2D artist, graphic & web designer 

Kyiv · $900 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, advertising, GameDev, Web Development, Photoshop, WEB DESIGN, Concept


3d artist

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

I have a lot of experience in working with 3D modeling. I can model, animate and texture all types of objects. My last project was AR on WebGL. We did an educational project for children in anatomy and biology. In this project, I create photo-realistic models of humans, human organs, organic cells, microorganisms, DNA, etc. Before that, I worked on a project where I created an air turbine. This project was VR in Unity. My task was to create an air turbine detail and draw textures to make it reliable. With this work for more than 4 years, I making 2.5D and 3D models for CNC machines. I have a lot of experience with modeling for 3D print, like statues, humans, CAD design. Looking for work with 3D modeling and texturing for interesting project

zbrush, 3ds max, 3d modeling, Photoshop, substance painter, GameDev, 3D texturing, PBR Texturing, English, Character Modeling, UV Mapping, Marmoset Toolbag, Marvelous Designer, Rendering, 3d artist, AR, VR/AR, 3D Studio Max, Blender, MAYA, Game Development

I made many models of furniture that were built in real sizes from wood. It can sound funny but I could touch my work. one day I drew a ring for my girlfriend's proposal and made it from silver. She really appreciated the gift. I am very pleased with this

I enjoy working with an interesting project and the size of the team is not so important. I will be glad to create beautiful 3D objects for different areas. A lot of work is important to me. I enjoy being forever busy. Really don't like drawing cars


Unity3D Developer

Kyiv · $4500 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Experience in game development, graphics development, logic, animation, etc. Graphics High- and Low-level. Unity3D, OpenGL, Vulkan.

Unity3D, C#, Git, OOP, C++, Game Development, .NET

Published AAA games. Interesting grahics solution. Have my own games, that were published. Experience in low-level graphics, for example Vulkan API.

Interesting projects, with which I could grow.


SIMATIC STEP7, WinCC flexible

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 5 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

SIMATIC WinCC flexible; STEP7; 1C77, 1C8; Pascal; Prolog

SIMATIC WinCC flexible - 2 large (>1000 tags) visualization project work of refrigeration equipment. Certificates: ST-7PRO1, ST-7PRO2, ST-7PRO3

Complex projects.


Unity3D Developer

Kyiv · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am a passionate game developer from Kyiv, Ukraine. Have almost 2 years of working experience in the game industry. Was involved in the development of a minecraft-like game with a multi-million audience worldwide mainly using Unity 3D engine and C# programming language. Took part in several activities, such as adding new features, bug fixing and optimization. - Have experience in integration of different SDKs (advertising, analytics) of such providers as Appodeal, Google Ads, Firebase, Fyber, etc. - Have some experience in writing HLSL shaders - Used several Unity plugins (e.g. TextMesh Pro, Native Plugins from Stan's Assets, DOTween) - Used Git. Mostly GitLab with the use of Sourcetree client and built-in functionality of some IDEs - Used different IDEs, such as: Visual Studio, Android Studio, Xcode, Rider - Used Jira, Slack - Have some knowledge in several branches of math, such as trigonometry, geometry and linear algebra

Unity3D, C#, Game Development, Unity, GameDev, Git, OOP, Jira, Android, .NET, English, С#, Unity UI

The fact that I was able to quickly get into big-scale project with complex, legacy codebase without any commercial experience and to become an important employee of my company despite of the fact that at that time I was still finishing my graduation project for Master's degree.

I'd love to work in a game development studio with passionate employees, who love game industry the way I do. I don't want to create another hidden objects, slots or match-three. I prefer working for a company with its own project rather than outsource. But it all depends on the projects themselves and the attitude of people within the company.


Project Manager

Odesa, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, USA, EU, Canada · $3000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

More than 5 years of project management experience with successful record of more than 100 projects completion of different complexity (1-150 products), lifespan (1-15 months) and business (IT, automotive industry, electronics manufacturing, lean implementation, production automation, architecture and construction). PMO establishment and consulting experience. English level - C1 (Advanced) Quick learner, creative, sociable, goal orientated, strong problem solving skills. Finished training in Lean, Six Sigma, Mistake proofing, 5S, NYS, Time management, Effective teamwork, MPPS, QC, FMEA, Project Management Systems, CAP Project Management and others, using gained knowledge at work. Certifications: Time management & Effective teamwork; MPPS & QC; CAP Project Management Open for new knowledge and countries. Willing to travel and ready for customer onsite work & interventions.

