Android developer

St. Petersburg · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I’m an Android Developer with 3+ years of experience in developing, designing, maintaining and testing Android native apps. I work at Alfa-Bank - one of the leading Russian banks. At Alfa-Bank I need to pay a special attention on security, stability, maintainability. Speaker at IT conferences and teacher of Android Developer course at our company.

Android, Gradle, Git, MVVM, Dagger2, Clean Architectures, Java/Kotlin, OOP, RxJava, REST API, MVP, Jira, Retrofit

I am fully responsible for the Android part of a loan repayments app. I manage the app and make key decisions. Speaker at IT conferences and teacher of Android Developer course at our company. I’ve got Android Developer Nanodegree from Google

Remote work, experiences in international company, interesting projects.


Разработчик Android

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Java in the environment Android Studio, Bitbacket, SQLite, JSON, XML, GSON, Android networking, Google maps, Glide, REST API, Realm, Firebase, ButterKnife, One Signal, Web View, use of third-party libraries, work with audio, understanding of OOP principles and other skills necessary for development.

Android SDK, JSON, Android, Java, OOP, REST, SQLite, XML, Git

Solving non-standard problems, logical thinking, team development. The desire to develop, to learn something new.

Helpfulness of development, eliminating new navigations and career growth.


Android Developer

Relocate · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

I have 5 years of experience in software development for Android. I have understanding and knowledge of project management of estimating, object-oriented approach, software engineering principles and concepts. I have experience in integration of analytics, familiar with OOD/OOP/ component design and design patters, relational databases. I have worked with Java, C/C++, SQLite and Google Maps. I am familiar with C#, HTML/CSS.

OOP, Android, Java, JSON, SQLite, Windows, Git, Gradle, Jira, MacOS, Maven, C++


Android Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

OOP, Java SE, Android SDK, XML, JSON, web-services, Android In-App Billing, Google Maps, Gradle, Social APIs( Twitter, Facebook, VK..), Google APIs, SQLite, SQL, Git/Svn

Android, Android SDK, Java Core, JSON, SQL, SQLite, Git, REST API, XML, Dagger 2, Room, Java, Gradle, MVVM, Retrofit, OOP, MVP, Firebase, Clean Architecture, Design Patterns, Jira, Kotlin, Crashlytics, ViewModel, Google Map API, JUnit, GoogleAPI


Android Developer 

Kyiv · $3200 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

4+ years of experience as an Android developer. Rich experience in implementing diverse technologies for Android apps Have an aptitude for learning and applying new technologies to achieve expected results on the project. Good communication skills of team-working I like to share experience and receive valuable advice.

Android, Java/Kotlin, OOP/SOLID, Clean Architecture, MVP/MVVM, RxJava/RxAndroid, Kotlin Coroutine, Dagger DI, Toothpick DI, Retrofit, REST, WebSockets, Multi module apps, SQLite, DBFlow, Room, Unit Testing, CI/CD, Git Flow, Agile, Jira

Prefer project from scratch. Professional growth as a team member. Using of Kotlin and new technologies. Managers without micromanagement.


Разработчик Android

Kyiv · $4800 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Языки программирования: Kotlin, Java, Swift, Objective-C Android SDK, NDK Библиотеки: Kotlin coroutines, Dagger, Koin, RxJava, Jetpack Lifecycle, Room, DBFlow, ORMLite,Picasso, Glide, FCM, OkHttp, Retrofit, XMPP, WebRTC, PJSIP, Luxand FaceSDK, REST, SQLCipher Прочее: Jenkins, Fastlane, Jira, Rally, Trello, Confluence, GitLab, Github, Bitbucket

Android SDK, DBFlow, Java, JSON, OkHttp , Retrofit, XML, Crashlytics, Gradle, Jetpack, kotlin, SMACK, SQL, SQLCipher, Swift, WebRTC, xmpp, Android NDK, Fastlane, PJSIP, Android Architecture Components, Git, Room, MVVM, Dagger 2, Firebase, REST API, Android, SQLite, Kotlin, Jira, Retrofit 2, Multithreading, KotIin, Custom Views, RXJava 2, REST, ORM, Jenkins

