Site manager, Project Manager, Product owner, Representation of interests, CEO, COO, CTO

Kyiv · $3000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have a technical education and the first 10 years of my experience were technical positions - network and system administration, security officer. Next 10 year of experience were in a management posions as a Project Manager, CTO, CSO, COO, CEO. My experience consists of: CEO, COO, CTO of the small software development company (up to 15 people). Startups in agriculture and medicine development. Under my management were initiated and completed such projects as eCommerce, Industrial realtime visualization, FinTech. As a Project Manager I have an experience with agile/scrum/kanban methodology, teams creating and management, participation in task distribution and monitoring of their accomplishment, communication with customers, monitor the teams’ health, staff motivation, participation in financial planning. As an CEO of the small company I was responsible for planning development directions, negotiating with clients, analyzing projects, distributing tasks between departments, in time project completion, resolving internal and external conflicts, creating effective teams. My tasks as a security officer were development and implementation of complete solution for data security projects as well as increasing security in business processes, technical part and staff.

Team management, Project Management, Agile, Management, General management, Product management, Business development, People management, Communication, coordination and organization, Building the team from scratch, Scrum, Business Analysis, Kanban, SDLC

As achievements I would call successfully implemented projects in a company with a turnover up to $ 1 billion annually and own small profitable company in the past. Personal achievements and acquired skills: There is always a solution. Any negotiations can be mutually beneficial if you listen and be able to hear.

I'm looking for communication and development of myself. I prefer activity useful for people and making people better. I will be glad to organize a project from scratch or join the team. I enjoy working in a team.


project management, architecture, product design

Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Kyiv · $800 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

TitleTeam Lead Manager / Senior architect Dates EmployedDec 2018 – Present Employment Duration10 mos LocationLviv Region, Ukraine - Coordinating the review, presentation and release of design layouts, drawings, analysis and other documentation - Creating timeline and setting goals for projects and project teams - Establish meeting times, places and agendas - Familiarizing the team with the customer needs, specifications, design targets, the development process, design standards, techniques and tools to support task performance - Assuring that the team addresses all relevant issues within the specifications and various standards - Encouraging creativity, risk-taking, and constant improvement See less TitleSenior architect / Project manager Dates EmployedMay 2015 – Present Employment Duration4 yrs 5 mos LocationLviv Region, Ukraine + Design development of projects, from concept to completion + Responsibility for all local authority compliance and code compliance + Reviewing of all drawing packages prior to issue + Monitoring and ensuring of smooth progress for all local authority submissions + Coordinating design team meetings with relevant sub-consultants + Management and motivation of project team + Preparation of tasks for tenders + Review of technical compliance of all tender participants + Managing communication between Architects/Engineers and Client + Managing of Client meetings. Insurance that project, costs estimation and timing meets Client`s needs

Project Management, Agile, Team management, Risk management, Product management, Business Analysis, Scrum, trello, Team Management

I’m in love with creating projects and problem solving. From design of a building to team building. Although I got background in architecture I found that it gives me expertise in wider sphere, skill of creating projects, guidance of any type of idea to realization. With architecture I love how it can make people feel, the aspect of how it forms and changes our everyday life. I’m in love with the idea that space that we create around us creates our minds. Being able to take part at that process motivates me and gives me the most joy. My focus is sensitive to historical and existing environment design, sustainable urban environment design and water sensitive design. Additionaly to the creation of design vision, I’m truly passionate about the whole process of transforming sketches into real living spaces.


менеджер команды / проекта

Kyiv · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Опыт работы в диджитал агенстве полного цикла и в локальной IT компании. Английский средний, постоянно подтягиваю. И вобще чего не знаю - узнаю, чего не умею - научусь :) Главное - ищу хороший коллектив с интересными проектами.

Project Management, Team management, Communication, project planning, People management, trello, Redmine, Project Planning, Project management, Trello, Microsoft Office, Marketing

Пришла в агенство и не умела совсем ничего. Были только просмотрены все ролики каннских львов :) После 2 лет ушла из диджитал агенства руководителем своей команды полного цикла.

Интересные проекты, спокойная атмосфера, адекватная внутрення политика, своевременная оплата и уважение личных границ сотрудников (свободного после работы времени).


Руководитель проекта.

Bud'-jakij, Odesa · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Руководитель проекта по разработке датчиков (давления, температуры, вибрации, положения,напряжения и токов) и встроенного контроллера для промышленного оборудования, с применением WEB, IoT, SMART, Cloud, Modbus TCP/ RTU, 1-Wire, Node.js, C++, PHP, SQLite. Управление проектом по Agile, SCRUM,YouTrack, GitLab, ЕСКД, Altium. Хочу продолжать заниматься тем же.

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Jira, Team management, Kanban, project planning, Git, internet of things, IoT, SMART

Сформирована команда, организована разработка ПО́ и аппаратной части, прототипирование, поставка комплектующих производство и сертификация. Завершенный инновационный проект IoT SMART оборудования, установлен у нескольких клиентов, 128 контроллеров с WEB интерфейсом, с Wi-Fi, с датчиками собственной разработки.