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Jira, Team management, English, Waterfall, Communication, Product management, Risk management, Confluence, SDLC, project planning, trello, Redmine, Requirements analysis, Web Development, CRM, People management, MS Project, Microsoft Office, Prototype, Business Planning, VP of Engineering, Management, ROI, Software development life cycle, Team development, B2B Product Manager, Troubleshooting and issue eliminating, Product research, Documentation, International negotiations, IT Strategy, JIRA Administration, Burndown Chart, Estimation, Team and Communication management, Analysis, technical documentation, Product Requirements Document, Jira / Basecamp / Trello, Process Improvement, Analytic and diagnostic skills, Recruiting, Lean Product Management, Time and Material, User Interface , Excel, SixSigma, Mobile app development, Game Development, AR/VR, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, Communicate with foregein Customers, Customer Development, Customer Expectations Mgmt, Customer Success, Customer Support Expertise, Customer care, Customer communication, Design thinking, Costs, Budget and Timelines Achievement, Estimated cost of the project, Estimating costs, Project Estimation, Tasks Decomposition and Estimation, Sales skills, Pre-sale activities, Presentation skills, Business Analysis, Business Developement, Business Development Skills:, Business Intelligence, Business Operations, Business Processes, Problem Solving, Agile Project Management, IT Project Management, Business processes management, Client expectation management, Team Leadership, User Experience, Leadership, Google Drive Tools, Payment, Lean Startup, Prototypes design


3D/2D Дизайнер

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Большой опыт работы в 2Д и 3Д дизайне. Имею художественное образование по специальности "Графический дизайн". Полноценное знание ПК и графических пакетов, как 3Д так и 2Д. Последние несколько лет занимался разработкой игровых интерфейсов и графики для мобильных игр. В 2018 году работал с несколькими проектами AR VR. Разрабатывал 3Д/2Д графику и анимации для интерфейсов Microsoft Hololens и шлемов виртуальной реальности. Буду рад достойным и интересным предложениям.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Graphic design, zbrush, Substance painter, 3ds max, Autodesk Sketchbook, Adobe InDesign, Unity3D, Marmoset Toolbag

Ожидаю от работы в первую очередь адекватных людей, как в команде так и со стороны заказчика. Людей, которые могут внятно формулировать мысли и спокойно относятся к критике. Так же ожидаю условий и возможностей для развития как личностного так и профессионального уровня.


QA engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 4 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

QA Engineer (May 2018-until current time) (XLucidity) Creating of test documentation (test-cases; test-plan and etc.); Performance of all required tests (Smoke, Regres., Functional, Usability, new feature testing; Implementation of time-consuming evaluation. Perform the necessary resources assessment for the project. Implementation of the project risk assessment. Conducting the test documentation for the project. Prepare an application for a store. QA Engineer+Support Manager (Jul 2017-Mar 2018)(CarX Technologies) Creating of test documentation (test-cases; test-plan and etc.); Performance of all required tests (Smoke, Regres., Functional, Usability, new feature testing; Implementation of time-consuming evaluation. Perform the necessary resources assessment for the project. Implementation of the project risk assessment. Conducting the test documentation for the project. Prepare an application for a store. Provide help for Carx projects for players on a daily basis; Constantly engage with players on Support email; Handle challenging issues and client inquiries and complaints via email Middle QA Engineer (Sep 2015 - Feb 2017) (G5 Entertainment AB) Giving tasks other members of project team and control quality of their implementation; Working with outsource (transfer functional in testing; determination of the time and costs of implementing for testing; control quality of their implementation); Using and writing test documentation: checklists, test cases, test suits, test plans. QA Engineer (Jul 2014- Sep 2015) (G5 Entertainment AB) Functional, regression, usability testing and new features testing; Bug detection, description and verification; Using and writing test documentation: checklists, test cases, test suits, test plans; Prepare an application for a store. Junior QA Engineer (Dec 2013 -Jul 2014) (G5 Entertainment AB) Performance of all required tests (Smoke, Regres., Functional, Usability, new feature testing).

