Full stack java scala developer 

Lviv · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

Product development. Team work, distributing responsibilities. REST API design. Improving performance. Helping in writing documentation.

PostgreSQL, Java, Scala, JavaScript, Play Framework, ReactJS, Docker, REST API, Akka

Developing and supporting projects Investigating complexity of upcoming issues in sprints Preparing epics Integrating with external api

Хочу продовжувати розвиватись як full stack. Цікавить Angular та використання клаудних технологій, надаю перевагу Google Cloud.


Senior Software Engineer

Kyiv · $5300 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Strong knowledge of Java, JavaScript, OOP, design patterns, RDBMS, UI web design and usability. Good knowledge of web-based app development and understanding of software engineering processes.

Java, JavaScript, Design Patterns, OOP, ReactJS

Senior full-stack developer for an in-house application framework. Implementation of the in-house system for deployment of the company SaaS products in the AWS cloud. Lead UI/backend developer of a system for managing iOS/Android devices (MDM solution). Developed an in-house issue tracker for internal use. Completely redesigned UI and Reporting System for a huge legacy project.

Interesting projects using the latest technologies and periodic business trips. No gamedev or legacy projects.


Senior Software Engineer

Moscow · $3500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

NetCracker Technology Corp. March 2019 — June 2019 Development of Order Entry components as a part of the implementation project for Telenet (Belgium) B2B. July 2017 — March 2019 Development of Order Entry components as a part of the implementation project for Telenet (Belgium) B2C. September 2016 — July 2017 Participate in design, implementation, delivery, and support of features and enhancements related to Netcracker Product used across multiple projects(GCI, Cogeco, Telenet) as a part of Joint Product Gap Enhancement August 2015 — August 2016 Development of Pricing and Core Engine modules of the B2C Product Order Entry system (Netcracker Product).

Java, Spring, REST API, JavaScript, SQL, Build Tools: Maven, GIT, JUnit, HTML5, CSS3, JDBC, Java 8, JSP, JPA, Mockito, PowerMock

* Developed functionality in control of equipment installation option and delivery during product ordering process beginning with writing a technical design, prototyping intricate parts, and finishing with splitting the remaining into tasks and passing down to the colleagues. * Developed CLI tool using NodeJS that rid of time-consuming(~2-3 hours) manual gathers of changes in business model each sprint. * Developed from scratch and launched a website -


Java Software Engineer

Kharkiv · $1200 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

I have 1.5 years of experience as java development. Having experience with applications in e-commerce. Having experience with finding the source of bugs, defects and fixing them. I strive to study, learn and find out something new for me every day. I am adequately aware of my strengths and weaknesses, which I use and improve respectively. I set myself realistic goals, assuming the probability of success. I consider myself to be a self-motivated person. I set myself the various tasks, whose implementation does not stop me on my laurels, but only convinces me that I am moving in the right direction. I am quite calm and emotionally stable person. I find it interesting to work as a team. Also I have a skill to deal with different people and quickly adapt to the new environment.

Java Core, Java 8, OOP, Java EE, Design Patterns, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Maven, MySQL, JUnit, Mockito, REST, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Data, HTML/CSS/JS, Thymeleaf, JSP, JSTL, FlyWay, Scrum, Tomcat, Swagger, JDBC, JPA, Hibernate, Lombok

- designing a database for new project; - integration Spring Boot application to platform Sakai as plugin for assessment and analysis code of student using Jenkins.


QA Lead

Kyiv · $3200 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Responsibilities: - Handling all incoming requests related to QA as a main contact point - Managing external testing team: 1 manual FTE + 1 automation FTE - Establishing internal QA processes - Improving internal scrum processes - Organising releases - Reviewing functional and technical scopes Developed internal tools: - App for filling demo accounts with data (Java, Selenium) - Few small reporting apps for tracking KPIs: fetch data from Jira, process it and provide results (Java, Java FX, REST API) - Validator of data provided by clients (Java, MySQL) - Data validator for BigData project (Java, MySQL) - Handy app for managing server instances in GitFlow process. Shipped with UI (Java, Java FX, REST API) Looking for a job where I can gain new and improve existing skills in the following directions: - QA leadership: manage and organising testing team - Java development: leverage my development skills in order to improve, automate, simplify, solidify and speed up testing process