Интересует дальнейшее развитие проекта с большей командной, в лучших условиях. Развитие Cloud, реализация постулатов "Промышленность 4.0".


Project Manager 

Kyiv · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Experience in PM role: 3+ Years Languages: Advanced English, Native German, Ukrainian and Russian Leading up to 4 simultaneous projects, 20+ people; pre-sales and discovery workshops. Skills: Team management: Distributed teams; Multiple projects. Agile practices: Scrum; Kanban; Process transformation; Scaled Agile. Contract handling: T&M, Fixed-price, Hybrid. Business domains: Petroleum Industry; Logistics; Blockchain; FinTech; eCommerce; Embedded software; Cryptocurrency; Start-ups; Enterprise. Budget coordination and ownership. Defining the optimal team setup; Job description creation; Interviewing and making hiring decisions. Building trusted customer relationships; Understanding of business ecosystems. Collaboration with sales team to develop customer engagement. Leadership: Organizing processes, creating self-organized teams; Mentorship of junior resources. Additional Skills: Basic knowledge and understanding of Software Engineering. Hands-on basic experience with ECMAScript, React Native, npm, Git. Understanding of QA process and practices. Hands-on basic experience automating performance and stress testing with Tsung and Gatling. PM Toolset: Advanced Atlassian toolset user and administrator; Redmine; VSTS; Spreadsheets (formula, logic and automation; budgeting; profitability etc); Presentations (pre-sales, proposal, reporting decks etc)

Most recent accomplishment: Successfully delivering $2 million 1-year project.

Not looking for a job as a business analyst or requirements manager. Not looking for projects with CIS based end-customers.


Project Manager

Kyiv · $4000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Project Manager with 6+ years of experience in software/IT projects, including leading teams, managing cost, schedule and performance. Has proven ability of establishing and maintaining excellent communication with both client and stakeholders and achieving the project goals and objectives. Working as a liaison for multi-tier and multi-profile project teams located internationally. During a 10-year career in IT project environment have had a unique opportunity to experience software development and project implementation from different positions of Software Trainer, Business Analyst, Project Country and Regional Manager. Obtained a multi-angle perspective that subsequently formed in-depth knowledge of the IT/software sector and associated approaches, practices and processes. Current employer is a large-scale US company, whereas the project client represents US government with implementations of the project occurring internationally. This allowed to build strong understanding of the US and international work environment and culture and gave experience in direct daily communication with foreign counterparts of various capacities. For the past three years working as the Regional Project Manager for Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia, which further enriched the ability to work with a variety of international stakeholders and clients and to obtain hands-on experience in leading multi-national/multi-cultural and geographically dispersed teams. Was also able to extensively practice execution of project tasks through increased delegation and remote management. Currently leading an international IT project team with a wide range of project activities, including unique software product customization/localization, business process analysis, integration solutions development, product roll-out/maintenance/support, training program development, training schedule management, pilot project execution, full-scale project implementation, stakeholder/client management. As a continuous learning enthusiast, has undertaken Agile Development Specialization, which has brought numerous benefits to current work. Aspiring to achieve PMP certification in the near future. Result-oriented, responsible, hard-working, open-minded. Highly motivated with great attention to detail, ability to learn fast and adapt to change, willingness to explore new opportunities and create innovation.

Project Management, English, Team management, Business Analysis, Communication, Microsoft Office, project planning, Business analyst, Stakeholder Management, client communication, IT Project Management, Team leading, Task Control, Dealing with Complexity, Multi-profile, SDLC, Agile, Waterfall, People management, Requirements analysis, Scrum, Product management, project documentation

• Commissioning of product operations in Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine • Achievement of ISO 27001 certification for project stakeholder in Armenia • Transition of project components (costs, activities) to host country recipients (governmental agencies) • HW infrastructure country-wide inception in Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine • Endorsement of software product as official e-reporting tool by Georgian government • Commissioning of several inter-operability/integration solutions of the company’s product with third-party software products - Product full localization for Georgia, including collection, documentation and analysis of requirements, preparation of product specifications, preparation of translations - resulting in first-time-ever implementation of the complete local product package

Would like to bring experience and apply it to deliver the best solutions and products and contribute to employer’s performance. Looking for interesting working environment that stimulates professional development and growth and allows to capitalize on my abilities, embrace new challenges, work with multiple industries and learn new technologies and tools. International or emerging projects preferred. Open to work-related travel in-country and internationally.


