Full Stack Ruby and JavaScript Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Full-stack developer with experience in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript. The last 10 years worked as a Senior Developer, Consultant, Team Lead and Mentor. Worked on different startups and companies like:,,,,,,, Cleverpoint, Echothat,, FastForexTrading, Bestweb with thousand transactions and visitors per day. I have a passion for learning about technology, particularly software architecture, design patterns and staying up to date on the most modern ideas in software development.

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Agile, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, TypeScript, Jest, Enzyme, Flow, React, MobX, AGILE/SCRUM, RSpec, Capybara, Team Lead experience, Project management, jQuery, Bootstrap, Redis, HTML5, AJAX, JIRA, Git, SQL, HTML, CSS, Solr, Software Design, bash, BASH, CI/CD, Linux, REST API, OOP - incidents safety SaaS (Rails4, PG, JS, AWS) - the HR tool that helps to hire IT talents for Australian companies (Rais5, PG, AWS, React, Flow) - Broadway theatres guide and tickets - CTO, Cryptocurrency Portfolio, Wallets, and Crypto Markets integration. - SaaS platform: Twilio, Clicksend, Dropbox, Google API, Recurrent Tasks, RSVP sessions, Meetings (Rails4, MySQL, AWS, Resque, RSpec) - Test Coverage (GPA 2.7), Rails4, RSpec, Capybara, PG EchoThat - social network (Rails4, Postgresql, JS) - Pets marketplace in North America (Rails4, MySQL, Foundation, Bootstrap) HPC Pack - cloud control panel with nice dashboard (XCat, Graphite, Rails4, PostgreSQL, AngularJS) EGRON - realty document-flow project (Rails4, PostgreSQL, AngularJS) VOX.NITE - control interface for Asterisk VOIP + SpeechPRO integration (Rails3, Bootstrap)

– interesting projects – professional growth - relocation to Australia, US, Europe or South America (Chile, Argentina)


Full-stack web developer

Gomel · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

JSE, JEE, SQL, HTML/css, JS, Spring, etc.

Java, Java Core, Java SE, jQuery, JSON, JSP, MVC, OOP, REST, Spring MVC, SQL, AJAX, can.js, Design Patterns, HTML, JavaScript, Maven, Spring, XML, CSS, Java EE, PL/SQL, C/C++, Hibernate, Python, Scala

Able to solve almost any problem.

Adequate team. SOLID principals into development. Clean Code direction. Quality first.


Full stack PHP Developer, Team Lead

Remote work, Russia · $2300 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

15+ years of experience designing web applications via PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript. 10+ years of experience designing and development big web applications using own MVC framework. Using OOP and Design Patterns. NoSQL solutions, PostgreSQL. TDD and etc. Working in a development team using different tools as well as CVS (Subversion, GIT). 5+ years of experience managing a team of developers as a team leader. Tasks analysis and delegation of responsibilities. Managing all the technical parts of a project. 4+ years experience of working as frontend developer (vanillajs, vuejs, es6, spa, pwa, etc..). 1+ year experience working as CTO.

AJAX, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, HTML5, Laravel, Memcached, PHP, REST API, Yii, Yii2, CakePHP, CSS3, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, NoSQL, OOP/OOD, RabbitMQ, SQLite, Twitter Bootstrap, ООП, Git, Jira, PostgreSQL, Subversion, Java, Node.js, SPA, PWA, WebComponents, Vue.js, Vue, Docker, Redis, jQuery, MVC, Linux, OOP, JSON, SQL, Bitbucket, Codeception, es6, JSON API, Unix, PHPUnit

Fullstack Developer, Frontend developer Active Freedom (NY, USA) Development and design a RESTfull API. Development and design a CRM frontend part on VueJs. CTO, Senior PHP Developer (1 year) Development and design of a RESTfull API and a site. Managing a project. Managing a team of developers. Design API interaction with different apps (iOS, Android). Writing technical documentation of a project and development policies and procedures. Senior PHP Developer, Team Leader (2 years) Development and designing of a project. Managing a project. Managing a team of developers. PHP Developer, Senior PHP Developer InPrime ( (8 years) Development of a big advertising aggregator and linking projects. Development and support of own MVC framework.

self-improvement, improving english, difficult tasks, good team, interesting project, etc...



