Team Lead, Senior Php Developer 

Kyiv · $4500 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Scrum, PHP, Git, MySQL, Agile, REST API, Linux, JavaScript, Jira, Docker, Project Management, SQL, MVC, VirtualBox, SOLID, AJAX, AWS, Memcached, Micro-service architecture, OOP, JSON, Zend Framework , Design Patterns, Nginx, Apache, PHPUnit, Sphinx, CSS, HTML


Team Lead / Senior PHP Developer (Laravel) 

Kyiv · $3500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

3+ years of development experience 2+ years of management experience (Team Lead) Passionate developer looking for mutual opportunities to grow. I've been working as a developer and Team Lead for a few years, though I have certainly been a developer much longer - I believe, being a developer is more about problem solving mindset and sharp mind then acquired knowledge. Throughout the years I worked on many tasks and projects, including: - custom CMS/platform creation from the scratch - tweaking WordPress in every imaginable (and unimaginable) way (even using Eloquent as ORM) - building a real-time chat module on WebSockets - creating a SOLID search system with filters and ordering - developing a match making platform using complex SQL queries - providing tracking solutions for marketing, including cross-domain cookies sharing - running a team of developers making sure everyone is happy, in order to achieve maximum efficiency, for efficiency is derived from dedication - reacting rapidly and providing the best solution for many kinds of problems (while working in a marketing company; marketing is swift and unpredictable, you know) Other notable experiments include a (quite successful) attempt to integrate Laravel with WordPress in order to provide the ease and quality of development with Laravel while having a robust and familiar WordPress dashboard. Due to my front-end background it is easier for me to see the whole system and how its components should communicate. I am looking for mutual opportunities for growth: work is a huge part of life and it should be both challenging and fun and provide the possibilities for both personal and company growth. I am passionate about optimization, management, mentoring and high-quality code - hence I am looking for a position of a Team Lead, for it allows me to uncover my potential to the fullest. I would love to develop the best Laravel CMS one day.

PHP, Git, Laravel, Linux, OOP, MVC, MySQL, Docker/Docker Compose, CI/CD, Test driven development , LAMP, Jira, Trello, WordPress, Docker, Design Patterns, SOLID, Ubuntu, JavaScript, TDD, ClickUp, bash, vagrant, WebSockets, REST API

• I've gained all the development knowledge by myself, without attending any courses; • 3rd place on the National English Olympiad (2011) - again, I learned English myself; • Learned to be a team-lead and a project manager in a few months in order to manage the work-flow in one of the companies I worked, as there were no one else to do it effectively; Basically, when I have a goal and there are benefits from the completion, there are no obstacles for me.

I am looking for a mutually beneficial cooperation, meaning I do my best to ensure the company is earning as much as possible by completing tasks/projects as efficiently as possible. I expect the results of my dedicated work to be reflected in my salary. I would like to have my performance and salary reviewed each 3 months, as I learn really fast and I would like to use the acquired knowledge to further increase the company income and, therefore, my income. I would like to work on Laravel-based projects. Symfony would be fine, too, though I have little experience with it. I do not wish to do front-end tasks, though I don’t mind working with JavaScript occasionally. I am interested in learning and working with Vues.js, however. I would like to have a flexible working schedule. Also, I would like to be able to work remotely sometimes.


Business Development Manager

Lviv, EU, Canada, Kyiv, Vinnitsia · $1800 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I'm experienced and highly energetic business development manager who is able to drive profitability improvement through strategic growth, market intelligence and quality enhancement. Have a long track record of successfully designing and delivering business-sales plans and has worked with some of the world's most respected and recognizable brands. Right now I'm looking for a suitable leadership position with a market-leading, high-growth company that offers opportunities for advancement into business development management. My current position - BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Manufacturing Company April 2017 – Present Responsible for leading the development, implementation of marketing programs and strategic sales activities for key brands in the crucial areas. Also, maintain repeat business by means of keeping close contact with potential and established accounts. Duties: - Cultivate, develop and convert business opportunities within the assigned market. - Build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs. - Identify emerging markets and market shifts while being fully aware of new products and competition status. - Overseeing the logistics and timely execution of the project. - Motivate and drive your team to consistently achieve sales goals and revenue KPI. - Present sales, business strategy plan and expenses reports and realistic forecasts to the executive team. - Surveying the needs and trends of the key stakeholders. Managing the risks and resolving the important issues. KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER Manufacturing Company Oct 2014 – Apr2017 PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Manufacturing Company Jul 2013- Oct 2014 SALES MANAGER Distributive trades Feb 2009 - Jun 2013 KEY SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES - Able to communicate, present and influence credibly and effectively at all levels of the organization. - Results driven, motivating and inspiring the team to consistently achieve targets. - Keen eye for details and new emerging trends. - Excellent time management and organizational skills. - Creative in approaching new projects and constantly pushing for innovation. - Flexible in collaboration with a client and highly adaptable to company's changing policies. - Able to multitask and work effectively in the fast-paced environment.

