Senior Frontend Developer

remote · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ES6, Jquery, Vue.js, React, React.js, Node.js, Webpack, NPM

Heroku, HTML5, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, React, vuejs, CSS, webpack, Elixir, Redux, SASS, CSS3, Yarn, NPM

Expirience: Working with web more than 6 years. I have few projects in production. RoR stack & modern javascript stack(ES6/React/Vue) What I do: Write less and effective code. Develop large projects architecture. I love ruby & rails. Because rails gives better productivity and efficient for developing than many other frameworks.

Complex tasks. Good management. Professional growth. Friendly team.


Interactive Developer (JavaScript, front-end) 

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Adobe Flash/AIR, DoubleClick, Rich-media, Animation (Adobe Animate, GSAP, CSS, SVG).

Adobe animate, Flash, HTML5, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, CSS3, GSAP, Adobe Illustrator, animation, createJS, es6, Git, Google DoubleClick, Gulp, MVC, pixi.js, SASS, Grunt, Three.js / WebGL

I don't have anything particular that I'd consider an achievement except maybe that most of the clients I've worked with I've also become friends with. I also can learn fast (really, I mean it :)) and always try to get real intention behind any task or requirement. I am a friendly guy and can manage clients myself (been doing this since 2003), meaning I can work alone, in a team or with a manager assigned. If you feel I may be the guy you'd like to work with please ping me and I will show you my portfolio web-site so you could get a better idea of what I am capable of right away :)

I've been working as an Interactive Developer for the recent 10+ years. I was mostly doing Flash work with recent shift to JavaScript. Since Flash allowed for rich interfaces I am now in a search for a job that will allow to work on something more than just "a convenient website with clean design". I'd like to tinker with cool effects, WebGL (Three.js or Phaser), SVG or Canvas animation. I would also like to work on complex banners (rich-media) for DoubleClick and other platforms (I am DoubleClick certified).


Web Developer / Angular2

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

JavaScript, AngularJs, Angular2, TypeScript, Firebase, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Git, Angular Material, Node, Mongo, Expres, PrimeNG, Google Maps API

Только удаленная работа и Ангулар2+


PHP Developer | Розробник PHP | Web Developer(remote)

Dnipro · $1500 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Проект (та інші prodaem.*.ua сайти). Оновлення бекенду для підтримки версії PHP 7 Оновлення UI/UX на jQuery та тем bootstrap. Проект - Розробив 2-х факторну авторизацію, e-mail повідомлення, обробку документо обігу(зберігання, конвертування, упорядкування документв на стороні сервера, UI/UX для сортування, классифікації документів, та ajax API для збереження інформації). Проект UI/UX , API для внутрішньої CRM системи. Учасник команди. Проект . UI/UX та ajax-API гаманця, персональних сторінок, та АРМ бухгалтера. . UI/UX на jQuery та bootstrap. Учасник команди. Проект – серверні компоненти ORM, assets,реалізацая EAV патернуб UI/UX та ajax-API для фронтенду. Учасник команди.

PHP, MySQL, Design Patterns, Linux, Git, REST API, AJAX, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, Symfony, Laravel, Apache, Nginx, jQuery

Використовувати і бути в тренді сучасних технологій.

25 June

Senior Frontend Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Hello, I’m 5 years experienced developer and IT-consultant and I know how to turn your ideas into working business. I have strong computer science background which helps me to build complex projects from scratch: starting from requirements analysis, architecture designing, code implementation, testing, documentation, deployment and maintenance. I believe that coding is an instrument for solving business problems. Therefore when working on a project I always dive deep into your company’s mission and goals to deliver convenient and useful product for your clients.

JavaScript, EcmaScript 6, NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux, Redux Saga, Reselect, Jest, Storybook, HTML5, CSS, SCSS, Webpack 4, UX/UI, Material-UI, jQuery, HTTP, JSON, AJAX, REST API, JSON-API, RPC, Express.js, NPM, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, WebSockets, puppeteer, PWA, Linux, Shell, Docker, OOP, FP, Rust, Git, Git Flow, GraphQL

Looking for opportunity to take part in interesting project.


Senior Software Engineer 

$4000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Programming Skills Java and JVM languages: Core Java SE, Java 8, Kotlin, Scala Spring framework: Core, MVC, Data, Security, OAP, Boot ORM: JPA, Hibernate Cloud: AWS - Beanstalk, DynamoDB, EC2, Cognito, Lamda, Cloudwatch, API Gateway, SES Front-end: Unity, iOS, Android DB and SQL: ElasticSearch, Mongo DB, DynamoDB, MySql BigData: Apache Storm, Kafka Version Control: Git, SVN Build tools: Maven, Gradle Tools: Docker, Jenkins, Jira OS: Linux, Mac OS, Windows

Java, MVC, Git, Java 8, JDBC, JUnit, MySQL, OOP, Servlets, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring ORM, SVN, Hibernate, Jira, Linux, Maven, REST, SQL, JavaScript, Scala, Spring Security, kotlin, Spring Boot, spring boot 2, spring webflux, ElasticSearch, Unity, iOS, Swift, Android, KotIin

Successfully developed e-commerce project from scratch. Developed 2 successful mobile games


Team Lead

Kyiv · $5500 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

NodeJS, JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML/CSS, Linux, Bootstrap, MongoDB, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL, Mongoose, VueJS, DevOPS, Lead

Node.js, JavaScript, React, VueJS

Can send CV

- New technologies - Friendly team - Ability to grow like specialist


UI Developer

Moscow · $3000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Haxe, Dart, Flutter, JavaScript, Scaleform, ActionScript3 (AS3), ActionScript, Flash, AIR, Cross-platform, Canvas, HTML5, Pixi, OpenFL, Games

ActionScript, ActionScript3 (AS3), AIR, canvas, cross-platform, Flash, Games, HaXe, OpenFL, PIXI, Scaleform, SVN, Git, HTML5, JavaScript, Flutter, Dart

Currently working on: Armored Warfare (Scaleform, Haxe) UI Dev Team Lead Integrated Haxe compiler into UI development pipeline to replace AS 2.0 Changed while UI production process with Figma API automation Variuos HTML5 Games and iPad App (promotion) for (built with Haxe and Pixi.js) Best project from the past: Touch-Z Distance (frontend flash, serverside control, media streaming, arduino programming)

Не рассматриваю переезд в страны СНГ

23 August

Tech Lead Front-End Developer

Lviv · $5500 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- 7 years in general (react, ng, ng1, nodejs/express, backbone, others) - 4 years with React ecosystem - 4 years as a team lead

JavaScript, HTML5, Git, CSS3, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Node.js, React, SASS, AJAX, Redux, webpack, TypeScript, LESS, REST API, Jira, Gulp, Vue.js, JSON, MongoDB, OOP, Angular, react js, Google Analitycs, GraphQL, Stylus, Grunt, Cross-browser and adaptive layout skills, Facebook API, Test Driven Development, Twitter Bootstrap, Adobe Photoshop, ionic, JavaScript | jQuery, HTML & CSS, firebase, Web Development, Design Patterns, bower, Zeplin

- new react/redux project - leading team

23 August

Senior Java Developer

Odesa · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- experience as front-end developer as well back-end. - create high-load and RIA applications. - good knowledge UDP, TCP and HTTP protocol and some proprietary binary data protocols. - Very good OOP knowledge (design patterns, SOLID) and high quality code. - team lead experience. - ready to learn new technologies

Java, OOP, PostgreSQL, JDBC, Git, Design Patterns, SOLID, JavaScript, Python

master degree in Applied Mathematics

interesting project and friendly team, modern technologies, flexible work schedule

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