Network/Security Engineer

kyiv, Ukraine · $2000 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Hardware: Network devices: - Cisco routers and switches - HP switches and routers - Aruba Networks controllers and access points - Ubiquity UniFi controllers and access points Security software and devices: - Fortinet firewall platforms - Palo Alto firewall platforms - Cisco ASA firewall platforms - CheckPoint firewall platforms - IBM QRADAR - OpenVAS - Nmap/BurpSuite/Metasploit etc Server infrastructure: - HP BladeLine servers - HP Density Line servers - HP Storage systems - SAN-switches Software: DBMS: - Microsoft SQL Server (from 2005 to 2014) - MariaDB, Percona - PostgreSQL - SQLite Authentication and authorization: - Microsoft AD - OpenLDAP - FreeRADIUS - Aruba ClearPass Web servers and related: - IIS - Tomcat - LAMP stack - Nginx - Varnish - Memchached Mail Servers: - Microsoft Exchange - Exim - Dovecot - Sandmail - Postfix Virtualization: - Microsoft Hyper-V - VMWare - QEMU\KVM Backup systems: - Microsoft SC DPM - Veeam Backup&Replication - HP DPM Monitoring systems: - Zabbix Scripting (basic level): - Bash

Linux, bash, Python, TCP/IP

Certifications: HP ATA - Servers & Storage HP ATA - Connected Devices HP ATA - Networks Aruba Certified Mobility Professional Aruba Certified ClearPass Professional V6.5 Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator Red Hat Certified System Administrator

Looking for the opportunity to develop my skills in security, especially in penetration testing.



kiev · $3500 · 9 years of experience · Intermediate

Linux, AWS, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, Git, Nagios, Magento, Jenkins, Ansible, Ansible Tower

Apache, AWS, Git, Linux, Nagios, MySQL, Magento, bash, Nginx, Redis, SVN, Tomcat, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, CentOS

Адекватный менеджмент. Сложные задачи. Неформальная обстановка.



Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

AWS, Kubernetes, GCE, Rancher, docker, MySQL, Linux, FreeBSD, Nginx, Nagios, Jira, bash, Apache, MongoDB, Gitlab, Jenkins etc...

Apache, bash, FreeBSD, Jira, Linux, Nagios, Nginx, AWS, Docker, Git, GitLab, MySQL, Rancher, Zabbix, GCD, graylog, Hadoop, Jenkins, Kubernetes, MongoDB, Redis, Redmine, Azure, Kafka, Kibana, logstash

Профессиональный рост. Неформальная обстановка. Адекватный менеджмент. Интересные задачи. Минимум бюрократии.


Linux system administrator, junior DevOps-engineer 

kharkiv, Ukraine · $900 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Basic knowledge and skills of administration Linux-server (Ubuntu, Debian,Centos) (DNS (BIND), DHCP, FTP (ProFTPd, Pure-FTPd, vsFTPd), MTA (Sendmail, Postfix, Exim) + Clamav + Spamassasin + Amavisd,DKIM,SPF VPN: Pptp, IPSec, OpenVpn Firewall: Iptables, CSF WEB: Apache, Nginx Database: MySQL, MongoDB Caching: Redis,Memcached Monitoring system: Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti, Munin, Monit Virtualization: OpenVZ, LXC KVM, ProxMox Hosting-panels: Cpanel, Plesk RCV: GIT, SVN Loadbalancer: HAproxy,Keepalived,ipvs Backup: Rsnapshot,Duplicity, Bacula Scripting: Bash Other RAID, LVM, Redmine A little bit DevOps: СI/CD: Jenkins(Declarative Pipeline) Containerization/Orchestration: Docker(Engine,Compose,Swarm),Kubernetes, ECS Monitoring: Prometheus+Grafana Clouds: AWS(EC2,VPC,LB, Route53,S3), Google Cloud(GKE,LB,CloudNat)

DNS, Ubuntu/Debian/Centos/Linux, MySQL, Nagios/Zabbix/Monit/Munin, Nginx/Apache/PHP-FPM, Postfix/Dovecot/FTP, bash, MongoDB, RAID/LVM/Redmine, Redis/Memcache/RabbitMQ, AWS, Docker, Git, Jenkins, Swarm, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Google Cloud Platform

Практическое применение своих знаний/навыков в области Linux-администрирования Получение знаний DevOps-технологий и профессиональный рост в команде опытных DevOps-инженеров Отсутствие Windows-серверов.


Architect, DevOps, Developer, Linux engineer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $4200 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

DevOps engineer with 15+ years of experience. Architecture, implementing, launching and support of systems and solutions. * Operating systems: Linux, Unix * Programming languages: Go, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Groovy, shell * Automation tools: Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, Selenium * Version control systems: Git, Subversion * Virtualization: Vagrant, Docker, OpenVZ, KVM, Xen * Cloud computing: AWS, Azure * Logs: Graylog, EFK stack * Databases: Postgres, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL * Networking: OpenVPN, IPSec, Tor, proxies, firewalls * Web stuff: AngularJS, Django, Rails, PHP, nginx, Apache

Linux, Unix, Golang, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Groovy, Shell, bash, Ansible, puppet, Jenkins, Jenkins Pipelines, Selenium , Git, SVN, vagrant, Docker, AWS, Azure, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, OpenVPN, Firewalls, Networking, Security, Monitoring, Nginx, Apache, Virtualization, DevOps, graylog