REST API, MySQL, Agile, Scrum, Jira, Java

1. Established internal QA processes: - Achieved stable releases: 0 release reverts and 0 hot-fixes since Oct 2018 - Production environment availability = 99.99% - Reduced number of client escalations by ~50% (no accurate KPIs available, unfortunately) 2. Developed tools: - Made it possible to perform end to end testing of company's first BigData project. Discovered 40+ issues in data processing - Reduced time for migrating clients' data to our database by 80%. Reduced number of migration issues by 95% - Reduced testers' time in GitFlow process: onboarding for ~80%, day-to-day usage for ~60% - Reduced time spent on KPIs tracking by 90% - Made demoing products by sales team easier

- Possibility for constant growing, gaining new and improving existing skills - Solid scrum processes are established - Ability to contribute into product quality and/or process efficiency by leveraging my development skills - Work/life balance


Java Developer

Kyiv · $800 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

I have a couple of projects which involved different technology-stacks and have different work principle - round-trip and single-page. Also, my single-page projects have internal communication built with REST API. I have worked on social network project. I've learned how to implement some infrastructure solutions using Docker and Jenkins. Currently, improve my skills in Amazon Web Services. I am looking for a Java developer position. -- Я маю кілька web проектів написаний на різних технологіях і різних за архітектурою (roundtrip & singlepage). Використовував REST API для роботи зі Spring, а також маю досвід розробки на Slack API де також використовується REST. Працював над проектом соціальної мережі. Наразі займаюся вдосконаленням моїх навичок по Amazon Web Services. Шукаю позицію Java розробника.

Java, Spring, Hibernate, REST API, Linux, PostgreSQL, Docker

During my practice in Mate academy, I learned how to build a project structure. I with my teammate won SQL challenge and this improves my cooperation skills. -- За час практики в mate, навчився будувати структуру проектів. Також участь і перемога в SQL challenge підвищила командні навички.

I am expecting to join the team of professionals to create value and gain experience. -- Очікую приєднатися до крутої команди, готовий працювати над різними завданнями.


JavaScript/Node.js Developer

Sumy, Lviv · $2000 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Працюю в Netcracker. Займаюсь конфігурацією каталог - пишемо функціонал для роботи з xlsx файлами на Java.

Java, Git, SQL, OOP, Jira, XML, JSP, SVN, Maven

автоматизував рутинні процеси роботи з xlsx файлами. Налаштував повний автоматичний цикл обробки запитів на зміну даних в каталозі товарів.

Хочу працювати з node.js. Так, як знаю ООП і маю досвід з java , то вже розумію поняття типізація та ООП-шні штуки. Готовий міняти стек технологій і працювати над проектами з node.js. Готовий пройти інтенсив, щоб підтянути рівень. НЕ хочу займатись каталогом :)


Senior Software Engineer Full Stack

Remote work, United States · $4000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

За плечами 5+ лет full time работы в продуктовой компании. Основной стэк за последнee время — TypeScript/ES6, React/Redux/MobX/MST/Redux-Saga, React Native, AWS Lambda/Dynamo/Amplify/AppSync, etc. Рассматриваю предложения по удаленной работе.

CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, React, React Native, Redux, TypeScript, AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync, AWS Lambda, AWS Dynamo, MobX, REST API, Node.js

В приоритете продуктовые компании и команды. Remote only, React/React Native only


Java Developer

Kyiv · $700 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I do not have commercial experience, only on my projects. Person interested in Java Development, is looking for an opportunity to implement my knowledge and practical skills in Java Development. I study and practise Java and have already completed several projects. I have strong knowledge of Java/OOP and popular frameworks too, working knowledge of SQL and databases. Also I have good analytical and communication skills, attentiveness, quality code and responsibility.

Java, OOP, SQL, JDBC, JPA, Hibernate, Spring, Maven, Security, Spring Data JPA, Git, REST API, JSON, XML, Tomcat, HTML, CSS, Design Patterns, Linux

I took part in a Science and Technology Conference "Intelligent Technology Of Iinguistic Analysis".

I woud like to become a key employee of a well coordinated team of reliable and motivated people. My main goal is to improve my own skills and knowledge of old and new technologies through working on a commercial project, no matter what the project is.


Java Developer

Rіvne · $500 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

WL - aggregation and calculation scores for wines using agregated data form different sources. 09/2018 - 10/2019 Technologies used: Java, Play Framework, SQL, JDBC/Yank, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery Tasks: Implement new functionality FIxing bugs Payment integration using Stripe API Storing data using Amazon S3 API Developing application for automation of mass instagram data dumping 05/2018 - 09/2018 Technologies used: Java, Spring Boot, MVC, Data, JPA, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Akka, Instagram4j, Maven Tasks: Implement new functionality FIxing bugs

Java, Spring Boot, Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Servlet, JSP, JUnit, Mockito, Databases: MySQL;, GIT, Maven

Professional growth, friendly team.

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