Java/Scala Developer

Remote work, Kyrgyzstan · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Java, Scala, Javascript, React, MYSQL, Linux

Java, SQL, Hadoop, JavaScript, React, Scala, Spark

Java/Scala Software development and Data Engineering in Scala Spark.

19 May

Senior Data Scientist/Lead Data Scientist

kiїv · $5000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Есть в опыт в выполнение основных задач машинного обучения: прогнозирование, классификация, кластеризация, рекомендация и т.д. Руководил и обучал Data Science команды. Последние годы занимаюсь анализом и визуализацией данных в блокчейне. Занимаюсь построением предикативных моделей цены активов, кластеризацией/классификацией адресов, визуализацией структурированных данных и построением графов. Сейчас веду Data Science направление. Хочу развиваться в подобной области с возможностями разширения команды и работы в команде с высококвалифицированными специалистами.

R , Data Science, SQL, Power BI, Math, English, Blockchain , MS Azure ML Studio, Azure, Neo4j, Retail, R Server, Algorithms, Data Visualisation, Blockchain Analytics

От новой работы ожидаю интересных задач, возможности учиться и обучать, делиться опытом и принимать его. Особено интересна работа с данными блокчейна и рынками финансов/капиталов. Основная причина поиска работы - это ограниченое применение спектра обладаемых знаний в области обработки и анализа данных.

18 May

Senior Python Developer / Team Lead 🔥

harkіv · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I'm looking for Senior Python Engineer / Team Lead position with the possibility to switch to Data Science/Machine Learning projects. 1. Total commercial development experience 5 years. * Python/Flask - 3 years * PHP/Magento/Laravel - 2 years. * Frontend/HTML/CSS/JS - 2.5 years. * C#/.NET Core - 1 year. 2. Technologies: * Python: Flask, SQLAlchemy, Django. Data Science libs: numpy, scikit-learn, pandas, matplotlib. * Data Science/Machine Learning: supervised learning (regression, SVM, RandomForest, XGBoost), unsupevised learning (k-NN, k-means, PCA, t-SNE, recommender systems, Anomalies Detection), statistics: hypothesis testing, A/B tests * SQL: CloudSQL, NoSQL (Google Datastore) , PostgreSQL * CSS: Less, SASS, Gulp, AtomicCSS, Object-Oriented CSS * JS: VueJS, NodeJS, Webpack, KnockoutJS, Angular,React. * PHP: Magento, Laravel. * C#: .NET Core, EntityFramework. * General: Linux, Docker, Google Cloud Platform (Google App Engine, Cloud SQL), Git. 3. Other: * Ph.D. degree (Mathematical Modeling). * Experience in writing scientific articles and technical documentation. * Thriving Open Source project (for SQLAlchemy). * Participation in Data Science conferences.

Flask, Git, JavaScript, Data Science, Math, Artificial Intelligence, vuejs, google cloud, Machine Learning, Python, Jupyter Notebook, scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, Linux, SQL, Docker, CSS, NodeJS

1. Ph.D. degree. 2. Open Source project. 3. Ability to create complex yet clean application architectures. 4. Ability to dive deeply into the problems. Willing to understand how things work under the hoods, not just using black boxes. 5. The ability to explain complex technical things in simple language even for non-technicians. 6. Experience in teaching PHP / CSS / JS (in groups and individually), the result is 6 successfully employed people. 7. Experience of public speaking. 8. Leadership experience in a small team.

1. Projects that make a difference in the world and make other people's lives better. 2. The ability to grow both professionally and personally (communication, leadership, decision making). 3. Desirable - possibility to participate in educational programs as a teacher (company internal courses, company courses at universities). 4. Desirable - business trips to customer / possibility to work from offices in other countries.

