CMO | Head of Marketing | Head of Communications

Kyiv · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Seasoned Marketing professional with over fifteen years of experience at marketing and communications. Have a proven track record of successful initiatives and projects. Strategic thinking, creative mindset, result oriented leader. Specialties: strategic marketing planning, advertising and PR function development, marketing communications, marketing strategy development, media planning and relations, event management, PR writing, SMM, digital, crisis management. Strong focus on business results. Empathetic leader.

Marketing Strategy, CRM, Business Developement, Digital marketing, PR, Team management, Marketing Budget Planning, Google Analytics, Project Management, Content marketing, Product management, Team coordination, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing, copywriting, PPC, Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Marketing, Lead generation, google adwords, Web Analytics, Jira, Digital campaigns' analysis, Marketing Management, Google Ads, Power BI, Mobile Advertising, CMS, Digital Strategy, Content writing, Content strategy, viral marketing, ORM, Brand Marketing, Google Tag Manager, Customer service, Marketing research, Product Marketing, Google Analitycs, event planning, B2C marketing, Rewriting, Digital marketing strategy development, Event marketing, E-mail marketing, youtube advertising, Inbound Marketing, Landing Pages, SEO-copywriting, Adwords, Mobile Marketing, Negotiation, SMM, User Acquisition, English Fluent, B2B/B2C, Analytical Skills, Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking, Budgeting projects, Journalist, Brand Management, Brand Promotion, Creative Writing, CPA, English, Analytics, Internet marketing

Developed marketing department from the scratch. Relaunched products & brands. Ensured market growth on a stadily declining market. Hired marketing team members both in HQ and in reginal offices. Developed marketing strategy for both brand & product relaunch with higher prices. Ensured constant market growth and +financial results with economy of marketing budget.

Looking for the international company with marketing and/or product orientation. I expect the company to have a clear strategy, mission, vision and values. Being an empathetic leader, I'm ready to grow a marketing team of subordinates making them a brand & a company brand ambassadors, thus leading a company to success and profitable operations.


Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Lead, Product Marketing Manager

Lviv · $1900 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Experienced, creative, proactive, and self-motivated marketing manager ready to lead marketing initiatives. Main job responsibilities based on existing experience: - 4+ years of marketing experience with a proven track record - Team management experience - Experience of working with international markets (Europe, USA, Australia) - Marketing Strategy and Planning. Driving sales - Implementing short and long- term marketing strategies - Setting KPIs and budgets for marketing activities - Managing Digital Marketing Campaigns - Creating a strategy plan and workflow for PPC ads [Facebook, Adroll, Google Adwords, Youtube, LinkedIn] - Creating Social Media scheduling guide - Finding the best posting hours - Daily work with designer [design ideation, template creation] - banners, website, brochures, etc. - Working with FB Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads on a daily basis Skills: - Advanced written and oral English - Excellent communication skills - Experience and profound knowledge in the event management. - Experience in B2B and B2C businesses. - Knowledge of e-commerce platforms. - Working experience with many store-builders [Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Weebly]. - SEO Optimization - HTML for Wordpress backend [blogs, buttons, etc] - Google Analytics - Corporate Blogging - Layout design - Email Marketing [Hubspot, Mailchimp - Team task management/creation in Jira, Asana - SMM - PPC ads - Facebook, Adroll, Google Adwords, Youtube, LinkedIn. Expectations: - Managing a marketing team - Take part in strategic planning - Develop and execute the marketing plan to achieve the company's KPIs - Take part in brand building and raising brand awareness - Set up workflows for the profitable running of PPC campaigns in FB, Adwords, LinkedIn - SMM campaign with unique top-quality content

Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing, Google Analytics, English, Content marketing, Team management, Google Ads, SEO, SMM, PPC, Facebook Ads, E-mail marketing, AdWords, copywriting, Wordpress, google adwords, CRM, Jira, Adobe Photoshop, Google Analitics, Event, Online Marketing, Research & Analytics, Marketing Communications, B2B marketing, marketing, CMS, email маркетинг, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Brand Marketing, HTML, marketing brochures, Online Advertising, Communication Skills, Email Marketing, Product Marketing, Lead generation, E-commerce

- Grew up the follower base organically in 1 year [Facebook - 25 K to 34K, Twitter - 39K to 60K, LinkedIn - 3K to 36K] - Launched Google Adwords acc from scratch - Reached the milestone of 100K of e-commerce entities migrations via an automated solution - Status "Translator" - Recognition from Coursera - Inbound Marketing Certification - Hubspot Academy - TOEFL - 89 Description(Reading -21; Listening -22; Speaking -24; Writing- 22)


