DevOps engineer

Kharkiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Beginner/Elementary

I am a DevOps engineer, with 11+ months experience. My main job was supporting IT infrastructure, setting up CI / CD. Good team player, responsible, fast learner, punctual, communicative person. Always focused on automation.

Git, Linux, Jenkins, Zabbix, CentOS, Ubuntu, AWS, Apache, Nginx, Docker, bash, Ansible, TCP/IP, DNS, Networking, Windows, DHCP, CI/CD, Jira, VirtualBox

Friendly team, experienced mentor. Debugged processes and also new technologies. Professional growth opportunit.


DevOps engineer

Kyiv · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

DevOps Engineer at DogHotel Project DogHotel is one of the first hotels for dogs and cats, established and operating in Kyiv. It is a web site that has an admin part from where admin can manipulate the content of the user's site and publish/hide some information. It has 3 environments (Development, QA, Production) Participation: I have been working on this project for supporting and improving the current CI/CD process. - improving and supporting Jenkins Pipeline. - supporting and improving the Docker setup. - administrating a Linux machine that runs CentOS7. Development Team: - backend 5 members - frontend 5 members QA Team: - 3 members Database: MariaDB Tools: Linux, Nginx, Jenkins, Docker, GitLab. Technologies: Containerization, System Monitoring DevOps Engineer Project Roles: DevOps Engineer DevOps External Course Project: I have built a Jenkins pipeline for CI/CD process for a Java Application. The pipeline consisted of 4 stages such as checkout, build, upload artifact and deploy. Participation: I have created and set up AWS EC2 instances using an Ansible role whereupon I have created and set up built artifacts repository in my case Sonatype Nexus. I have set up Jenkins after installation and created a build flow with the following steps: CHECKOUT, BUILD, UPLOAD ARTIFACT, DEPLOY, with the following description: CHECKOUT - triggered after each commit to master branch and cloned code from the remote repository, BUILD - I have used Maven to build an application, UPLOAD ARTIFACT - I have uploaded an artifact to repository, DEPLOY - I have deployed an application on the environment using the Ansible role which has to build a docker image from a docker file including artifact and run container using the docker image on a specified port. Tool: Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Maven, Git, AWS EC2 Technologies: Virtualization Containerization

Linux, Docker, Ansible, Nginx, AWS, Networking, Terraform, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Jenkins, Apache, SQL, bash, Git, Jira, CentOS, Ubuntu

- AWS such as EC2 and VPC, - Azure such as VMs, Azure App Service, MSSQL Service, Networking. - GCP such as Kubernetes Service, Compute Engine - version control systems such a Git, - building Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using Jenkins, - post-installation set up and provisioning with Ansible, - IaaC Terraform, - Java Application Troubleshooting, - containerization with Docker, - virtualization with Virtualbox and Vagrant, - Linux administration and troubleshooting. - Basic Bash-scripting. Common knowledge of programming. Great team player with excellent communication skills.

Highly motivated to constantly improve my skills and grow professionally as a DevOps engineer with hands-on experience.

16 February

Junior Manual QA Engineer

Dnipro · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Project: Cooper Project role: DevOps and QA Engineer. Engaged in the implementation and configuration of the Phabricator and TeamCity for gaming platform. To achieve these goals, I studied working in the Linux terminal, also used git to install phabricator, worked with a remote server using Putty, and made the basic configuration of apache and mysql. Project: Graduate work Project role: Developer and QA Engineer Development of a device for measuring indoor microclimate indicators based on the Arduino microcontroller. Writing software for the device and writing a test plan and test cases for software.

