Engineering Manager, Delivery Manager 

Kyiv · $5500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• Driving all stages of software development: from pre-sales, planning and discovery phase to implementation, delivery and maintenance. A proponent of best engineering practices coming from XP. • Leadership: building and leading distributed and collocated teams of 20+ FTE in total, hiring and firing, promotion, retention, professional development. • Project management: FP and T&M contracts, planning, budgeting, requirements, changes, risks, stakeholders. • Engineering background: building high-load network services, web applications, data processing systems, CI/CD in UNIX-like environments. Perl, Ruby, Python, R, Scala. • Cross-cultural communication: earning trust of clients and stakeholders from the US, Europe, India. • Public speaking, facilitation. Industries: Geospatial, Business Intelligence, AdTech, FinTech, Internet Hosting, E-commerce, BPM.

Agile, Git, Kanban, Perl, Project Management, project planning, Requirements analysis, REST API, Risk management, Scrum, SDLC, Technical Writing, Web Development, XP, CI, data analysis, HTTP, People management, Process Improvement, TDD, Business Analysis, Business processes modelling, Linux, Product management, Public Speaking, Python, Quality Assurance (QA), User Interface (UI), R (language), Ruby, Unix, User Experience (UX)

• Helped 3 product companies and 2 outsourcing vendors to build cross-functional development teams, organize transparent and predictable development process fueling continuous delivery of high quality software. • Delivered over 10 SaaS products, 12 web and mobile applications, 7 distributed network services and API implementations. • Ramped up a team of 12 full-time skilled SW engineers and relocated them from CIS to the company's HQ in Cyprus so that to bootstrap on-site product development. • Designed and delivered an e-commerce platform for automatic sale of ISP hardware and bandwidth to mass-market in different locations with configurable pricing schemes, models, upgrades and sub-services, automatic OS installation, server management, instant sign-up, marketing performance tracking. • Simplified cross-department workflows within a 100+ product company: automated key business processes and consolidated scattered business data in a cloud. • Implemented a Tier-4 R&D Support 24/7 readiness solution for outsourcing customer and established incident management process. • Upgraded engagement model of a global outsourcing vendor from Team Extension to Component Outsourcing within one of its key accounts. • PMO contributor: SW Delivery Playbook. • OSS contributor: HTTP long-polling, text processing.


Team Lead, CTO

Kyiv · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Unix & windows administration since 1997 Cisco & network equipment since 2000 Programming (c/c++/c#/mysql/mssql) since 1999 Release with small team of programmers own ERP system for one of biggest retail I Ukraine in 2004 ( still used as main ERP system) Valid CCNP, fcnsp 4.0 certificates Experience in automation, virtualization, DB administration, monitoring etc Head engineer more than 5 year

MySQL, Linux, Project Management, SQL, Nginx, C#, .NET, Mikrotik, Infrastructure support

Finished software projects for one of the biggest retail company in Ukraine. Simple and stable internet billing system. Some awards in international events

Team management and infrastructure building. Proctoring and leading in various aspects of IT


Senior PHP Developer

Kharkiv · $3500 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

PHP, Laravel, Yii, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux, OOP, MVC, Redis, RabbitMQ, Memcached, Docker, Design Patterns, MongoDB, SocialApi, Git, Jira, JavaScript

AJAX, MySQL, PHP, XML, Yii, Yii2, CSS3, Docker, HTML5, Laravel, MongoDB, Design Patterns, PostgreSQL

Friendly work atmosphere and involved team. New exciting challenges and possibilities for professional growth. It would be great to work with product company or startup.


pl/sql developer

Kyiv · $2000 · 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Oracle pl/sql power designer

PL/SQL, Oracle

Спроектирована и реализована работающая банковская система (АБС) с нуля в BankOfBaku (Азербайджан) Спроектирована и реализована работающая банковская система (АБС) с нуля в банке Kapital (Азербайджан) см.LinkedIn профиль

Профессиональный рост. Сложные задачи.


