Senior Software Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3900 · 9 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

* Java 8-12 * Analysis, design, programming, code refactoring, coding standards, code review, testing. * Micro-services architecture, Docker, REST API, AWS API * Spring 5.x, MongoDB, Redis, Kafka, Cassandra, Spark, Apache NiFi, RDBMS, Profiling, Monitoring. Familiar with: Scala, JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js stack I've expertise in development complex, super fast, secure, loosely coupled, scalable and resilient micro service applications using Spring Boot + Spring Cloud or without Spring. I've participated in different kinds of projects including development from scratch, extending features of existing applications, re-factoring and redesigning of existing systems, performance improvements and optimizations.

Java, Spring Boot, Kafka, MongoDB, Cassandra, Docker, Axon, AWS, AWS Lambda, Apache Spark, Apache NiFi, Apach JMeter, Performance Testing, JavaScript, Spring Cloud, Git, SQL, JUnit, REST API, OOP, Automated Testing , Maven, Spring, JDBC, Linux, architecture design, Spring MVC, MySQL, JSON, REST, Design Patterns

A lot of successfully working projects.

- Work in a team of professionals. - Difficult tasks. - Friendly staff.

15 July

Java/Golang developer 🔥

Kyiv · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

12.2011-08.2013 - “Odessaoblenergo”. Developer. Document workflow process (develope, deploy, support). PHP (Codeigniter) + MySQL. 09.2013- 08.2015 - “Innovation group”. Centralized controlled mail system. Send emails with RabbitMQ and automatically deployed nodes. Collect and build statistics. 08.2015 - 03.2016 - NDA. Develop and implement from scratch monitoring tool (Graphite-like engine). To collect all messages (rate ~2k/second in peak), handle them and visualize. 03.2016 - 09.2016 - Megogo. Backend side of content management system. 09.2016 - present - “Tonic For Health”. Refactoring of core project: build REST API to provide interface for clients. Connect projects with Event Bus messaging. Extend client API, works via SOAP. Works with PHP, Golang, Java, Swift Work by TDD approach. Write unit, functional, api tests. Experience with message brokers: RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ Experience with non-relation storage systems: Redis, MongoDB Work in teams: 2-10 members. Was a mentor for junior developer

Java, PHP, Golang, Spring, REST API, Redis, Symfony 2, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, MySQL, MongoDB, Docker

Not interested in front end development.

10 July

Scala developer 🔥

Kiev · $5000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Scala: - 2.5 years of experience (spark & data engineering mostly, a bit service implementation using akka http) - A bit of cats and understanding the functional programming and pattens Java: Core Java(4 years), Concurrency; Spring: MVC, Security, Data, IOC, Cloud, Boot Testing: JUnit, Mockito, Specs2, Spock; Ops: ansible, docker, bash scripting Basics of supervised machine learning

Scala, Kafka, Java, Spark, SQL, Cats, Akka HTTP, Apache Airflow

- Implementation of automated machine learning service as a part of the team from scratch (using spark & scala) - Leading Java guild in our company

- High load systems written in scala; - Java is also ok; - Ability to grow towards team leading positions

4 July

Lead Software Engineer (part-time, one-time projects, start-ups)

$4000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have 8 years of experience in full stack application development from front-end to back-end, including Spring based architectures, Java EE large-scale, multi-tiered, scalable, reliable, and secure applications with relational and non-relational data storages, Big Data solutions, performance-writhe projects. Worth mentioning my experience as team leader and delivery manager on several projects.

Java, Scala, JavaScript, SQL, NoSQL, Apache Spark, Hive, Apache Kafka, Google Cloud, AWS, bash, Hadoop, Spring, Redis, Docker, Amazon Alexa, Performance testing , Performance tuning, Java EE, neo4j, Hibernate, JMS, Git, Maven, Vaadin

Able to work directly with foreign customers Mostly worked with 'red' or R&D projects Delivered several projects from idea to production Architectural design for several projects and solutions Expertise in performance analysis and troubleshooting

Interested in part-time job, one-time projects or start-ups with flexible schedule. The wage is under discussion depending on the load and amount of work to do.

