Senior QA Engineer

Kyiv · $3700 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• Implement various automation test plans • Created two automated test frameworks from scratch • Create and execute automated software test framework and tests for single-page web application (both UI and REST API) basing on .NET C# and JavaScript. Used Selenium WebDriver 3.x, Cucumber, SpecFlow, JMeter, SOAP UI, Azure DevOps. • Experience with test automation of desktop applications in TestComplete, AutoIt, and HP ALM • Work within CD/CI processes using TeamCity, Jenkins, TFS, Comfluence, Jira, Git • Transitioned software development efforts to a SCRUM/Agile process, which brought QA testing in on the front-end of the development cycle for gains in code quality, software functionality and programmer productivity

Selenium WebDriver, Automated Testing, REST API, Git, SQL, HTML, XPath, Selenium, JavaScript, C#, OOP, TestComplete, TeamCity, TFS, NUnit, Agile, JSON, Jenkins, Jira, Scrum, Cucumber, Automation Testing, API testing, REST, SpecFlow, Postman, API Testing, Azure

8-year experience in test automation, over 15 years in QA. I have created automation test suites from scratch twice. Mostly work with Selenium WebDriver and Cucumber tools, test frameworks on C#. Have experience with TestComplete.

Do not work for outsourcing companies


Senior QA Engineer 

Kyiv · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Linux, Python, Jenkins, PostgreSQL, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium, TestRail, Jira, CI, TeamCity, Oracle, VirtualBox, VMware, HTML, Embedded, GITHub, OOP, WiFi, Robot framework, Pytest, Docker, TFS, Unittest, Networking, WireShark, ESXi

Agile, English, Jira, Linux, Manual Testing (QA), Quality Assurance (QA), Regression Testing, REST API, TestRail, VirtualBox, VMware, Windows, CI, Networking, Scrum, Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, TeamCity, Ubuntu, Automated Testing (QA), Jenkins, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Python, Redis, Embedded, Flask, API testing, Git, Confluence, Web Testing, Postman, Functional testing, Test planning, TCP/IP, Usability and UI Testing, test cases, Function Testing, Manual Testing, Quality Assurance, Ad Hoc testing, JSON, Automated Testing, Test Design


Automation/Manual QA Engineer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $1800 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

General skills: QA: manual testing, automated testing, bug reporting, test environment configuration, creation and maintenance of test and product documentation; BugTracking system: YouTrack, JIRA; Version control system: Git (GitLab, GitHub); Continuous integration server: TeamCity, Semaphore; Programming languages: Java(core), Ruby(basic); Project build tool: Maven, Gradle; Tests Automation: JUnit, Selenium/Selenide, RestAssured, Postman, Selenoid, RSpec, Capybara, SitePrism; OS: Linux, Windows; Other: SQL, Docker. Agile processes management

Java, Quality Assurance (QA), REST API, Scrum, Youtrack, Docker, Git, GitLab, JSON, Microservice architecture, TeamCity, Linux, SQL, PostgreSQL, JUnit, Jira, Automated Testing , Ruby, Capybara , RSpec, Selenide, Selenium WebDriver

Organized and lead the direction of testing, including automated testing, on the project. In addition to QA activities I have performed a product manager/product owner role on a subproject during several months and perform a role of scrum master sometime.

experience, evolution, automation testing


Automation QA Engineer

Lviv · $2100 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have experience in automating Web(Front-end, Back-end) application using WebDriver, Requests library and Pytest. Automating desktop applications using Squish. I worked with an application based on a microservices architecture. Involved in implementing new features in the back-end. Creating an automation project from zero Tech leading team members for creating a web automation framework Worked on automation of healthcare devices and writing and updating complex architecture of automation framework

Selenium WebDriver, Automated Testing , REST API, Python, OOP, Linux, XPath, Regression Testing, Test driven development , Git, Jira, Selenium, Postman, Scrum, Jenkins, Automated Testing, API, Microservice architecture, Manual Testing, Agile

Designing architecture and creating two automation frameworks. One for web and one for desktop


QA Automation Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2400 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

• Experience in developing/maintaining test automation framework • Writing tests for UI/API/Backend using JAVA • Load Testing • Functional, UI, API, integration, regression and smoke testing of the company products • Design the required test strategy and scope required tests • Estimate the test effort and schedule • Creating/Updating test cases, test plans, checklists • Review the test cases and the test data • Creating/Tracking bug reports • Technical support of the company clients • Testing Chrome Extensions • Tasks evaluation (review and analyze product requirements)

