C++/Computer Vision Developer

Lviv · $2300 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Algorithms and Data Structures, Unit Testing, C++, Python, OpenCV, Java Core, Android SDK, Common libraries, Keras, TensorFlow

Java Core, Algorithms, Android SDK, C++, Design Patterns, Git, Machine Learning, OOP, OpenCV, Python, JUnit, Mockito


Analyst/Technical Support Engineer

Kyiv, Brovary · $800 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Technical support specialist - 1.5 год. Базовые навыки: QA, SQL, html, css, xml.

HTML5, Manual Testing (QA), XML, CSS, SQL

Сейчас инженер тех поддержки Закончил курсы по тестированию ПО

Аналитика Работа с данными


Solutions Architect

Kharkiv · $10000 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Big Data and AI architecture using Apache Spark in cloud and on-prem Designing data pipelines Productionizing ML

Scala, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Docker, Amazon AWS, Python

Fascinating projects in BigData/AI Area


Senior Product Manager / Data Scientist - MSc CompSci, MBA, PMP, PSM

$8000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

15+ years of experience in IT: 7 years in Product and Project Management, 3 in Business Analysis, 2 years in Software Development, and 10+ years in IT system integration. Certified Project Manager Professional with a proven track record of technical contribution and appreciated for leadership in enhancing team productivity, deliverable quality, and customer satisfaction. Sound experience in managing teams (50+ employees), and driving product and project objectives by mentoring, motivating, and encouraging a team to surpass defined goals. Demonstrated end-to-end product and project management skills, comprising varied technology (open source & proprietary), architecture and custom development projects in a fast pace and dynamic environments. Excellent technical, analytical, organizational, and communication skills, for effective interaction with third party (vendors)/stakeholders and all levels of management. Deeply passionate about data exploration, analysis and predictive modeling Machine Learning engineer with more than 15 years of experience as Senior Product Management and Senior Infrastructure Architect.

Agile, B2B Sales and negotiations, Benefit Analysis, Business Analysis, Business models, Cisco, Client Relationship, Cluster Management, Coaching, Communication, Communications Management, Confluence, CRM, Finance, Hiring, HP Network, Human Resource Management, ISO 17024, ISO 9001, Juniper, Leadership, Management, Market analysis, Mentoring, MS Project, Negotiation, netapp, New Business Development, PMBOK, PMP, Pre-sales, Product management, Project Assessment, Project Management, Project management professional, project plan, Quality Assurance (QA), quality management, Risk management, Sales, Scope Management, Security, storage, strategy, Tallent Management, Team Building, Team management, Virtualization, Algorithms, Digital marketing, ERP, HR Analytics, Hunting, Linux, Marketing, PHP, SAS Analytics Software, VMware, .NET, ASP.NET, BigData, C#, C++, FreeBSD, Java, Machine Learning, Python, Scrum, SQL, Statistics, Waterfall, Architecture, BI instruments

Experience of successful IT projects for last 15+ years. Extensive field experience in project management combined with IT PMO Governance - Implementing BI Analytical system in TOP Ukrainian banks - Multiple projects in CRM/ERP systems development and business processes automation - Multiple projects in Networking/Unified Communications areas - Successfully implemented several large scale programs for top-10 Ukrainian bank. MBA Degree PMP Certificate Biggest project by hours: 16'000 working hours Biggest project by team size: 60 people

Challenging projects. Professional team. High level of responsibility. Functional and dynamic organizational culture. International clients.


Data Scientist

Kyiv · $1700 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Programming languages: Python, SQL and Procedural SQL Cloud: Amazon Web Services Data Science fields: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning Tools: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Scikit-Learn, PyTorch Languages: Ukrainian – native, Russian – freely, English – professional working proficiency (С1), German - basic.

AWS, Data Science, NLP, Python, SQL, pandas, numpy, PyTorch

I am interested in NLP Data Science. I am excited by the idea of working for a company that is constantly innovating and recognized as a dynamic environment.


General Manager / CTO / Delivery director 

Kyiv · $8000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have a profound experience with more than 15 years in IT and software development. I started my career as a software engineer then worked in different roles and used various technologies as a Team/Tech Lead, PM, Scrum Master, Product Owner up to Program/Delivery Manager and General Manager for a software development company. (20-100 engineers). I have a profound and hands-on experience with: •SW development management; Operational and Project management; General management •Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, XP, RUP, ITIL •Hiring, staffing, mentoring and coaching •Design of business logic and architecture •Successful experience in improving a company’s efficiency and productivity of teams using KPIs and management dashboards Technologies: MS SQL, Machine learning algorithms, .NET/C#, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Java, BI/OLAP/DWH/Pentaho, REST API, Android, iOS, PHP, Symfony2, Delphi ;)

Agile, Jira, People management, Project Management, Git, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, REST, UML, .NET, Android, Java, Matlab, PHP, Python, RUP, REST API, MySQL, SQL, Machine Learning, Product management, Scrum, Kanban, SDLC, XP

