Senior FullStack .Net Developer

Remote work, Russia · $5000 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

1) Information system for selecting and calculating mounting systems. ASP.NET web api, MS Sql, EF 6, IText, Swagger, SSIS, Oracle DB, git, Unit tests 2) Information portal for energy saving of enterprises. Development of IDM, SSO, file hosting, message exchange server with sciban templates, reporting server with dynamic reports based on FastReport.Core, Maintenance and development the main data management application, integrate Lua and Js engine in application for data scripting and validation. ASP.NET Core, .net core, CQRS + Event Sourcing. MongoDB, postgresql, angular, typescript, devextreme, IdentityServer4, openidconnect, Idm, SSO, entity framework core, Fastreport.Core, Sciban, Scss, Autofac, Swagger, autorest, webpack, git 3) Support and completion of the Bitcoin mining pool ASP.NET Core, MS SQL, Redis, Dapper, EF Core, git. 4) Equipment management system for local ISP ASP.NET MVC 4, EF 5, MS SQL, Jquery, jqGrid, OpenXMLSDK, SVN. 5) Bitcoin stock exchange ASP.NET MVC 5, EF 6, jquery, highchart, clojurescript, SVN, css. 6) SMS messaging administration system ASP.NET MVC 4, ms sql 2012 with stored procedures, knockoutjs, jqGrid, typescript, css, mercurial. 7) Planting and Care Management System. SPA on angularJS + ASP.NET web api, Kendo UI, EF code first, typescript, OData, jade, SVN. 8) Group of portals for the company providing ip telephony services. SharePoint 2013 as a data source, Asp.NET MVC application for data management (6-7 web portals). Subsequently, a large amount of data was migrated to Microsoft Sql Server with Entity framework Code first. I were the main developer of the system for three years. The project grew to seven large portals on ASP.NET MVC and SharePoint, completely covering the business requirements of the customer. ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET Web Api, nintex, kendo ui, css, pdf from html, itextsharp, OpenXMLSDK, TFS, XML, SOAP, Rest api, external api integrations.

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, JavaScript, OOP, Git, SQL, HTML, CSS, SOLID, mvc, MVC, Design Patterns, REST API, TypeScript, jQuery, Angular.js, Bootstrap, Microsoft Testing Framework, ASP.NET CORE, CI, SASS, .Net Core 2, Angular 2, EntityFramework, MVVM, Kendo UI, T-SQL, NoSQL, webpack, PostgreSQL, Continuous Integration, REST, XPath, OOP/OOD/SOLID, Kanban, Unit test, Visual Studio, WPF, WinForms, WCF, Multithreading, Angular6, DevExpress, TeamCity, XML, JSON, TPL, HTTP, ASP.NET Core MVC

I'm 6+ years fullstack .net developer. I quickly and efficiently solve tasks, learn new technologies and use its in my projects. I work well in a team. I can independently develop business requirements from the prototyping stage to the production ready solution.

An interesting project on modern technologies ( core, spa), development team (more than 3 people). Stable and high salary, diverse and interesting tasks. Not want to work with sharepoint


Разработчик C# .Net Core 

Remote work, Ukraine · $750 · 4 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

C# .NET Core, MSSQL, PHP, MySQL, Jquery, Swift, Java

C#, JavaScript, MSSQL, MySQL

Много разных интеграций crm системы BPMOnline с различными сервисами. Несколько проектов разной сложности для BPMOnline и SugarCRM Есть небольшой опыт разработки для iOS и Android В настоящий момент занимаюсь разработкой бэкэнда на c# .Net core


Middle .NET Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $600 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

• Developing highly loaded payment processing system (WebApi) • Developing system like content delivery service for payment terminals; • Developing API for external services to communicate with payment system (.Net Core) • Migrating from ASP.NET Web API and WCF to ASP.NET Core • Jenkins CI configuration • Build, maintained and upgraded existing WCF system; • Used Entity Framework(Devart) along with LINQ to read and write data • Changing a processing system to meet the requirements of PCI DSS • Writing Unit test based on TDD • Working with different equipment (cash machine, lpt port, usb port, printer) • Review requirements and provide estimates for tasks

Часткова зайнятість (8:00 - 14:00)


Full Stack Web Developer (ASP.Net + React) 🔥

Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, EU · $4000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

During my career I have been working on various set of projects - from small REST APIs to quite big distributed systems. Most of the time I was concerned about backend, although my last project required me learning Javascript. In addition - I have experience working in an international team.

