Senior Software engineer (Golang) 

Remote work, Ukraine · $4500 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Golang, gRPC, Distributed Systems, Php, JavaScript, Unit Testing, MySQL, Redis, Couchbase, Prometheus, Graphana, Microservices, Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, AWS, Git, Linux

Golang/Go, PHP, JavaScript, Yii2, Laravel, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, AWS, Heroku, MySQL, Couchbase, Redis, Memcached, gRPC/Protobuf, REST API, Gin-gonic, microservices architecture, Jenkins, GitLab, ELK, BoltDB, Kafka, RabbitMQ, SQS, Unit Testing, Jaeger, Prometheus, Design Patterns, Software Architecture, Software design

Worked with different types of projects in various areas of business. I have experience with starting projects from scratch, refactoring legacy systems, high-load systems.  Mentored my team in their individual development and progress. Helped every developer in my team to raise his level. Built reusable code and libraries for future use. Collaborated with co-workers to establish backend conventions, principles, and patterns. Collaborated with frontend engineers to see projects through, from conception to completion. Coordinated analysis, design, implementation, and test of a large software system. Determined the scope of the effort of large projects. Optimized the application for maximum speed and scalability. Participated in agile software development. Worked closely with product managers to understand software requirements.

I'm looking for an interesting project where I can apply my knowledge and skills and get new experience.


QA/Customer support team leader

Kyiv · $2000 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• QA and customer support team management: over 7 years. • Negotiating with clients in the public sector in various countries: over 7 years. • Pre-sales: over 7 years. • C++ programming: over 16 years. • OSI, TCP/IP protocol stack processing: over 12 years. • Manual SW testing: over 8 year. • General networking knowledge: over 12 years of various OSI protocol processing SW development. • Experience with SQL based database systems: over 1 year. • Java and Web technologies: more than 1 year of Android application development experience. • Nvidia CUDA C ++ applications development: about 6 months. • Technical documentation design and moderation: about 5 years. • Presentations for technical and administrative staff: over 7 years • Customers technical personnel training: over 7 years. • Presentation and training courses programs design: over 7 years. • 8 years of business trips experience and customers interaction (about 2 years in total) in the following countries: Germany, France, Hungary, Austria, Turkey, South Africa, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, Colombia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan.

C/C++, QA team lead, Delivery management, IT Manager, Manual Testing, customer support, Project Management

- The total amount of contracts signed as a result of my negotiations is more than 3 million dollars - Creator and head of the QA&Customer support team for 7 years - Founder and head of the small startup project for 2 years - Winner of the Busness-plam competition in the Ukrainian-Bavarian Management Training Center - Honor degree in Institute - Honors degree at scool :)

I want to work in a company with different levels personnel where I would be able to both acquire and share experience. I give preference to a company that develops its own product and works directly with a client, without intermediaries. I will be glad to work in a team or department that act between the client and the developers, since I get great pleasure from organizing interaction, finding solutions and demonstrating the results of work. Despite the fact that I headed the testing department, I think the work of testers is boring, but it may be due to a lack of experience in other companies. I like to look for new solutions for routine and unusual tasks. I am significantly lose motivation because of the management and company departments interaction slowness and conservatism - this was the main reason for leaving the previous place of work.


Head of Information Security Department, Security Architect, Security Officer, RedTeam Manager, SOC Manager

Kyiv · $2500 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Penetration tests practical execution and management of the penetration testing team (3-4 people) Investigation of incidents in the field of information security, management of a distributed group of Forensics-analysts (5 people) Construction of IS incident response systems on the Client’s side or provision of this class of services according to the outsourcing model Creating an R&D department from scratch to carry out the development of promising products and methodologies in the field of information security Deploying the WAF Imperva system in the Client's infrastructure Preparing and conducting stress testing of IT infrastructure Organization of courses and training in the areas of Customer's employees to respond to incidents (Incident Response) and investigations (Computer Forensics) Integration and support of RSA products in the CIS region (CIS region) and Eastern European countries Design and development of additional modules to RSA products, to increase their functionality and integration with other systems Configure Barracuda products (Web application firewall, Mail Archiver, Load Balancer) Carrying out the integration and support of customers UEBA-system Exabeam

