Full Stack / PHP Developer

Kyiv · $900 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Frontend: HTML5 (Pug), CSS3 (Sass), Bootstrap, Gulp Git JS: jQuery, VueJS, Javascript Frameworks: YII2, Laravel CMS: Opencart, Wordpress (WOO), DLE, etc. Photoshop/Sketch DB: MySQL SEO, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Adwords Languages: english (pre-intermediate) Swedish (elementary) Experience: 2 years in office, 3 years freelance, 0,5 year in office OS: Ubuntu, Windows.

PHP, Laravel, Yii, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, MVC, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, Git , Web Development, Solid / dry / kiss, MySQL, REST API, OOP, JSON, Linux, SOLID


Junior JavaScript Developer

Dnipro · $400 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

My main area of focus is JavaScript/Node.js. I have experience with: -npm/git, -Tests with Mocha/Chai, -TypeScript, -Electron, -React/Redux, -Vue.js, -Express, -HTML/CSS, -Mongodb/Firebase/SQL, -etc. I understand architecture and structure of JS/Node.js (EventLoop, Macro/Microtasks, “wrapper objects” for primitives, etc.) I have an understanding of OOP, as well as a basic understanding of functional programming as part of JavaScript. I got acquainted and put into practice programming patterns and refactoring methods. I mastered at a basic level C / C ++, C #, Java, Python, PHP. Created educational projects based on WinForms / WPF and sites based on CMS Wordpress. Projects Examples: ***Development of Telegram Bots*** In these projects I used Node.js with Firebase DB. I needed to work with: - Telegram API (buttons, text, files), - text parsing (regexp, etc.), - Excel workbooks (creating and changing tables in Node.js via Telegram, then creating an image from these tables and sending them to Telegram users), - creating different users’ roles (admin, subscriber, content-manager, etc.). Also, I created two Telegram bots for school project: admin bot for managing tests and presenter bot for passing them. ***C#/WinForms developer*** In this project I created WinForms app for making test in HTML file format. I needed to: -create UI for editing tests -translate images to base64 string -construct .html test file from given data ***Web Development with Wordpress*** I created design, built online shop with Wordpress and needed to write and change PHP, JS and HTML/CSS in WP themes/extensions.

Node.js, JavaScript, Git, JSON, CSS, HTML, NodeJS, jQuery, Google API and Services, OOP, C/C++, MongoDB, REST API, Docker, MySQL, TypeScript, Express.js, React, Express, SQL, Mongoose, Mongo, Кроссбраузерная и адаптивная верстка, C#, JavaScript/NodeJS, Python, Vue, Vue.js, vuejs, NPM, Mocha, mocha, Chai, chai, Electron.js, Google Firebase, Firebase, firebase, regexp, RegExp, WinForms, WordPress, Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Software Development

I have experience in mentoring and teaching programming.

I consider any suggestions. It doesn’t matter to me if I will be doing frontend or backend. Ready to work in a team.


Playable Ad javascript html5

Kiev · $1200 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Understanding of: OOP principles; Experience with: HTML (5), CSS (3), JavaScript(ES5, ES6), Three.js. Experience with adaptation for Android and iPhone. Experience with adaptation for different advertising platforms like as: ironSource, Unity Ads, Facebook, AdColony, Google Ads, Mintegral and more. Experience QA. Experience with: jQuery, AJAX; Experience with: Node.js(NPM); Experience with: less, scss; Experience with: gulp, webpack; Understanding formats: JSON, XML; Understanding of: REST API; Experience with: Git; Experience with: Adobe Photoshop; Experience with: Maya; Experience with: Unity; Intermediate English: read, write, understand, speak (little);


New experience. Professional growth.


Frontend Engineer (Angular 2+)

Dnipro · $3400 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

- rewriting an old nativeJS application to a new one with Angular7.2+ - building new Angular projects integration with GraphQL API, REST API. - developing libraries that can be used for multiple projects - developing Electron + Angular application that can be used for multiple platforms - cover code base with unit/e2e tests

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, REST API, CSS3, TypeScript, SASS, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Jira, JSON, OOP, Angular, Responsive web design, GraphQL, Agile, SQL, WebSockets, RxJS, e2e, JavaScript/NodeJS, npm, Redux

I have not had any experience working in a remote position, but I am ready to consider it. I would like to have work opportunities to learn new skills or increase abilities. Also I want to participate in difficult tasks or goals.


Middle React Developer

Kyiv · $1200 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Pixma - by leveraging comprehensive experience in API development, created wrapper for set of undocumented endpoints to power media fusing and transformation pipelines (ImageMagick, FFmpeg, Node.js(Express)). CWA - participated in the process of adapting software to modern standards. The main objective was to harmonize and bring to a single standard API written on old technologies (React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Node.js(Express), Material-UI). Air Ticket Purchase Site - according to mockups designed system for convenient ticket search using various filters (React, Node.js(Express), Bootstrap, SASS, Sketch). Schedule system - participated in the software development process to build solution which provides the away for university employee to receive and modify information about the schedule for the current period (React, WebApi, Node.js, CORS)

React, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, REST API, AJAX, Redux, webpack, SASS, CSS, ES6+, Bootstrap, Jest, Git, Redux Saga, yarn

Worked with undocumented API to access large volumes of video data to automate the creation of full-fledged processed videos.