Key achievements: Happy clients - ✔ Ensured successful delivery for lots of projects including Healthcare systems (.NET/C#/MSSQL/JS/Angular), Regulatory reporting (ORACLE/ETL/Java), Scoring (.NET/C#/MSSQL), lots of mobile (Android, iOS + REST API) and Web projects (LAMP), etc. ✔ Discovered new client needs. New contracts have been signed and existed contracts have been extended Business organization and Software development organization - ✔ Took over and developed a software company in Ukraine. We reached a 100% growth in 1 year. All necessary business and SDLC processes have been established. ✔ Managed up to 15 projects simultaneously ✔ Managed team size up to 100 people Professional improvement - ✔ Machine Learning by Andrew Ng. Grade Achieved: 100.0% in July 2018 ✔ Kanban KMP II

My professional interests • Building R&D offices and productive development teams • Machine learning, AI, Data science, BI, Big Data, OLAP, IM bots • Agile methodologies (Kanban, Scrum, XP,...) and continuous improvement • Business development for software products. I'm interested in AI / Machine Learning.


Java Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $2000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Java Developer with 1,5 years of commercial experience (+ 1,5 of non-commercials) at Germany Product Software Dev Companies. Experienced in the development of the enterprise, open source and start-up projects, skilled in: - back-end web Java stack (Java 8, Spring (Boot, MVC, Security, Reactive), Maven, Git, Docker); - DB (Spring Data JPA, JDBC, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Liquibase); - testing (jUnit, Mockito, Postman); - front-end (HTML, CSS , JavaScript, Thymeleaf(basic)); - familiar with: Statistic, data science, regression, Python (basic), PowerBI; - JetBrains IDEs; - banking domain. Background in Bank IT finance, report building, telecom and Service Management. Persistent in goal achieving. I finished an Ironman.

Java Core, JDBC, JUnit, Maven, OOP, Git, MySQL, Power BI, Tomcat, Design Patterns, Hibernate, ZKoss, Python, JavaScript, REST API, Spring MVC, Swagger, Docker, PostgreSQL, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Microservices, Java Reactive, Spring WebFlux

1. Taking part in the open source implementation of PSD2 XS2A (REST API) Interface of Berlin Banking Group - Using Java8/JPA/Spring/PostgreSQL stack; - designing new features; - writing unit and integration tests; - code review (open source product) ; 2. Taking part in develop like portal (using Reactive stack: Java9/Spring Boot/ WebFlux/Security/JPA/ModgoDB, Thymeleaf); - designing new and support features of web portal based on Lifrey (backend: Spring mvc, JPA, REST API, Lifray servlets, frontend: JavaScript, HTML, CSS); - implement interconnection gateway between cloud security storage iDGARD API and Lifray Portal repository (using Java/Spring/Apache HTTP Client, Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS); 3. BA at Bank IT Material management Project based on MS CRM Budgeting and Telecom costs optimizing models&reports 2 High Education: IT Security & Finance


Data Scientist

Remote work, Russia · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

I've finished additional courses Machine Learning, in Python and Scala for Data Science. I have skills in building data-scientific models in different areas: data-mining, forecasting, natural language understanding, and others. Also, I have knowledge in Deep Learning and widely useable frameworks for neural networks like Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch. I can implement different models using: - linear and logistic regression; - neural networks; - support vector machines; - k-means clustering; - anomaly detection; - collaborative filtering to build a recommender system for movies. I'm also familiar with such techs as Jira and Confluence. I'm looking for for a job in ML or Data Science/Data Engineering field.

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Jupyter Notebook, scikit-learn, Keras, Tensorflow, Pandas, NumPy, Excel, Tableau, Deep Learning, NLP, Unix, Linux, Git, Math, Algorithms, Confluence, Jira, Kaffka, Hive, SQL

I consider offers from only English speaking companies.


Data Scientist

Kyiv · $1200 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

NLP(Sentiment analysis), Flask API development, Regression and Classification tasks, Algorithmic trading

Machine Learning, Matplotlib, numpy, Python, xgboost, scikit-learn, pandas, MySQL, Tensorflow, Flask, gensim, Apache Spark


Junior Front-end Developer

Kyiv · $700 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Currently studying React, Redux, MongoDB and want to progress on direction of web-development. Knowledge and experience: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, REST API; Frameworks/Libraries: React, jQuery, Bootstrap; Methodologies: BEM, Responsive Web Design; VCS: Git, TortoiseSVN; Familiarity: PHP, Python, Bash, C#, MySQL, WebPack, UX; Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch; Education: Master of Computer Science and Information Technologies, Faculty of Automation and Computer Systems.

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, React, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, PostgreSQL, PHP, UX/UI, webpack, Sketch, Linux, MacOS, Ubuntu, JSON, es6

Worked with big weather forecast data from the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center and responsible for the administration their PostgreSQL databases. Support and development of a European decision-making system in extreme cases JRODOS. In 2013, he developed a program for Android for kindergartens.

What I am not interested in: PHP, jQuery, WordPress and another similar based projects. Interested in possibilities in which I will be able to implement modern technologies with team of professionals.

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