Project Management, Cyber Security, Network Security Policy, Security management, Security testing, Web Security, Security, Security policy, Information Safety, Architecture, Linux, Python, Docker, Git, REST API, ElasticSearch, Pentesting, Pentest, Penetration testing, Security audit, Forensics, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, siem, IBM QRadar, UEBA, Exabeam, RSA, Audit, Product management, Logging, logstash


Software Engineer/Team Lead 

Kyiv · $6000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

During my career, I've worked with a different stack, but last ~3 years, I'm mostly working with: - TypeScript; - React; - TypeScript, JavaScript; - React, AngularJs, Knockout; - HTML5, Jade, Smarty2, JSP, Swig; - CSSModules, Stylable, Sass, Less, Stylus; - REST, GraphQL; - Jest, Jasmine, ava, sinon, mocha, karma; - svg, d3(a little bit); - grunt, gulp; - webpack, rollup; - git; Experimenting with - Node.js, Express.js - ReactNative; - MongoDB;

HTML, Angular.js, CSS3, Grunt, HTML5, JavaScript, LESS, React, SASS, Stylus, webpack, REST API, Git, SVG, JSP, Node.js, ReactNative, MongoDB, TypeScript, Redux, rxjs, NodeJS

My background includes: Technical leading of small teams; Starting projects from scratch(MVP and POC); Conducting technical interviews; Mentoring junior/middle developers, newcomers, and students in labs;

Hi there! I'm looking for Senior, Team/Tech Lead position, 1-time project, etc.. I can lead a team, write a project from scratch, creating POC. Looking mostly for a product, do not interested in outsourcing/outstaffing. Would be nice: - flexible working hours; - unpaid extra vacation days; - work out of office;


CEO CTO Project Product Innovation Startup Manager Coach Head of R&D VP of Engineering

Kyiv · $12000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Hello my dear friend, I am happy to see you here. Let me say few sentences about myself to form your understanding how I can be helpful. I have over 15+ years of commercial experience in software development and 8+ years of Managerial experience. I have strong knowledge in solutions design, development, quality assurance, implementation of best engineering engineering practices and methodologies. I have been involved in managerial activities and have substantial experience working as a team leader. I have experience doing direct management and leadership of engineering & R&D teams in different types of organizations (startup, product, outsourcing, outstaffing) and business domains (healthcare, financial, gambling, telecommunication and electronic). I have experience bringing up the product development process from POC and MVP to scaled up product level as well as provide software development process as a service. I am Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and diplomed of Project Management Institute (PMI). As a passionate professional practitioner of Agile, I have theoretical knowledge and practice experience of implementation Agile practices such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, SAFe. I have degree in electronics technology which help me to have a perfect system thinking to understand large and complexity system as well as understand in deep each element of such system. I would love to be helpful to implement exciting cutting edge idea.

Agile, Scrum, Jira, Kanban, Team management, Project Management, Risk management, SAFe, Product management, marketing analysis, Quality Assurance, English, trello, Business Analysis, Software development life cycle, Web Development, SDLC, Risk Assessment, Waterfall, Confluence, Git, Communication, Research and Development, Solution Design, Integrations, Improvements, Building the team from scratch, DevOps, Problem Solving, technical documentation, SOA, TDD, BDD, IoT, Big Data, BigData, Microservices, Virtualization, WEB Solutions, CI/CD

In recent 3 years Successfully led complex solution in eHealth with low budget, junior/middle developer level Scale up engineering team from 5 to 40 people without lack of performance Transformed departments interaction, company structure, defince area of responsibilities. Managed portfolio, projects and products Coached teams, c-level, investors, clients Developed technical, product and resource strategy based on risks Different business domains and technologies stack Distributed team as well as on site teams