Manual Testing, Windows, TeamCity, Linux, Git, Test Case Design, Bug report, SQL, OOP, Software QA Testing, MySQL, PICT, MS Word, MS Excel, Gitlab CI, SSH, Test Case, Test Plan, levels of testing, Test Design, Testing Types, Docker, PuTTY, AWS, Ansible, Terraform, VirtualBox, Unix

SKILLS 1. Git - Advanced level 2. CI/CD - TeamCity, Gitlab CI (Initial level) 3. Bug tracking system - Phabricator 4. Theory of testing - Basic concepts 5. SQL - Basic concepts Experience in working with Linux terminal, Virtual Box, Mysql, PowerShell, Docker, PICT, Ansible, Terraform. Advanced knowledge with MS Word, Excel. Understanding of testing theory, fundamentals of OOP, software development process, types and levels of testing, test designs, and practiced in writing test cases and bug reports a bit. ADDITIONAL EDUCATION DevOps Crash Course (SoftServe IT Academy) 2019 Тестировщик: первая ступень (LearnQA) 2019 Основы ООП (GeekBrains) 2020 Введение в GIT (GeekBrains) 2020 Основы баз данных (IT-Academy) 2020

As a developing QA engineer, I am looking for an opportunity to put my recently acquired technical and testing skills into practice in an software development environment.

15 February

Junior java developer

Kyiv · $500 · Beginner/Elementary

1. Прохожу курсы junior java developer в MainAcademy. 2. Занимаюсь само обучением. 3. Хочу развивать в java разработке, и стать отличным разработчиком) 3. IDE: IntelliJ IDEA. • Java Core: o Core; o Collections; o Reflection; 4. Протоколы: IP, TCP / IP, DNS, DHCP, HTTP, FTP. 5. Сети: администрирование офисной локальной сети, структурированные кабели, VPN. 6. Высокий уровень ответственности, усердие, внимательность к деталям, упреждающее, вне коробки мышление, коммуникабельность, способность работать под давлением.

Java, SQL

Получить опыт в программирование на ЯП java. Изучить дополнительные технологии.

15 February

Junior DevOps engineer

Kyiv · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Since 2017 I've been working in VOIP company as a tech support engineer. My responsibilities included troubleshooting various VOIP issues such as SIP and H.323 signaling, system monitoring, updating Redmine with tickets, bugs, etc. Since the end 2018 I've started working in DevOps field. Since then I've been working with AWS technologies such as: S3, Route 53, Cloudfront, Elastic Load Balancer, Autoscaling Groups, Cloudformation and others. Also image building in Docker platform, creating basic Ansible playbooks and writing basic Bash scripts.

Linux, Nginx, AWS, Git, bash, Apache, Python, Ansible, Docker, Networking, Zabbix, TCP/IP, Ubuntu, DNS, SQL, docker, Linux administrator , CI, Linux Engineer

14 February

Junior QA, Trainee QA

Dnipro · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

- Manual testing of applications - Finding issues and documenting them in bug tracking systems - Creating and performing test cases in order to ensure the compliance with customers requirements - Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, MySQL Professional skills: - Knowledge of software development, testing procedures, knowledge of system testing, business process and testing life cycle - Detail-oriented skills - Self-reliance and responsible approach to solving tasks - Graduated from the courses of the QA from the company SkillUP

Windows, CSS, HTML, Manual Testing (QA), MySQL, JavaScript

Дружный коллектив, работа над интересными проектами, приобретение опыта, возможность развития.

13 February

DevOps 🔥

Kyiv · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

*nix: (Ubuntu, Debian, MacOS, Linux Mint, vim, grep, sed, ssh, etc.) Docker: (docker-machine, Dockerfile, docker-compose, docker swarm) AWS: (EC2, S3, ELB, etc.) Jenkins: CI/CD pipelines IaC: Ansible Web environment: (Nginx/Apache, reverse proxy, letsencrypt) Scripting: (bash, python, vim, macos) Databases: (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis) Project management systems: (Jira, Jira automation, Trello) Methodologies: (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, DevOps) - Deployment of various products (localy/on the server, with/without docker) - Creating environment for products - Managing Jenkins - Automation of daily routine tasks (with scripts/ansible) Also have experience in programming (C, Python, PHP), blockchain (Ethereum, Stellar, Tendermint), PaaS (Bosh Cloud Foundry), orchestration with kubernetes+helm

Linux, Git, bash, Docker, Ansible, AWS, Nginx, Ubuntu, MySQL, TCP/IP, Networking, Zabbix, DNS, Windows, Jenkins, Apache, DHCP, CI/CD, Jira, Kubernetes, docker, VirtualBox, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Blockchain, yaml, Unix, Monitoring, iptables, routing, Python, Debian, Docker Swarm, Docker/Docker Compose, MAC OS, Amazon AWS, Amazon EC2, LAMP, LEMP, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, ssh, PHP-fpm, PhpMyAdmin, OSI, Confluence, Continuous Integration, Jenkins Pipelines, load balancing, docker compose, AWS S3, DevOps

AWS courses ("AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (Second Edition)", "AWS Certified SysOps Administrator")

Office in Kyiv, IT-company, full-time only, flexible working hours.

