Разработчик C# 🔥

Kyiv · $3000 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

Основное с чем работал: Разработка и поддержка сервисов написанных на .net core и go. DB: mysql, mongo, redis Межсервисное взаимодействие: rest api, rabbitmq Окружение: все крутится в docker контейнерах.

Linux, Mongo, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, .NET Core, SQL, .NET


Senior Software Engineer

Remote work, Netherlands · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

С 2015 года разрабатываю большие и успешные интернет сервисы, преимущественно на python. Покрываю полный цикл разработки: от дизайна на салфетке до деплоя, мониторинга и поддержки. Прагматичен, бизнес-ориенторован. Хочу полностью переехать на Golang.

Python, Linux, PostgreSQL, Tornado, aiohttp, Django, sphinx, elasticsearch, DevOps, Docker, Microservices

Занимая ключевую роль в очень небольшой команде, вывел амбициозный b2b стартап в лидеры рынка с очень большими компаниями в качестве клиентов.

Интересный проект на Golang, адекватный менеджемент, профессиональная команда.

7 November

Software Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Experience: 1. QA: - verification of the cryptographic algorithms in software and hardware products (correctness of implementation and usage of the algorithms and key data). - analyze business requirements, technical documentation. - creating test plans and test cases. - creating test scripts and mocks in the source code of the testable applications (languages - C/C++/C#). - analyze network protocols using Wireshark (case - parse network packets (TCP/IP), extract encrypted packets and decrypt them). - creating applications (C++) for analyze and testing of pseudo-random number generators (checks statistic characteristics). - debugging applications, analyze source code of the applications. - creating report documentation - test reports, bug reports. - estimate scope of testing, collaborate with developers and customer team. - OS - Linux and Windows. - Git. 2. Software developer: - C++. Linux. Automotive. - analyze business requirements, communicate with customer. - analyze technical documentation. - feature planning, estimate tasks, decompose large-scoped tasks (WBS), - feature implementation, bug fixing, creating unit tests (gtest framework). - OOP, STL. - CI/CD - Jenkins, Travis. - Git, Jira, Confluence. 3. Blockchain project: - communication with the customer, development planning, analyze of the technology stack. - analyze business requirements, searching and analyze technical info about blockchain technologies. - creating technical documentation. Drafting business requirements (functional and non-functional) for the both developers and testing teams. - manage development (mobile, back-end), testing teams and DevOps team . Organize daily meetings and retrospectives. Writing weekly and monthly reports. - collaborate with product owner and designers team. - develop server application (Golang, REST API. Proxy between blockchain nodes and mobile/desktop app). - implement features in Bitcoin-fork blockchain (C++). - Git, Jira, CI/CD, Golang, basics in Rust.

Golang, Git, Linux, REST API, JSON, OOP, Jira, gRPC, BlockChain, QA, C/C++

7 November

Backend Engineer 🔥

Kyiv · $4500 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Programming Languages​: Scala, Java, Golang, Python Frameworks​: Akka, Scalaz, Cats, ZIO Databases​: Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Redshift, MongoDB, Redis Message Queuing Systems: ​Kafka, Amazon SQS. DI Frameworks: ​Google Guice, Izumi Distage DevOps tools​: ElasticSearch, Docker, Kubernetes, Azuki, Teamcity, Travis CI, Zookeeper Advertising and User Acquisition: Facebook, Google Adwords, Tune, Kochava, Vungle, Apple Ads Cluster Computing​: Hadoop, Spark Others: OneSignal, Aero Gear

Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Scala, Functional programming, Golang, Kafka, Redis, AWS, Git, MongoDB, Sbt, SQL, Docker, REST API

- Speeded up performance by updating DB and caching APIs from 1200 to 1800 req/sec. - Implemented UA and Advertising platform for 10+ partner APIs with scheduled data pulling using Cron and Kubernetes - Developed of domain language API for models and contracts definition which support client and server parts (minimized typos and code base duplicating) - Decreased build and publish time using Docker containers and Docker Compose to define testing dependencies and isolate them, which gave a speed increase from 20 to 12 minutes

Возможность развиваться и получать удовольствие от разработки бизнес-решений вместе с компетентными коллегами

5 November

GoLang/Java Lead 

Kyiv, Moscow, Sofija, Minsk · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Almost 20 years of experience in software industry. My experience covers: • Design and development of complex enterprise solutions: o GoLang/J2EE/Python o Blockchain (HyperLedger Fabric/Etherium/Solidity/web3.js) o B2B/B2C (Hybris) o Cloud/SaaS/Microservices o Business Intelligence/DWH/Big Data(Cassandra, MongoDB) o SOA/ESB/Business Process Management/Portals

Golang, Java Core, Java EE, Microservices, REST API, SQL, SOA, Spring, HyperLedger, JavaScript, MongoDB, NoSQL, Solidity, Rust, Python, Kafka, BlockChain, PostgreSQL, JSON, Redis

Leading international project/consulting teams (USA, Thailand, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan...)

Golang Technical Lead

5 November

Разработчик Python

Remote work, Russia · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Пользуюсь каждый день: Python(Django, Flask), JS, Docker, git, bash, PostgreSQL Имел дело с: Golang, Angular, React

Python, Django, Flask, Git, HTML, Linux, Redis, Angular.js, bash, CSS, Golang, JavaScript, jQuery, PostgreSQL

На последнем месте работы плотно работал с командой мобильного фронтеда (IOS/Android) в финтех стартапе, в составе команды из 3 человек добавил функциональность пользовательских настроек маркетинговых рассылок, функцию реферринга новых пользователей, интегрировался с Zendesk и Mixpanel В основном работал со стеком Django/DRF/Postgresql. Есть опыт работы с Golang, Flask и Angular.js

Мне интересна как веб-разработка, так и системное программирование, я люблю изучать новое и могу не вставать с места 12 часов, решая интересную задачу. Хотел бы использовать Python и/или Go, но открыт для любых технологий .

