Python Developer

Kyiv, Kyiv · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Over 2+ years of IT Experience in design, development and testing(TDD). Crawlers and web scraping experience. Debugging and troubleshooting skills. Experience in writing and using RESTful APIs. Knowledge of OOP and OOD. Understanding of design patterns. Solid knowledge of standard web technology. Work experience with WebSockets, Long Polling. Experience with writing multithreaded and asynchronous programs. Programming Languages: Python3, C++, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS Web Frameworks: Flask, Django, Bootstrap Python Libraries: experience of using various libraries Protocols: knowledge of internet protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP/S) Databases: practical understanding and experience of using both SQL and NoSQL databases (SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL) Tools: Virtualenv, pip, AWS, Docker, Git, GitHub, Linux command line, screen, vim, starUML, Firefox development tools, postman, JSON, CSV WORK EXPERIENCE 21.12.2019 - 10.02.2020 - Samsung Electronics Ukraine Worked on digital authentication methods using a user's keystroke on pc and android. 01.09.2018 - 21.12.2019- Freelance Worked on the development of various parsers, crawlers and scraping tools. Had experience in developing multi-threaded micro services using up to 1000 proxy servers. Business logic design, price chart analysis, purchase automation, block bypass. Used PyQT5 or Flask for web UI. Programs was deployed on AWC EC2 Ubuntu or others VDS in Ukraine.

Python, Django, Git, PostgreSQL, REST API, Linux, SQL, Flask, JavaScript, OOP, MongoDB, JSON, AWS, CSS, Bootstrap, PyQt5, API


Automation QA Engineer

Khmelnytskiy · $1300 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Опыт мануал тестирования web-приложений, приложений Android, IOS. Есть опыт написания автоматических тестов на RobotFramework + Python + Selenium. Написание и поддержка автотестов на Java+Selenide. Тесты на Cypress (JS). Нагрузочное тестирование с Jmeter. Напиcание документации по тестированию(чек-лист, тест-кейсы, репорты). Подготовка результатов тестирования на каждом этапе Знанине HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python. Багтрекинг: Jira, Mantis. Конфгурация CI&CD (jenkins)

Mantis, HTML5, Manual Testing (QA), Selenium, Automated Testing (QA), IntelliJ IDEA, Jenkins, JMeter, JUnit, Git, MySQL, Python, Redmine, Agile, REST API

Миграция с одного тестового фреймворка на другой, без ущерба процессу тестирования на проекте. Валидация проектов на продакшне.

Веб проекты, мобильные приложения с большим уклоном на автоматизацию.


Разработчик Python

Remote work, United States · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Middle web developer — Kashirin Software 12\2018, February - 07\2019, January Stack: - PHP (Yii2 framework) - Amazon Web Services (S3) Mainly working only on one project - SafeLifeID Responsibilities: development of different parts of web application due to US laws, integration with AWS for users' private data encryption. ------------------------------------ Junior PHP developer — 04\2017-07\2018, Kyiv Stack: - PHP, JS(jQuery) - CMS: OpenCart, Wordpress - 1C(popular local accounting software) - SOAP Development ecommerce solutions (mostly online stores and catalogues on OpenCart or Wordpress CMS) for small business in Ukraine and theirs integration with accounting system 1C, using SOAP --------------------------- Other projects: - Basic CRM system - PHP/Yii2 - Online booking service intergrated with Google Calendar API (managing all bookings in Google app) - Basic CRM system, for personal usage, developed as Single Page Application - Django Rest Framework as REST API and Vuejs as frontend

Django, Python, REST API, Linux, MySQL, OOP, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Vue, PHP, WordPress, Git


Full Stack Web Developer (Django, React) 

Kyiv · $2050 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

BACKEND: - Python - Django - ElasticSearch - PostgreSQL - NginX - Redis - Linux - Git FRONTEND: - HTML - CSS - Javascript - React.js Deploy: - Ansible - Docker - Vagrant

Ansible, CSS, Django, JavaScript, Python, React, Docker, HTML5, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch

