CMO, Marketing Director, PMM

Kyiv · $2000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am experienced working as head of marketing / CMO in the IT industry, most of all, SaaS products (apps, ico, blockchain, live streaming). Before IT, I had experience working as a marketing manager (PPC, SEO, email), copywriter, SMM manager, head of marketing in different industries for six years. I know how to work with both small or big budgets, always will find a way to squeeze a max from a tiny budget, and will wisely plan a big budget for the long term. Manage a team, up to 16 people in the marketing department, not a problem for me even if I will need to share designers or content makers with other departments. Also, I can build the marketing department from scratch, train copywriters, and other team members such as community and SMM managers, targetologists, email marketers, traffic buyers, content creators, etc. Also, I have experience in marketing strategy development from very local to worldwide (3 months - 5 years long), determining an audience, developing communication and content strategies for social webs, planning PR campaigns, etc. All this packed with experience in setting and distributing tasks, KPIs, task control, and regular analytics.

Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, PR, Brand Marketing, Team management, Digital Marketing, Content marketing, Project Management, Influencer marketing, Building a team, Team Leadership, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, E-mail marketing, Google Ads, Communication, SMM, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, AdWords, Marketing, Lead generation, google adwords

Develop Marketing Strategy for ICO, Blockchain product (US, Europe, CIS, Asia): - 25,5 mln.$ of investments - Over 70 000 email subscribers - Over 50 000 subscribers in the telegram - PR case with Finland government (with more than 100 publications) - Up to 1000 people at the company event (organized remote) - Team of 14 trained standalone professionals Brand, Marketing Strategy for SaaS product: - A new identity in less than a month that increased value of the product - Communication strategy - New flexible monetization strategy - New website - Business development strategy for new markets 360-degree Marketing Strategy for SaaS and App: - Business plan - Defining the audience - Product marketing - Presentation for investors and partners in 3 languages - Separate strategy for German-speaking and Russian-speaking audiences (Inbound, Outbound) - 5-year planning incl. team growing and scaling Content Marketing Lead Generation: - Over 1000 leads from Fb posts (with the bill over 1000$) - 50 of sales from Fb posts (1000-3000$) - 13000 page likes for 1 year (less than 2k$ budget) - 8000 likes / 750 comments / 550 shares (130$ - pushed post)

First of all, a team, a healthy atmosphere, a high-quality product, or service that will bring real benefit to its user. Autonomy and the ability to quickly implement ideas into reality. Decent salary and contract. I enjoy complex tasks


SEO оптимизатор

Novosibirsk · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

1) SEO-аудит сайта 2) Сбор семантического ядра исходя из тематики сайта 3) Написание мета-тегов title/description для посадочных страниц сайта 4) Составление ТЗ для написания текстов копирайтерам (или пишет моя команда копирайтеров) 5) Техническая внутренняя SEO-оптимизация сайта 6) Работа с инструментами Search Console (Webmaster Tools), GoogleAnalytics, Allposition, Linkpad, Serpstat, Miralinks 7) Аналитика сайта 8) Поисковое продвижение конкурентных запросов в Топ-10 9) CMS: WordPress, OpenCart, Bitrix, Prom, Ucoz, Simpla, Magento, Хорошоп, ImageCMS, а так же с самописными ЦМС и др 10) Комплексное продвижение сайта по всем запросам 11) Отчет после оптимизации сайта


1) SEO-аудит сайта 2) Сбор семантического ядра исходя из тематики сайта 3) Написание мета-тегов title/description для посадочных страниц сайта 4) Составление ТЗ для написания текстов копирайтерам (или пишет моя команда копирайтеров) 5) Техническая внутренняя SEO-оптимизация сайта 6) Работа с инструментами Search Console (Webmaster Tools), GoogleAnalytics, Allposition, Linkpad, Serpstat, Miralinks 7) Аналитика сайта 8) Поисковое продвижение конкурентных запросов в Топ-10 9) CMS: WordPress, OpenCart, Bitrix, Prom, Ucoz, Simpla, Magento, Хорошоп, ImageCMS, а так же с самописными ЦМС и др 10) Комплексное продвижение сайта по всем запросам 11) Отчет после оптимизации сайта

без разницы


Education manager, HR Lead, HR BP, Community manager, Event manager

Lviv · $2500 · 10 years of experience · Intermediate

I've participated in the development of various processes and projects. For instance, the employees' adaptation, the benefits systems, the internal communications, the development of technical and social communities, the education projects and programs, etc. Moreover, I am the psychologist, the business trainer, Soft Skills programs' curator, the mentor, HR BP, and the project coordinator. - Developing and implementing HR strategies and processes, policies, and procedures and making recommendations for improvements. - HR Programs, Technical Communities, People Development Strategy, Recognition programs, Soft Skills community. - Support marketing campaigns and partnership programs. - Сonflict resolution talks and other communication with employees. - Onboarding/Offboarding. - Developing training programs. - Lead personal & career development process. - Organize internal and public events. - Compensation and Benefits. - Technical Communities, Soft Skills programs, etc. - Organize CSR Programs. - Organize internal and public events. - Lead personal & career development process. - Cooperate with educational establishments and student organizations. - Conducting facilitation sessions. - Maintaining good internal communication within the company. - Promote the company brand. - Support and optimization of HR processes.