18 May

Data Scientist and Machine Learning Developer

Remote work · $2000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Passion to research • Python/Jupyter/IPython ◦ Keras, TensorFlow: DL/RNN/CNN; ◦ plotly, Bokeh, networkx; ◦ Spacy, gensim, GloVe; ◦ OpenCV, skimage; ◦ APIs (Flask, Gunicorn, watchdog); • R • SQL/NoSQL (MySQL, Mongo DB, Arango/AQL, Redis) • Linux/Unix/Bash • Git

R, data analysis, Data Science, Keras, Machine Learning, Mathematics, NLP, Python, scikit-learn, SQL, supervised learning, Unsupervised Learning, Data Visualization, Deep Learning, gensim, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Optimization, OS X, Project Management, Redis, Research, rnn, spacy, Statistics, Tensorflow, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Git, Linux, NoSQL, Programming, Unix, Flask, Reinforcement Learning

16 May

Data Scientist / R&D Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $4000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

several projects related to: - realtime image processing (object detection, 3d reconstruction) - realtime video processing (same + stylization) - research on image and video processing methods - convolutional neural networks - inference time optimization - video encoding speed optimization (avx / avx2 intrinsic functions) - implementation / optimizations of several image processing methods

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, Jupyter Notebook, PyTorch, DS , Statistcs, Linux, Calculus, Probability theory, Image Processing, CUDA, Algorithms, OpenCV, scikit-learn, numpy, NLP

yes: - projects on proof-of-concept stage - research roles - rather concept-focused than client-focused things no: - gambling, credit scoring, "big outsourcing companies"

12 May

Product Owner Data Science | Engeniering

kiev · $5000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Product Managment, Product Analytics, Tableau, Vertica, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgree, BPM Online, Google Analytics, TeaLeaf, Python, PL/SQL, T-SQL, VBA, SAS (Guide, Miner, Data Integration Studio, Memex), SVN, Jira, Confluence, Dating, Banking, Chargebacks, Risk Management, Billing

Visual Basic, dating, ETL, Oracle, Product management, Tableau, Web Analytics, Chargebacks, MSSQL, PL/SQL, Project Management, SAS Data Integration Studio, SAS Memex, Jira, MS PowerBI, MySQL, T-SQL, PostgreSQL, SAS Guide, Vertica, Google Analytics, Python, TeaLeaf, Risk management, Payment Processing, Team Management

10 May

Data scientist/Analytics lead/Project Manager 🔥 

kyiv, Ukraine · $1700 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

More the 6 years in Data Science and Analytics. For the last two years, I have been working in a remote company. My work is divided into two parts: 1) Project manager - Management of Data science and BI projects; - Finding new projects and clients; - Documentation and organization of internal processes; - Hiring and interviewing new employees. 2) BI developer - Creating dashboards and reports in Tableau, Google Data Studio Previously I worked as an analyst in the energy sector. I was for creating a forecast and reports.

Python, Tableau, Google Data Studio

I have a background in three similar spheres: analytics, management, and data scientists. It is hard to say which sphere I prefer the most but I'd like to continue working all these directions. I'm very interested in communication with stakeholders and understands the goals of the business. But also data science is very inspired me.

10 May

data analyst/ scientist senior or lead 🔥

$2700 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

more than 7 years experience in Data analysis and Data science with active usage wide range of tools and technologies include ML models 3y Python (Anaconda) around 2y R around 3 y SPSS, SAS, BI tools ( Power BI & Tableau ) OLAP SQL (>7Y) MS SQL ,MySQL,PostgreSQL etc HADOOP (short period) ... from business point of view main knowledge in finance , marketing, banking, clients(users) behavior etc

Python, SQL, Machine Learning, pandas, numpy, R , Tableau, SPSS, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, data analysis, AWS, MS PowerBI

Several successfully finished projects in areas of finance, marketing , banking etc.

only part time remote work around 20 hour weekly and with rate 10-20 USD hourly (after taxes)

8 May

MS SQL Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

MS SQL Server, T-SQL, Business Intelligence (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), DBA


data quality analysis, нечеткий поиск, оптимизация

Не хочется иметь дело с 1с

6 May

Project Manager

berlin · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Project Management, Business analysis, GIS, Geographic Information Systems, image processing, satellite imagery, remote sensing, Python, JavaScript, data management

Business Analysis, English, GIS, Project Management, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Python

German PhD in Geography Head of GIS and IT at an independent consultancy in Germany UK, Ukrainian and German work experience EU passport Fintech project experience

GIS, remote sensing, data science, fintech

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