HRD/Head of HR

Kyiv · $3000 · 9 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

About 10 years in HR. Last year working as a HRD in IT company (outsource/outstaff). I'm managing department with 7 employees (IT recruiters, People Partners). Creation of system of grades and further evaluation of personnel. Participation in creation of CRM module as a internal customer. Working with employer brand, PR and promo activities organization, conferences participation, budgets management, charity activities, IT recruitment management, internal communications, 1to1 meetings, performance reviews, exit interviews, retention activities and more. 0,5+ year in American IT product company as a Full Stack HR Manager. (IT recruiting, onboarding, C&B management, salary reviews, internal communications management, creation of all HR documentation from the scratch, organization of corporate events, exit interviews, 1on1 meetings, performance reviews, CRM system management and more) 1,5+ year in recruitment agencies (Ukrainian market and positions for relocation). Has worked with up to 10 positions simultaneously (sourcing, job postings, pre-screening, interviews). 7+ years as a HR Manager/HR Generalist in different companies

adaptation, Advising on personal matters, Creation of all HR documentation, HR Management, Internal communications management, IT Recruiting, Onboarding, Organization of corporate events, Recruiting, Retention of the staff, Employee referral program, Research, Interviewing, Communication Skills, Team Building, hr brand, Performance review, Leadership

I've managed to implement recruiting module in internal CRM system and to improve HR module. Also I've provided system of grades, closed all urgent vacancies in the company, created all HR documentation from the scratch, established communication with the heads of departments, improved work efficiency and normalized the atmosphere in the teams and HR department, provided interesting corporate parties and etc.

I would like to work in the team of open-minded people, where the words do not differ from the actions and the atmosphere is really democratic and friendly, fresh ideas and initiatives are perceived with attention and readiness to implement the best of them. I like IT recruiting, but the best match for me will be in case if it is not the single option. I am willing to get a job on the right side of Kyiv. Also I am interested in proposals with relocation to EU or USA.


HR/ Recruiter

Kyiv · $500 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Опыт работы в HR сфере более 7 лет. Сферы: ритейл, банк, инвестиции, производство. В ИТ сфере готова начинать с малого.

нет опыта в подборе ИТ


Middle IT Recruiter

Kyiv · $1200 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Searched for: - technical specialists: mostly Java, Java Script (angular, react.js, React Native), Mobile developers (IOS, Android, React Native), Technical team leads, QA Engineers (Manual and Automation), System Administrators, DevOps Engineers, Technical Support Engineers, etc.); - nontechnical specialists: technical writers, recruiters, project managers and other (office manager, HR manager, sales manager and assistant, personal/executive assistant, community manager, accountant, lawyer, cleaning lady etc.). Have experience handling up to 8 vacancies at the same time, conducting full-cycle of recruiting: - gathering and clarifying requirements for vacancies; - job postings; - active search: x-Ray, Boolean, LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Djinni, xing, Social Media, etc.; - communication with potential candidates; - CVs screening; - conducting pre-screening, HR, competency, case interviews; - organisation of technical and final interviews; - sending test tasks to candidates and providing results to hiring managers; - getting feedbacks from hiring managers; - references gathering; - offers preparation. ATS maintaining, job market analysis, preparation of weekly and monthly reports about the hiring progress.

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Recruiting, Research, English, Communication, CV Screening, Interviews, Boolean Search, Linkedin, Sourcing, LinkedIn Search, recruitment, HR interviews

possibilities of professional and career growth, interesting vacancies, maintaining/improvement of English, friendly team, flexible schedule, some remote working days per month


Sr. IT Recruiter, Recruitment Team lead

Kyiv · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Responsibility: • Planning the quantitative needs of employees; • Analysis of the labor market and informing management about the labor market situation for personnel and average wages; • Monitoring the relevance and priority of vacancies • Receiving and checking an application for a vacancy • Creating a vacancy description and publishing vacancies (job sites, LinkedIn, Djinny, Dou, etc.) • Control payment of the search tools for staff • Operative active search of candidates using internal and external sources, as well as non-standard approaches, using Boolean search, X-ray, Turbo-hiring, Recruiting Lite, etc. (Perl Developer, PHP Developer, Magento Developer, RoR Developer, Elixir Developer, Java Developer, JS Developer, React Native Developer, Python Developer, Android Developer, IOS Developer, DevOps, Project Manager, System administrator, HTML coder, UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer, SQL/DB (BI, DWH) Developer, QA Lead, Manual QA Engineer, AQA, Head of Marketing Department, Email-marketing specialist, SMM, SEO-specialist, Head of Financial Department, IT Recruiter, IT Sales, Personnel Assistant and others) • Primary selection of candidates (CV analysis, telephone interview, analysis of candidate profiles); • Interviewing (HR, competency, case studies, project interviews, TK, final stage), *Getting recommendations * Writing Job Offers • Creating recruitment reports