1 July

Scala Tech Lead 

Kyiv · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Java, Scala, Akka, AWS, Linux, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Spring IoC, Guice, Akkam, MySQL, RESTful, Hibernate, MongoDB, Jetty, Jersey, AWS

Scala, Akka, Sbt

1 July

Application Architect/Solution Architect/CTO

Kyiv · $9000 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Kotlin, Java, Scala, Kafka Nodejs, MySQL, Mongo, Spring, Mule, Jenkins, Docker, Linux/Unix, JavaScript, AWS, Chef Flutter/Dart in my pet project

Git, Maven, Mule, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, docker, ElasticSearch, JDBC, JPA, Tomcat, AWS, Node JS, vagrant, PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka

Open source contributions to Liquibase, Mockito. Tech Lead for more than 6 years in total. Fluent English and perfect communication skills. Able to work on site or very closely with a customer.

Solution architecture, cloud migrations, Scala, Kotlin, Golang, message brokers/event stores, reactive/async programming, SQL/NoSql. Big plus: Data Science/ML/AI Can be: Spring stack, nodejs stack Not interested in anything .NET and PHP related, but can tolerate that as well:)

30 June

Big Data Engineer

remote, Lviv · $4500 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Python(6+ years) Scala(1 year) Akka Streams ELK Kafka/RabbitMQ RDBMS NoSQL BI(Pentaho, Jasper) Big Data stack (Spark, Hadoop, HDFS, Airflow) Docker, Kubernetes Ansible, Jenkins AWS

Python, Scala, Data Engineering, Hadoop, Spark, BI, Kaffka, Kubernetes, Docker

7+ years experience in software development on various projects Hands on infrastructure and development experience in building distributed and scalable solutions Real time and batch processing data Data Orchestration experience using Airflow Kubernetes Spark and Airflow operators Expert in Python Knowledge and little experience in Scala Experience with building ETL Experience in Data Science (Image recognition using OpenCV) DevOps practical knowledge Participant in opensource projects (Airflow Spark Operator on top of K8s)

Take a job on project to build scalable platform, project from scratch is a big plus. Don't like working with REST API, web frameworks and extracting data using just native libraries of any programing languages.

23 June

Senior Software Engineer 

EU, SEA · $6000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Skilled software engineer specializing in Big Data solutions and in service-oriented information systems development in general. Also have knowledge in domains of internet banking and online gambling. Big fan of functional programming no matter of language. I'm familiar with variety of devops tools and methodologies on UNIX platforms. I deployed automated CI processes based on popular solutions in few projects. Hand-on experience with AWS and cloud technologies in general. Languages: Scala, Java, Groovy, C, BigData stack with Kafka and Spark, Java: JavaEE, Akka, Vaadin, DBs: SQL, Hibernate, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Hive, Vertica OSes: Linux, Solaris

Spark, Linux, Scala, SQL, CI, Kafka, Hibernate, Vertica, Big Data, data warehouse

Mentored teams and individuals on various aspects from architecture to technologes with successful results. Worked with near-realtime banking processing pipelines. Desgined and implemented core of gambling backed system competing with big companies solutions.

One of the goals is to find stable and healthy environment to live there, so relocation is valuable option. I prefer to work with backend services, mainly on JVM - Scala, Clojure. I want to join team or build one that uses functional programming with Scala/Clojure/Erlang dominance. Have experience and passion to mentor developers/devops.

18 June

Scala Developer

Barcelona, Sidney · $5000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Have more than 10 years in IT. Last 5 years I have been working as a software engineer.

Scala, SQL, Kafka, Cats, Cats-effect, Doobie, http4s, Sbt, Functional programming, Fs2, Java, Maven, Mockito, Hibernate, OOP/OOD, Spring, Netflix Oss, RxJava, Akka

Interested in Scala functional programming. Distributed and high load real-time systems. Also, I'm looking for relocation to Spain / Australia

15 June

Разработчик Scala 

Kyiv · $5500 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- Scala - Java - Bunch of less popular languages to a lesser degree - Linux - Redis - Cassandra - Clickhouse - MySQL - Neo4j - Docker - MongoDB - Akka (Actors, HTTP, Streams etc) - Apache Spark - AWS (S3, SES etc) - Telecom [messaging] protocols - FP in Scala Junior mentoring. No Spring/JavaEE experience. Experience in migration of Java projects to Scala. Simple, effective solutions.

neo4j, Java, Scala, bash, ElasticSearch, Linux, Cassandra, docker, MongoDB, Redis, ClickHouse, Git, Kafka, SQL, Python, Akka, Spark

- Bachelor's degree in cryptography - \open-source work - several successful projects in production - led transitions from Java to Scala for several projects - leading & mentoring teams

++: - product company - modern technologies applied to challenging tasks - back-end development - enthusiastic teammates +/-: - floating workday (come early - leave early, come later - leave later) or remote --: - outsourcing - legacy solutions which you won't consider upgrading/refactoring/etc.

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