Kharkiv · $1500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Working on such directions (JS, .Net, Java/Scala, PHP, RoR, Python, iOS, Android, Hybris, DBA and other); Creation and implementation of the recruitment process in the companies; Full cycle recruitment process; Searching and selecting candidates according company needs; Knowledge of Ukrainian and Belarusian IT market; Сonducting technical interviews; Screening and interviewing candidates on experience and soft skills in accordance with requirements; Preparing and making job offers; Leading the recruiting team; Creation and implementation of internal recruitment СRM.

Recruiting, LinkedIn Search, Human Resources, Research, Interviewing, X-Ray, Full-cycle Recruiting, HR interviews, Talent acquisition, adaptation, Organisation skills, Team Building, Executive Search, headhunting, Boolean Search


Senior Recruiter /Recruiter Lead

Kyiv · $1300 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

5+ years of HR & recruiting experience. - full-cycle recruiting process of technical specialists and non-technical positions - development and support of HR processes like new employee onboarding and adaptation; - support to employees in various HR-related topics such as leaves and compensation, training organization and resolving any issues that may arise; First of all I am result oriented person. I know my goal and I’ll do my best to get result in the shortest period with proper prioritization. First of all I am result oriented person. I know my goal and I’ll do my best to get result in the shortest period with proper prioritization.

IT Recruitment, Research, Human Resources, Recruiting, X-Ray, Linkedin, Talent acquisition

Continuing growth in IT company with the a friendly team; approachable and open - minded management.


HR Business Partner/T&D

Kyiv · $1500 · 9 years of experience · Intermediate

I have 9 years of experience in HR area, including the building all processes from the recruitment to corporate culture. I've developed HR strategy, built and fully implemented HR processes, policies and procedures; coordinated recruiting and onboarding processes; supported the adaptation of new employees, monitored the quality of work of different specialists and so on. - designing and implementing business process, organization structure and HR strategy - implementing HR process such as recruitment, adaptation, training and development, 1:1 meetings and other; - forming standards operating service activity in the companies - providing support to all employees regarding HR related issues - forming and arranging analize measure overall staff satisfaction

Human Resources, HR, Team Building, Onboarding, Communication Skills

I’m looking for a position in a product company with interesting and challenging tasks. It would be nice joining a friendly team for improving the quality together.


Head of HR, HR BP, People & Processes Transformation Officer

Kyiv · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

-3+ year of management experience (1-11 direct subordinates, included remotely dedicated team). -Building HR processes and policies from scratch in companies up to 230employees -Taking part in strategy sessions and weekly management board meetings -Implementation Agile in HR -Management of the candidate & employee experience

1-2-1, Continuous feedback, Employer branding, Exit interviews and dismissal, General management, Recruiment, Assessment, EVP, HR Metrics, PDP, Performance Apprisal, Jira, KPI & OKR, Project Management, IT Recruitment, Talent acquisition, Agile, Internal communications management, Adaptation

-Using product management approach in HR -Implementing all HR processes, policies and procedures -Attrition rate decreasing -Increasing of involvement of management in work with their teams (continuous feedback, PDPs, motivational conversations, sharing of expertise) -Reorientation from quantitative to smart-recruitment was done -Popularization of internal and external referral program -Performance of recruitment team was increased by 150% My strength is the analysis of existing processes (finding bottlenecks) and their transformation.

-IT|Digital companies, 200+ employees is preferable (black niches is ok too) -Authonomy in decision-making -Budgets for experiments and automation


HRD, Senior HRBP, HR Consultant

Kyiv · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Certified expert in people assessment and development looking for a dream team with a conscious need to develop personal skills and teamwork and achieve cool results.

Human Resources, HR, Team Building, Communication Skills, Interviewing, Assessment, Performance review, Onboarding, Constructive feedback, Team Leadership, Agile/Scrum/Kanban, Communication with foreign customers, Competencies evaluation, Talent planning, Coaching, Job interview, Design System, Training, Project Management, Building HR process, HR Business parrtnering

HR Product Management, Values and Competencies Development, Training on Feedback, CBI, 360 Feedback, Individual Development Plan creation, Development System building in IT company, Grading development for Engineering Department, Coaching teams, Facilitating strategic sessions, Team building with Psychometrics (DISC, OPQ, Ability tests), Agile coach for teams in alternative education.

I choose a team and the opportunity to participate in the development of a business strategy. It is important for me to build a system in which the right people work in the right places. I don’t like working in closed systems where they don’t say what they think, do things differently from what they say, don’t give feedback, don’t share information, don’t trust. I love and know how to build a culture, but it is important for me that our values coincide.


HR manager, HR Generalist

Kyiv · $1500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Total experiance: 3y+ Closed vacancies of any complexity: from junior to technical lead. Conducted 500+ interviews Started working with rescherch and grew to HR during 2 years. I had experience in organizing and conducting events I am not afraid of difficult tasks and short deadlines

IT Recruitment, Communication, Research, CV Screening, HR, X-Ray, Employee Relations, Sourcing, Screening Resumes, Interviewing, LinkedIn Search

Organized an office with 0 in another city. Partially designed the office and company staff.

I prefer to work in a large outsourcing company or in a product company. I also prefer to work with clearly defined tasks, but be able to have a personal opinion.


HR Business partner

Kharkiv · $1000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Работала коммерческим директором в телекоммуникационных компаниях. Создавала систему удивительного обслуживания клиентов. Создавала свою команду. Обучала. Управляла, используя коучинговые подходы. Бизнес-тренер, фасилитатор, коуч. Занимаюсь профессиональным рекрутингом под заказ различных компаний. Готова быть правой рукой собственника/ директора. Внедрять системы, которые позволят сотрудникам достигать поставленных целей более эффективно. За счет чего? За счет повышени эмоционального интеллекта, вовлеченности, значимости каждого и умении работать в команде.