Any · $6200 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

MySQL, Linux, JavaScript, nodeJs, mongodb, MSSQL, backbone, underscore, sailsJS, compaundJS, bootstrap, css3, html5, AWS, Angular6, Kubernetes, IBM cloud, load testing, architecture documentation, starting of new projects, projects evaluation/assessment, pre-sales, on-site, communication with customer

AJAX, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Mercurial, NodeJS, REST, Linux, MongoDB, MS SQL Server, Angular.js, AWS, Bootstrap, Flux, React, MySQL, Nginx, Redis, Angular 6, Kubernetes, Git, TypeScript, webpack, SASS, JMeter

Should be discussed during conversation.

I'm looking for a job where it's possible to realize opportunity to write code (even on architect level) as well as being involved to pre-sales and architecture activities.



Kazan · $1600 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Более шести лет разработки веб-приложений на питоне. Активно использовал в работе Django, Odoo. Люблю и умею работать на Linux. В работе в основном использую Postgresql.

PostgreSQL, Python, Django, Linux, Celery, Jira, MongoDB, Odoo, RabbitMQ, Redis, SQLAlchemy, JavaScript, Pyramid, Docker, JSON, Git, REST API

Интересные, динамичные проекты и достойную оплату


PHP Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Опыт веб-разработки с 2006 года. В активе и простые сайты на CMS, и сложные распределенные системы обработки данных. Опыт работы и самостоятельно, и в составе команды. Есть опыт руководства командой. Подробнее:

PHP 7, OOP, MySQL, MongoDB, Symfony, Yii, Linux, RabbitMQ, Gearman, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MVC, PHP

Самые интересные проекты: - распределенный Data Mining сайта Amazon - определение уровня опасности стран и городов - анализ схожести коротких текстов - автоматическое управление большими рекламными кампаниями - CRM для интерактивного обучения детей-инвалидов - тесты для разработчиков. Использовались при приеме на работу, сейчас гуляют по Интернету. Подробнее

Адекватное руководство, своевременная выплата з/пл


Technical Writer

Kyiv, Odesa · $1200 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Technical Writer with solid experience in content development. I enjoy writing technical documentation for developers and non-techy end-users. Follow the concept that technical writing is all about the interplay between simplicity and complexity. I am highly engaged in projects, including but are not limited to such technologies as Node.js, Vue.js, Ruby/RoR. I am also interested in writing technical documentation for IaaS, SaaS, PaaS/iPaaS, and other kinds of cloud services & platforms. As a Freelance Contractor Technical Writer I am responsible for: - Delivering User/Admin Guides, API documents, Release Notes from scratch, alongside software development; - Collaborating with Software Developers, QAs, Tech Support, BAs, UI/UX Designers, Product Owners; - Following companies content creation standards and procedures; - Collecting usability feedback from customers; - Interacting with geographically distributed teams.

Technical Writing, API Documenting, Admin Guides, FAQs, End-User Guides, Manuals, Help Articles, Release notes, Software Documentation, Technical Editing, Proofreading, Content Development, Content Management, WordPress, Magento, Bootstrap, Jekyll, GitHub, Jira, Confluence, Sublime Text, Atom, PhpStorm, MWeb, MadCap Flare, Snagit, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, HTML, CSS, markdown, command line, JSON, JS, PHP, Agile, Scrum, MacOS, Linux

• 5+ years performing Technical Writing duties; • 10+ years of experience in the Web Development industry;  • Author of 500+ end-user guides for WordPress & Magento themes as well as HTML/Admin templates on ThemeForest.

Interested in long-term employment and a solid expert team, where I can improve my professional skills and continue growing as a Technical Writer. Consider both part-time & full-time onsite/remote positions. Please note, as a Technical Writer, I am not fond of writing technical documentation in MS Word. I do not write Marketing & SEO-related texts and blog posts, as well. I am not interested in the blockchain & ICO-related projects.


