11 October

Разработчик Ruby on Rails

Remote work, Russia · $2500 · 2 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Crystal Lang, CoffeeScript, JQuery, Vue.js(в процессе изучения), Docker, Redis

10 October

Ruby On Rails Developer 🔥

Lviv · $3800 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Ruby on Rails - Desing and implementation of RESTful APIs for SPA and mobile applications. Deployed yo AWS stack: EC2, RDS and Redis. also used RabbitMQ. Implemented real-time services using websockets. Some libraries used: Sidekiq, Grape, Minimagick for image processing, FFMPEG. Docker - Dockerfiles for components of a project, written in ruby, python and js. Test environment in Docker Jenkins - configuration of CI/CD pipeleine PostgresSQL - Writing complex queries, stored procedures and functions. Optimization of requests. Python - Basic knowledge of Machine Leraning. Taken course on Coursera. Implemented on e project for investion in secondary market of P2P loans. Android - Apps that shows outputs of some backends that was written by me. Real-time messaging. Linux - configuration if EC2 instances. Worked on Linux machine for almost 4 years. now using Mac provided by company

Git, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Android, Docker, Doorkeeper, Sidekiq, Jenkins

Ineresten in complex tasks and solving complicated problems. Backend-mostly. Not interested in relocation to Kyiv.

10 October

Backend Engineer/Full Stack dev

Minsk · $6000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Senior Software Engineer with backend specialization. Got experience working onshore(in the US). Main stacks are Ruby on Rails, AWS Lambda+Node.js(less). Looking for full time job preferably remote

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Git, AWS, Node.js, JavaScript, SQL, REST API, GraphQL

9 October

Ruby On Rails Developer

San Francisco · $10000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Located in SF. Looking for visa sponsor

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, RSpec, JavaScript, MySQL, REST API, GraphQL, TypeScript, Angular, Angular.js, React, Rails, HTML, CSS, OOP, Bootstrap, SQL, Capybara

9 October

Senior Backend Ruby on Rails developer (not fullstack)

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

8 years experience in development using Ruby on Rails, 2 years commercial experience in Go. Proficient in relational databases, such as: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL server and non-relational InfluxDB, Redis. Hands on experience in GIT version control system. Knowledge of all popular Unix based operating systems. Have experience in AWS EC2, S3.

Agile, BDD, Git, InfluxDB, Jira, Kanban, Linux, MacOS, MySQL, OOP, OOP/OOD, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Scrum, TDD, bash, Golang, Highload, PostgreSQL, XML, Python, JavaScript, SQL, RSpec, Redis, REST API, CSS, HTML, MVC, AWS, Design Patterns, WebServices

* Converted few projects in not good shape into production-ready system * Framework upgrades for large scale projects

Looking for remote work, with possibility to work part time (30 hours per week). I am not full-stack engineer, however, I am ready to do some front-end

7 October

junior Ruby/Rails developer 

Kiev · $700 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have skills and knowledge essential for Junior Full Stack Web Developer. I know Python, Ruby, JavaScript (data types, control flow, algorithms, object oriented programming). I have knowledge of CSS and HTML. Also I have working experience in web scraping using Git, Bash, Nokogiri, Capybara, Selenium, Xpath, Regexp and in web development using Rails, Rspec, JavaScript, Ember and Jasmine. I'm interested in web development so I understand MVC, REST architectures and TDD, BDD methodologies. I have experience in deployment applications using Heroku web server with PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite databases. Also I'm familiar with Apache, Nginx, Redis, Neo4j, ElasticSearch, Foreman and Sidekiq. I speak English and I can read professional literature. I feel confident in my Ruby skills. Rails is a preferred technology I'm willing to use and to develop in. I see myself as a mature Full Stack Web Developer in the future.

Nokogiri, RegExp, Capybara, CSS, HTML, Ruby, Selenium, SQL, XPath, JavaScript, Rails, Python, Ember, Jasmine, ElasticSearch, bash, SASS

ruby, rails, rspec, restclient, python, web.py, html, css, javascript, react, ember, jasmine, jquery, sql, git, heroku, sinatra, capybara, selenium, xpath, regexp, nokogiri, bash

Professional development, gaining experience as a programmer.

7 October

Software Engineer

Moscow, Kyiv · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Wrote an CRM with one colleague, with 500k active users for now (RoR, MySQL, Sidekiq, Elasticsearch) Managed small command, and made the TenderScout (now Orbidal), tenders matching platform Take part in developing internal projects (ERP-like mostly) in Evrone

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, RSpec, ElasticSearch, Sidekiq, Docker, ActionCable, AWS, Git, Ruby, RabbitMQ

7 October

Python and/or Golang Developer or Big data architect 🔥

no difference · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Seeking a position of a Python, golang programmer or Big Data architect. • Strong Experience in Python (11 years), Golang, Big Data (ClickHouse, Hadoop stack, Google BigQuery). • Expert knowledge of big data technologies with extensive hands on experience. Led design & implementation of big data projects in the NLP project. Also has very deep expertise in designing & implementing large enterprise systems. • Worked in Agile environment and sprints. • Big Data Platforms: Cloudera, Apache Hadoop, Google BigQuery. • SQL Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, OmniSci (former Mapd), SQLite. • NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, Redis, Google Cloud Bigtable. • Apache Hadoop stack: Impala, Kudu, Spark, Hive. • In-Memory-Computing: MemSQL, Tarantool, Apache Ignite. • Messaging/stream processing: Kafka, RabbitMQ. • Machine learning: Keras. • Django (5 years), Flask, Twitter Bootstrap, AJAX, jQuery, Java Script. • A well knowledge on OS Windows; Unix (Linux, Solaris, Freebsd). • Hardware: Very familiar with generic PC hardware. Experience working with distributed systems and multithreaded applications Experience with designing, implementing and deploying cloud-native and microservices based architectures

Linux, Django, MySQL, Python, Oracle, Redis, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, Flask, Django REST Framework, MongoDB, Celery, REST API, Aiohttp, Docker compose, Docker, Jira, JWT, RabbitMQ

7 October

Ruby On Rails Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I’m a backend developer with some frontend background and total 5 years experience in web development and 4 years in Ruby. Participated in different projects(e.g. fintech, b2b). Built apps from scratch and supported existing. Worked in small/big distributed teams.

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Git, JavaScript, Redis, Linux, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS, SQL, ElasticSearch, Vue.js, Agile, PHP

1. Integrated new crypto markets and created fiat payment gateway for cryptoexchange. 2. Totally automated the whole process for drop shipping.

REMOTE FULL time middle/middle+ position with really flexible schedule(8/9 a.m. — 5/6 p.m). Calm and friendly atmosphere. Mostly backend development. FYI: I don’t perform test task and don’t use TDD!

7 October

Project Manager

Remote work, Russia · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Профессиональная деятельность: 1. Ведение проектов разработки сайтов на CMS платформе 1С-Битрикс. 2. Внедрение корпоративного портала «Битрикс24» в компании разной величины. Включал в себя анализ деятельности компании, ее регламентов для индивидуальной настройки портала. (От продажи, до подписания акта приема-сдачи)

Scrum, Agile, ruby, ruby on rails

В основном достижения связанны с восстановлением и поддержанием боевого духа команды и лояльности клиентов. Вел проекты по внедрению корпоративных порталов для компаний разной величины.

Хотелось бы найти интересную, перспективную работу в дружной команде. Направления рассматриваю любые от разработки сайтов до развития blockchain технологий.