Project Management, Sales, Communication, project planning, English, Business Analysis, time-managment

- 2017 Singing the company’s biggest long term contract ($5 M) - 2016 opened door to MENA market, that brings now 3m usd per year

- I love to work with big projects, with new technologies, but with not big team (20-30 colleagues) - My expectations from new job are: new people, new knowledge's, new opportunity's, new chances to be useful and bring results...


Перекладач китайської, продавець послуг

Kyiv · $1500 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Досвід роботи перекладачем 4 роки у медичній та технічній сферах. Працювала з клієнтами з Китаю у сфері обслуговування а потім і продажів. Презентувала продукт, вела перемовини, корегувала контракти, вела проект від початку до кінця - усе китайською. Мій рівень мови достатній для вільного спілкування Окрім китайської мови мій досвід розвинув такі навички як продажі, перемовини, визначення потреб покупця, кризис менеджмент. Маю успішний досвід у розробці продукту спеціально для китайського покупця. Щоденне спілкування з китайськими клієнтами також дало розуміння культурних особливостей ринку, важливих для успішної співпраці Шукаю роботу у сфері IT для досвіду співпраці у молодій команді, та компанії, що працює за міжнародними стандартами. Сподіваюся мати можливість росту у компанії за допомогою власних навичок та наполегливої праці над цікавими творчими задачами

Sales, International sales, Negotiations, English, customer support, Communication Skills, Presentation skills

Новий та успішний продукт у такій складній сфері як штучне запліднення для китайських пацієнтів. Продукт був унікальним на ринку, його створення зайняло багато місяців творчої роботи, численні презентації та необхідні компроміси. В результаті продукт повністю покривав потреби покупця та приніс великий прибуток клініці.

Я прийшла за новими проектами. Націлено прийшла у сферу де, на мою думку, все змінюєтьзя дуже швидко і це дає можливість народжувати нові ідеї. Сподіваюсь на зрозумілу систему оцінки праці та систему мотивації.


Frontend Developer / Technical Lead (React)

Kyiv · $5500 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

10+ years of experience in software development. 5+ last years working as a front-end engineer. 2 years in React ecosystem. JavaScript/ES; TypeScript; Angular.JS 1.x; React/Redux; styled-components; Apollo Client; Bootstrap; RxJS; Redux/NgStore; GraphQL; REST; Lodash; Ramda; HTML; CSS/SCSS; Gulp; Webpack; Jest Node.JS; Nest.JS; Apollo Server; MongoDB; PostgreSQL; MSSQL; Java; Python; OpenEdge Progress Git; Gitlab; Bitbucket; Jenkins; Jira; Heroku; AWS; Openshift; *nix

React, React / Redux, Redux, React Hooks, Redux Saga, styled-components, Webpack, Jest, HTML5 and CSS3 , SASS/SCSS, Storybook, Apollo Client, Node JS, AJAX, react/redux, SVG, Express.js, Ramda, Material-UI, JavaScript, Angular, Angular 1.x

Complex and interesting tasks. Professional and personal growth. Interesting projects. Qualified team.


Senior Performance QA Engineer

Kyiv · $3800 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

As a Performance QA Engineer I have a good understanding of key performance metrics for web-sites and applications, how to define those metrics and how to improve performance based on this data. I also have practical experience in Manual Testing of web-sites and applications and have basic knowledge of the Test Automation. My work usually is to provide following services: - Plan and set up product Performance Testing from scratch. - Review or provide Non-Functional Requirements for system Performance. - Reduce risk of system downtime or slow down under real users load. - Improve application performance health: responsiveness, stability, reliability and resource usage. Thus, increase real users level of the product usage satisfaction. - Discover most of possible performance issues earlier in development. - Track solution and separate components performance health progress/degradation through product increments. - Create automated performance testing framework for server- and client-side which will allow to track performance health progress from release to release. - Integrating Performance Tests into product CI/CD Pipeline. - Track and report main performance metrics under different load: response time, transactions per seconds, CPU and memory utilisation, etc. Good knowledge of tools and utilities like jMeter, Gatling, Jenkins, Fiddler, Charles, Git, SQL and NoSQL Databases, JIRA, Confluence and others. Programming experience includes a good knowledge of Go, Python and JavaScript.

HTML, Manual Testing (QA), Performance Testing, Web Testing, Jira, Python, Java, JavaScript, Usability testing, Golang, Scala, CSS, Quality Assurance, Functional testing, SQL, Test documentation

Several projects of various complexity were successful delivered from scratch to production. Successful analysis and optimization of systems that were already released into production.

