HP 3Par HP Virtual Connect Blade System Microsoft Exchange 2016 Microsoft Share Point virtualization technologies VMware Azure script language MS SQL Experience with supporting Mac and Windows Experience with case management systems Exceptional customer service and troubleshooting skills

Великі проєкти. Закордонний менеджмент!!


Software Engineer 🔥

Kyiv · $2500 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

Hi there! I'm freelancer with 6 years experience in very different projects and some system administration background earlier. Have an experience in: - building small infrastructure for automatization purposes; - processes automation; - project maintenance (tech task, implementation, upgrade, documentation). Spheres of experience: banking (ATM, POS), GPS trackers, reservation systems, CCTV, retail, online games, cryptocurrencies. Searching for interesting projects and ready for discussions. JS, PHP, C#.NET - scripts, libraries, services, integrations. ASPNET/C#/MS SQL Server - enterprise level apps/systems PHP/MySQL/YII2 - simpler sites, blogs, SPA PHP/Magento 1/2 - e-commerce NodeJS/React - frontend (rarely) Trading cryptobots (C#, Python) Gamedev (PHP, C++, Lua, Rust) Currently searching for full-time or at least middle(6 months)/long-term projects. Especially interested in: participation in developing backend for .Net Core/React systems, CI/CD architectures, english speaking classes as bonus :)

.NET, C#, JavaScript, Magento, MS SQL Server, MySQL, React, SOAP, WebServices, Win32, Yii2, PHP, ASP.NET



Voronezh, St. Petersburg · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Cоздал команду эксплуатации и ИТ инфраструктуру торговой компании : розница , b2b (непродовольственные товары) 5000 сотрудников более 150 офисов, складов, магазинов по России 200000 м2 автоматизированных складских площадей Руководил/участвовал в запуске всех инженерных и информационных систем компании WMS, ERP, CRM, e-commerce беспроводные , локальные и глобальные сети корпоративная телефонная сеть и т.д. Техническая экспертиза Linux Ansible/Ansible Tower Elastic Stack Zabbix Grafana/Influxdb/Telegraf Python Docker CI/CD (Gitlab CI) PM (JIRA, Confluence) Hyper-V/KVM (oVirt) Сети Cisco Avaya (IP Office , Aura ) 1С Хочу участвовать в создании продукта .

Linux, TCP/IP, Docker, Python, Networking, Zabbix, Cisco, CI/CD, Ansible

Созданными мной ИТ командами, которые обеспечивают возможность компании проверять бизнес-гипотезы ,строить новые бизнес-процессы и совершенствовать существующие процессы

Продуктовая компания с гибким подходом к процессам и готовностью руководства их развивать


System administrator

Kyiv · $1500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Development and administration of office IT infrastructure Windows/UNIX servers administration Administration and maintenance hardware and software in the office Implementation release of hardware/software using a standard process Administration LAN/WAN and Windows Server 2008 Maintaining and debugging live software systems

TCP/IP, Linux, bash, Networking, Ubuntu, Apache, Windows, DNS, MSSQL, email servers



Remote work, Belarus · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I started work as a system administrator. He later became the chief specialist of the department at the infrastructure management bank. It was very interesting and difficult, but, unfortunately (or fortunately), I was tired of working as an administrator. I began to actively study the DevOps methodology and starting from AGMSoft I began to work as DevOps. Perhaps the most interesting project is a customer from the USA, connected with toll roads, where the process was built for 3 months, being with the customer, and we continued to improve it in Minsk. Now I am looking for a remote project with interesting tasks and a close-knit team.

Networking, DNS, Windows, DHCP, CI/CD, VMware, ESXi, TCP/IP, Git, Docker, Jenkins, Zabbix, Azure DevOps, Azure, Active Directory, TFS, VSTS, SQL, MS SQL, MS SQL Server, MS Windows Family, Hyper-V

Building new datacenter, setting up infrastructure for a bank, building infrastructure team. Setting up DevOps process from the very beginning.

Interesting tasks, remote job. I like to learn new technologies.


System Administrator

Kharkiv · $1700 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Active Directory Windows Server 2000-2016 Windows 95 - 10 Hyper-V Kerio Control VmWare MDaemon Azure

Windows 95 -8.1, Windows Server, Azure

2000г – 2004г Обучение в Украинской инженерно-педагогической академии (диплом бакалавра). 2004г – 2005г Обучение в Украинской инженерно-педагогической академии (диплом специалиста). 2005г – 2006г Обучение в Украинской инженерно-педагогической академии (диплом магистра). Январь 2013 Обучение в «Центре Знаний» (г. Киев) по курсам компании Microsoft «20410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012». Февраль 2013 Обучение в «Центре Знаний» (г. Киев) по курсам компании Microsoft «20411: Administering Windows Server 2012». Апрель 2013 Обучение в «Центре Знаний» (г. Киев) по курсам компании Microsoft «20412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services Февраль 2020 - Сертифитак Microsoft Database Fundamentals

Ищу интересную работу, а главное хороший коллектив. ;)


Системний адміністратор

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Системний адміністратор

Apache, Linux, Microsoft SQL Server, Networking, Nginx, VMware, Zabbix, Active Directory, Windows Server 2003-2016, WebServices, HAProxy, Highload, MySQL, VMware vSphere, Hardware, VoIP, OpenVPN, IPsec

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