CTO, Software architect Project manager

Remote work, Czechia · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Архитектура бекенда, Общее понимание клиенской разработки, Менеджерские скиллы, Unity3D, PHP, Mysql, NoSQL, Linux,

MySQL, Архитектура бекенда, Менеджерские скиллы, Linux, NoSQL, PHP, Общее понимание клиенской разработки, Unity3D, MySQL

Успешно завершил разработку игровой ММО. 2 года успешного руководства и доведения до релиза 5-ти серверных частей для мобильных игр. Построение серверной платформы и разработка архитектуры для разработки мобильных игр

Геймдев. высокие серверные нагрузки.


Team Lead

Cherkasy · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Linux, bash, TCP/IP, Networking, Git, Docker, Nginx, Ubuntu, MySQL, DNS, Apache, AWS, DHCP, VMware, Jira, SQL, Cisco, Kubernetes, MongoDB, VirtualBox, docker, Redis, Mikrotik, https, Postfix, Nginx/Apache/PHP-FPM, Virtual machines, XML, Zabbix, dhcp, Monitoring, Python, Windows Server, PostgreSQL, Debian, RHEL, amazon aws, LAMP

Адекватный менеджмент.


Architect / Lead / Senior Node.js

Kyiv · $6500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

[Common] Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript; [Architecture] OOA/OOP/OOD, SOLID, GRASP, GoF, REST, SoA, Microservices; UML, BPMN; [Backend Frameworks] Express.js, AdonisJs, Nest.js, Hapi, Koa.js, Derby.js; GraphQL; gRPC, Istio; [Frontend Frameworks] Svelte.js, Angular, Vue.js, React, Riot.js; PWA; [Databases] Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse; TypeORM, Knex.js; [DevOps tools] GitlabCI, Jenkins, TeamCity; GIT, SVN, Mercurial; Nginx; [Infrastructure] Docker, Swarm; Kubernetes, Helm; AWS, Google Cloud; Etcd, Consul; [Messaging], Sock.js, SSE; Kafka, RabbitMQ, Redis PubSub, ZMQ; [Testing] Jest, Jasmine, Karma; TDD/BDD, Unit, Functional;

Node.js, JavaScript, MongoDB, REST API, Git, MySQL, TypeScript, Express.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, Linux, OOP, Redis, SQL, Express, JSON, AWS, CSS, NodeJS, HTML5, HTML, RabbitMQ, Jira, Mongoose, Bootstrap, AJAX, jQuery, ES5, Fintech, Mantis, AdonisJs, Material-UI, EmberJS, puppeteer, Koa, es6, Angular 2+, Angular.js, WebSockets, OOP/OOD, Golang, Electron.js, Selenium WebDriver, NestJS, google cloud platform, lerna, Apollo GraphQL, Docker/Docker Compose, Software Architecture, EcmaScript6, WebRTC, Debian, Clickhouse, MySQL/Postgres, CSS3, Back-End, ExpressJs, NPM, Apache Kafka, CouchDB, HTTP,, docker, Frontend, GraphQL, React Native, Flutter, Agile, Architectural design, grpc, Cloud Firestore, Koa.js, GitLab, Apache, Adonis, Backbone.js, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Vue.js, Gulp, ng cli, TeamCity, JavaScript/NodeJS, WebSocket, Koa2, Angular 2, MVC, mocha, Nest.js, SASS/SCSS, Wordpress, SVG, Automated Testing , Command line, Highload, REST, TDD, AWS/GoogleCloud, Mocha, React / Redux, vue js, RESTful API, Jenkins, Performance optimization, BDD/TDD, Project Management, Reactjs, Redmine, Google Cloud Platform, Nats/Kafka/RabbitMQ, Ubuntu, D.R.Y., jasmine, SASS, Meteor, ECMAScript 2016, ES6-ES8, JavaScript FullStack, Test driven development , React, React / Redux / Saga, vagrant, SCSS, ORM, Winston, gRPC, Cucumber, Promise, Ansible, neo4j, Bitbucket, Opscode CHEF, WordPress, ActionScript3 , SQLite, MSSQL, XHTML, CentOS, Adobe Photoshop, SOLID, Serverless