- разработка приложений с поддержкой потокового аудио/видео - разработка приложений с повышенными требованиями к безопасности данных и шифрованию - разработка приложений для чата и sip-телефонии - опыт работы на позиции lead developer в командах до 5 человек - опыт работы со всеми значимыми архитектурами мобильных приложений - участие в разработке iOS приложений


Flutter developer, Android developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

5+ years of development experience, 14+ projects. I have experience in Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, Dart, Flutter, MVP, SQLite, REST, RxJava, Dagger2, Retrofit, Android Annotations, Moxy, Facebook SDK, Twitter SDK, PayPal SDK, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Git. OTHER STRENGTHS & SKILLS • Solid understanding of Android APIs and Design Patterns • Experience in using version control systems (Git) • Good communication skills • Good attention to detail and organizational skills • Ability to prioritize work and meet deadlines I am a flexible, sociable, responsible, punctual and capable person, always open to new opportunities and challenges.

Android, Android Annotations, Java, Jira, Moxy, XML, Dagger2, Facebook SDK, Git, Google Analytics, Google maps, REST API, Retrofit, RxJava, SQLite, MongoDB, Flutter, Dart, Gradle, JSON, MVP, Android SDK, Firebase, Facebook API, Design Patterns, Retrofit 2

Google Udacity certification. Flutter App Brewery certification. Member of GDG. Facilitator on Google Study Jams “Android Development for Beginners”.

Interesting projects with good managment


Android Developer

Lviv · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Rent-A-Ride - car rental service My tasks: Implement registration/authorization with email, phone and social networks User deal list and deal details review screen Implementing place selection map Deal request and extension screens MTS TV – multimedia platform for watching movies, series and tv channels My tasks: Implementing content purchase system Integration with services ivi, start, megogo Complete rework of player system Breeder – social network for dog owners My tasks: App architecture User registration, login, profile page REST API client WallpaperApp – Minecraft theme-based wallpapers My tasks: App architecture UI/Logic REST API client Bestliker – android app for advertising user channels, profiles, getting likes My tasks: App architecture UI/Logic REST API architecture Bisner – social application for managing events and meetups My tasks: UI rework Implementing client REST API requests SafePal – application for controlling employee safety My tasks: Hazard management – posting, approving, removing, updating etc In-app chat UI improvements

Java, Android, Git, Linux, Design Patterns, REST API, KotIin

Succesfull internship in enterprise company Capsys Informatikai Kft. in Budapest.


Wordpress Developer / Flutter

Kharkiv · $1300 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

The beginning of a career was started with web design, then a long experience of layout and creation of sites in wordpress/joomla, now I'm looking for interesting projects for deepening skills. I can quickly master the required technology or acquire missing skills if there is a specific goal and task. Recently, I have been developing cross-platform mobile applications, I have little experience, but there is interest in continuing to develop.

JavaScript, Wordpress, UX/UI, CSS, HTML, Git, SQL, REST API, jQuery, Mobile, JSON


Android developer

Kyiv · $3500 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I've been working as an Android developer for 8 years. I have worked for 3 companies so far. 2 of them are outsourcing companies when I have done many projects from different domains such as education, tools, e-commerce. And the recent one was the Australian fintech company with an R&D office in my city. I was responsible for creating new advanced Android applications from scratch, creating the architecture of the project, compliance with Android-specific standards of UI/UX like Material components, doing a code review of my teammates, providing compliance with best practice code approaches like SOLID, KISS, DRY, collaboration with a cross-functional team to implementing good REST architectural style API and so on. I have worked with Scrum and Kanban process methodologies and GitFlow as a Git workflow design.

Android, REST API, Android SDK, Retrofit 2, KotIin, Design Patterns, Android Jetpack frameworks, Android Architecture Components, Gradle, Multithreading, Git, Koin, Clean Architecture, Kotlin, Java, MVVM, Firebase

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