Full Stack Web Developer

Remote work, Russia · $4000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

StreetBee Front-end developer Feb 2017 — Until now Crowdsourcing research company for retail. Software products are related with internal processes management. I was free in choosing of the technology stack, so I chose Vue.js as a cross between React and Angular2. As syntactic sugar, I used TypeScript that I liked at my previous projects. Also ive got great experience with Element-ui. Main responsibilities: UI/UX design HTML markup SPA development Development and support of Electron desktop app Typescript • Vue.js • Webpack • Node.js • HTML • CSS iSimpleLab Front-end developer Aug 2014 — Feb 2017 A company that develops RBS for banks. Very valuable experience that boosted me as a professional. Great team that gave a good impetus for further study in the industry. As a result, I gained some development experience with zkos (Java framework with its own jquery wrapper). Later I participated in a separate project to create a SPA using Angular 2 / Typescript, from that moment I began to actively use TS. Main responsibilities: Appearance design and customization of the system HTML markup SPA development with Angular2 JQuery • Angular • Typescript • HTML • CSS Freelance Jan 2012 — Aug 2014 Home and some freelance projects. That was my first experience, i started my trip to programming with web development as HTML markup developer. After a while i've study my first programming language - PHP and started using Laravel. Few years later i started using Node.js with Express.js. Currently im actively using Typescript with Nest.js and Vue.js in all my pet projects. As a freelancer i worked mainly with gamer-oriented projects. Usually it was Bot development and Back-end/Front-end for some special sites with in-game stuff like CS:GO skins. Main responsibilities: Back-end development with steam integration Front-end development, sometimes it was SPA, usual static Server administration and deploy Node.js • Express.js • Typescript • Vue.js • HTML • CSS • Laravel • PHP

CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, Node.js, React, Angular 2, NestJs


Front-End Developer Remote, Junior Front-End Developer ReactJS

dnepr, Ukraine · $1000 · More than 10 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Тестовые задания не предлагать, хотите проверить мои знания задайте вопросы. PHP, MySQL, Linux, JavaScript, NodeJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, PhotoShop, LESS, HTML, CSS React на стадии изучения Имею опыт работы с следующими JS библиотеками и плагинами: morris.js fancyBox3 - dotdotdot - underscorejs - perfect-scrollbar Tooltipster device.js Chartist.js bootstrap-datetimejs

CSS, HTML, Zeplin, Bootstrap, Jade, Photoshop, Pug, AJAX, CSS Bliss, JavaScript, jQuery, LESS, БЭМ, Jira, NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, webpack, Prototype JS, React

Принимал огромное участие в разработке Три года принимал участие в разработке Как дополнительные и важные навыки: 1. Юзабилити web-интерфейса, дизайна 2. Понимание СЕО при верстке 3. Владение графическими редакторами на уровне отрисовки макета страницы. 4. Использую CSS для отрисовки элементов дизайна без использования картинок и sprite.png (пример подобной верстки ) 5. Использование CSS приемов для уменьшения JS и jQuery скриптов. 6. Так же имею опыт работы с API от google, yandex, vk.


Full Stack Developer

kiїv · $1000 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Strongly skills in WEB development: PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Linux (8 years) WordPress(ab 4 years) Ruby (~3 last years) Work with many custom Web apps, Content Management Systems, APIs, Frameworks, SEO, PSD to HTML pixel perfect, etc. Linux WEB server optimization/support (Nginx, Apache, PHP-FPM, core, etc...

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Git, jQuery, AJAX, SASS, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, REST API, JSON, LESS, OOP, MySQL, PHP, JS, UX/UI, Linux, SCSS, MVC, Photoshop, Wordpress, Nginx, JavaScript | jQuery, SVN, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Adobe Photoshop, HTML5/CSS3, PHP5


Розробник PHP

l'vіv, іvano-frankіvs'k, chernіvtsі, amsterdam · $2750 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Project name: Medical Information System - «» Description: The system provides a number of following services: For the patient: - Directory of medical institutions and doctors - View the timetable for online recording at the reception - Recall reminder - Making a declaration - Getting the recipe For the doctor: - A personal on-line cabinet with all medical history - View who is written to him - Viewing the complaint the patient is seeking - View the patient's medical card before taking For reception: - Editing Doctors Schedules - Viewing and editing all appointments at the institution Full integration with eHealth API - Digital signature of data Tools & technologies: Laravel, Vue Js, Digital sign, Daemon, Queues, REST API, eHealth API Responsibilities: Team leading, support, full stack platform development (back-end, front-end), DB architecture, implementing REST API based on JSON API specification, code, test and debug technical solutions in compliance with the defined engineering standards _________________________________________________________ Project name: Tomplay Interactive Sheet Music - Description: Tomplay has revolutionised music scores. The app’s features include: - A digitised score that automatically scrolls across the screen, synchronised with the accompanying music - The option to slow down / speed up the tempo of the accompaniment - The option to record your playing and listen to yourself - The option to personalise the sheet music with annotations - The option to choose a specific part of the music piece and practise it - The option to print your score and your annotations Tools & technologies: Laravel, Vue JS, jQuery, Ajax, Stripe, Paypal, Java, e-commerce Responsibilities: Team leading, DB architecture, developing back-end logic and REST API, Social API integration, implementation subscription system, payments, seo optimization