Front-End Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Front-end developer with over 10-year experience in creating, refactoring and supporting web projects. Professional experience of creating accessibility and SEO friendly markup in responsive and cross-browser design, Mobile First and Progressive Enhancement principles, using BEM methodology and semantic valid HTML, awesome CSS (processed with LESS/SASS). Native JavaScript, React, Rest API, Angular, JQuery + 3rd party JS helpers libs. Basic knowledge: node.js. Using Webpack, Gulp or Grunt. Working with templates systems (Jade, Haml, Handlebars). Quick to learn new tools. Creative individual with strong graphic design skills. E-commerce experience, member of a team in product and outsource companies. Graphics programs (Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Zeplin, Avacode, Figma). Member of SCRUM team.

Adobe Photoshop, CSS, HTML, SASS, Agile, Git, Gulp, LESS, MacOS, Bootstrap, HAML, Jira, jQuery, JSON, bash, Grunt, Jade, JavaScript, JSP, Node.js, Webpack, React, Figma, AJAX, es6

- Web-Technologies: HTML/HTML5 (Jade, Haml, Handlebars), CSS (SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, BEM, OOCSS), JAVASCRIPT (React, APIs, Angular, Jquery, JSON, Ajax) - Web - Services: Apache HTTP Server - Task runner: Webpack, Gulp, Grunt - Languages: JAVA (JSP, ISML-implementation), PHP (html-code integration), Bash - DB: MS SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB - Graphics: Figma, Sketch, Zeplin, Avacode, Adobe Photoshop - Methodologies: SCRUM, Agile software development - Code synchronizing: SVN, GIT - Development environment: IntelliJ IDEA, PHPStorm, WebStorm, Eclipse, VSCode - Wireframing: Protoshare, IRIse, Axure - CMS: Joomla - Bug-trackers: JIRA - OS: Windows, Mac OS, Basic Linux and Docker knowledge

Interesting projects where I can make full use of my professional experience and grow professionally.


Full Stack Web Developer (React, Node.js)

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Strong knowledge of JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript - Front end: React, Redux, GraphQL,, Next.js, PWA - Back end: Express.js, Koa.js, Yoga/Apollo GraphQL,, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL - Mobile: React Native, Ionic - Experienced with bot API (telegram/viber) and creating different varios of crawlers (puppeteer) - Experienced with Git, Linux, CI/CD, Docker, AWS, ZEIT now (, firebase, Serverless - 5 years of experience in building UI applications both from scratch and maintain existing codebase - Strong development skills include Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, Design Patterns, KISS, DRY, Agile Development I have experience in creating applications for various areas: music, video, CRM, hotel room booking, air tickets booking, news, chats and others from scratch. Participated in an e-commerce project with the large legacy codebase, was responsible for adding new crucial features and refactoring legacy ones. In my latest project, I was in charge of developing a web application for international postal services using Next.js and participated in developing a web application powered by serverless architecture. Mentoring for interns / junior developers. Also interviewed new employees

TypeScript, ES6+, React, Node.js, Apollo GraphQL, Express.js, Koa.js, next.js, Jira, REST API, GraphQL, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ffmpeg, Microservices

- Introduction of TDD and Code Style (ESLint with Prettier via git hooks) to a team of 5 developers. Worked on improving code quality, code coverage, CI/CD pipelines. - Implementation of monitoring and alerts to reduce maintenance time of api services. - Implementation of a tool for automating the release/tagging/generation of packages in CI/CD.

- Possibility to use cutting-edge technologies - Interesting project - Challenging tasks - Friendly team - Proper project management is important - Timely payment without delay I'm looking for remote job only! I do not want to work with vue.js, jquery. Also, I don’t want to support old technologies and browsers.


Разработчик PHP

Kyiv · $1800 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, Amazon AWS/MWS, eBay

AJAX, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, MVC, MySQL, OOP/OOD, PHP, XML, CodeIgniter, Git, Joomla, Wordpress, REST API, CSS, Docker, OOP, HTML

Работа с различными API: Amazon, eBay, Liqpay, Payvision Создание RESTfull API для мобильных приложений

Ищу ПОСТОЯННУЮ УДАЛЕННУЮ, достойно оплачиваемую работу, которая позволит решать нетривиальные задачи, развиваться как специалисту и создавать интересные и полезные приложения Предпочитаю работать с нестандартной "внутренней механикой" сайта, а не заниматься версткой "пиксель влево, пиксель вправо"... НЕ ХОЧУ "клепать" однотипные сайты на Wordpress/Joomla и т.д.

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