12 February

DevOps engineer

Kharkiv · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

• Администрирования Linux • Написание скриптов на bash • Работал с Docker, Nginx, Apache, CI/CD (Gitlab CI, Jenkins) • Знаком с Ansible, Terraform • Покупка и настройка SSL • Настройка серверов, перенос сайтов • Работал с TCP / IP, маршрутизации, WAN, LAN, VLAN, OpenVPN • Работа с Database ( MySQL, MariaDB, PGSQL )

Linux, Git, bash, Docker, Ansible, AWS, Nginx, Ubuntu, MySQL, TCP/IP, DNS, Windows, Apache, DHCP, CI/CD, CentOS, docker, SQL, GIT, LinuxOS, MIcrotik, ipfw, Terraform, Networking, openssl

Оптимизация/автоматизация сервисов с помощью docker-compose, скриптов bash.

Интересных задач, возможности развиваться в данной специальности, хорошо выстроенный рабочий процесс, отзывчивый коллектив.

12 February

Системный Администратор

Kharkiv · $350 · Pre-Intermediate

ООО «Макснет» июль 2018 — август 2019 Должность: специалист сервисно-информационного центра. Обязанности: • Диагностика и устранение неисправностей телекоммуникационного оборудования абонентов в удаленном режиме. • Консультация абонентов по техническим, финансовым и иным организационным вопросам в онлайн чате / телефонном режиме • Заполнение статистики (подключение новых абонентов, история сервисных заявок, принятие заявок на перспективу застройки по адресам с отсутствующей возможностью подключения услуг компании.)

Cisco, Networking, Linux, TCP/IP

Быстрая обучаемость, стремление получить новые знания, знание диагностики и устранения неисправностей телекоммуникационного оборудования абонентов в удаленном режиме, неплохая стресоустойчивость, налаживание коммуникации с людьми

Есть очень большое желание получить для себя новые знания и внедриться в дружный коллектив. В комфортном для меня окружении достаточно открытый и коммуникабельный человек. В самой работе преобладает интерес к решению более интересных и творческих задач, нежели рутинных. Присутствует большая целеустремленность и желание к дальнейшему карьерному развитию.

11 February

DevOps Engineer 🔥

Kyiv · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

I am DevOps Engineer Trainee in Softserve . During internship period was working with such technologies as Terraform, Kubernetes, Jenkins . I Obtain key knowledge of principles working with IBM Cloud , improved my skills in building pipelines in Jenkins . In previous I was Support Engineer in software / telecommunication industry . For 5 years of working in this industry my tasks was documenting and fixing bugs, employee training, L1-L3 technical customer support via phone, e-mail, chat . Graduated from SoftServe IT Academy . Main goal of this project was gain base knowledge of agile principles for DevOps . Our team created application that consisted of 4 microservices . These microservices interacted with each other . Several options were proposed for creating and hosting the application - a local and cloud solution. The following technologies were used: Terraform , Kubernetes , Docker ,Vagrant, Ansible, Jenkins, Spinnaker . Also I have expirience in preparing test cases, testing software, reporting with JIRA . Have knowledge about principles of testing, different models of testing, creating a set of inputs for given software that will provide a set of expected outputs . My good personal qualities is ability to work in a team, attentive to details, willing to learn new IT skills.

Git, Docker, Linux, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Jira, CentOS, bash, Windows, DNS, Groovy, Grafana, Prometheus, Terraform, GCP

In previous I was Senior Customer Support . I trained staff , documented and fixed bugs . But some time ago I decided to change my speciality . Graduated from SoftServe IT Academy where I got main base knowledge of agile principles for DevOps . I have good understanding of K8s and Jenkins .

Looking for work in a product company or startup , where I can grow as a specialist and help company reach new heights .

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