Senior Project Manager/ Agile Coach

EU, USA, Canada, Berlin · $3800 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Agile, Scrum, Team management, Kanban


HR bp, HRd

Kharkiv · $1200 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Ключевые компетенции: Внутренняя политика, Управление талантами, изменениями, Обучение и развитие, Сотрудничество в команде, Решение проблем, 1. Разрабатываю и внедряю системные долгосрочные стратегии развития персонала компании по областям: рекрутинг, адаптация, мотивация и вовлеченность команд, оценка экономической эффективности команд, управление изменениями и корпоративной культурой. 2. Закрываю вакансии всех уровней. От руководителя до специалиста, помогаю сформировать качественный портрет, преобразовать ожидания Заказчика в реального кандидата. Принять и успешно адаптировать в команду. Выстраивать алгоритм и сопровождать рост сотрудников через карьерные планы. 3. Работаю с Big Data любого объема/сложности – собираю факты, анализирую, вывожу тенденции, оформляю умозаключения в конкретные рекомендации. Внедряю. 4. Управляю проектом самостоятельно, обучаю управлению любыми проектами как исполнителей, так и ответственных Проект менеджеров. Какой есть специфический опыт последних трех лет: - построение системы по работе с персоналом в коммерческой компании "с нуля". - индивидуальный коучинг руководителей, сопровождение адаптации в должности. - работа внутренним тренером (управленческие навыки, soft skills) - внедрение новой корпоративной культуры, изменение технологий работы в крупной производственной компании (3 производственные площадки в 2 странах, > 1000 сотрудников). - внедрение изменений в CRM системе компании (1С Предприятие): от этапа написания ТЗ для программистов, до полного внедрения в базу, тестирования, отработки несоответствий и полноценного запуска в работу. - адаптация в должности руководителей проектов иностранных сотрудников для международных офисов (ОАЭ, Китае и США).

Recruiting, Interviewing, English, Head hunting, Creating job description, Boolean Search, Job interview, Listening skills, Project Management, Management, Teamwork, Linkedin

6-летний опыт управления проектами, внутренних аудитов и оптимизации бизнес-процессов, а также профессиональной подготовки, подбора и развития команд, в частности руководителей всех уровней от топ-менеджеров до руководителей рабочих групп. Личные качества: разумный перфекционизм (важно сделать безупречное качество, но без маразма и экономически эффективно), открытость, стабильно высокая продуктивность в стрессе и многозадачности. Честность, паритет прав и ответственности - как ключевые ценности. Свободное время наполнено чтением, путешествиями, семейным теплом.

Очень жду вдохновляющих задач в компании веселых и целеустремленных профессионалов! Можно со странностями ;)


Project Manager

Kyiv · $3500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Managing and preparation of major, off-cycle, operational and warranty releases Coordinating urgent production incidents Managing stakeholders expectations on L3 incidents handling and release readiness Control release status and present it on management calls Integrated and customized CRM system for projects life-cycle and sales Managed 3 projects for German clients Project related: SDLC, PMLC, Tracking, Reporting, Presentation, Problem solving Tools: MS Office, SharePoint, JIRA, JQL, Confluence, SQL, CRM, GitHub, ServiceNow

Confluence, CRM, Jira, JQL, ServiceNow, SharePoint, Python, SQL, Team management, Project Management, project planning, English, Scrum, Agile, IT Project Management, SDLC, Communication Skills, Kanban, trello, Git, Risk management, Communication, People management

Achievements: Designed rules for 8 distributed development teams which speed up and simplified the process of gathering data for reporting to stakeholders Improved release preparation process by investigating weaknesses of the process, collecting statistics and metrics Improved production support by cleaning up backlog from 800 to 200 items and prioritizing them Reduced time of getting approvals so that release could start earlier Managed internal project - Absence Tracker Tool for whole department as a Scrum Master


Delivery Manager

Kyiv · $7500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I'm 7 years in IT, 4 years leading teams, 3 years managing projects. I participated in various projects, from video streaming to financial markets. Designed architecture from 5 projects from scratch and successfully delivered them. Currently I'm Delivery Supervisor of 4 projects with 120 employees. I have a pool of 50 engineers, managing their professional growth, motivation and engagement in company's practices. Main technical domains: Front-End and hybrid mobile applications. Soft skills: • Managing client expectations, risks, scope, etc. • Establishing trustful relationship • Preventing/Resolving Conflicts, Motivating Team • Refining Requirements, Managing Priorities and Time, • Interviewing Candidates • Certified Scrum Master Hard skills: • Software and solution architecture design • JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript, HTML(5), (S)CSS, LESS • Angular 5, RxJs, redux, AngularJS, RequireJS, Lodash (Underscore), Bootstrap (CSS), ExtJS • WebSockets (STOMP) • Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, Browserify • Jasmine, Karma • SVN, Git, Angular.js, Cordova, ExtJS, Git, ionic, JavaScript, OOP, Scrum, SOLID, TypeScript, CSS, Gulp, HTML, Project Management, Redux, rxjs, SASS, webpack, CSS3, Design Patterns, SCSS, Bootstrap, HTML5, Grunt, RequireJS

Built trustful relationship with major client stakeholders. Overseeing 4 successful projects with 120+ employees. Successfully established and formed effective Project Team 20+ members (3 scrum teams). Managed it to meet client goals and deadlines and releases application to production on time on buget. Technical achievements: • designed architecture of Hybrid Mobile application (Ionic 3) with offline support • designed 2 successful Front-End Architectures from scratch • designed successful Anguar2 application when ng2 was in beta

I'm looking for managing several projects to meet challenging business goals.

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