project manager, Разработчик Go, менеджер проекта

any city · $1200 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Experience: MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, PHP5, Laravel, Wordpress, jQuery, Scrum, Agile, CSS, Delphi Currently studying: Angular, Go, nodeJS

Delphi, PostgreSQL, Agile, CSS, go, Golang, HTML, jQuery, MySQL, PHP5, Wordpress, Angular, JavaScript, Laravel, Scrum, Node.js, REST API, SQL, Microservices, RabbitMQ, Linux, AWS, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, firebase, Golang/Go, RESTful API, Backend, Client-server, NATS, Nginx, Unix

Interesting tasks and professional growth, adequate management. Possibility of remote work


Golang Developer 

Kyiv · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Applying for the Golang developer position. Passionate about Go and microservice architecture! Experience: My previous experience is Python programming. I worked for two 2 companies for the last 2 years. The first one is which was the Geo Information System for the real estate industry. The second one is Semantrum, which is the leading Ukrainian web application for media monitoring. Due to my previous experience I have an expertise in back-end web development, geographic map related applications development and text-processing applications. Have experience and constantly improving my skills in: • back-end web development (REST APIs) • developed distributed task processing pipelines • skilled in SQL, Postgresql dialect • have commercial experience with MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch • familiar with gRPC • familiar with web-sockets • proven linux user • good at linux shell scripting • proven docker, docker-compose user • familiar with the following AWS services: IAM, EC2, S3, SES, VPC, ECS, ECR, RDS • able to write swagger documentation • constantly use git and gitflow Education: • Programmers degree. Unit Factory (School 42) • Engineers degree in Power Engineering (Kyvi Politecnic Institute)

Golang, Python, Linux, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elastic Search, RabbitMQ, Docker, Docker-compose, WebSockets, gRPC, SQL, Micro-service architecture


Technical Product Owner 

$3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Below you may find projects and activities i have been involved since 2016. Also in attached CV I referenced my solid expertise in consumer & retail banking which I accumulated being employed by various financial institutions in CIS region. 2016 – current moment – fin-tech product company, Kiev – Technical Product Owner CRM domain - Pre-sale activities for the enterprise grade leads including but not limited to: o Efforts estimation for scope which may vary from confident customer input to one elaborated as a result of discovery phase handled by us o Delivery roadmap preparation and negotiation o Project team bootstrapping and operational control at agreed checkpoints / milestones R & D domain – we offer our team as “plug & play” Product team for any founder to be able to implement his idea if it lays within domains, we are known to be strong at o consumer finance banking o micro-financing (PDL) o health care o Hyperledger and Ethereum blockchain ecosystems Few projects from our portfolio worth to be mentioned: o Kimlic KYC – API back-end done with Elixir and Solidity smart contracts functionality design, testing, documenting. o Lakediamond - software platform with ReactJS web app and API back-end done with Golang. Solidity smart contracts including passing an audit by ChainSecurity o p2p finance eco-system - - delivered p2p transfers product for one of Top 3 world-wide funds transfers operator subsidiaries at Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia which is live with the roadmap for new features planned and shipped by our team according to schedule - sub-project with Viber bot as p2p transfer channel - Payment Service Provider (competitor for P2Y, Karton) for eco-system same world-wide funds transfer leader established in Ukraine

SSIS, SSRS, C#, SQL, Golang, Problem Solving, Requirements elicitation, Product Backlog management

My priority is on product companies or companies offering product team service to startup founders. Hardly believe I could be in position to join enterprise ecosystem of any kind / domain.

19 February

DevOps Engineer

Kharkiv · $3500 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

- Docker - Kubernetes(Bare metal, AWS) - Rancher - Kops - Gitlab CI/CD from commit to production. It means: Commit -> Build -> Test -> Deploy to review/BRANCH-1 -> After merge(Deploy to staging) -> Approve -> Deploy to prod. Good practice with: Magento{1,2}, Wordpress, VueStorefront, Django, Play Framework, Flask. - Ansible - Vagrant - Python, Bash, GoLang(Scripts for deploy) OS: ArchLinux, Centos6-7, Ubuntu8.04-18.10, RHEL, MacOS(Desktop, Server), Windows(Low knowledge, can configure with Docs)

deploy apps with docker & create container., docker, docker-compose, Linux, MariaDB, Nginx, Ansible, MySQL, phpfpm, Redis, HTML, Python, CSS, Percona, Django, MS SQL Server, Doctrine, C++, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Mongo

HighLoad Cluster for Continues deployment and testing branches, tags based on K8s. The best way for creating docker images, fastest build, no "layered pie", a minimal image with code and deploy script, like init for kubernetes or docker. Example: docker run -it --rm image_name deploy The project was not found in $PWD Copying now... ... Deploy complete. Have a video-demo.

Interesting tasks, availability of tasks, comfortable place, and office location, market salary, Ability to learn golang and use it

19 February

Разработчик Ruby, Golang

Remote (RF, Orenburg) · $3500 · 9 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Ruby on Rails, Golang, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular 2, Ionic 3.

