Sales Manager

Kyiv · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I’m 30 and for the past 7 years I’ve been working on client service, project management and business development positions in various IT companies with offices in Kyiv. All of them were focused on doing business in foreign markets (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia).

Sales, English, B2B, Business development, Communication Skills, Account Management, Presentation skills, Project Management, Networking, Demo presentations

I was a volunteer during EURO-2012 preparation cycle working at two large football tournaments — Bannikov’s Cup in 2008 and EURO-2009 U19 in Mariupol and Donetsk. I was coordinating communication and hospitality operations, supporting foreign teams and supporting anti-doping activities during the game times. I frequently volunteer during festivals in Kyiv, with the latest being ​Kyiv Lights Festival 2018​ and Precompression Kyiv​, with the latter being a festival organized by Ukrainian community of Burning Man festival. I’m vocal supporter of the freedom of individual expression, took part in Kyiv Pride 2018 and even gave a ​short comment on national TV​ to deflect the negative attitudes of a general public towards the participants of the Pride. I produce and record music and currently writing a mini-album with a plan to release music later this year. This was a self-challenge to return to writing music and send message to public about turning their faces, not their backs on other people, building stronger communities and uniting around what they are passionate about. As a result of these efforts, I’ve attracted people that make music together with me, produce videos and let their creative potential unfold to my, their and general public’s amusement.


Sales manager/account manager/ team lead/ Business development manager

Kyiv · $1000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

VIP account sales manager, Team lead Advertico (IT - разработка ПО) февраль 2016 — февраль 2019 Обработка клиентов по телефону и почте в чатах, работа в CRM, холодные и теплые звонки, поиск клиентов по разным сервисам ( RocketSearch, Linkedin,Facebook, google, закрытые базы) продажи продукта, обработка возражений. Создание индивидуальных предложений для собственной и общей базы клиентов, составления запросов и активное сотрудничество со всеми отделами в компании, анализ рынка и конкурентов, общение с клиентами с разных стран. Построение отдела VIP sales на два направления ( CIS, Western market, USA, Canada) Sales Director First Conference Hall (Отели / Рестораны / Развлекательные комплексы) апрель 2019 — ноябрь 2019 Построение отдела продаж с нуля (рекрутинг процесс - первая сделка ). Оценка качества продаж,проведение тренингов по лидогенерации и продажам для коллег. Переговоры, презентации, показы. Заключение сделок, поиск новых клиентов, привлечение спонсоров и подрядчиков. Business development processes, marketing development. Работа в CRM, Google calendar, Google docs, Excel. Заключение договоров на английском и украинском языках. Ориентированность на рынок Европы, США, СНГ

Sales, Communication Skills, It sales, English, Business development, International sales, B2B, Negotiations, Lead generation, Account Management, Team management, Presentation skills, Business Developement, Key Account management, B2C, Europe and USA markets, Jira, Leadgeneration, sales negotiation, Client Management, Team Player, Business Analysis, Sales Operation, B2B sales, Upwork, Product management, Linkedin, CRM, Project Management, customer support, Marketing, International Deals, Demo presentations, Leads Generation, Sales Management, Customer care, Partner relationships, Internalional sales, Business Strategy, Client Relationship, Email Outreach, market growth, business negotiations

Опыт построения отделов продаж и саппорта с нуля. Развитие бизнеса, международные продажи В2В / B2C, поиск клиентов (лидогенерация) , опыт работы с CRM ( Helpdesk, JIRA, Sales Force, etc )и ERP системами, использование Upwork, внедрение маркетинговых решений в бизнесе, хорошее знание Microsoft Office ,готов работать в разных сферах,проходить тренинги и обучаться новым для себя направлениям. Готов достигать различных поставленных целей! Рассмотрю любые ваши предложения) Кроме фин.рынков!

Интересуют все отрасли, кроме финансовых рынков.