Interesting projects with complex architecture


Team Lead / Senior Full Stack Developer

Canada, USA, Kyiv, London, EU · $6000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have held responsible positions in a number of companies specialising in software development (outsourcing) as a full-stack developer and tech lead. My commercial experience includes software development, software architecture, testing and people management (Agile).

JavaScript, Git, React, Redux, HTML5, REST API, TypeScript, Node.js, webpack, CSS, SASS, HTML, ES6+, AJAX, MongoDB, Bootstrap, JSON, OOP, LESS, MySQL, PHP, Symfony, React Native, React Hooks, Express.js, Enzyme, Jest, mocha, Chai, Docker, Microservices, Recompose

Tests, international team, agile methodology, CI/CD, relocation to the North Europe or Canada.


UI/UX Designer

Remote work, Russia · $2500 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Умею проектировать сложные дашборды, работать по гайдлайнам. Могу графический дизайн и верстку. Люблю точность. Всегда внимательна к макетам и требованиям. Меня не выбивают из колеи правки. Соблюдаю сроки. Быстро учусь новому, думаю, задаю вопросы, болею душой за результаты своей работы. Более 40 выполненных проектов: – сайты и порталы различного уровня сложности – личные кабинеты и дизайн CMS – мобильные приложения – логотипы, полиграфия, дизайн упаковки

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, UI/UX, Prototyping, Graphic Design, Mobile design for Android, Design Management, Art Direction


Senior Performance Engineer

Kyiv · $4000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced in configuring performance infrastructure from scratch, requirements analysis, performance testing and bottleneck identification, have a thorough experience in testing of applications in cloud environments(AWS, Azure). I have hands on experience both in server-side and client-side performance analysis and reporting using APM and charting tools like Grafana/Kibana and resource utilisation monitoring tools such as Telegraf, Zabbix and CloudWatch. Scripting tools: JMeter, Gatling Data storages used in work: Elasticsearch, InfluxDB Visualisation tools: Grafana, Kibana APM and monitoring tools: Dynatrace, New Relic, Application Insights, DataDog, Telegraf, Zabbix Cloud and virtualisation: Docker, AWS, Azure OS: Linux, MacOS Languages: Python, Java, Groovy

Application Insights, Bottleneck Analysis, Code profiling, DB profiling, Docker, Dynatrace, Git, Grafana, InfluxDB, Jenkins, JMeter, Linux, New Relic, Telegraf, Zabbix, Data Dog, AWS, Kibana, Elasticsearch, Jira, Gatling, Python, Java, Groovy

- various performance bottlenecks found - memeory leaks, configurational issues, autoscaling and load balancing issues. - several high-load applications with hundreds of thousands users and thousands of nodes are in production. - developed performance testing framework from scratch using docker/aws. - setup CI/CD process. - setup performance testing process. - usage of Docker and cloud environments in performance testing.

I have following expectations regarding my future job: - Innovative and interesting projects developing in any cloud environments - Google cloud, AWS, Azure - Opportunities for professional growth - Opportunity to get more skills in DevOps


Fullstack web developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1200 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Technologies: - HTML5, CSS3 / Flexbox; - Javascript 5-6-7, jQuery / jQuery UI; - React.js / Redux / Typescript; - PHP (OOP / MVC) / CodeIgniter / WordPress; - SQL (MySQL); - AJAX (fetch); - JSON; - REST API; - Google Map API / Google Places API / Bing Map API / leaflet.js; - git; - BEM notation, dash notation Additional libraries: - chart.js / highcharts.js / google charts; - anime.js / wow.js / animate.css; - axios Frameworks / templaters: - EJS; - SASS (SCSS); - Bootstrap 4; - Foundation for emails; Tools: gulp, babel, webpack, npm, browser dev tools, bash / terminal, Photoshop, Avocode, VS Code

HTML5, CSS3, Responsive web design, JavaScript, ES6+, jQuery, jQueryUI, JSON, AJAX, PHP, OOP, MVC, Wordpress, SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap 4, Foundation, React / Redux, Axios, BEM, Adobe Photoshop, Gulp | Webpack, Babel, npm, Git, Cross browser markup, CodeIgniter, avocode, Trello, REST API

Middle web developer with 3 years experience (2 years corporating development / SEO) with main specialization in Front-end and side spec in Back-end / SEO / UX / Tech. consulting. Participating in more than 40 projects as developer / 100+ projects as corrector / redesigner / speed booster. Different platforms: HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery - ES6+ / PHP: custom CMS - Wordpress - laravel - CodeIgniter / React - Redux Different skills: from making responsive mobile first sites landing pages till the Social network and applications based on jQuery / React / Redux. Somewhere as Full stack (HTML5/CSS3 - Javascript/jQuery - PHP (CodeIgniter / Custom PHP / Wordpress / Custom CMS).

I'm looking for the ways to increase my own skill in web development / increase Soft and Hard skills / Increase commutication, management and self-management.