Looking forward to improving communication and engineering skills by working with new technologies and approaches to building applications.


Javascript Developer

$1000 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I’ve been working with 7 angular projects. Mostly on 6-8 version. Also i have an experience with Ionic 4 and node.js (express and mongoDB). Main projects were: Financial platform for investors and financial professionals. Survey for people who have diabetes of 1 type. And admin platform with survey constructor to create custom studies that can be used by Hospitals. Ionic platform for selling and renting goods

JavaScript, HTML5, Node.js, TypeScript, CSS3, SASS, CSS, AJAX, HTML, ES6+, MongoDB, Angular, Web Development, Git

Receiving fullstack experience. Helping to model BE and FE architecture for several projects

Freelance, part-time. Around 20h per week


Senior Front-End engineer / Team Lead (React / Node.js / React Native)

Kyiv · $4500 · 10 years of experience · Intermediate

I have been working as a front-end engineer for 10 years. I really like to solve problems, not tasks. I really love to write code, and I always understand why. I understand what business, product and user value ned to resolve. I’m looking for a company for many years, and not just changing one for another. There is experience in creating and presenting reports at conferences, training colleagues and sharing of knowledge. As a team leader, I received the highest rating from my leadership for the excellent performance of my team.

Handlebars, Jira, SVN, Lodash, Underscore.js, HTML5, React, Redux, webpack, REST API, TypeScript, ES6+, OOP, es6, SVG, SASS/SCSS, Stylus, LESS, Node.js, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, React / Redux, Redux Thunk, Webassembly, CoffeeScript, React Native, Electron, WebExtensions, Express.js, Three.js, BEM, Functional programming, GitLab, CI/CD, Selenium WebDriver, Mongoose, CSS, CSS3, PWA, AMP, SPA, ES6/ES2015

Building a team from scratch and the product we developed.

Nice people, cool office, target oriented and learning mindset.


Front End Developer(Js)

Worldwide · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

having a job that provides a steady employment,having physical working conditions that are safe, not injurious to health, not stressful, and even comfortable.


Software Developer

Evropa, Ukraine · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

HTML5, BEM, PUG(Jade), CSS3, Sass(Scss), Less, Slylus, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, WordPress(wooCommerce plugins dev), Jekyll, C++, C#, Java, General knowledge of network protocols and networking (training courses Cisco, Panduit), SQL. Design / Interface (psychological features of working with applications, rules of perception, building rules), Game Design (game development, level building, plotting, balance) (Unity, Android, PC). General information about: design patterns, development methodologies (Agile & Waterfall). Some experience in the role of Project Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master - during educational projects within the educational system. Rapid adaptation to robot tasks and conditions.

Agile, Full stack, HTML, OOP, Photoshop, Project Management, React Native, Scrum, .NET, Bootstrap, CSS, CSS3, es6, Firebug, Frontend, game design, Git, HTML5, JavaScript, Product management, UML, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), AJAX, Angular, C#, Cisco, English, GUI, IntelliJ IDEA, Jade/Pug, Java, Jekyll, jQuery, Linux, MongoDB, MSSQL, MVC, nunjucks, Patterns, PHP, React, Redux, SASS, SCSS, SEO, SQL, Stylus, Ubuntu, Waterfall, Wordpress, WPF, C++, E-commerce, Gulp, LESS, MEAN, MySQL, Node.js, REST API, RUP, TypeScript, Visual Studio, WinForms, XML, AWS, bash, Jira, JSON, webpack, Jade, firebase, Adobe Photoshop, ES6+, React.js, React / Redux, SASS/SCSS, ES7, JIRA

Prize places at Olympiads and various IT competitions *. President of the scientific society in the university. * - ACM-ICPC, Hackathon, IT-Universe, regional Olympiads of almost all levels. ← my CV I do not want to work on projects alone! I long for communication, exchange of experience and joint work on projects, other options for me are less attractive. With pleasure I will learn new technologies. I like continuous development and progress, both for myself and my team and for projects. I do not want a monotonous routine work without growth, justification like as the line can be drawn in twenty different ways is not interested. Well: Interesting projects, teamwork, flexible methodology (primary), non-standard solution, new technologies, continuous development. Internal evolution of the company. Friendly team, coffee with milk and cookies! :)


Frontend Developer

Kyiv, London, USA, Canada, Berlin, Amsterdam, EU · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

i am a front end developer with 1+ years experience. i have built responsive web designs for schools and hospital. I have also worked as a freelance web developer on projects.i am currently building my portfolio using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

HTML5, JavaScript, Git, React, CSS, HTML, REST API, Bootstrap, Web Development, Adobe Photoshop, CSS3, WordPress, GitHub, MySQL

B.eng Computer Engineering from Covenant university (2018). Responsive web design certification from Freecodecamp(2019).

i am looking for IT/tech organizations where i can put my skills to use as well as learn from the top employees. i am also open to internship roles as i want to continue learning and get better everyday.

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