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Git, OOP, AJAX, jQuery, REST API, Laravel, Yii2, Jira, Vue.js 2, Yii, JSON, MVC, google api

Developed Medical Information System


Senior Software Engineer 🔥

kiїv · $3800 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Angular 7 frontend PHP (Magento 2) backend/fullstack

Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, Redux, REST API

- my past projects are still alive and growing - made frontend modules more robust by moving initialization from effects to services as it did not work well with multiple data sources and dynamic re-creation of components - improved effectiveness of admin panel development in Magento 2 by virtualizing the code boilerplate, which is required to build the CRUD part of modules


Team Lead / Tech Lead / Solutions Architect / Head Of Engineering / CTO

Remote work, Ukraine · $6000 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Started as a frontend developer, but quickly expanded the knowledge in other areas of software development, mainly backend and DevOps. Also good at team management. Created a Ukrainian division of the American outsourcing company and assembled a team of 20 engineers and testers. My main responsibilities were managing the scope and delivery of projects, mentoring engineers, acting as a pre-sales consultant and developing key components of the projects. I can bring the most value in: - disaster recovery projects where the company needs to change the situation with the product and pivot ASAP - projects, where one person with the experience to start the project from scratch and bring it all the way to support, is needed

Agile, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Linux, MacOS, Node.js, React, React Native, .NET, ASP.NET, Azure, C#, MongoDB, Vue.js, AWS, MySQL, NoSQL, Python, nestjs, Project Management, Scrum, SQL, Angular

- Challenging engineering tasks - Team leadership opportunity - Participation in the pre-sale phase if you are a service company - Technology assessments and comparisons


Senior Software Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer with over 10+ years of experience. Began career as a Systems Engineer (Infrastructure, pre-devops), turned to Backend (Python and Ruby), now mainly doing Frontend and Full Stack projects. Using React since before it was cool. Functional programming, Clojure fan. Linux for over 15 years. Can lead teams if necessary, own parts of the product.

React, Frontend, Full stack, Clojure, D3.js, JavaScript, Node.js, Linux, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, React / Redux

Created a custom Linux-based offering for small to medium businesses, that included a router with firewall, email, webmail, spam detection system in one box. Built a Single Sign On solution from scratch. Made a custom visualization library for React based on D3.js Took a complex Frontend project from specs to finish by myself

Remote only Some process set up ( no constant firefighting, no on-call ) A team of seasoned developers or a team that needs to be led


.NET developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

Имею большой опыт работы с микросервисной архитектурой. Долгое время работал в распределенной команде. Есть скромный опыт тим-лидства

.NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET WEB API, C#, LINQ, SQL, Entity Framework, Angular, HTML/CSS/JS, DDD, Unit Testing, GIT, TFS, OOP, NHibernate, SOLID, Angular.js, Angular 2+, CoffeeScript

Возможность работать удаленно.


✅ Front-end developer

Remote work, Belarus · $2800 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

Разработка десктопных приложений на стэке electron, node, react/redux/ es6/typescript. Подготовка дистрибутивов под linux, macos, windows. Опыт работы с docker, vagrant, nginx, perl. Понимание работы систем ассиметричного шифрования, протокола HTTP. Опыт удаленной работы больше 4 лет. ИП

JavaScript, Redux, Node.js, SASS, TypeScript, REST API, React, Git, HTML5, Jira, nvm, Linux, es6, Docker, Express.js, MySQL, NodeJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Опыт работы системным администратором, продвинутый пользователь linux/Unix, опыт разработки backend / database.

Стабильная долгосрочная работа в дружной команде над продуктом. Аgile предпочтителен.


Senior PHP Developer

chernovtsy, Ukraine · $3200 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

My primary specialisation is Symfony2, Laravel/AngularJS full stack development with higher emphasis on the backend. Experienced with: PHP, Symfony2, Laravel Building complex event driven architecture (CQRS/ES, DDD) Unit and functional testing Javascript, Angular MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch RabbitMQ Git Building RESTful API Third-party API integration


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