PHP Developer, Full-Stack PHP Developer, HTML5 Game Developer, Angular Developer

Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Kyoto, Tokyo · $2700 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

PHP, MySQL, Linux, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, canvas, Yii, Yii2, git, bower, npm, composer, SVG, AngularJS, ReactJS, Flash

AJAX, Angular.js, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, MVC, XML, Flash, Git, MySQL, PHP, ReactJS, SVG, SVN, Yii, Linux

I worked a lot with small and big projects with using SOLID and several patterns. Worked with several projects written in different languages and worked together as one system. I wrote several REST API and a lot of else things.

I want relocate to some other country. It can be any country. Poland in priority. I can add any new skills to my stack. Also i don't want to work with Drupal, Bitrix etc. All Ukrainian propositions will get minus reputation. I am tired to explain this every time.


junior markup developer

Kharkiv · $400 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Html/CSS, JS (начальный уровень), SASS/SCSS (gulp), photoshop, smartSVN, адаптивная верстка, CMS Business Catalyst, DNS, настройка доменов и хостинга, знаю серверную часть, принцип работы веб сервера, есть опыт по администрированию различных веб серверов

CSS3, HTML, SASS, SVN, Windows, Apache, Grunt, IIS, Adobe Photoshop, CentOS, DNS, Linux, AWS, jQuery, PhpMyAdmin, SSL, Bootstrap, MySQL, Gulp

имею коммерческий опыт по порезке веб страниц (1год)

освоить новые навыки, получить новые знания, готов к овертаймам, ночным сменам


Delivery Manager/Delivery Director

Kyiv, Odesa · $7000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

•14 years in software engineering including 7 years in management; •Performing daily, monthly management activities (including financial, infrastructure); •People management; •Planning development process; •High level management development teams and processes; •Leading engagements with customers from: USA, Europe, Israel and India; •Performing HR activities (including recruiting); •Interviewing developers, team leads, PMs; •Preparing technical and management project documentation; •Participating in setting up development and testing environment; •Ensuring development and infrastructure needs.


Sales Development Representative, Business development manager, Project Manager,

Kyiv · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- Develop and execute company’s business strategy, align it with shareholders; - Provide strategic advice to the shareholders with market’s view and the company’s future; - Project management and planning, managing and forecasting, prepare and implement comprehensive business plan to launch new projects and products (from idea till putting the finished good on supermarket’s shelves); - Delegate responsibilities and supervise the work of project team, provide guidance and motivation to drive maximum performance; - Facilitate achievement of business plan by planning cost-effective operations, market development activities, sale incentives and effective distribution channels - Communicate and maintain trust relationships with shareholders, key accounts, business partners and authorities; - Act as the public speaker and public relations representative of the company in ways that strengthen its profile (cooperation with media, arranging/participating in festivals, presentations, degustation etc.) - Analyze problematic situations and provide solutions to ensure company’s sustainability and growth; - Develop and execute company’s foreign trade strategy, align it with CEO and shareholders; - Develop and manage close working relationships with key strategic partners (including Heineken, Bavaria, Oettinger etc.), including contract negotiation and management - Execute researches for target markets (with export focus: Poland, Belarus, China, USA, Chile, Israel, etc; with import focus: USA, UK, the Netherlands etc), assess regional regulations, customer/cultural preferences.

Business Analysis, Business Planning, Sales, Public Speaking, HR, Product management, Project Management, Business development, B2B, International sales, Lead generation, B2B marketing, Communication Skills, Account Management, Negotiations, English

Launched craft beer project from idea to ready product Signed an exclusive import contract with Heineken on premium brands Built company foreign strategy from scratch

Currently, I am open to new job opportunities and considering change of my career field from FMCG to IT. I have sound experience in project management and new projects/products launch in FMCG area and I hope these knowledge could be useful in managing IT projects as well.