Git, Selenium WebDriver, Automated Testing, Jira, SQL, REST API, Jenkins, Java, Selenium, Postman, HTML, Scrum, XPath, CSS, JSON, TestNG, Manual Testing, Agile, Maven, JUnit, Regression Testing, OOP, Docker, IntelliJ IDEA, Rancher, QA Automation, Bug Reporting, Automated Testing , MySQL, Quality Assurance, XML, Manual Testing , Test Documentation, API Testing / Postman, fast learner, Web Testing, Requirements analysis, REST API testing, TestRail, Check list, API Testing, Functional testing, Bug Tracking, Gradle, Confluence, RabbitMQ, Redis, AWS, GUI testing, API testing, Continuous Integration, Test Design

• Product covered by API automation tests more than 80 % • Test automation framework fits security best practices • Improved bug reporting • Improved test strategy • Improved task management

I am interested in new challenges and experience. I would like to be a part of strong and friendly team. Please do not suggest mobile testing and gambling.


QA Automation Engineer

Remote work, Belarus · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Selenium, SQL, PostgreSQL, Python, Automated Testing (QA), Manual Testing (QA).

Automated Testing (QA), Manual Testing (QA), pytest, Python, Selenium WebDriver, JavaScript, Jira, PostgreSQL, CSS, docker, Git, HTML, Linux, Networking, SQL, TCP/IP, Bootstrap, Django, Java, Jenkins, JMeter, SOAP, Node.js

Интересны проекты в сфере блокчейн, криптовалют.


Senior QA Engineer

Zaporizhzhya · $1500 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

S-PRO: 03/2018 - 09/2018 Quality Assurance of the multiplatform application for the medical purposes within Agile environment with Business Drive development procedures . Grey Box testing of the Android and Web clients, black box testing of the iOs application. Taking a part in project planning, creation of test cases (both manual and for automatization) and other test documentation. Redwerk: 04/2017 - 03/2018 Quality Assurance of the many little projects on the different platforms. Basically web and mobile. E-commerce projects. Grey Box testing of the Android and Web clients, black box testing of the iOs application. Taking a part in project planning, creation of test cases (both manual and for automatization) and other test documentation. Loud and Clear: 11/2013 – 03/2017 Quality Assurance of the next projects: time management system, sweepstake's system (National Rugby League, Australian Football League), e-commerce projects for Australian market, personal pages, etc. (Mostly Wordpress, Magenta, Drupal based projects). Creation of the test documentation, test case, test planning, simple automation. AMgrade | Technisches Büro: 06/2013 – 11/2013 Quality Assurance of lots of little projects on the different platforms. Basically web and mobile projects, E-commerce projects.

Ad-hoc, Agile, Android, Android Studio, API testing, Automated GUI Tests, Black Box testing, Codeception, Cross-browser testing, CSS, Functional testing, Genymotion, Git, iOS, Jira, MacOS, Mobile testing, MySQL, Postman, Scrum, Selenium WebDriver, Smoke testing, test cases, Test Design, Web Testing, SQL, Browserstack, Security testing, Ubuntu, Manual Testing, Regression Testing, Quality Assurance, HTML, Confluence, TestRail, Linux, Windows, Automated Testing, Checklist


lead/senior remote QA

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

* deep understanding of how to build QA processes * solid background in requirement analysis * speaker at QA conference - can provide with highly detailed testing strategy on all levels of product architecture - tested almost everything starting from frontend ending with neural network - conducted performance/security testing - troubleshooted on all stages of dev process - can read code and write tests for Selenium webdriver, currently writing a test framework based on Nightwatch JS -- many thanks to StackOverflow and my junior-trainee programming skills - API testing experience - familiar with non- and relational DB's

Manual Testing (QA), REST, SoapUI, Performance Testing, VirtualBox, Networking, Selenium WebDriver, SQL, Automated Testing (QA), MongoDB, Security testing, Unix, C#, Groovy, JavaScript, Python

- built QA processes from scratch 2 times in different companies - delivered 2 MVP's as the only QA person in team - was hiring and easily interviewing the candidates

1. management team who clearly knows for which talents they hire the people 2. being involved into creation and analysis of product specs on the earliest stages -- if there is no Business analyst role in your team 3. clear transparetn planning = all the team knows where a product will be in 6/12/24 months 4. nice to have - colleagues that have at least one common motivation instead of money 5. participating in test automation but not on full time basis


Senior QA Engineer

Lviv · $3000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have over 6 years of experience in software industry as a QA/QC Engineer. I have been working on long-term contracts as well as small assignments. I have carried out QA/QC coordination, test planning, requirements analysis, test design (test cases, checklists), software testing, project estimation and soft-ware quality measurements. I have considerable experience in, PyCharm, BDD, Cucumber, Gherkin Syntax, RobotFramework, RestAPI, VIsual Studio, Sanity, Regression, Boundary, Functional, Security, Acceptance, GUI, Automation Testing of a number of Web and Desktop applications. Creating Test Plans and etablishing defect-tracking procedures are also among my direct responsibilities. I have been involved in projects related to development and support of HealthCare and different Information Systems as a Test Engineer performing all of the listed above testing activities. My current responsibilities are creating project test documentation (covering requirements by tests and creating Test Cases, Defect/Issue Reports), finding defects in the software being tested, tracking, reproducing and processing defects, performing defect analysis and impact analysis. I am open-minded and purposefulness. I have active teamwork attitude, excellent interpersonal and communicational skills, teamwork and quick learning ability.