C#, .NET, REST API, JavaScript, mvc, MS SQL Server, Azure, Redis, ASP.NET Core

I'd like my next project to have some items from the following list: - ASP.Net Core - ReactJS - Azure - Docker & Kubernetes - Microservices


Старший разработчик C# 

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS 1) Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003/2008/2012 R2/Win7/Win10 – level administrator 2) Linux – Experienced user level 3) Programming Languages: PASCAL, VBA, C, C++, C#, T-SQL, Java 4) Script Languages: JavaScript, VBScript 5) IDE: Turbo Pascal, Borland C 3.11, Delphi 5,6,7 Builder C++ 6.0, MS Visual Studio 6,2003,2005,2008,2010, 2013,2015,2017, uVision, CodeBlocks 6) Technology PLO, ADO, ADO .NET, ASP. NET, LINQ, XML, JQuery, Telerik Kendo UI 7) Virtualization systems: Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware 8) Programming for PIC18 MCUs 9) Version control systems: Git, SVN, TFS 10 Bug tracking system: Jira, Redmine SPECIFIC TECHNOLOGIES 1) HL7, Health Level 7 ("The seventh level") - standard on the exchange, management and integration of electronic health records. 2) Programming a microcontroller STM32F3Discovery

OOP, SVN, .NET, ADO.NET, mvc, C#, Multithreading, T-SQL, WCF, WinForms, XML, ASP.NET, Design Patterns, Entity Framework, LINQ, MVC, Jira, C++


Unity 3D Developer

Lviv · $2000 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Unity 3D VR/AR, WebGL HTC Vive C#. ASP .NET MVC, .NET Core Databases: MySQL Agile methodologies: Scrum Basic: C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, XML, JSON

Unity3D, С#, OOP, SQL, XML, Unity, Game Development, GameDev

2018 (October) to present - Unity 3D Developer 2017 - 2018 (October)- Unity 3D/C# Developer • C# programming • Unity 3D development • Develop VR/AR applications • Research and Development (R&D) work • Work directly with client and ensure project continuity • Work under pressure, ability to priotize multiple tasks effectively 2012 – 2017 - engineer in computer systems, Lviv. Designed and developed solution for automation of graphical database integration process, using C# (VSTO); wrote technical documentation. Was performing troubleshooting and support.

I'm interested in position of Unity Developer. First of all I have strong analytical mindset and sharp logical thinking, ability to pick up new concepts and technologies rapidly. I'm enthusiastic and willing to learn new stuff and grow. I'm passionate about developing innovative solutions, implement original features and have desire to learn and work with know-how technologies.


Junior .NET/C# Developer 

Kyiv · $600 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Junior CRM Developer 3Shape Ukraine (IT-software Manufacturing) July 2019 — November 2019 I worked as a full stack developer for the Dynamics CRM in 3Shape where I added new features on the frontend and backend of the system, like checking serial numbers,accounts and other aspects of the request form that displays results for users. I made the system more reliable by fixing bugs and refactoring code in JavaScript and TypeScript. Junior .NET Developer Obozrevatel/Innovative (IT-software Manufacturing) April 2019 — June 2019 I worked on the backend for and a new real estate site where I added functionality for developers, complexes, geo objects, developer partners, and relationships between them, view part of site, features for admin site (e.g. sorting, filtering, etc.), and the visual part of site. I helped refactor a system that became more stable and easier to edit. I fixed standingbugs that reduced crash rates by 30%.

C#, Git, MVC, RSpec, SQL, .NET, AJAX, ASP.NET, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, OOP/OOD, jQuery, IoC, MSSQL, Entity Framework, LINQ, OOP, SOLID, .NET Core, REST API, mvc, MS SQL Server, TypeScript, English, WebApi

Practical skills and theory base Advanced familiarity with computer science concepts, internet and networks. Databases: (SQL), OOP/OOAD and SOLID. Applied experience with C#, ASP.NET Core, DI, API, MS SQL, JavaScript. WebSockets (Chat), Razor and Angular/Vue. Code examples Chat Site Does not use a database, exists only within the session life cycle. There are 2 user roles in the application, admin and user. I used JSON web token authorization (JWT). Before the response is sent to the server, it is serialized in the controller. SignalR is used as a library, and ASP.NET Core 2.2 as a backend. It is also possible to create chat rooms. Library The project uses 3 models - Author, Book and Customer. Allows one customer to read only one book at a time. At this time, the book will disappear from the library for other customers. An author can have many books, as can a customer (one to many relationships). I used only ASP.NET Core MVC 2.2. Forum The project uses 3 models - Forum, Post and PostReply. A forum can have many posts (forum topics), a post can have many replies (posts). One to many relationships. The project uses the Identity authorization system. Only authorized users can create forums, topics and answers. I used ASP.NET MVC 2.2 as a technology and MS SQL as a database. Trainee .NET Developer in Smart Business(07/2019 - 07/2019) I led all aspects of the project for the second day of a multi-day program development event. On the third day I analyzed our project and the tasks that we must do, to ensure our project's successful launch. I was working as a software developer for the third day where I implemented and tested new features like upload blob files in Azure, fixed bugs and made refactorings. I wrote documentation and test cases for the fourth day. My teammate and I successfully defended our project the fifteenth day. All features of our program worked correctly, thanks to my careful review for mistakes and collaboration with my teammates. My teammates commended me for my communication skills, technical knowledge, flexibility and persistence. Codewars (07/2017 – 09/2017) Participant: Active user of the CodeWars community. I solved tasks of level 8 and 7 kyu. English Upper-Intermediate B2