+ product company + high available, high load + architecture design + rocket science / new project


Team Lead

Kyiv · $4800 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Currently I work as a team leader of the web development team. I'm responsible for a distributed team of 10+ people from 3 locations in Europe and Ukraine. In close cooperation with other IT, E-business and Marketing departments, team develop large e-commerce platform that operates online stores and is used by millions of customers in 20 countries. Together with other colleagues team play's a significant role in increasing online sales share and opening in many new markets. I continuously develop a team that handles business requirements, architecture, management, deployment, testing and support of web solutions. I improve software development process by bootstrapping continuous delivery, automated tests and Agile\SAFe in the company. I'm responsible for communication with business, product high-level architecture and quality control, stable operation, technical project management, hiring and training of new people, retention and people competences development, account administration of full time consultants etc. I helped my team to succeed with various challenging projects. It took 10 months and efforts of 20+ people to migrate our online platform from Drupal 7 to 8. Following the evolution of digital and web industry I constantly improve company's technology stack by combining decoupled Drupal architecture with modern Javascript, ReactJS, Docker and other technologies in order to provide the best online experience to our customers.

JavaScript, ReactJS, Drupal, PHP, Web Development, NodeJS, Scrum

For the past 10+ years I have participated in developing many web solutions of different complexity. I implemented my own web projects, worked as a freelancer, project manager, developer and team leader in small and large teams. I'm specialised in web solutions based on PHP, Drupal, Javascript and ReactJS. I have a deep background in backend and frontend, web site configuration, deployment and operation, high load optimization, problem solving, test automation etc. Last 5 years I develop myself in leading the successful and self organised teams as well as first class employees. I like taking responsibility for the team and end result. I continuously grow my professional skills and share my experience and knowledge with others. I mentor developers from my team and arrange knowledge sharing sessions. Several times I presented on tech community events and conferences. I like combining modern technology, professionals with business needs and goals in order to bring the most value to the business and people.

I'm looking for position of team\tech leader, architect, CTO in product or outsource company. I'm strong and have a lot of experience in web development and e-commerce areas. I like professional growth and various career possibilities. I consider relocation to U.S. or Canada, so such option is a huge plus.


Senior scala developer/Tech lead/Architect

Remote work, Ukraine · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Play framework, akka, akka-streams, akka-http, akka-cluster, scala, sbt, elasticsearch, cqrs, mongodb, kafka, neo4j, docker, kubernetes, hazelcast, cassandra, lagom, sangria, http4s, cats, cats-effect, zio, parboiled2, shapeless, slick, postgresql, mysql

http4s, Scala, Akka, MongoDB, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Git, Sbt, Play Framework, Cassandra, Functional programming, SQL, Linux, CI, Docker, Circe, AWS, Redis, REST API

grpc-based pure functional lagom microservices in scala powered by zio. Analytics with elasticsearch and graph databases(neo4j, janusgraph) Online casino(Lagom, scala, cassandra, elasticsearch, akka-streams, cats, http4s) Expressions parser(parboiled2) Play and akka-based microservices for knowledge sharing project. Active using of akka-streams and alpakka Fullstack development of educational social network(scala, lift, mongodb)

Interesting projects desirable not a pure bigdata but could be mixed with bigdata/ai tasks


Sr. iOS and macOS Software Engineer 

Kyiv · $5000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have 4 years of experience in iOS app development 6 month of which in macOS app development. Led several projects and managed full development team(iOS, Android, Back-end, QA). Took participation in more than 15 projects in different fields like multimedia, AR, security, cryptocurrency, fintech, e-commerce, geolocation app, virtual wallets, health and fitness etc. I have 7 released commercial apps made myself from scratch. Also I have a not commercial experience in android (Java + Android studio) and backend (Python + Django) development.

I'm looking for a new project (pay attention it means project haven't started yet) in small team of passionate professionals who want to develop perfect product. Will be perfect to take participiate in products aimed on AR, VR, AI, neuron webs.

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