Head of Administrative Department

Kyiv · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Expert in Administrative field who specializes in Office Management, Real Estate, Visa&Travel, Procurement, Finance, Branding, Corporate Events, Relocation and have 5+ years experience working in IT companies. - oversee all aspects of front office and warehouse operations across 3 locations - contribute operations information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; prepare and complete action plans; resolve problems; complete audits; - launch new premises (1000+ m2); conclude and terminate lease contracts; manage real estate portfolio; - manage office relocation project (100+ FTE); - launch, develop, support and coordinate of service desk system(Jira); - prepare monthly and annual budget; schedule expenditures; analyze variances; initiating corrective actions; - analyze process workflow, workers and space requirements and equipment layout; implement changes; - develop, implement, enforce and evaluate operations policies and procedures and to follow with communication them to the organization (office standards, V&T, IT HW standards, IT security, relocation, On/Off boarding, approval matrix policies, brand book); - establish contracts and pricing and ensuring proper maintenance and serving local government agencies, such as fire, police, health and safety agencies; - manage relationships with key operations vendors; - manage relocation process (3 successful relocation: Russian citizen to Ukraine, Ukraine citizen to Spain, Indian citizen to Spain); - be responsible for the inventory and performing analysis of the inventory and ensure the utilization of the inventory effectively, purchasing the right equipment, maintaining solid inventory data and reduce sub-rental expenses; - be responsible for all business trips and concierge management; - be responsible for planning and executing company’s social events.

Communication Skills, Problem Management, Process Management, Team Leadership, Team management, Support, Jira, Confluence, Kanban, Excel, MS PowerPoint

Real Estate Management Drives for Results and Strong management skills Project Management Team playing Communication Decision Making Change and Conflict Management Analytical and problem solving Lease agreement management Experience at financial analyzes and reports


Technical, customer support, IT specialist, SLS

Kyiv · $1500 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Worked as B2C sales rep for 2 years communicating with people across the globe (mainly USA, Canada and UK) over the phone. I do have great communication skills and I'm able to persuade without pushing too hard. I was selling software and services. Later on I was technical support troubleshooting different hardware and software related issues on OSX, Windows, android, iOS and other peripheral devices such as printer's, scanner's etc. Whatever could've been done over the phone and remote session I should've done. Worked as customer support for a product of company too. Can provide step by step instructions both written and verbally. Reporting bugs. Working night shifts, holidays. Creating technical documentation/guide how to act in case of an incident or issue. Troubleshooting network issues. Familiar and have experience with multiple "ticket" systems - jira, snow. Used salesforce for a while, Google tools, VoIP, confluence. Zabbix, grafana, elk, apps, newrelic.

CRM, English, Communication Skills, Sales, International sales, It sales, Team Building, IT outsource sales, Team management, Networking, Marketing, B2C, Support, customer support, Customer service, Microsoft Office, Jira, Windows, helpdesk, Customer care, Account Management, Удаленная работа, Technical Support, Support Management, Service Desk, AWS, Zabbix, appdynamics, newrelic, Manual Testing, Ability to learn quickly, Analytical Skills, Good communication skills, Confluence, Customer Support, zendesk, MacOS, Android, Support on Skype/phone, Excel, Troubleshooting, Customer Service, Scrum, Agile, JIRA, Incident Management, Customer Support Expertise

Learned to troubleshoot any hardware and software related issues. Gained valuable communication and negotiation skills as a sales agent.

Stable income. Self-development, love to communicate with people. Looking for a place to stay for a while. Would love to invest my knowledge, skills and ideas into common good of the company.


Junior Business Analyst

Odesa · $700 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Стаж работы в IT-компании 3,5 года . В должностные обязанности входит как , support клиентов по авиа - жд контенту, так и разбор логов , анализ ошибок для корректного формирования задачи в Jira. Так же привлекался к проекту в качестве PM. До этого работал в сфере по продаже авиабилетов в аэропорту.

Busines Analysis, Analysis, Jira, Project Management, Support

Выступление на конференции за пределами нашей страны , в качестве менеджера по запуску клиентов.