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Human Resources, Communication, Recruiting, HR, Onboarding, Research, CV Screening, Boolean Search, English, Linkedin, Interviews, Job Descriptions, Jira, Candidate selection, Microsoft Office, Maintaining a database of candidates, multitasking, outsource/out-staff/product company/international organization expirience, Compensation and Benefits, IT, Leading recruters team, Training & Development, Corporate culture, Compensation & Benefits, trello, Interwieving, HR Metrics, Full-cycle recruitment, Labor market analytics, HR Processes, One-to-one meeting

Achievement: 1. Increased number of closed vacancies per month (every month 10 job offers done by me) 2. The introduction of new approaches to personnel search

Приоритет отдаю удаленному сотрудничеству или релокейту.


HR/Talent manager

Kyiv · $1800 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Futurra Group LLC. 2019 (August) - 2019 (October). Position: HR manager/recruiter. Main responsibilities: - searching and on-boarding new team members; - providing screenings and job-interviews; - planning and providing education and non-formal events for a team (presentations, lectures, movies, speaking club, board games). Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility, GDSI (Ireland) Blended course Digital competences for CSOs, 2019 (March) – 2019 (June). Position: Non-key expert, coordinator of the course. Short-term project. Within the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility project, I was involved in an international blended course as coordinator of the course and non-key expert. The course was held for participants from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. My responsibility was to take care of all communication between all parties (75 participants, 5 trainers, 6 local partners), preparing and supporting online modules, logistical support for attending 9 face-to-face trainings, providing additional input during the face-to-face trainings, collecting and analyzing information on participants’ level of engagement and satisfaction with the course and services. CookEd agency, 2018 (March) – current time. Position: Founder, learning experience designer, trainer. In March 2018 I launched my own agency CookEd. The main competences of the agency are crowdfunding and self- development. The main products are training, workshops, and online courses. In September 2018 I launched my own online course that aims to help people with self-development and organizations to successfully get funds on crowdfunding. My clients were UNDP Ukraine, Institute of Leadership and Management (Lviv), NGO Crimea SOS, NGO School of ME.

IT Recruitment, HR, Communication, Interviews, Talent acquisition, Organisation skills, Recruitment, event management, English, Onboarding, Team Building, Talent Management, People/Talent Partner

TRAININGS & CERTIFICATES School for tutors, Maibutni altenative school (January 2019, Kyiv) System thinking training: practice of a powerful managerial decisions, Think Camp (October 2018, Kyiv). Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction 8-week online course, School of ME (May-June 2018, Kyiv). Open world fellowship program for young leaders (Washington DC, Baltimore, USA, 2014).

Excited to work with a great team and products. Open for a flexible team and don`t like to work with a company that prefers hierarchy than direct and simple people communication. Will be great to work on learning products. Don`t like to work with gambling, casino or similar products.


IT Recruiter

Kharkiv · $500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

I am experienced with: - Managing the full cycle of recruiting process for IT/non IT specialists; - Communicating with Technical Lead/Leads; - Supporting of candidates during the hiring process; - Searching and selecting candidates for various positions from Junior to Team Lead; - Providing feedback; - Maintaining and expansion of candidates database and recruitment related documents; - Advertising vacancies on the company website/external job boards/social media; - Preparing Job Offer letters, etc; - Creating the business processes in Adaptation and Motivation for HR-department.

CV Screening, Research, IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Interviewing, LinkedIn Search, Boolean Search, X-Ray, English, Jira, Onboarding

I would like to say that I do my best in closing each position. I use such searching tools as LinkedIn,,, Turbohiring, jobs sites, specialized Telegram channels, X Ray search, recommendations, recruiting agencies, etc. My English level is closed to Up-Intermediate and now I am getting better at it.

I am interested in searching for IT/non IT specialists and I desire to work in friendly and professional environment.