Manual Testing, Regression Testing, Postman, Quality Assurance, Web Testing, Functional testing, Bug report, Jira, Automated Testing, PyCharm, - Cross browser testing, robot framework, Visual Studio, BDD, Cucumber, API Testing / Postman, Gherkin Syntax, Test Case, Boudary, GUI testing, Acceptance Testing, Checklists, VMware, Virtual Box, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, trello, MacOS, Windows OS, iOS, Android/iOS functional testing, Software QA Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Performance Testing, Web Tesing, Browser's Dev Tools, Cross Browser Testing, Smoke Testing, Exploratory Testing, TestRail, Bug Tracking, Git, Scrum

We are the team of QA( Automation/Manual ) professionals, with professional experience in testing of various commercial applications, and we look for clients who need help in testing various system, application, web projects, etc. Profile: Performing GUI, Functional, Usability, Acceptance, Boundary, Regression, Ad/hoc tests Manual, Black Box Tests, Automation testing. Developing Test Documentations (test cases, bug reports) Ability to learn new technologies and challenging concepts quickly and implement them, communication skills, hard workers. Next types of testing skills are Virtual Machines: VMWare, VirtualBox, Hyper-V. Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera Methodologies: BDD, Scrum. Languages: HTML, XML, Gherkin syntax. Operating Systems: Windows NT, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, BlackBerry Technologies & Tools: Visual Studio, MySQL, EventViewer, AppInsights, Azure. PractiTest, Postman REST, Swagger UI, Selenium WebDriver, SeleniumIDE, Cucumber. Bug tracking systems: Jira, Trello VCS: GitHub, Source Tree, TortoiseHg.

24 January

Manual / Automation QA Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2300 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

I have been working for 7 years as experienced QA Engineer (manual and automation) on multiple projects and each one had its own particularity. So, I used various approaches to improve QA process, establish flexible communication within team and as a result to release the right product. I can solve issues while I'm working on any project / projects . I have a lot of experience in Web / mobile testing and my purpose is to make the product better and the whole team will be satisfied. Expert in working with different types of testing: regression, smoke, sanity, compatibility, UI, localization, usability, positive / negative testing etc. Responsible, detail-oriented, punctual, highly productive, purposeful, focused on teamwork, flexible, hardworking and responsive. I continue to seek for new opportunities and like challenges because when I find a solution for every complex task I am really happy :-) Skills: - iOS, Android - IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, RubyMine, PyCharm, Xcode, Genymotion - SQL (advanced user) - Cucumber, Protractor - Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Docker - Python, Ruby - Linux (advanced user) - HTML, CSS, Xpath - Version Control System (Git, Bitbucket) - BTS (Jira, PivotalTracker, Trello, Asana, Pipefy, Wrike, Zendesk) - OS (MacOSx, Windows, Linux) - Test Documentation (TestRail, Test Plan, Test Cases, Check Lists, Confluence) - WireShark, Postman, SoapUI, Altova XMLSpy, FileZilla, WinSCP, Integrated Solutions Console, Kibana, Zabbix, Oracle SQL Developer, Kibana, Zabbix - Expert in Quality Assurance

Git, Jira, REST API, SQL, Jenkins, Manual Testing, Postman, Linux, Regression Testing, XPath, CSS, JSON, HTML, Python, Confluence, Capybara, Protractor, Bitbucket, MacOSx, TestRail, SoapUI, Cucumber, Ruby, Bamboo, TeamCity, GIT, trello, Asana, Pipefy, Altova, Docker, Browserstack, MySQL, Appium, Manual Testing , Automated Testing, Cypress, JS, WebServices, Webstorm, Pycharm, Rubymine, Android, iOS, Android Studio, Scrapy, Web Scraping

I have been working as QA Automation Engineer over 4 years and as Manual ~ 7 years. I worked on huge amount project (E-commerce; Advertisement; based on iOS / Android native apps and running tests on self-hosted / cloud-hosted farms; set up projects from scratch using Ruby, JS, Python to run GUI / BackEnd automated tests and supported ones; WebServices, etc). My skill suite your purposes 100%.

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