Communication, Human Resources, Team Building, Organisation skills, HR Management, People Managenent, Employee Relations, Motivation & retention, HR, Psychology background, Training & Development, Internal communications management, HR Metrics, event management, event planning, Listening and communication skills, IT Recruitment, HR Business parrtnering, Building HR process, Building HR activities, Onboarding, Public Relations, Management, HR branding


Project Manager

Kyiv, EU, London, Canada, USA · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Chief Operating Officer Instime (IT - разработка ПО) сентябрь 2018 — по настоящее время -Ведения доходов, рассходов, компании. -Пересмотры заработной платы, для сотрудников. -Выполнения целей компании. -Контроль нескольких проектов одновременно, в составе с командой Project Manager. -Постановка цели для команды. -Постановка рабочего процесса, в команде менеджеров, и разработчиков. -Анализ рисков проекта. -Утверждения технического задания, дизайна, и беглока задач. -Управления командой от 30 - человек. -Ежедневные отчеты о состоянии проектов. IT Project Manager Prof-it (IT - разработка ПО) август 2017 — по настоящее время -Общение с заказчиком, согласование требовании, сроков. -Составление планов проектов и технических задании. -Оценка проекта, совместная работа с разработчиками. -Постановка рабочего процесса в команде. -Контроль и проверка выполнения задач разработчиков. -Ведение проектной документации и отчетов о проектах. -Соблюдение сроков выполнения проектов. -Ведение нескольких проектов одновременно -Управление командой, 8-10 человек. Junior qa automation. Информационные технологии Украины (IT-консалтинг / Услуги / Производство оборудования) январь 2017 — июнь 2017 -Функциональное тестирование. -Регрессионное тестирование. -UI/UX-тестирование. -Web/desktop-тестирование. -Написание авто-тестов с помощью java, selenium web-driver, junit. -Ведение тестовой документации

Product management, Project Management, Team management, HTML, Agile, Jira, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, A/B testing, CRM

1. Помог собрать успешную команду в компании более 30-человек. 2. Успешная реализация highload проектов, startup. 3. Достижения поставлених целей компании, и соблюдение сроков реализации проектов.


Business Development Manager / Sales Development Representative / Customer Success Manager / Service Delivery Manager / International procurement /

Kyiv · $2500 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

• Strong background in business negotiations and correspondence. • Seafood procurement. Meeting suitable price levels / shipment terms / product quality-specification. • Implementation of contract prices/ plans, administer various database, ensure goods & services delivery, quality & claims management • Prepare and conduct RFIs, RFPs and RFQs. • Knowledge of international contract and business law, import documentation. Searching for new Suppliers / Preparing – signing contracts. • Develop and manage relationships with key suppliers (15+ countries). • Company representation at international B2B trade shows. Working to raise company recognition in seafood business worldwide by attending annual international seafood exhibitions in Brussels (Belgium), Vigo (Spain), Boston (USA). + Business trips. • Price policy / competitive analysis. Ensuring no maverick spend is happening across assigned categories. • Taking part in market research. • New product development. Implementation of new products to Ukrainian seafood sector. • Track stable inventory throughout company warehouses in Ukraine. • Providing logistic services for company according to Incoterms 2010 rules (truck / container / vessels shipments). • Providing reports regarding ETA/ETD / self-cost / profit - loss / payment schedule. • Cooperating with international insurance companies (particularly with Geik, Norway), credit rating agencies.

International sales, Business development, Negotiations, Customer relationship management, B2B sales, Service Delivery, customer success, Customer Relationship management

maintaining approx 4% from total share of frozen fish import into UA, from 15+ countries


Business Analyst, Project manager

Kyiv · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

BPMN, Visio, Axure RP skills 5+ years’ experience in CRM and BPM systems implementation - Strong knowledge of project methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Waterfall) - Requirements formalization (BRD, FRS, user stories / test cases) - Writing technical specifications for developers team and instructions for key users - Business processes modeling (BPMN) - Project / Product backlog management - Project planning and dev quality control - 7+ successfully closed projects for big financial institutions - High customer’s satisfaction level - Implemented new features in delivery process and technical documents standardization - Tranings for groups 15+ users Business Analysis, Jira, Agile, Scrum, User stories, Test cases, CRM, BPMN, Requirements management, Prototype, Banking Experience, Product Backlog, Confluence, Axure, Miro, Communication, Analytical Skills

