Senior/Lead Front-end Developer

Kyiv · $6000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Worked in outsource, outstaff and product companies. Participated in both relatively new and already mature projects. Faced the time-bound, budget-bound and resource-bound projects. Was a part of a small, big, international and distributed teams. Learned the telecom, investment, KYC and AML domains. Technology: gradual transition from plain old javascript/GWT to more modern solutions like Angular, React and Vue. Adopted the most relevant and useful approaches: GraphQL, Redux/Ngrx, Typescript, Storybook.

TypeScript, GraphQL, Angular, React, Redux, i18n, Kanban

Successfully bootstrapped a team of 5 UI developers. Confidently leading the UI field of a decent software product. Trying my best to increase the CMMI level of a project without sacrificing the team's enthusiasm. Performed a migration to typescript (in react project), angular v4 to v8 update and ngrx injection. Working tightly with the backend team made the performance tuning for a couple of projects. Created a maintainable, properly tested and documented yet feature-rich libraries repo based on Angular libraries complemented with a Storybook

Perfect job is a compromise between interesting domain, up-to-date technologies and good salary. Scoring 3 of 3 will definitely make me very interested. Perform the best in projects from scratch or relatively new ones. Feel myself comfortable with fast-changing requirements, technologies and approaches.


Front-end developer

Chernigiv, Kyiv, EU, USA, Canada, London · $1000 · 4 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

2010-2015 : Системный администратор (Инженер отдела IT , Сопровождения региональной сети). Альфа-Банк. + Фриланс (верстка) 2015-08.2019 : Front-end в вебстудии ActiveDesign ( , Польша, удаленно. Верстка и front сайтов

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, HTML, SASS, jQuery, Bootstrap, JSON, es6, Gulp, JIRA, HTML/CSS, React, SCSS, Jira

Проффесиональный рост и развитие с front-end.


middle front-end developer

Poltava · $500 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I graduated from "Full Stack Developer" course at GrassCoworking, and as a result of my studies I have been ranked in the top three. I worked on three live projects (+ three test projects). I gained experience and developed teamwork skills, Git technology and BEM method using skills. My stack: CSS / SASS, Bootstrap, HTML5, JavaScript / TypeScript, AngularJS, Angular2 +, Ionic, PHP, MySQL. Currently I work at Grass Business Labs.

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, CSS, TypeScript, webpack, HTML, SASS, JSON, MySQL, Angular.js, EcmaScript 6, ООП, Babel, IntelliJ IDEA

I learn a programming language or framework at a basic level for no longer than a month. Even while working on the first live project I had to add a payment system with which no one in the organization team had any experience, but I fulfilled this task brilliantly. It should be noted, that any task I perform up to three days whatever bugs appear. I have very good soft skills.

I want to join a small team, in which there is a good interaction, or a well-organized big project.


Wordpress developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $500 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

SUMMARY: I am an enthusiastic and detail-oriented WordPress Developer with experience with WordPress plugins and themes. I well versed in many other programming technologies, delivers well-made projects on time. Technical Skills: - confident knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax; - basic knowledge of JavaScript, SQL, LAMP, Git, Bootstrap; - knowledge of the architecture and core of WordPress; - understanding the process of code integration in CMS WordPress; - the experience of integrating with external API services. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: WordPress Developer | Freelance | September 2016 – Present • Building client websites with WordPress. • Customizing WordPress plugins and built new custom plugins according to the client requirements. • Developing themes and plugins. • Transferring sites from other CMS and static sites to CMS WordPress. • Assisting in monitoring and reporting on web traffic and performance. • E-Commerce experience. I prefer to use MVC architecture and follow OOP paradigms and PHP patterns. I am familiar with many modern jQuery plugins, use them in my job and I can write my own jQuery plugin. It is important for me to build long-term relationships, I am primarily looking for long-term projects. My account on bitbucket:

Wordpress, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, Linux, Git

Develop WordPress plugins and modules.

Interesting, long-term and complex projects, the development of custom solutions on WordPress.


Senior PHP Developer

$4500 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Languages: PHP; Databases: SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon Redshift, Infobright), NO-SQL(ELK, DynamoDB, Firebase); Frameworks: Symfony, ExtJS, React/Redux, jQuery; Version control system: SVN, GIT; Code storage: github, bitbucket, gitlab; Code deployment: Bamboo, Jenkins, Pipelines; Other: OOP, SOLID, Agile/Scrum, e-commerce, Gitflow, Code Review, Docker, PHPunit, Codeception, Redis/Memcached, ELK;

PHP, Symfony 2, symfony 3, AJAX, Git, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, OOP/OOD, Scrum, Symfony, React, REST API, SOLID, Docker, OOP, Vue

Relocate to Netherlands or Belgium;


JS Developer (React, React Native)

Kharkiv · $3500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Preact, React Native, Redux, SAGA, Expo, Node, Express, MongoDB, Amazon AWS, AppSync, DynamoDb, Google FireBase, webpack, Gulp, HTML, CSS, STYLUS, Bootstrap, XCode, Android studio, Docker, Workbench, React Native Debugger, MongoDB Compass, Postman

Новы проекты, классный коллектив, который по настоящему любит свою работу , удобный офис.


nodejs developer 

Kyiv · $3500 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Javascript, ReactJS, ReduxJS, NodeJS, Webpack, Gulp, ExpressJS, html, css, MongoDB, BackboneJS, MySQL, digital ocean, microservices, Redis, GraphQL

CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Backbone.js, ExpressJs, Git, MongoDB, MySQL, NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux, AngularJS

I'm looking for full stack position. React for frontend(it is negotiable) and Node js for backend


Junior Web Developer

EU, USA, Canada · $1500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

4 years on freelance - 1/245 - web security, 15/16168 - web development (PHP, Frontend), 2/1133 - web maintenance.

CSS, HTML, Frontend, PHP

462+ successfully accomplished projects and excellent reviews from the clients all around the Europe and CIS countries.

Relocation to EU, US, CA



Odesa · $600 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Опыт работы с CMS Wordpress, Joomla, UMI Верстка (включая адаптивную) HTML, CSS, Bootstrap JavaScript, JQuery (закончил курс JavaScript в Hillel IT School на курсе «Frontend Pro») Опыт работы с растровой (Adobe Photoshop) и векторной (Corel Draw) графикой, разработка дизайна полиграфии и айдентики Работа с СУБД MySQL Работа в Linux среде/Apache/Nginx (в контексте запуска сайта) Базовые навыки работы с Git, Gulp и Webpack

HTML5, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, es6, MySQL, JavaScript, Git


.NET developer 🔥

Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv · $1700 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Брав Участь у трьох комерційних та 2 внутрішніх проектах

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, JavaScript, Git, SQL, OOP, mvc, SOLID, HTML, REST API, CSS, jQuery, TypeScript, ASP.NET WebAPI, PostgreSQL, Angular 8, Knockout.js, ASP.NET MVC 5

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