I am problem solving person. You have to know the problem or have to have your wish to find it. And I will help you. Examples: "I want launch new product within budget of $50k" "I think I spend too much money for the team. I want reduce expenses on half" "It is needed to launch solution of 4 products" "We need to build/optimize a team" "It is needed to implement Agile here" Creating, reviewing, improving business/technical strategy and implementation Planning team structure, delivery plan, vision, roadmap, budget Building a team from the scratch Building a product from the scratch Building a project from the scratch Motivation and goals set up for the team members Nice to have something from below list: Complex solution Decision-Making Problem Solving Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, SAFe TDD, BDD Top level of qualty assurance High Load Solutions Cutting edge technologies Machine Learning Solutions IoT Solutions VR Solutions AI Solutions Blockchain Solutions Big Data Solutions Microservices Virtualization Web Solutions Mobile Solutions (Android, iOS) CI/CD Solutions Saas PaaS DaaS FaaS Any kind of relationship available. Lets discuss it and find the best.


Team Lead

Moscow, Berlin, London, Kazan · $3500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

3 года в одном из крупнейших банков в роли системного аналитика. - Активное взаимодействие с бизнес-заказчиками, обсуждение и приоритизация новых фич; - Анализ бизнес-процессов AS IS; - Проектирование бизнес-процессов TO BE; - Координация процесса разработки, тестирования, вывода в прод и дальнейшей поддержки. - Мотивация команды; - Выявление потребностей членов команды и составление дальнейшего плана развития.

Project Management, Business Process Management, Team Leadership, Team Managment, System Analysis, system architecture

Неоднократно драйвил и доводил до конца важные архитектурные решения, которые откладывались в банке на несколько лет. Помог разобраться в хаосе в продуктовой команде. На момент моего прихода продукт был на стадии: куча багов на проде, новые фичи не пилим. За год довели проект до состояния: все бизнесовые фичи сделаны, проект отрефакторили.

Точно не хочу заниматься одним продуктом. Т.е. кейс из разряда "нам нужен человек в продуктовую команду, чтобы они спокойно пилили фичи" - не ко мне. В поисках драйвовых проектов, когда надо организовать людей, продумать архитектуру.


Project Manager / Program Manager / Product manager / Chief Information Officer / Information Technology Director / Head of Project management office

Kyiv, EU · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Key indicators of professional expertise: 19 years project management / program management; 6 years software development. 7 years of successful experience in senior management of the IT Department (with Project management office) of large organization with 35K+ employees. Business development: • Strategic business planning (software, technologies, products, staff training); • Business development and relationship management with customers and partners; • Supervision of all IT-projects of the company to ensure timely and successful deliveries of highly integrated systems; • Business and IT alignment; • Building a positive image, actively promoting the company's services within the customers. Project management (Agile, Waterfall): • Business requirements gathering. Estimation of the projects, determining scopes, resources, terms, costs; • Preparation of all necessary documents (contacts, project plans, etc); • Project scopes, resources, budgets, quality and risk management ; • Monitoring of projects and overall progress. Controlling & ensuring of achievement projects KPIs; • Processes improvement; • Team Building & Mentoring.

Project Management, Product management, project planning, Team management, Risk management, Business Analysis, Requirements analysis, Communication Skills, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, People management, Communication, Relationship management, Team Management, Resourse managment, Project Integration Management, Reporting & Analysis, Project Estimation, Negotiation, Mentoring team, Leadership Skills, English, Jira, Trello, Microsoft Office, Redmine