IT Copywriter/ Web Content Writer

Remote work, Belarus · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Работал переводчиком английского языка на крупном предприятии. В мои обязанности входил перевод различной документации и осуществление последовательного перевода на совещаниях, тендерах, переговорах, во время командировок заграницу, в цехах заводов при монтаже/демонтаже оборудования и проведения технического обслуживания. При этом, работал копирайтером и писал статьи преимущественно в IT сфере. На данный момент создание контента (articles, case studies, blog posts, landing pages, etc.) является основной работой. Знаю основы SEO, Blockchain, Cloud решений, UI/UX дизайна, IoT и т.д. Заказчики отмечают высокий прирост лидов и просмотров их сайтов, которые я наполнял контентом. Приложу свое портфолио с примерами работ в личной беседе.

Copywriter, IT Copywriter, Advanced English, Content writing, Copywriting, Content-marketing, Analytical Skills


Blockchain writer\Tech writer\Crypto writer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Thanks for stopping by. I am a tech writer who specializes in blockchain, fintech, and crypto. I am also the founder of a niche media, WTFbit, which covers distributed technologies. I help businesses attract target audiences by tailoring the message and finding the true voice of your company. My core areas of expertise include writing about BTC and crypto assets, IoT, and AI. Most of my clients are located in the U.S. and Israel. When working on a project, I experiment with content and different formats to determine the right fit and adjust to your needs. My goal is to build long-term rapport with users and deliver exceptional value — no fluff or wordy content; only to the point.

Digital marketing, SEO, Content marketing, Project Management, Blockchain, Crypto, Technical Writing, Content writing, Creative Writing, Product copywriting, Blogging, Ghost writing, ICO Marketing, IEO, DSO, DLT


Marketing Manager / SMM/ PR Manager

Remote work, Germany · $1500 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Project coordinator Creation of a global research ecosystem bringing together experts from University of California, Berkeley, University of Oxford, Royal Holloway, University of London, Mistra Urban Futures, Institute for Local Government, Tel Aviv University, University of Technology Sydney, Dubai Real Estate Institute, Dubai Land Department, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and other partners. Creation of a board of local investors, preparing a legal framework for cooperation. Head of Communications Close cooperation with journalists and high-authority media outlets. 
Content and researches creation for website and blog. Cooperation with influencers, bloggers, online experts, expert community.
 Prepare to pitch and pitch to journalists and reporters.
 Coordination of the Partnership Program to gain new investors and participants. 
Coordination of the participation in business events and conferences. Communications Management Coordination of content production for media outlets, blogs and social media.
 Communication plan development and coordination of the implementation. 
Coordination of Business support and Startup support programs in USA, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Portugal, Netherlands, Ukraine, India, Qatar.
Managing of market researches, focused on web-design and user experience. 
Managing marketing campaigns, through the partnership with relevant stakeholders. Head of Innovations Creation of innovative district project, uniting of the international business and local government for the project implementation - such as the City Administration of Amsterdam, Chicago, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Kansas, Milan, IT Department oh Singapore, the European Parliament, and others.

Marketing Strategy, Content marketing, SMM, Social Media Marketing, Project Management, Startups, Problem Solving, Blogging, PR, Team management, Marketing, Team coordination, Communication, Partnership management, Partnership Campaign, internal communications, international relations

Creation of a global research ecosystem bringing together experts from University of California, Berkeley, University of Oxford, Royal Holloway, University of London, Mistra Urban Futures, Institute for Local Government, Tel Aviv University, University of Technology Sydney, Dubai Real Estate Institute, Dubai Land Department, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and other partners.

Following 7 years in International project coordination with a focus on Communications, Media, Investor Relations and Innovations, I really believe that the new projects, initiatives, cooperation between States and people are the key solution for development. I believe in projects and solutions that are designed to solve the problems of people, society and environment.

26 February

CMO, Marketing Manager, Head of Acquisition

Kyiv · $5000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have been working as a CMO and PO for the last 4 years in highload web and mobile products (over 10 million users monthly). Deep expertise in omnichannel marketing, tracking, analytics and conversion optimization for large international projects. Responsible for strategic marketing planning and effective marketing plan execution. Accountable for all activities and performance of the marketing department including outstaffing and outsourcing.