5 November

Chief Technical Officer 

Kyiv · $8000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

8+ years experience in the industry 4 of which experience with Go (Golang) Passionate engineer with a strong background in DevOps and Quality Assurance fields. Go, Python, Java programming skills. Strong knowledge of microservice architecture patterns and best practices. Experience in building large-scale high availability distributed systems. Strong understanding of DevOps processes. Hands-on experience with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Digitalocean. Experience with Docker and modern container orchestration platform like Kubernetes, Nomad, Swarm. Experience in building CI/CD process from scratch. Experience in providing real-time monitoring, observability, distributed tracing, alerting and incident management. Experience in migration huge monolithic application to microservices. Huge experience in Automation testing.

Test Driven Development, AWS, CI, CI/CD, DevOps, Docker, go, Google Cloud Platform, infrastructure as a code, Selenium, TeamCity, Terraform, Ansible, Golang, Java, Linux, Python, Rust, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Algorithms, OOP, MongoDB, Redis, Git, Microservices, Kubernetes, REST, REST API, microservices architecture, Clickhouse, Docker Compose, Consul, Concurrency, Continuous Integration, Software Architecture

Rewrote almost all services from Python / PHP to Go. Migration from monolith architecture to the service-oriented architecture. Migrate infrastructure from AWS to Google Cloud Platform in Kubernetes Engine. Reduced monthly infrastructure costs by more than 30%

NO BLOCKCHAIN PLEASE! Searching product company with a start-up atmosphere. With highly motivated professionals absolutely involved in the product lifecycle. Go/Rust stack is preferable.

5 November

Разработчик golang

Remote work, Poland · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Golang, Java8(Spring, Hibernate, Concurrency etc.), Mongo DB, MySQL, Oracle/PL SQL, Linux, Mac OS, Windows Blockchain

Jira, OOP, Agile, Design Patterns, Git, Hibernate, Java Core, Java EE, JSON, JUnit, Maven, Oracle, Scrum, Selenium WebDriver, Spring, XML, Golang, JDBC, Mongo, MS SQL Server, Multithreading

5 November

Golang Developer

Vankuver, Vancouver, Los andzheles, Los Angeles, Mel'burn, Melbourne, SShA, USA, Kanada, Canada, Avstralija, Australia · $6000 · 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Golang, JavaScript (Backbone.js/Spine.js/jQuery), GWT, HTML, CSS, PHP/CakePHP, Python/Django, PhantomJS

Backbone.js, CSS3, Golang, GWT, HTML5, JavaScript, phantomJS, Bootstrap, PHP, Python

Application full-stack developer with years of experience web applications. I strive to maintain clean and thoughtful frontend and backend implementation and overall architecture. My main objective is to continue extending software management skills and knowledge through experience and continued education. Specialties: Go, GWT, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySql. Intermediate knowledge in Python. Experience and familiarity with JS frameworks (Backbone.js/Spine.js/jQuery), CakePHP/CodeIgniter, Python/Django, Java (GWT), MongoDB, Memcached, Sphinx, Selenium; also with editors/IDEs (Eclipse/IDEA), version control systems (Git/Subversion), Mac OS, Photoshop.

переезд Канада, США, Австралия

4 November

Backend Engineer (Golang, Kotlin, DevOps)

Remote work, Slovenia · $5400 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

My career path has brought me from engineering (Efremov Institute) over to the programming world (Cosylab), and lately to the area of information systems (Laboratory for Integration of Information Systems), artificial intelligence (Ambient Intelligence Lab) and online gaming (INEOR). My engineering experience started at the pulsed-power lab, where I was responsible for the automation of high-current experiments for the international thermonuclear reactor (ITER). There I was integrating electro-physical equipment into the control system called CODAC, which I later helped to improve as a Marie-Curie fellow at Cosylab. After my first introduction to cloud technologies at the HEPTech Academia Meets Industry on Big Data conference back in 2015, where I got to know the field of big-data, cloud computing, IoT and met up with people from the industry and enterprise (CERN, SAS, EMC, HP, Microsoft, Ericsson, Intel) — I firmly decided to become an information system developer. Since then I have been using a number of cloud technologies in a variety of applications (IoT, AI, ML). Lately, I got hooked on Golang, Kubernetes, Android, IoT, reactive and concurrent programming. I like to design information systems, APIs and UIs. I understand the power of OOP, TDD and value the environment with well-established business and SW development processes. I am looking for a Senior position in a well-organized team of professionals who use cutting edge solutions and practices. Where: SME, startup, remote Areas of interest: backend, DevOps, IoT Technology stack: gradle, Java/Kotlin, Golang, Rx, Coroutines, SpringBoot, Mockito, Vert.x, k8s, OOP, TDD, CI/CD About me: - I love to deploy code to production - I have 4+ years of experience with JVM languages - I love programming and am proud of my results - I adopt a firm position about an issue - I write clean code and maintain it - I commit to open-source - I like to educate myself, open to cutting edge technologies and new challenges

Java, SpringBoot, Gradle, JIRA/Confluence, Docker, Kubernetes, Golang, Microservices, Kotlin, Android SDK, AWS, GCP, GKE, EKS, Rancher2.0, IBM Cloud, Openshift

See CV, github, linkedin

Bleeding edge technologies (Kotlin/Golang/K8s). Remote work, preferably in a product company. Long-term commitment. Central European Time +- 2h

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