* Drove the scaling of a DCI solution (Web content filtering) from 250MB/s to 8GB/s * Was a CIO * 18 years ago wrote and sold to a couple of small ISPs a simple billing system, that's it how it all began * I have two cats

I'm fond of systems architecture and automation. Relocation is possible, although limited to places with a warm sea nearby.



dnepr, remote · $2500 · 7 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

OS: Ubuntu, Debian, Centos. Cloud: AWS(EC2, Auto Scaling, ECS, ECR, S3, RDS, Elastic Cache, VPC, Route 53, ELB, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, SQS, SNS). Services: Nginx, Apache2, PHP, Memcached, Redis, rabbitmq, Databases: Mysql, Mongodb. CI/CD: Jira, Gitlab, Jenkins. Stream service: Red5Pro, Wowza. Monitoring: Zabbix, Munin, Nagios, New Relic. IaC: Terraform(Azure, AWS).

Linux, red5pro, Wowza, AWS, bash, Terraform, Azure, Rancher, Prometheus, Grafana, Jenkins Pipelines, Docker, Nginx, PHP-fpm, Jira, ELK stack, Kubernetes

Continuous (I/D) infrastructure from scratch. Development lifecycle for different environments from scratch: dev, stage, prod. Automating tasks with simple bash scripts.

I'm looking for interesting projects with an excellent team and an atmosphere inside. Preferably work exclusively with AWS technology.


JavaScript Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Strong with: Javascript, Perl Languages: Javascript, Perl, C, Java, Ruby, Bash Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English Strong Programming experience Strong Unix experience (Linux/FreeBSD) Strong DB experience (MySQL/PostgreSQL/Mongo) Worked with: Javascript, Perl, C, Ruby, Java, Bash, Asm More at

AJAX, Debian, JavaScript, JSON, Linux, Node.js, Perl, PostgreSQL, Ubuntu, JavaScript FullStack, MySQL, CVS, Highload, Mongo, MongoDB, MVC, Nginx, NoSQL, CentOS, FreeBSD, Git, SVN - my CV


System administrator, Junior DevOps

kharkiv, Ukraine · $600 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Knowledge and experience in Microsoft platform; in *NIX (arch linux, debian, ubuntu);Amazon EC2; RouterOS (Mikrotik); Iot; 2 years of experience as IT Department Manager

Check MK, Debian, Nagios, Router OS, TCP/IP, Ubuntu, Windows, Linux, Atlassian, AWS, Confluence, Git, Munin, DNS, Apache, customer support

Уважаемые HR, если у Вас нет возможности озвучить в диалоге размер оплаты труда, не тратьте своё и моё время.


Support Team Leader

kyiv, Ukraine · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Build 24x7 DevOps (SRE) Support team Cloud Solutions Office 365 Azure AWS Tech Lead Team Lead IT Infrastructure Architect Windows Server 2003-2012 Lync/Skype for Business 2010-2013 Exchange Server 2003-2013, Online Microsoft Intune SharePoint (Server and services) System Center (SCCM VMM) Security Active Directory (ADCS ADDC ADFS ADRMS PKI/CS Group Policy) WSUS Microsoft network services (Web, FTP, SMTP, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, NTP) VDI/TS Virtualization (VMware, Hyper-V) Clustering PowerShell VBS Batch scripting ITIL process implementation Audit (Infrastructure, Security, Datacentre)

Active Directory, ADFS, Audit, Azure, Group Policy, Infrastructure development, Infrastructure support, office 365, Team Managment, teamlead, Windows, Lync, Server hardware, SharePoint, VDI/TS, Exchange, Intune, Linux, Project Management

Professional with 15+ years of experience - Build 24x7 DevOps support team, grow from 4 to 20 engineers during a year - multiple successes infrastructure projects in huge organisations - management of 10+ members team - 2nd and 3rd line support with ITIL methology experience

Teamlead Techlead IT Infrastructure Architect Senior Microsoft Engineer

17 May

System Administrator, IT Systems Engineer

kiev · $500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

IT Project Engineer / Chief System Administrator - construction of IT infrastructure Chief Information Officer - System Integration: Providing IT outsourcing services for enterprises (IT infrastructure construction, server configuration and support, SCS, video surveillance, WiFi, etc.) Head of Service Center - Maintenance and repair of digital, computer, office, printing equipment. Refilling and restoration of cartridges.

Linux, MySQL, Networking, TCP/IP, Python, Zabbix, Ubuntu, DHCP, VirtualBox, Cisco, Information Security, ESXi virtualization, ESXi, Windows, CentOS, DNS, rsync, IPS/IDS, EC2, Active Directory, Windows Server, Asterisk, FreePBX, iptables, Grafana, NAS4Free, MS SQL Server, Postfix

Design, installation and commissioning of SCS; systems of video surveillance, purchase of equipment. Administration and security of LAN and WAN, WiFI network, VPN network, local area network planning. Organization of WiFi coverage on large areas. Replacement of analog automatic telephone exchanges by digital. Installation and administration of servers based Linux & Windows. Organization and administration of file storage. Basic knowledge of the script language Bash, sh. Organization and launch of monitoring systems based on Nagios, Zabix.

See something bigger, bigger projects, search development.

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