Android, Casual Games, f2p, Function Testing, GameDev, Git, iOS, Jira, MacOS, Manual Testing (QA), Quality Assurance (QA), Regression Testing, Scrum, Test Documentation, TestRail, Unity3D, Usability testing, Win8, Agile, Web Testing, Confluence, Cross Browser Testing, Chrome Developer Tools

Practical experience with: Testing types: Installation, Smoke, Regression, Functional, UI, Localization, Exploratory, Cross Browser, Integration; Testing methods: Black-box, Grey-box; Test design strategies: Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis; Test documentation: Specification, Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Suits, Check Lists, Bug Reports; Testing software: JIRA, TestRail, XCode, Android Studio (SDK), MS Visio; Unity; SourceTree; Chrome Developer Tools Work with platforms: iOS, Win (x86,arm), Mac, Android; Prepare an application for stores: Google Play, Amazon, Windows Store, Apple Store, Mac App Store; Programming skills: HTML, CSS, SQL, C++– basic knowledge; OS: Microsoft Windows – advanced. Projects: Overtok ®; The Secret Society ® - Hidden Mystery; Mind Snares ®: Alice's Journey; Nightmares from the Deep® : The Siren’s Call; The Cursed Ship®: Collector’s Edition; Questerium®: Sinister Trinity, Collector's Edition; Dream Catchers®: The Beginning; Left in the Dark®: No One on Board; The Ghost Archives®: Haunting of Shady Valley; Tales from the Dragon Mountain®: the Lair; Vampires®: Todd & Jessica story; Back side of the Earth®: Pilot Brothers 3; CarX Highway Racing. F2P Cross Platform games on smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android), Amazon Fire TV, Mac and Windowspowered devices.

-Командная работа над единой целью; -Мотивация как команды,так и каждого ее элемента; -минимум бюрократии; -отсутствие влияния личной неприязни на вознаграждение за внесенный результат; -позитивный и отзывчивый коллектив


Junior Unity/Android developer

Kyiv · $400 · 2 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Android Developer з 03.2019 по 05.2019 (3 місяці) F12A Mobile, Київ (Разработка мобильных приложений) - Java, Kotlin, MVP, Moxy, RxJava, Retrofit 2 Инженер-программист з 04.2016 по 04.2018 (2 роки) Дирекция "Автотранспочта" ПАО "Укрпочта", Київ (Перевозка почтовых отправлений, периодических изданий, а также организация перевозки грузов автомобильным транспортом для юридических лиц в Киеве и в Украине) -Учёт автотранспорта в системе управления предприятием ИС-ПРО; -Участие в разработке системы планирования и учета работы автотранспорта и водителей согласно утвержденных графиков в пределах учетного периода; -Разработка программы проверки правильности ввода информации в путевых листах, а именно спидометров, гаражных номеров прицепов и т д (FoxPro); -Разработка веб-решения "Система сбора и контроля информации по движению ремонтов" (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySql, MVC); -Работа с базами данных: FoxBASE, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2.

Java SE, Android, OOP, JSON, SQL, REST API, kotlin, Room, Moxy, RXJava 2, Firebase, MVP/MVVM, Android Data Binding, C#, Unity3D, 3ds max

8 December

Senir Manual / Automation QA Engineer / QA Lead (GameDev only)

Kyiv · $2500 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

• Java - basic knowledge; • C# - basic knowledge • IDEA, Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, Android Studio • UI automation framework for Unity (C#) • Fastlane - re-signing of .ipa • Delivery iOS builds to the TestFlight and Apple Store • Testing of requirements, game design documentation • Desktop/PortableDevices/Mobile testing • API testing (Playfab server) • Creation of builds (Unity; Jenkins, TeamCity – as user) • Creating articles in Confluence • Creating daily reports for a customer • Knowledge of SDLC; • Experience in Agile (Scrum); • Knowledge and understanding of testing types; • Knowledge and understanding of test design technics and approaches of Software testing; • Experience in creation of testing documentation (bug reports, checklists, test cases, test suites); • Git, GitHub, GitLab • VCS – SourceTree; • Bug-tracking systems – Jira; • Test management tools – TestRail; • Basic experience with Unity 3D Engine; I have two years of commercial experience as an QA engineer in GameDev, 1 year as a Lead QA . On my projects I performed duties as Test Analyst, Test Designer, Test Executor and Test Manager, conduct daily communication with partners and external teams. High responsibility is my main soft skill. I have basic knowledge of programming languages: Java and C #. It helps me to deeply localize founded bugs and even sometimes offer code solutions to fix them, create automation tests

Manual Testing (QA), Regression Testing, Android, iOS, Mobile testing, Quality Assurance (QA), TestRail, Windows, Agile, Git, VCS, API testing, C#, Java SE, Jira, Unity3D, Automated Testing (QA), Jenkins, Fastlane, Java EE, QA management, Team management

I expect interesting, complex and diverse tasks. Looking for only Game Development companies.

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