IT Recruiter

Kyiv · $1300 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Full cycle recruiting process for candidates of different levels (Junior/Middle/Senior). Sourcing, communication, screening, drafting job offer, hiring. Conducting interviews and providing information about the company. Drafting job descriptions, working with social media Scheduling and coordinating interviews, providing feedback to candidates. Positively promoting employer brand. Maintained amicable and responsible relationships with candidates throughout the recruitment process and for future opportunities. Mentoring of junior specialist (researcher).

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Research, Jira, Communication Skills, Screening Resumes, Recruiting, recruitment, Executive Search, Screening, multitasking skills, Interviews, CV Screening, LinkedIn Search

I`m looking for product or outsource IT company where I can use and develop my skills. For me is important to be a part of good team with healthy atmosphere Prefer working with technical positions. Do not consider job in recruiting agencies. Flexible schedule. Clear goals and friendly team. Competitive salary.


HR manager

Kharkiv · $700 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Разработка и внедрение плана адаптации сотрудников; разработка планов материальной и нематериальной мотивации сотрудников; онбординг; проведение собеседований; организация ивентов; ведение документации; помощь рекрутеру в поиске кандидатов; формирование бюджета планируемых расходов на месяц, составление сметы по фактическим расходам; ведение соц. сетей - instagramm; организация учебных мероприятий, наставничества и обучения новых сотрудников; анализ рынка труда и трендов; менторинг офис-менеджера; 1-1 митинги; проведение перфоманс-ревью.

HR, Human Resources, Communication, Interviewing, Onboarding, Research, X-Ray, Interviews, Boolean Search, CV Screening, HR Processes, Linkedin, Team Building, Attention to detail, On-boarding, adaptation, Motivation, Performance review, IT Recruitment, Recruiting, LinkedIn Search, English, Screening Resumes, Organisation skills, Communication Skills, Jira, trello, Talent acquisition, Employer Branding

Внедрение новой системы материальной и нематериальной мотивации. Внедрение системы онбординга и адаптации


Recruitment Manager

Kyiv · $2700 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

5+ years of experience in staffing/international staffng, in-house and American staffing environments including managing accounts for Clients. - Experience building recruiting department from zero; - Experience managing recruiting resources; - People management experience; - Experience migrating and implementing different ATS solutions; - Experience implementing policies/workflows/reporting; - Client facing, account management/negotiations experience; - Understanding of business processes.

Technical recruiting, People Management


HR manager/People partner

Dnipro, Kyiv · $700 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

A goal-oriented and proactive person, with good sense of humor. Have almost 3 years experience in HR and recruitment. JULY 2018 - FEBRUARY 2020 IT company HR Generalist - Full cycle of recruitment across a mix of disciplines and levels of seniority; - Employee onboarding and adaptation during the whole probation period; - Participation in staffing strategy development for specific projects and positions; - Organization and develop corporate culture within the company; - Solving employees problems to make them satisfied on the working place, improving the work environment; - Writing evaluation reports, ability to find weaknesses and strengths of processes, companies etc. What I have done for the company: - Formed and introduced company values; - Introduced CRM system; - Created personal development plans for each employee; - Set up a staff assessment system 360, 1-1 meetings; - Worked out employee development strategies for each department; - Identified the risks of losing valuable employees in the company; - Compiled a list of intangible incentives for staff; - Developed HR-brand. NOVEMBER 2016 - AUGUST 2017 Translation agency HR Specialist - Full cycle recruitment of non-technical positions; - Direct sourcing and utilizing all available sourcing tools to identify passive and potential candidates; - Organization technical and team interviews; - Provision onboarding for new employees; - Corporate culture and event management; - Participation in conferences, meet-up, seminars; What I have done for the company: I have created a new strategy for hiring candidates. Only 7% of employees left the company in 10 months. - I'm looking for an opportunity to help people and businesses work more efficiently, using my best tools and skills. - I want to share company values with new employees and develop their potential. - I can minimize the risks of losing valuable employees to save company resources needed to search for new candidates.

Human Resources, Interviewing, Onboarding, HR, Interviews, Organisation skills, Communication Skills, Team Building, Employee Relations, Adaptation of new employees, IT Recruitment, Executive Search, X-Ray, Candidates approaching

1. Created HR processes from scratch. 2. Formed HR department. 3. Closed more than 50 vacancies per year (Lead-junior) :React dev, iOS dev, Android dev, Ruby on Rails dev, DevOps, SEO, UX/UI designer, Content maker etc.

I want to engage in staff motivation and retention, more than a recruiting process.


IT Recruiter 

Kharkiv · $750 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have 2 years of relevant experience as IT Recruiter. On my last job my main responsibilities were: - full cycle of recruitment (searching, screening, interviews, communication with hiring managers, feedbacks); - preparing, placing and updating vacancies in required sources (career page, job websites and other); - working with vacancies of varying complexity and different specializations, from Intern to Senior level (Front-end and Back-end developers, QA, PM, etc); - direct search for candidates through LinkedIn, job websites, employee referrals, internal database.; - maintaining a database of candidates; - weekly reports. Now I`m ready for new challanges and hope to find a new team where I can growth professionaly.