Lviv · $800 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

2019 Full-service IT company "SEVEN" HR manager - Monitor of recruitment and hiring process. - Conduction of employee onboarding process. - Support in the resolution of employee questions or concerns. - Evaluation and improvement of HR processes in the company. - Support of development and educations programs. - Employee relations coordination, one-to-one meetings. - Events and internal communication management. - Collaboration with heads of departments. - Conduction of exit interview process. 2017-2019 PJSC "VF Ukraine" Human Resources and Corporate Communications Expert - Event organization and staff development. - Creation, promotion and organizational support of personal and team development programs. - Preparation of staff reserve pool. - Transformation of the value platform. - Creating a positive HR brand for the company. - Development of strategic initiatives to promote the corporate network. - Promotion and popularization of the social network inside the company. 2014-2017 PJSC "MTS Ukraine" Expert on recruitment and training of staff at the customer service center - Creating requirements for candidates and identifying the most effective sources for finding candidates for vacant positions. - Participation in vacancies fairs, career days and other mass events aimed at attracting potential candidates for vacant positions. - Conducting interviews, selecting candidates in accordance with qualification requirements and competencies. - Development and conducting of training programs of general corporate and highly specialized orientation. - Provide support for training programs in a state of the art that meets current business requirements. - Development and implementation of internal testing of knowledge. - Monitoring compliance with service standards. - Creation and support of motivational programs for employees.

HR, Human Resources, Communication, adaptation, event management, Onboarding

IT компанії.


HR / Recruiter/Content Writer (English)

Remote work, Ukraine · $1450 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Recruited interns for SABIT ( and ) as its Regional WestNIS/Caucasus Coordinator. Total more than 2500 specialists identified, selected, interviewed, recruited for various topics including IT. Knowledge of IT people in WestNIS/Caucasus/CIS/Central Asia.

10-year tenure with US Embassy Dept of Commerce and visa issuance

I developed SOW from scratch, organized tender (bid) for IT companies to win our organization (SABIT, US Embassy, US Foreign Commercial Service) bid to design and implement website project and after than I was web content admin of websites for 10 years. Studied basics of html in 2003 (although didn't much practice it unfortunataly, but if need be I can recall html knowledge, update and apply in my work. ) I was also part time web content admin for (English content writing). Currently I'm a free lance translator from Russian to English for translation agencies, publishing houses and companies. Interested in IT company vacancy of HR/Recruiter, HR Director etc. Education: Psychology and English, two university degrees.

Both outsourced and product.


People Partner (HR)/Business Partner

Zaporizhzhya, Kyiv · $2000 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

- 4 года работы в крупном банке на должности ведущего специалиста по работе с персоналом; - 3 года работы в IT на должности Front end разработчика Мой подход: каждый сотрудник и даже кандидат для компании стоит денег и моя задача удержать ценных сотрудников и "мягко" расстаться с неэффективными. Таким образом экономить деньги компании, а сотрудникам помочь работать комфортно и избегать профессионального "выгорания". Мои компетенции и направления работы: - Контроль прохождения сотрудником процесса Onboarding - Контроль прохождения испытательного срока - Проведение регулярных HR-бесед и health-check - «Сопровождение» сотрудника с момента принятия им оффера - Консультация сотрудников в вопросах развития и мотивации, и всех внутренних политик - Увеличить эффективность каждого сотрудника не на словах, а в конкретных показателях его KPI. - Участие в подготовке планов развития сотрудников - Составление action-планов с руководителями для сотрудников в зоне риска - Помощь в решении сложных/конфликтных ситуаций с сотрудниками - Коммуникация и решение возникающих вопросов с сотрудниками - Проведение Exit interview - Подготовка HR-аналитики - Прямое участие в реализации HR-стратегии Навыки: - Высокий уровень эмоционального интеллекта - Высокий уровень ответственности, инициативность, «работа на результат» - Аналитический подход - Большой опыт работы с возражениями и конфликтными ситуациями

Interviewing, Communication Skills

Нетривиальные задачи и возможность влиять на процессы в компании, проявлять инициативу, применять лучшие мировые практики в HR

17 October

IT Recruiter (remote)

$1000 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am an IT Recruiter with more than 2,5 years of experience and successful closing of vacancies. I was involved in full-cycling recruitment in IT productive company - creating job description, searching, screening, conducting HR Interviews, constant communication with Hiring Managers and Technicals Specialists etc. I was searching for such positions: .Net Developer, Front-End Developer, Full-Stack developer, C++ Developer, DevOps Engineer, Java Developer, QA Engineer, Web Master, Mailling Engineer etc. Now I am looking for only remote work.

LinkedIn Search, Screening Resumes, headhunting, X-Ray, Linkedin, Interviews, Boolean Search, CV Screening, Communication, Interviewing, IT Recruitment

remote work

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