Marketing Strategy, SEO, PPC, Product management, Team management, Web Analytics, SEM, Контекстная реклама, Google Analytics, English, Project Management, Google Ads, B2C marketing, B2B sales, Social Media Marketing, Brand Marketing, Data-driven marketing, B2B marketing, Affilate marketing, Business Strategy, Business Analysis, User Experience , Conversion Rate Optimisation, Sales funnels, Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking, Mobile Advertising, Brand/Product Strategy, Managing and monitoring product KPIs, Marketing Budget Planning, Media planning, aso, Team Leadership, Agile, Mobile Marketing, Monetization, Marketing Campaigns, Digital Marketing, CRM, Google Tag Manager, Email Marketing, Content marketing, SMM

Please, find my detailed CV attached to the profile.

US, UK, Africa and APAC markets prefered

26 February

PPC specialist (freelance)

Remote work, Ukraine · $500 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Previously I've worked as a Product Marketing Manager for over 3 years and have extensive lead generation experience with startups. Overall I have 9 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. Worked with startups, renowned international brands and SMEs. Now I help companies improve their lead generation efforts and achieve their business goals with Google Ads at the lowest possible cost. I'll help you to: 1/ Optimize your ad spendings 2/ Determine the ineffective ads/keywords/settings you have running 3/ Scale your efforts 4/ Make sure you're acquiring leads with hottest demand fast, at the lowest possible cost 5/ Keep you from flushing your ad budget down the drain. Services: 1/ Ads Audit 2/ Setting up new campaigns from scratch 3/ Monthly ad campaign optimization

Google Ads, PPC, Web Analytics

The most recent achievements: 1/ СРС lowered by 13%, q-ty of leads grew x7 for a Research agency based in Switzerland. 2/ CPA lowered by 46%, q-ty of leads grew by 40%, spendings decreased by 24% for an automotive company in Europe 3/ CPA lowered by 80% for a dome house construction company based in Eastern Europe. 4/ СРА lowered by 65% for a Visa agency

I'd love to work with a startup or SME on a part-time basis and help them acquire leads at a lowest possible cost, optimize their lead generation efforts and kick the competitors of the market.

26 February

Marketing manager, UX writer

Kyiv · $1500 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Я работаю с сайтами в сфере гемблинга. Главными моими заданиями являются: Написание мета данных, UX Writing Заказ и проверка контента Аналитика сайта (Google Search Console, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Ahrefs и т.д.) Отслеживания конкурентов Разработка контент плана Руководить командой из 10+ копирайтеров До этого работал в саппорте. Имею опыт в менеджементе сообщества. Был лидом небольшой команды тех поддержки. Указываю суммарный опыт работы.

Adobe XD, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Google Analytics, Python

Закончил курсы UI/UX в ITEA, на любой должности всегда показывал высокие показалтели KPI

Я работал в гемблинге и понимаю, что я не хотел бы продолжать работать в этой сфере. Главное желание - продукт, который будет честный со своими пользователями и компания, которая будет ценить людей, которые там работают.

26 February


Denmark, Sweden, Germany · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I come from a strong academic background and was trained to organize projects and communicate results. In our university research, we were working in close contact with potential clients, so during my studies, I gained experience in practical application of cultural analysis to solving concrete problems in businesses, consultancies and public institutions. As Cultural and Communications Adviser at the Danish Embassy in Ukraine, I was responsible for designing and implementing the Embassy’s communication strategy, coordinating projects and a wide range of ad hoc administrative tasks. In addition to public diplomacy objectives, I assisted the Embassy's trade department in liaising with relevant stakeholders and am therefore thoroughly familiar with international G2B and B2B communication.

Communication, Project Management, Microsoft Office, English, Danish

26 February

Head of Business Development/Sales

Kyiv, Odesa · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Dear Colleagues, I would like to present myself as an experienced manager with extensive business skills in marketing, sales, and partner management. Most recently, I was with vrisch Austria GmbH ( as Business Development Director leading a business unit focused on driving digital innovation consulting for large multinational companies and organizations such as MSD, British Petroleum, and the Austrian Army. I consider new opportunities in the fields of business development and marketing. Thank you for your attention! Kind regards, Andrey Yakunin

Business development, Sales, Account Management, Europe and USA markets, fluent English, Agile, B2B sales, Marketing, Team management, Negotiations, Lead generation, Presentation skills, It sales, International sales, Consulting, B2C, B2B marketing, B2C marketing, Brand Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Digital marketing

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