Team lead / Product manager / Project manager / Antifraud director

Kyiv · $3000 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Последнее место работы крупная CPA сеть : - Создание отдела "с нуля" - Построение карт процессов (подробная схема трудового процесса подразделения) - Обучение новых сотрудников - Управление командой 7+ человек - Автоматизация процесса выявления и реагирования на нарушения - Разработка логики ПО для мониторинга контекстной рекламы (в СРА) - Управление процессами разработки ПО - Управление отделом исполнителей(обслуживание СРА сети в разрезе антифрод защиты) - Построение процессов взаимодействия с подрядчиками - Представление интересов компании на международных конференциях

Project Management, Product management, Team management, Anti-Fraud, Fraud Protect, Digital marketing, Scrum, Kanban, Communication

Достижения: - Снизил показатели фрода в международной СРА сети в 4 раза - Создал продукт под продажи (решение для сохранения рекламных бюджетов в СРА) - Обучил 10 новых сотрудников - Публичные выступления на аудиторию 500+ человек, более 10-ти - Проведение конфликтных переговоров - Вывел механику продукта на топовый уровень в отросли

Разработка проектов "с нуля", прием текущих проектов. Качественная поддержка компании. Оплата "разруливания стрессовых" ситуаций.


Разработчик Front-end

Any city in Ukriane · $350 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Прошел обучение в школе ITEA по программе Front-end. Получил такие знания: - html, css; - адаптивная, кроссбраузерная верстка; - flexbox; - bootstrap; - java script (ES5/ES6); - просмотрел React JS и Node JS; - git; - Linux; - bash; - Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, ImageMagick. Редактор контента з 01.2019 по теперешнее время «ОЛДИ», Киев Бармен-кассир з 02.2016 по 11.2018 (2 роки 9 місяців) Cafe Cafe, Киев (Общественное питание) Бармен-администратор з 02.2013 по 07.2015 (2 роки 5 місяців) Кофе Хауз, Киев (Общественное питание)

JavaScript, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, Git, jQuery, CSS3, HTML, JSON

Сертификаты об успешном окончании курса Front-end в школе ITEA.

Ищу место работы, где смогу реализовать полученные знания на практике, получить опыт и стать полезным компании.


Digital Marketing Manager

Kiev ili drugie goroda · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Highly efficient and results driven digital marketing professional with extensive experience in diffirent industries across various international contexts (USA, Western Europe, Carribean Islands, APAC). Successfully worked in developing and (or) transition countries and managed cross-cultural/functional teams. AREAS OF EXPERTISE - Digital Marketing - Marketing Management - e-Commerce - Program Management - Project Management - Team Management - Market entry and business growth strategies - New Business Development - Data Analysis DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERTISE: - Facebook Ads (primarily for ecommerce and info businesses) - Sales Funnel automation (based on Facebook Ads and Google Ads traffic sources) - Google Ads, Google Analytics (including Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics) - Generating business leads via LinkedIn Ads - Conversion rate optimization (on Shopify, Landing Pages Builders) - Email marketing (MailChimp, OmniSend, GetResponse) and marketing automation - Influencers Marketing (primarily on Instagram and Pinterest)

Project Management, Product management, Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, PPC, google adwords, Brand Management, Social Media Marketing, English, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Ads, Google analytics, E-mail marketing, Team management, Marketing

Here is some of my professional achievements: ● As a Digital Marketing Manager launched ecommerce private label brand in 6 months and achieved 20% MoM growth of revenue on Amazon ; ● Set up and automated Facebook Ads Sales funnel (including remarketing and email follow up for abandoned cart recovery) to achieve 3-4x ROAS for ecommerce store in USA; ● Launched Google AdWords campaigns for international customers (APAC region) and achieved 200% ROI within 6 months; ● Created and launched marketing plan in cooperation with Marketing department that led to 200% growth of customer’s base, 180% growth of depositor balances and 150% growth of transactions for rural banking within less than 12 months; ● Developed and launched marketing strategy that propelled growth of Digital Financial Services in Haiti; ● Launched Digital Financial services in less than 6 months from start; ● Won with the team US$2.5M First-to-Market award from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID as part of Haiti Mobile Money Initiative.

Looking for a senior Digital Marketing role that would allow me to help taking the business to the next level with a set of my skills and experiences, while further sharpening my skills as a Digital Marketer. Open for relocation opportunities abroad.