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, HR, Research, CV Screening, Interviewing, Onboarding, Communication, Adaptation

Outsource/ Product company, friendly team. I definitely don't want to work with any timetracker :)


HR business partner/People partner

Dnipro · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

1×1 meetings with employees; Support adaptation and probation period process; Conduct on-boarding and off-boarding processes; Organization creative team-building events & fun-activities; Caring for employees and regulating the right microclimate in the team; Automation of HR processes and implementation their in the company; Company’s branding

Human Resources, Communication, Onboarding, Organisation skills, Talent acquisition, Team Building, Jira, adaptation, HR Management, Adaptation and motivation, Building HR process, one-to-one meetings, HR, Research, IT Recruitment, Boolean Search, LinkedIn Search, HR branding, Community Management, Interviewing, on/offboarding

More: • HR process optimization • Onboarding & adaptation • Company’s branding • HR analytics


Recruitment Lead 

Kyiv · $2500 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

3 years of experience in leading recruiting team. 8+ years of experience in sourcing, interviewing and hiring candidates for different clients and projects Experienced in working closely with hiring managers and clients to achieve recruitment goals. Responsible for supervising, managing and motivating team members on a daily basis.

Recruiting, Client Management, Motivation, Adaptation, Team management, HR, Communication, IT Recruitment, Human Resources, Research, CV Screening, English

Looking for challenging and interesting job. Ready to build recruitment team and recruitment process from scratch. Prefer to work in outsource IT company with friendly atmosphere and team of professionals :)


IT Recruiter

Kyiv · $800 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

- Providing full-cycle recruitment process - Searching for candidates using various sources and tools - Leading candidates through the screening process up to the employment - Keeping a database and other tracking documents up to date - Negotiation with clients/hiring managers; - Job market analyses and reviews - Preparing offer letters for new hires

IT Recruitment, CV Screening, Boolean Search, Recruiting, Team Building, Talent acquisition, headhunting, recruitment, Organisation skills, X-Ray, LinkedIn Search

- Possibility of working with different vacancies; - English lessons - Friendly team; - Interesting and challenge tasks; - Possibility to work remotely time to time. - Flexible working hours;


Senior Technical Recruiter/Lead Recruiter/HR generalist/HR 

Kyiv · $1800 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Overall, I have 3+ years of experience in recruitment and HR management. American product company (now) Responsibilities: - Marketing research; - New recruitment tools implementing; - Closing of strong middle, senior and managers positions; - Collection of data and analytics; - Involving in recruitment strategy; - Job description preparing and posting; - Communication with hiring managers. - Onboarding of new employees; - Involving in employer branding strategy and analytic process; - Conduction of exit interviews and one-to-one meetings with employees; - Event organization; - Adaptation and motivation of employees. Achievements: • Conducted Employer Brand survey and strategy; • English language using on daily base; • 100% closed managers, seniority level and urgent positions; • Market research of strategic companies and etc. American product company (previous) Responsibilities: - Delivery the full cycle of recruitment process (job posting, interviewing candidates, providing shortlist of candidates to hiring managers, reporting, supporting candidates during hiring process, etc.); - Providing relevant statistics, reports, and overview of recruitment process on weekly and quarterly basis; - Contract preparations; - Communication with recruitment agencies; - Market research. - Ensuring adaptation process for newcomers, introduction of the company, exit interview; - Preparation and organization of corporate events; - Internal communication; - Staff motivation and healthy atmosphere. Achievements: • General quantity of JO for candidates 54 (hired 42 employees); • Working on rare technology position – ServiceNow developers, Architect, managers and director positions and etc; • Communication with native English speakers on daily base troubleshooting and motivation issues solving problems of employees; • Market research Recruitment agency (previous) Ukrainian outsourcing company (previous) Government organization (previous)

IT Recruitment, Human Resources, LinkedIn Search, Boolean Search, English, Business correspondence

- leading; - mentoring; - recruitment budget planning; - experience with narrow-purpose and high level of seniority positions - Conducted Employer Brand survey and strategy; - English language using on daily base; - experience in rare technology positions; - 100% closed managers, seniority level and urgent positions; - Market research of strategic companies and etc.

interested in the product company experience with mixed daily responsibilities which include HR manager's functions, lead positions.


HR manager/IT Recruiter

Kyiv · $1400 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Have 2 years experience in IT product companies. - Building HR process from a scratch; - Full life-cycle recruitment from job description development to new employee adaptation; - Support of candidates during the hiring process - Onboarding process - Develop a recruitment process - Work on different HR activities -Team building Positions which I've worked with and which have been successfully closed: Fullstack JavaScript developers Go (Golang) developers, Angular Developers Node.js developers PHP Developers iOS developers ( Objective-C, Swift) Android developers (Java, Kotlin) Java developers QA Automation and Manual UI/UX designers Graphic designers 2D Artists DevOps engineer Wordpress developers SMM managers SEO Brand manager IT Project manager Marketing Specialists Financial analyst

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Interviewing, Research, Human Resources, Interviews, Communication, headhunting, CV Screening, HR, Onboarding, Linkedin, Адаптация, Поиск и подбор персонала, Feedback Management, Headhunter Search, adaptation, Team Building, recruitment, Motivation

- Increased company staff by 50% - Build strong and professional team - Resolved various conflict situations

Preferably product company with possibility to grow and good professional team.

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