Возможность реализации задуманных проектов, не смотря парой на безумные идеи ))) Карьерный рост, куда же без него )))

7 December

System administrator

California · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Service organizations. Engineering, economic solutions and other tasks of the organization. Development of plans and schedules for servicing the organization and branches. Determination of rational loading of departments and performers, quality control of work performance. Updating the technical base of the IT department and the introduction of modern methods and means of information processing. Study and analysis of the information services market. Maintenance and equipment maintenance software. Prevention and troubleshooting that occur during the operation of equipment. Control of performance of contractual obligations in the area of responsibility. Reporting directly to the head of the organization. Installation on network software servers and workstations. Configuring systems on the server. Ensuring the integration of software on file servers, servers, database management systems and workstations. Maintaining the operational status of server software and workstations. User registration, assignment of identifiers and access rights. Training and consulting users on PC and other office equipment. Monitoring the use of network resources. Organization of access to local and global networks. Ensuring timely copying and backing up data. Security: - network security (protection against unauthorized access to information, viewing or changing system files and data); - security interconnection. Preparation of proposals for the modernization and acquisition of network equipment. Work with remote branches, business trips around the edge.

Active Directory, Configuring VPS / VDS servers, DNS, LAN-WAN, Local IP access networks, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PC repair, TCP / IP, VPN, HTTP, FreeBSD, Linux

While working on the standard skills and services of an IT specialist, I learned how to install satellite dishes, the Internet, wi-fi, television in TAIGA! Developed a land processing system, assembled a server with the ability to destroy data and hard drives if necessary. Laid kilometers of wires to configure, connect office equipment, servers and networks.

7 December

Account Manager

Kyiv · $1200 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Multinational Accounts and Programs operations. High experienced as a Multinational Account Servicing Manager in Insurance sphere. Responsible specialist, who undertakes complex assignments, meets tight deadlines and can be absolutely multitasking. Able to work successfully with approximately 300 hundred Account' base . Totally motivated in self-development in various spheres of life. Believes in development, progress, minds and kindness. Currently searching for Account Manager position

English, Microsoft Office, people management, writing, insurance, Contract negotiations, Account Management, Process Management, Wordings reviewing, Communication Skills, Customer service, customer success, Analysis

International Programs work experience. Solid communication skills.

Opportunities to improve myself, honest and open-minded Management, creative environment, motivating Team and knowledge exchange

7 December

Account Project Manager

Kyiv · $1000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Areas of Expertise / Skills: • Experienced customer service professional • Valuable support skills • Dedicated team player • Independent thinker • Intercultural communication • Active problem solver • Strong interpersonal skills • Influential motivator • Advanced ENG + bilingual (RUS+UKR) • Patient optimizer • Energetic Risk management • Time management

Support, Sales, English, Ability to learn quickly, Account Management, Project Management

Best sales manager of the month (Roboforex, several times per year since 2013)

1. English environment. 2. Friendly colleagues. 3. Non-stop education and development. 4. Business trips. 5. No cold calls.

6 December

Customer Care Manager 

Kyiv · $1400 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Main responsibilities: • Answering questions, providing information to customers. • Working in chat and ticket systems, via phones. • Problem-solving, dealing with complaints. • Escalate technical and billing questions to appropriate managers. • Working with CMS & E-Commerce platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Opencart, Shopify). • Sales. • Bugs submit and traking. • Performing shift management duties. Managing shift workflow. • Developing user documentation. Knowlage in Php, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL. Software: Jira, Confluence, Kayako, CRM. Languages: Ukranian and Russian (fluent), English (intermediate) Other skills: Negotiation, Sales, Customer Service, Customer Support, Customer Care

HTML5, PHP, Jira, English, Team management, Project Management, Product management, Confluence, CSS, MySQL, Wordpress, Git, Joomla, Web Development

6 December

Системний адміністратор

Herson · $1000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Налагодження, підтримка *nix/windows мережей. Сайтів з БД та інше

Linux, TCP/IP, MySQL, Nginx, Networking, Zabbix, Windows, DNS, Apache, DHCP, PostgreSQL, firewalld, Git


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