Created a CRM system, which allows semi-automated management of PR campaigns (including templated pitching, customer management and more). Used Elasticsearch for database denormalization and quick search, React for the front-end. Created music storage website where you can upload your songs and listen to them. It automatically downloads songs lyrics, author and other info for you. Worked for on-demand service delivery startup. Developed parameterized role-based access control (PRBAC) and created geolocation system. Was developing scaled web systems for cryptocurrency company. Created file transport system via GridFS and Flask which was between two servers and was responsible for encrypted transfer and fail-safe file storage. Developed a website for managing customers. Created financial aggregator and news provider. Developed blog website. Developed backend and integrated bitcoin full node with internal money transfers between users. Was responsible for keeping high load system up and running smoothly. Was recognized for white hat penetration testing More via private messages :)

I am looking for Full stack (Python + React) job


Junior Python Developer

Lviv · $500 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

1. SmartVocab Training WEB application designed to help learn foreign languages by helping to increase your vocabulary and by testing yourself during the learning. 2. Social network for test task includes such features as: - user signup - user login - post creation, update, delete - possibility to comment post and add like or dislike Also wrote unit test using Django Tests for every API endpoint

Python, Git, Django, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Django REST Framework, OOP, REST API, JSON, Linux

I'm looking for opportunity to work and upgrade my soft-skills. I'll be glad to find a job with interesting tasks and projects.


Product engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

2 years of experience with python 2 and python 3. Worked with booking systems, image processing, GIS, ML, numpy, scipy, real-time data processing. + 2 years of experience in front end development + 3 years of experience in product management I can quickly learn new frameworks python and JS.

Python, Django, Git, Linux, PostgreSQL, REST API, Docker, JavaScript, Flask, Redis, OOP, MongoDB, Celery, HTML, JSON, CSS, Jira, jQuery, AWS, Bootstrap, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, AJAX, MVC, Automated Testing , vuejs, Web Development, Architecture, Unittest, Ubuntu, Data processing, Bash, Frontend, Continuous Integration, JS, DRF, Tornado, WebSockets, Django REST Framework, Vue.js, UML, GraphQL

built a high performance microservice cloud architecture for real time image processing

Моя работа - мой источник роста. Работа помогает мне расти: В финансовом отношении, чтобы я мог содержать себя и свою семью. Интеллектуально, из-за того, чему я учусь на работе. Эмоционально, потому что я учусь общаться с людьми, с которыми я работаю. Моя работа - это платформа для меня, чтобы осмысленно использовать свой талант и способности.


C/C++ Software Engineer (Remote)

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

C/C++ Software Engineer. Current specialization: automotive middleware Project responsibilities: implementation of features, documentation, communication with customer, testing. C++11/14, Linux, QNX, CMake. Good communication skills, good English, ability to work in a team or individually, fast learn new needed areas.

C/C++, Linux, OOP, Multithreading, Git, CMake, Automotive, AUTOSAR, Jira, gmock, GTest, Docker, STL, C++, Python

Taking part in porting an AUTOSAR code to POSIX OS. Wrote process management system. Participating in implementing of diagnostic features. Wrote test server using C++ xml-rpc.

Expect a lot of interesting and challenging tasks. I'll be glad to take part in automotive, IoT, Energy, embedded or related project and use my С / С++ and other skills to create the awesome product in a fun and enthusiastic team.