I am looking for job opportunities in Kyiv as well as remote. I would like to work for a company with interesting projects using modern technologies on a productive team. I am a passionate developer with many interests and especially in backend web development. I am a quick learner who can thrive on independent work as well as a great team player


Senior .Net Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $4600 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Over 11 years of extensive experience of commercial development in ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript and SQL for US/Europe clients Clear understanding and 12 years experience in an Object-Oriented Programming & Design, n-tier architecture Hands-on strong experience in SQL Server with architect databases, create relations and transactions, optimization, stored procedures, functions, triggers Extensive Team leadership experience/Experience in all stages of modern software development Flexible team player, communicable, usually work in teams of 4-6 developers with Agile Development, works well independently or in a team

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, REST API, OOP, JavaScript, Git, SQL, mvc, HTML, MVC, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, T-SQL, SOLID, OOP/OOD, Design Patterns, ASP.NET MVC 5, Angular, HTML5, CSS3


C# developer

Lviv · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

(from newer to older) 21 months - backend developer - developed backend(s) for live video streaming application. Main tech used - .net core (2.0 - 2.2), EFcore, AWS RDS, AWS EC2. Had to come up with architecture, data structures, support a wide team of mobile & web developers, perform integrations with 3rd party services, afterwards develop our own data distribution & content management system for it 3 months - xamarin developer - worked on a cross-platform (windows & macOs) project that served as a means of communication between subscribers & "channel owners". Main things used in the project - Xamarin, Sockets, sql, html, css, javascript 3 month - desktop developer - developed a statistics application that was an addition the the billing application the company has developed earlier. It would display working hours spent by month by employee by project, in general, in accordance with the specification. Main technologies used - WPF, OAuth2, sockets 4 months - full stack developer - developing & refactoring a poorly made web store. Main tech - core MVC5, RequireJS, KnockoutJS, EF, SQL 6 months - full stack developer - fixing cross browser bugs in old billing system that was recently upgraded. Main tech - webForms, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ajax

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, REST API, Git, SQL, .Asp.Net Core, Management Hard Skills, asp .net core, Git/TFS/Mercurial, OOP, SOLID, Design Patterns, WebApi, MVC, team Leading, AWS, Amazon AWS

developed from scratch a streaming platform for a big football league alongside with varoius integrations and content management system



Lviv · $500 · 9 years of experience · Intermediate

Для вузу В посадові обов’язки входило розробка баз даних та програмного забезпечення для потреб університету, зокрема системи прийому абітурієнтів. Нове програмне забезпечення розробляється у виляді WEB сайту під ASP.NET – SQL Server 2012, С#, VB.Net, CSS. Розробка велася в середовищі Visual Studio 2012 , TFS. Брала участь не лише в розробці ПЗ, але і в доробці структури БД, формуванні постановок нових задач та алгоритмів для їх реалізації; створюю тригери, серверні функції, процедури, вибірки, перегляди, локальні звіти, javacript функції. Зокрема, розробила підсистему формування наказів з використанням шаблонів підписів; ПЗ для розгорнутого формування та друку рейтингових списків, формування- ведення ряду довідників системи «Абітурієнт”, пошук- перегляд даних, втягування даних в довідники через методи SOAP з ЄДБО. Розробила проект для формування та призначення користувачам ролей для користування системного адміністратора. Працювала інженером-програмістом 1 кат, в депозитарно-кліринговій компанії, котра веде реєстри власників іменних цінних паперів (компанія-реєстратор ЦП) . Для реєстраторської діяльності розроблялося власне програмне забепечення. Вивчення документації по прикладній області, постановка задачі відповідно до вимог законодавства по цінних паперах; побудова структури бази даних САПР реєстратора і алгоритму роботи, розробка програмного забезпечення, тестування, Для відділу ІТ статистики - Встановленя та супровід програмних комплексів, створення SQLзапитів по задачах відділу, запитів та макросів для обрахунку інфостатичних показників, розробка для сайтів: бази даних та ASP сторінок сайту імпорту-експорту товарів, підсистеми пошуку даних за кодами ЄДРПОУ та назвами підприємств та відображення їх показників; розробка та корегування сторінок для внутрішнього сайту єдиного вікна, процедури для друку графіки, розробка програм для обліку та авторизації користувачів єдиного вікна (мови програмування VbScript, JavaScript)., інсталяція комплексів, формування вибірок для їх ініціалізації, Створення програмного забезпечення для автоматичної розсилки емейлів через smtp сервіс, для автоматичного внесення реквізитів поданих фалів у базу даних архіву (С#, ASP NET) На php. Mysql розробка та нарізка сайтів - досвід біля 1 р, Приклад останньої розробки з використанням технології lino (сайт не комерційний без дизайну на стадії тестування - , розробляти постановки задач , структуру бази даних і алгоритми.

C#, .NET, LINQ, SQL, mvc, HTML, CSS, WinForms, OOP, JavaScript, MVC, Entity Framework, XML

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