Senior iOS developer 

Kharkiv · $4000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

iOS, Xcode, Swift, Objective-C, RxSwift, UIKit, CoreData, GCD/NSOperation, CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation, CoreLocation, MapKit, Git

iOS, Objective-C, Xcode, CoreAnimation, CoreData, GCD, Swift, Git, MapKit, UIKit, REST API, Jira, Multithreading, SOLID, MVVM, Design Patterns, Storyboards, iOS SDK, CocoaPods

Designed, implemented and delivered several non-trivial applications which required a lot of commitment. Established good working relationships with clients along the way. Lead and mentoring team of junior team-members for about 2 years. Considerably improved stability and performance of the existing solutions .I enjoy being challenged and engaging with projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set, as continuing to learn new techniques are important to me and the success of the customer.

Project requiring Swift skills. Adequate management and friendly team.


iOS Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $4500 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Expert Swift iOS developer with 4 years experience developing iOS apps. I develop greatest possible apps with the latest apple technologies.

iOS, Swift, Xcode, Firebase, SwiftUI, Core Location, CoreBluetooth, Combine, Fastlane, CI/CD, URL Session, CoreML, CreateML

I love implementing technical projects with business logic. I would love to implement something ML related. I prefer only flexible hours and remote work. No tracking software to monitor what I do on my computer. Work with a team of experienced and ambitious developers.


iOS Developer

Kharkiv · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Swift, iOS, Xcode, CoreData, UIKit, REST API, Git, Cocoa Touch, JSON, OOP, MVC, Design Patterns, Objective-C, Foundation, MacOS, Swift/iOS, AppStore connect, firebase, CocoaPods, Autolayout

25 June

iOS Developer

Vinnitsia · $1300 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Junior IOS Developer - Epam Systems: 1,5 year (from 03.18) Junior Web FullStack Developer - Axioma IT: 4 months (11.17-03.18) IOS: Programming Language: Swift. Frameworks: RxSwift, GCD, UIKit, Foundation, Alamofire, SwiftyJSON. Experience: MVVM, Reactive Programming, Scrum, MVC, Autolayout, Multithreading, Git, Cocoa Pods, REST. Web: Programming Language: JS, PHP. Frameworks: Magento 2, Knockout js, Jquery. Experience: MVC, JSON, XML, Linux, HTML. English: Speaking B1+, Writing B1.

iOS, Swift, Jira, Scrum, REST API, JSON, MVC, Git, UIKit, Xcode, OOP, CocoaPods, Multithreading, TestFlight, Push Notifications, Firebase

I am 19 years old and I already have a great experience. My last project includes big teams with 10 IOS developers, 10 Android developers and customers team: Back End, QA, Designers.

Only projects which can help me improve my skills. I prefer interesting project than a high salary.

25 June

iOS Developer Swift

Bud'-jakij · $3500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

An experienced developer with strong skills in code analysis and optimization, supporting projects with sophisticated logic. I’m experienced in document creation for both requirements and existing code. I have good communication skills with customers and end users, significant knowledge in requirements analysis according to business rules, software development cycle and technical issue troubleshooting. I’m open-minded and goal-oriented. In addition to my experience in managing a small team, I have active teamwork attitude and excellent interpersonal skills.

Swift, iOS, Xcode, REST API, JSON

25 June

iOS Developer

Dnipro · $1200 · 5 years of experience · No English

В разработке под iOS больше 5 лет.3 года Objective-c, 2.5 Swift. Большенство проектов реализовывал с нуля + поддержка существующих, багфикс, доработки. В основном клиент-серверные приложения, как с онлайн режимом так и с поддержкой офлайн. Из направлений - просмотр видео роликов, аудио книги, сервисы для бронирования мест и заказа товаров

Swift, iOS, UIKit, REST API, Xcode, Objective-C, CoreData, OOP, JSON, Multithreading, MVC, CocoaPods, Jira, MVVM, GCD, SOLID, CoreLocation, firebase, MapKit, Autolayout, realm, third-party API, Interface from code, Auto Layout, Git, Notification

24 June

iOS Developer

Ukraine · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I have an experience in commercial iOS development - 2+ years. I developed client-server application, worked with animation, payment systems (In-App Purchases / Subscriptions) and used CoreBluetooth, WebSockets, CoreData, MapKit etc. Publish apps (App Store/iTunes Connect/TestFlight/CrashLytics)

Swift, CoreData, SOLID, InAppPurchase, AppStoreConnect, Cocoa Pods, Push Notifications, GCD, Multithreading, MVVM, Git

I’m looking for company where I could improve my skills. I’d like to work on interesting project with new technologies with interesting and experienced people.

24 June

Senior iOS Developer / Team Lead

Kyiv · $5000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Swift, Objective-C. - Cocoa/CocoaTouch, UIKit, CoreData, CoreFoundation, CoreAnimation, CoreGraphics, CoreText, CoreLocation, Security framework, etc. - GCD, NSOperation/NSOperationQueue, NSThread. - CoreGraphics, Quartz. - Objective-C Runtime, REST, Client-server communication over HTTP JSON / XML, CocoaPods; MapKit; WebSockets/AFNetworking; SDWebImage, Facebook, Google+, VK, LinkedIn, Twitter API's; AddressBook, AVFoundation, MessageUI, Security, LocalAuthentication, MediaPlayer, Social; Blocks programming; Storyboarding with Autolayout; In-App Purchase; iOS Human Interface Guildlineas; - GIT, SVN. - Jira, Wrike. - Mobile banking, PayPal, Payment systems.

Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, Hard-working, iOS, Jira, JSON, MVC, Objective-C, OOP/OOD, REST API, UIKit, XML, CoreData, GCD, Git, Multithreading, SOLID, Swift, C/C++

I'm a skilled iOS developer with proven expertise. I have 6+ year experience in software development industry. I have worked with server API, mobile database and optimization process using new technologies and frameworks. At these projects, I took a part in every side of developing from building architecture design to publishing: - 6 years of real iOS apps in App Store. - 3 years of experience in mobile banking. - Experience with third-party libraries and APIs. - Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies. - Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle. - iTunes Connect and Test Flight App Management and Submission Development management process. - Scrum development process.

- Interesting, creative and dynamically developing projects. - Interesting challenges. - A team of professionals focused on the result. - Professional growth. - Full employment.

24 June

Senior/Lead iOS Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $4000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I am an iOS Developer with over 8 years of software development experience, during which I have worked with all core stack for iOS/Mac OS platforms (Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, Core Graphics, Core Data, Core Animation, GCD, and so on).

CoreAnimation, CoreData, GCD, iOS, Objective-C, UIKit, CoreLocation, MacOS, Swift, MVC, MVVM, VIPER

Successfully delivered bunch of projects - from enterprise platforms to iOS games. Worked both as part of the team and alone, also had experience of leading the project.

Looking for a position where I could take whole/huge responsibility of the iOS-side of the product.

24 June

iOS Developer

Kharkov · $3000 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Swift 3, 4., Obj-C. HIG REST API, XML, Alamofire, Realm OOP/POP Git, Jira, Bitbucket, Firebase CI Buddybuild XCTest

Swift, Xcode, OOP/OOD, realm, REST API, Git, Objective-C, Unit tests, XCTest, GCD, Jira, Bitbucket, Firebase

1. For 4 months on the project: the world market of products “Application ...”, I covered it with tests by 47%. 2. “Application ...”: Since my work on the project, all auto tests have been corrected and debugged. I achieved 100% of their performance on a remote service and on a local machine.

Team with testing culture. CI/CD.

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