Middle Pytorch based Python Developer

Kyiv, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Canada · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Freelance 2 года. Ajax 1 год. Работал на реализацией чатботов для Telegram, Facebook и Slack c использованием NLP и RNN. Также принимал активное участи в проектах по разработке web-приложение на основе Django и Flask. Имею опыт и активно использую умения в автоматизации тестирования, в том числе с использованием Jenkins

Python, Django, Docker, Redis, Flask, MongoDB, Jira, Pandas, RabbitMQ, Scrum/Kanban methodology, PostreSQL

Работал на реализацией чатботов для Telegram, Facebook и Slack c использованием NLP и RNN. Также принимал активное участи в проектах по разработке web-приложение на основе Django и Flask. Имею опыт и активно использую умения в автоматизации тестирования, в том числе с использованием Jenkins

Предпочтительным считаю работу в команде с использованием Scrum и\или XP. Хочу развить навыки работы с машинным обучением с использованием таких технологий, как Pytorch, TensorFlow и Keras


Python Software Engineer \ SRE

Kyiv, Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, New York · $6000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Elite soldier ready to develop and realize a gorgeous battle plan on highly available kubernetes fields. * senior-grade Software Engineer with more than 5 years of experience in development and operations * great experiences in building scalable web services and products using micro-services patterns * know that feature is not done before it deployed at production * can implement a full cycle of development from developing back-end to build CI \ CD and deliver it to the kubernetes in HA mode * responsible, ready to work on results self-motivated, team-oriented person * excited from my profession, new-age technologies, and the IT industry * experience in work for UA, RU, MD, BG, RS, and the UK My primary language is Python, so skills are oriented to this one. Also, I'm interested in Golang and Rust.

starlette, asyncio, REST API, GraphQL, microservices, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, Consul, Vault, MongoDB, Python, Docker, Celery, fastapi, Flask, Django, Jira, Git, Linux, bash, SQL, OOP, AWS, GCP, Helm

Experience in architecting and implementation of distributed software products via the microservices approach. Experience in migration monolith products to microservices. Experience in migration products to a modern architecture based on docker and kubernetes. Experience in building development processes in the company. Experience in growing team members and building strong and efficient teams.

Senior \ Lead \ Principal \ Architect \ CTO positions in a PRODUCT company. Modern technical stack with the product via innovations development approach. Well work \ life balance: * Opportunity to work remotely time-to-time (1-week per 2-3 month) * Opportunity to visit the gym during the workday * 30 working days \ year payable vacation * Access to the office during weekends (for working and social proposes)


Python Developer

Lviv · $3800 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

DBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL NoSQL: Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra Search Engine: ElasticSearch Technologies: Docker / Docker Compose, Kubernetes, Postman, Prometheus Web-servers: nginx, apache Cloud: Google, AWS(AWS Serverless, AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions, AWS Athena, AWS DynamoDB, AWS SNS and SQS, AWS S3, AWS ElasticSearch) Frameworks / Libraries: Django framework, REST framework, Flask framework, jQuery, Bootstrap, Jinja2 The Python Object Relational Mapper: SQLAlchemy CI/CD tool: Jenkins Experience working with Linux and cloud platforms Experience in Agile-based (Scrum) methodologies Repository / CI :GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket framework : Django framework, REST framework, Flask framework, Scrapy Task Queue: Celery, Circus Message Broker: RabbitMQ, Kafka Python AsyncIO, Aiohttp, Aiofiles Create API documentation – RAML The responsibility is to develope Python scripts for web scraping and web page crawling using Scrapy framework, Portswigger, Puppeteer, Nord VPN, BeautifulSoup,, PyQuery, LXML modules. skills: Python, Java, JavaScript, Django Rest, CSS, HTML Development Tools: PyCharm,Jankins, Slack, Cabot, Pivotaltracker, Kibana, Eclipse, Git, Sublime Text, Notepad ++, HTML, CSS, XML, MySQL Workbench, PuTTY, WinSCP, Cygwin, Experience with the full LAMP stack

Python, asyncio, Django, ElasticSearch, Flask, Jira, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Java, Postman, Pyramid, Scrum, Celery, docker, PHP, RabbitMQ, JavaScript, Redis, Docker compose, AWS, Git, Linux, OOP, MongoDB, Aiohttp, Kubernetes, SQLAlchemy, Jenkins

Experienced with full life-cycle software development, projects deployment. Strong experience of development in Python, API’s in Python, data scraping.

• Interesting projects with scalable architecture • No legacy technologies • Backend only • Good team • Ability to choose development approaches

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