Business Development

Odessa, EU · $1100 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Business Development /Sales Manager in a Web-based PM software company - Odessa, Ukraine September 2017 – present  Devising strategies and techniques necessary for achieving the sales targets to increase conversion.  Mapping potential customers and generating leads for the organization.  Maintaining and improving relationships with the client.  Negotiations and preparation the contracts with analyzing terms and conditions, and identifying areas of possible risks and opportunities related to the application of contract clauses.  Increased customers’ accounts number and expanded new markets, which generated higher revenue for the company. Business Development Director at Maritime Agency - Izmail, Ukraine May 2016 – July 2017  Forecast future trends and orient strategies to capture maximum benefits.  Improving the bottom line by ensuring opportunities are addressed and deals are closed.  Performing correct administration and documentation during the (pre)contract life cycle, implementing changes in contracts and/or appendixes and handling claims when needed during execution of the contract.  Monitoring transaction compliance (milestones, deliverables, invoicing, etc.).  Participation in trade shows, industry events, customer entertainment activities, and conferences.  Generated high revenue by winning international contracts negotiations. Crewing manager at Maritime Agency - Izmail, Ukraine June 2014 – May 2016  Coordinating with executives to better align company goals and tactics.  Qualifying and contacting prospects through a combination social media, networking events and cold calling  Preparing bids costing and pricing for proposals.  Interviewing and selecting candidates according to shipowner’s requirements. Vessel Operator / Logistic Manager at Shipowner's Company - Izmail, Ukraine October 2008 – April 2014  Operating of the vessel, including conversations with agents, brokers and charterers.

B2B, International sales, Negotiations, CRM, English, Business development, Linkedin, Communication Skills, Lead generation, General management, It sales, Sales Management, B2B sales, Team player, fluent English, Multitasking

conducting of beneficial contracts with international companies, including governmental

limited cold calling and lead generation; obtaining new skillsб experience and development


Media buyer

Kyiv · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

● Purchase Internet traffic for internal products from various networks, sites ● The conclusion of direct transactions with sites and partners, at the most profitable; conditions (that is, a reduction in the incoming price) ● Work with CPI, CPM, CPC, CPA, RevShare, Flate Rate ● Able to work with RTB / DSP ● Creation of creatives/texts/ translations, build tasks to a designer ● Using spy tools ● Stay aware of software industry trends in display advertising space ● Data Analytics ● Creating Affiliate PPC campaigns in Google Adwords ● Able to work with RTB / DSP ● Communication with partners and project teams’ member ● Testing hypotheses/bundles, building sales funnels Achievements ● Successfully launched and run ad campaigns ● Successfully Internet traffic for internal products ● Built successful advertising campaigns from zero ● Successful negotiations with advertisers/affiliate networks

media buyer, Digital marketing, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing

Looking for a company with an international project. The main direction of the project is bourgeois. With a strong and friendly team, striving to grow and develop.


Consultant CRM MS Dynamics 365

Kyiv · $100 · 2.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Сбор требований у заказчика, прорисовка бизнес-процессов по нотациям BPMN, предложение по улучшению/оптимизации бизнес-процессов компании, описание ТЗ. Написание задач разработчикам, общение с разработчиками. Занимался внедрением проектов CRM для малого и среднего бизнеса на базе MS Dynamics CRM, Bitrix24 по направлению E-commerce. Основные задачи которые выполнял: - Построение архитектуры ПО - Настройка UX/UI (как базовыми средствами фреймворков так и с применением JS) - Продумывание и описание интеграции с ERP системой, сайт (+ написание JSON запросов) - Продумывание и описание интеграции с месенджерами - Разработка Бизнес-процессов внутри системы (автоматизация) - Тестирование работоспособности ПО - Тестирование работы интеграции (при помощи Postman) Сферы работы заказчиков: - Продажа аграрной продукции (Лидогенерация, контроль выполнения продаж, интеграция с телефонией) - Продажа изделий для детей (обработка заказа клиента (выполнение заказа, контроль оплаты, производство, контроль наличия материалов, остатков продукции) - Сеть детских магазинов (обработка интернет заказов, контроль оплат, логистика) - Гос сектор (разработка внутреннего кор. портала) - Импорт автозапчастей b2b (фиксация заказов от партнёров, процесс импорта запчастей, контроль выполнения потребности, сервисное обслуживание автомобилей) - Ресторанный бизнес (разработка внутреннего кор. портала, задачи связанные с HR функциями) - Продажа товаров для охоты (класический E-commerce) - Юридическое агенство

CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Dynamics CRM, Consultant CRM, BA CRM, JavaScript, Project Management, Microsoft Office

Интересные проекты. Дружественный коллектив :-) Предпочтение по работе с продуктами Microsoft или SAP (потребуется время на ознакомление с системой) Продуктовая компания. Не хочу заниматься продажами!! (максимум участие в Pre-sale) Прозрачные условия финансового и карьерного роста. Стабильная выплата ЗП. Мед. страхование (или компенсация) Желательно курсы английского языка Буду готов к смене работы август 2019

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