Human Resources, Talent acquisition, HR, Coaching, Employee Relations, управление персоналом, Interviewing, adaptation

За 2 года в одной из компаний мне удалось внедрить новую корпоративную культуру, в основе которой была система ценностей и правил поведения. Обновила команду (скорее она сама обновилась из-за новых правил - ушли, кто не принял). Цели и задачи приобрели более глубинные значения. В итоге продажи повысились на 30% Уровень удовлетворенности клиентов повысился в 1,5-2 раза. Был запущен новый канал продаж, который добавил в первый год 5% в структуру выручки, а во второй уже составил 12%. Прошла множество курсов, тренингов и т.п. Выступаю на мастер-классах.

Для меня важно работать в проектах, где стремятся к развитию команды. Где готовы учиться и учить сотрудников слышать друг друга и достигать целей в условиях взаимного уважения. Где, если и возникают споры, то цель их не "утопить" оппонента, а найти наилучший вариант из всех возможных. Где важен высокий эмоциональный интеллект.


IT Recruiter / Talent Acquisition Manager

Kyiv · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

I`ve been working in IT recruitment for more than 3 yrs and nowadays I deal with completely different clients (companies) in such sectors as: IT, Telecom, Media. In general as for my responsibilities for today: identifying of Clients needs and prepare a search map, determine the search strategy, looking for candidates by all sources; discussion of the proposal for work with the candidate, its adjustment, prevention of the counter-offer; mentoring for Junior recruiters; finding new search sources and introduction to work; regular teaching of searching and recruitment within the team. Examples of vacancies I`ve worked on: Front-end developer (Angular.js; React; Vue.js); Back-end developer (Python, PHP, C#); FullStack developer (PHP+JS; AngularJS & Angular.js+Node.js; Ruby+Vue.js); iOS Developer; Tech Team Lead (AngularJS & Angular.js + Node.js); QA Auto Engineer; DevOps Engineer; Information Security Lead; Support Engineers (1st-3rd levels); System Administrators (from Junior to Team Lead levels), Product Manager. Programs: Experium HR, CleverStaff, Bitrix24. Search sources: Linkedin, Boolean search, TurboHiring, Amazing Hiring, GitHub, GitLab, Stackoverflow, Meetup, Facebook, Skype, Upwork, Weblancer, Djinny, HeadHunter,,, Telegram etc. Skills: development of recruitment strategy, client management, analytical & commercial thinking.

Boolean search, client management, LinkedIn Search, Communication, Analytical Skills

mentoring for Junior Recruiters and Researchers; closed different positions with extraordinary requirements to candidacies; internal speaker of the Company.

I`m fully agree with Mark`s (CEO of Salesforce) phrase: “The secret of successful recruitment is this: search for people who want to change the world”. I would like to cooperate with company in which management is focused on quality rather than quantity. Preferably a product company (exept gambling project). Highly interested in AI projects. Not interested in offers from recruitment agencies. I would like to develop myself in the following areas: - recruitment; - analytics; - management.


HR manager

Remote work, Ukraine · $650 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

создание команды с нуля (в предыдущей компании с 0 до 80 человек; в текущей с 3 до 20), организация и введение всех эйчар процессов (рекрутинг, онбординг, перфоманс ревью, и т.д), рекрутинг по СНГ, организация и поддержка школы обучения на базе компании, организация и менеджмент стажировки в компании организация курсов англ коучинг и т.д.

Recruiting, Research, IT Recruitment, Human Resources, HR, Coaching, Team Building, headhunting, recruitment, Interviewing, Communication, CV Screening, Onboarding, Boolean Search, Linkedin, X-Ray, Sourcing, Executive Search, Customer Communications, Teamwork, adaptation, IT Recruiting, HR activities, Human Resources Management, On-boarding, Implementation of HR-­programs, Recruiting strategy, Analytical and problem solving abilities, Tech Recruiting, English, one-to-one meetings, Performance review, Negotiation

рост компании от 0 до 30 чел.; написание и имплементация бизнес процесса по HR и рекрутингу; "диджитал" процесс адаптации удержание 90% команды в сложный финансовый период для компании (длительностью больше чем полгода)

стартап, созадние команды, процессов, развитие бизнеса парт-тайм, желательно удаленно или с периодическим выездом в офис (не каждый день)


Event Manager / Talent acquisition / GameDev related

Kharkiv · $850 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

• Assistance with organization of external conferences for searching new employees • Creation and developing the Company Membership Card - search and contact of potential partners, setting up processes and discount conditions • Organization of internal clubs for employees (PM clubs, TechTalks, Speaking clubs) • Organization of team building events, corporate parties, professional holidays celebration, corporate presents for holidays, company's participation in sports activities, organization of weekend and after-work activities for employees, informal gathering for teams. • Organization of charity events • Educational process for employees (trainings and courses)

English, Microsoft Office, HR, Human Resources, Onboarding, Communication, training and developing people..., Organization of trainings and team build, adaptation, budget management, Communication Skills

Ведение всех тимбилдинг процессов компании (90+ в год); Организация и создание скидочной корпоративной карты; Менторинг сотрудников в комманде; Создание и написание внутренней корпоративной докумментации (гайдлайны, FAQ); организация партнерок на конференциях; бюджетирование мероприятий

Интересны перспективы развития в гейм индустрии, готов начать с чего-то эдакого :)

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