Agile, AJAX, Golang, Jira, jQuery, JSON, MVC, MySQL, OOP, REST, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, XML, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Angular 2, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, TypeScript, GraphQL

18 February

BackEnd Golang Developer

Lviv · $1000 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

2 years of commercial and freelance experience as back end developer Working with Node.js and React, Redux Relational and non-relational databases. Working with Amazon Web Services(S3, EC2, RDS) Launching and configurating instances, working with devops routine Looking for Trainee / Junior Golang developer position

Golang, Git, Linux, Docker, MySQL, REST API, JavaScript, Redis, Microservices, JSON, MongoDB, SQL, AWS, RabbitMQ, docker, Node.js, OOP, HTML, Multithreading

Team of real professionals. Ability to improve softskills Most preferred full-time office job

18 February

.NET developer

St. Petersburg, Minsk, Prague, Warsaw · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

- C # - Developed a variety of desktop applications (WPF, WinForms), including multi-threaded, applications working with databases; - .Net Core - Worked on developing API, have little experience in parsing a monolith application into services; - SQL - Worked on development of client-server applications using MS SQL Server, SQLite; - VBA - I have experience in develop modules for MS Office - JS - I have some experience, continue learning -Golang - Low level, just started to learn Have experience in designing and developing databases based on MS SQL Server (stored procedures, functions, triggers, views) for financial, commercial, medical and other tasks. Good experience in parsing code. Ability to translate the customer's desire into code. Now I am working on bank-financial project, where I'm with my team developing payment processing application and parsing the monolith into services, as one of lead developers.

C#, .NET, WPF, SQL, WinForms, Windows, MSSQL, MS SQL Server, OOP, LINQ, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Entity Framework, JIRA, Confluence, NHibernate, JavaScript, Git, Jenkins, HTML, REST API, SOLID, Dapper

Developed a system, that allows employees to search for pharmacies on the map that have purchased certain drugs, for subsequent analysis of sales and employees performance. Stack: WPF, NetCore, MS SQL, YandexMaps API With the team we developed anti-fraud system for terminal payments.

I want to work with Net Core, C#, maybe Golang(but i still learn it). Please, no very old legacy projects from 200x. In total, legacy is normal for big projects, but not that old. I am here to find a job, which one can help me to get more development experience, meet interesting people, learn new features.

18 February

Senior Software Engineer 🔥

Kyiv, Lviv · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

- JavaScript developer with more than 4 years of production experience - Full-stack developer with strong back-end expertise - Strong knowledge of NodeJS and KoaJS - Enthusiastic in investigating cutting-edge technologies - Self-organized, fast learner, strong troubleshooting skills

JavaScript, Node.js, MySQL, Git, REST API, Docker, Linux, SQL, JSON, Redis, NodeJS, Vue.js, Nginx, Koa.js, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Memcache, AWS, Kubernetes, Grafana, GraphQL, Prometheus, GitLab, GitLab CI, AJAX, Golang, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Istio, Terraform, Jaeger Tracing, Pinba, TypeScript

- Worked with high-load service, that serves thousands of users simultaneously - Migrated 2 projects to Kubernetes - Have good knowledge of architecture and cloud technologies

- Interesting project - Challenging tasks - Preferably product company - Possibility to use cutting-edge technologies - Friendly team

18 February

Node.js developer 

Remote/Relocate · $4000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Worked at video surveillance company and created our own group of services for recording, storing, streaming video from CCTV cameras. Used Node.js, Go, MongoDB, Redis, Docker. Also worked at consulting company with clients from Australia, Berlin and Japan. Developed South Korean Shh! messenger (chats, calls) (now in beta). Interested in large scale, high performance distributed systems, mostly on coding side, but with experience with k8s and linux.

JavaScript, MongoDB, Docker, Golang, Redis, Git, TypeScript, Node.js, NodeJS, Linux, REST API

Created critical parts of a video platform used to control 200k+ cameras in Moscow only. Helped junior developers by tutoring and code reviews.

18 February

Python Software Engineer 🔥

Kyiv · $3200 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Product: - business logic (Python) for a 4th class soft switch implementation (VoIP) - framework for infrastructure provisioning and further deployment and orchestration of OpenStack installations - configuration engine part written on Python - platform solution for automated ML Ops product - installation, configuration and lifecycle management of services comprising the product Outsource: business logic for REST API based application (Golang)

Git, Linux, PostgreSQL, Python, docker, Kubernetes, Docker, Ubuntu, AWS, bash

I am looking for product related positions or any challenging and engaging projects. Teams with emphasis on communication and cohesiveness when it comes to "make a project happen". People who care not only about the product but also continuous testing and delivery processes for it. It will benefit my productivity greatly if there is some kind of visibility of the results of my work. I definitely would not like to work on long term support related positions. The less bureaucracy the better. Absolutely will refuse any positions with strict time tracking or controlling ingenuities (e.g. snapshotting workstations' screen or sending notifications on the phone after 10 minutes absence from the workstation:)

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