Business Analysis, BPMN, Project Management, Agile, Jira, User stories, CRM, Analytical Skills, time management, Team management, MS Excel, communication, Analytical and problem solving abilities, Confluence, Manual Testing, Test Case, Requirements management, Scrum

Не соромно за реалізовані проекти :)


Sitecore Solution Architect

Sіdnej · $8000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Certified Sitecore(v.6-v.9)/Sharepoint/.NET/Javascript Developer Tech lead with extensive experience (more than 16 years) of delivering projects for various companies (Automotive, Financial, Governmental and Legal industries). Recent years mainly working on Sitecore projects as tech/team lead and solution architect. About 5 years of experience working as Consultant in Australia.

AWS, MongoDB, Design Patterns, C#, Solr, Redis, Azure, OOP/OOD, Solution Design


Customer support

Remote work, Ukraine · $850 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

09/2015 - 06/2018 - Automative American company, Customer Support and Sales agent: - assisting customers in pre-sale and post-sale questions by phone, email and in online chat; - doing up to 80 e-mails and 60 phone calls per day; - guiding clients throught transaction process and futher work; - persuasion in cooperation; - cheking conversations, e-mails and chats between agents/clients for quality assurance; - work remotely at least 4 times a month; - experience with such programs as Nice inContact, LiveChat, HelpSpot and CRM. Language skills: - Ukrainian and Russian - native; - English - fluent.

English, Communication Skills, International sales, customer support, Sales, Planing, Networking

Was a part of the managers team which helped other agents in solving problems and finding answers for the questions they had about the working process. Also, was a part of the training team, helped train new agents. Got 3 years of experience in sales and customer service. Understanding customers needs, helping through the process of purchasing and answering questions regarding the products or post sale.

Looking for a long-term job, preferably remotely. Would like to find a place where my skills can be useful with a good team and interesting projects. I am responsible for remote work. I do not work night shifts in the office.


Middle PHP Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 6 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

For the last 8 years of my professional activity I have developed websites, various web applications and services, CRM systems using PHP or technologies that appeared due to the breakthrough of the ECMAScript 6 JS standard. I have extensive experience not only in Web Development, but also in development Android application on Java. Due to the fact that my workstation most of the time was a laptop driven by Linux Fedora, I also can perform the functions of a system administrator of any RHEL-based Linux systems or even small-scale networks consisting of a machines under the GNU/Linux operating systems. During all my professional activity as a Web Developer I have gained experience with a number of ​various cutting-edge technologies,​ such as: HTML5;​ CSS3;​ JavaScript (jQuery, A​ ngularJS​, ​React)​ ; NodeJS;​ PHP5+​, P​ HP7.1​; LAMP,​ ​LEMP ​server stacks; technology stacks based on NodeJS, ES6​, V​ 8 JavaScript engine​; Server clusterization using D​ ocker;​ Some experience in support of projects, deployed on the clouds of M​ icrosoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform​; Prefered operational systems using as a web server: ​CentOS 6/7 and also ​RHEL-based Linux operating systems​. PHP frameworks: Symfony 4/3/2;​ Laravel​; Yii2. Content Management Systems: WordPress;​ Drupal 7​; ModX;

PHP, JavaScript, Linux, REST API, Symfony, Docker, MySQL, Laravel, SOLID

Написал с нуля high-load Интернет-магазин на Symfony 3 + React (админ-панель реализована, как SPA на React JS).

Очень желательно работа с фреймворками Symfony/Laravel либо с проектами на чистом PHP; интересуют как можно более необычные, нестандартные задачи и решения; большой плюс для меня - Blockchain-напрвленность проектов (это не обязательно, конечно).



Kyiv · $1500 · 7 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

I worked on many projects, and participated in start-ups and in different companies at different levels. Experience and skills: • Creativity; • Skill of interaction with the customer; • Team management and task distribution for increased productivity; • Work with vector and raster graphics; • Photoshop, Figma, Cinema 4D (beginner level), Sony Vegas Pro (Intermediate level); • Practical understanding of html, css; • Understanding of the principles of usability, knowledge of modern trends and technologies in digital design; • Development of adaptive sites, Landing Page, business cards and promotional sites, corporate portals and information sites, e-commerce sites and any graphics (except for illustrations by hand (initial level); Always open to freelance work. If you have any questions, please contact me. I am interested in startups, in participating in challenging promising projects. So if you have any ideas on how to make fantastic money and you just need a good reliable designer, idea generator and work partner, please do not hesitate to write to me. And, of course, I do any kind of design, so if you need high-quality work, or you just want to order your unique design, please contact me and we will discuss everything personally.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, WEB DESIGN, Photoshop, Основы HTML/CSS, Prototyping, User Interface, Prototype, Product Design, Graphic design, UI/UX

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