IT professional with 20+ years experience and 100+ successful IT projects & enterprise-level solutions in domains: Public safety & State security, Anti-fraud, Banking. Excellent project management & leadership skills, as well as deep technical background and hands-on experience in software development, IT-architecture design and business analysis. Proactive project management in accordance with the requirements of the business and customers. Focus on result achieving, team building, customer full satisfaction. Clear understanding of current and future business needs, strong business planning, excellent communication skills, developing business opportunities. I created a team which capable in a "closed loop" (independently) performs the full range of work in the IT sphere for large company: design, develop, implement and maintain functioning of software, hardware, telecommunications, integrated information security systems in 24/7 mode. I proud all of my done projects and their results, as well as created teams, for instance (the most significant): • knowledge-intensive portfolio of IT-projects (30+) for the full replacement of the IT infrastructure of the “Soviet period” with a modern one, including: a) developed universal software platform for departmental DWH and analytical systems; b) designed and implemented typical information security software for automated systems; c) deployed secure telecommunications infrastructure and secured Data centers. • projects with goal to increase the effectiveness of analysts and detectives activity. • projects with goal to establish interagency information automatic data exchange. • projects for Anti-fraud and Banking sphere.

I want to be challenged, I am looking for like-minded people and teams who are not afraid to set ambitious goals, have the strength and desire to accomplish complex tasks and achieve success. With love my work and creative teams, I will happy to see the results of our work and the value they provide to customers and end users!


Project Manager

Kyiv · $2800 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Building SCRUM-based process for separate teams and projects Planing and tracking work for local project Regular meetings with Customers Making demo/ presentations Managing local QA team Conducting various management activities by analyzing and verifying test results, providing status reports, managing workload and priorities Tracking QA task progress, mitigating risks, resolving issues with parties involved and escalated as needed. Developing and updating test documentation, test scenarios, logging and tracking issues in the bug tracking system. Active testing of products Release management (QA side) Functional analyses of requirements Maintaining of new Team members Web, Desktop and Mobile application testing

Quality Assurance (QA), Confluence, Jira, Manual Testing (QA), Project Management, Scrum, TestRail, Agile, Redmine, SoapUI, TFS, Testlink, TestComplete, Team management

Successful experience of new team creation New methods and procedures integration. Successful transformation of process. Certified Product Owner Certified Scrum Master


Solutions architect/Head of engineering 

Remote work, Ukraine · $8000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Solutions architect with 10-year background in embedded systems. I passionate starting with blank and ending with a working solution with aim to make happy everyone using it. With a top-notch engineering background from university, designing hardware, writing embedded firmware, minimizing of power consumption as well as leading teams of smart and talented people. I have been leading offshore software team delivering to Jawbone new technologies and being involved in design of products.

ARM, C/C++, Device Drivers, Git, GitLab, Golang, MQTT, System Architects, UML, Wearable devices, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, Bluetopia Stack, CMake, Dash7, Docker, hardware design, IoT, Jira, Kubernetes, LoRa, mbed, OS Development, Product Design, STM32, AMQP, AWS, Bootloaders, Nordik SDK, Openwrt, Power management, Project Management, RabbitMQ

I'm responsible successes at NotifAi and as key contributor creating a substantial and strategic Intellectual Property portfolio. Driving opensource Golang MQTT server

A responsible and creative position in a product company, which meets my level of expertise, with the possibility to make decisions, set standards, transfer experience and knowledge, train colleagues and express and improve myself.

15 November

Engineering Manager

Kyiv · $6400 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Have more than 4 years of leading/managing experience in Mobile. Successfully created 3 engineering teams from scratch. Experience as Engineer in iOS, Swift, Objective-C, C, C++ CoreData, CoreLocation, MapKit, StoreKit, etc GCD, NSOperationQueque, NSThread SQL, bash REST NSURLConnection, AFNetworking, SocketRocket Voice/Audio Security OpenGL ES 1.1, 2.0 iOS SDK 3.2+ svn, git, mercurial jira, etc SCRUM JSON, xml ARC, не ARC KVO, KVC Twitter, Facebook, etc English: Upper Intermediate

Git, iOS, Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, Jira, JSON, OOP, REST API, MVC, CocoaPods, AppStore submission, Multithreading, Mobile app architecture, Product management, UIKit, Firebase SDK, MVVM, CoreImage, R'n'D, Autolayout, Apple developer account, Unit tests, Notification, Image Processing

15 projects, 20+ apps released.

Challenging project + Good team

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